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Knights of Gotham’s “Busted by Bane: Wonder Woman”

Knights of Gotham's "Busted by Bane: Wonder Woman"Evangeline von Winters’ Knights of Gotham has released a new video titled Busted by Bane: Wonder Woman, which more or less features exactly the content you might expect from the title. Check out a detailed synopsis below, as well as images from this video.

Knights of Gotham's "Busted by Bane: Wonder Woman"
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Wonder Woman is searching the dark hallways of a building looking for a suspicious character. As she looks around Bane walks behind her and grabs her by the neck and throws her through a door. Now inside an apartment he proceeds to beat her. She tries to stand against him but the surprise and the constant abuse followed by his inability to be hurt by her hardest punches makes it look like a grim ending for Wonder Woman. Bane then rips a pipe from the wall and through the billowing dust that fills the room he proceeds to beat her about the head with the pipe and then focuses on her exposed crotch!

After several minutes of abuse which is increasingly one sided Wonder woman sees another chance which she takes. she manages to get her hands on the pipe and she then beats Bane, but still to no avail. He is still strong and she has spent the last of her energy! another round of crotch abuse from punches and kicks before Bane become aroused by this mighty womans ability to take punishment without dying. he begins to fondle her and then suddenly forces her face into his crotch, taking pleasure from her mouth. But She has one final plan which she can only hope will work…

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  1. @ShyJames:
    I’m very glad you liked it.


  2. shy says:


  3. shy James says:

    It’s really good

  4. I just want to take a moment and address
    two minor things because we have been getting messages and emails and it seems that it revolves around two points:
    1) Bane is not complete. He is very close to being done, but there are still some things missing. the metal tubes and the gloves for one thing and the black combat boots for another. this was a sneak peek at a character in the making.

    2) I know you guys love the Cuntbusting and the one-sided beatdowns but we are going to put out one or two different movies before our next CB movie. We have found that its really easy for us as producers to see dollar signs when a movie sells well and keep making it but three things end up happening.

    ONE: people get accustomed to the same things and suddenly you’re a one trick pony and they don’t even bother looking at your stuff anymore. People who are not interested in CB scenes will start to think thats all we do and wont ever bother looking to see what we have to offer, some may resent having their likes excluded and get mad. We want to try and rotate content to make as many people happy as possible

    TWO: Its easy to get lazy and just phone it in…the same moves, the same story, the same formula. Before too long you’re not even trying to match up sound effects anymore and impact sounds come 1 full second after the impact and it just gets released that way!

    THREE: If we release too many CB movies its not going to be special…its just another CB movie. I wouldn’t want things to get mediocre.

    The Good news is that we are shooting a CB movie with Cheri Deville, Hannah Perez, and Myself as Batgirl. It will be roughly 20-30 minutes long. we will be shooting it tomorrow but we wont be releasing it right away.

    I want to thank everyone who bought this movie. the sales have been phenomenal and your emails and messages have been great as well.

    Thanks a bunch


  5. Shazrand says:

    @evangeline von Winter
    Yeah, lol, the superheroine peril croud is extremely polarized when it comes to debooting. For some (like me) it’s a no go, for others it’s a necessity. It would be quite helpful to specify in the description, of course I was able to it in the preview picture you provided and I appreciate that.

    I am really looking forward to the WW vid you guys are doing with Vivian. She is gorgeous and a great actress, and it looks like you guys put a lot of work into the costume. Hopefully the boots stay on 🙂

  6. @Shazrand.
    Thats too bad. But your comment does help me as I know now that when I list a movie one of the points I should specify are if the boots stay on or come off to help people decide if its worth buying.
    Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.

  7. Shazrand says:

    Looks interesting. Too bad about the de-booting, that’s pretty much an automatic no-go for me.

  8. Just a quick thanks to everyone who has purchased this so far.
    If for whatever reason you do not get your download page directly after paying please go into your account and you will see a order history and an ability to download your order there.

    here is a direct link:

    you will have to log into your account however to retrieve your download.

    this is just a precaution. Many of you wont need it, but if you do need it it is nice to have the information up front than have to email me and wait to get a reply.


    Anyway I hope everyone enjoyed the movie.
    We were not expecting such a turnout but are very happy for it.

    Be Well….


  9. OK….Here is the standard info on the film.
    First off its a nod to those who are really into a beatdown and cunt busting (lowblows).
    Its not exactly one sided as Wonder Woman does attempt several methods of gaining the upperhand but cannot manage to find a way until the very end…And at that point she is so battered and bruised that she chooses to escape until back to 100%.

    Secondly this is a new villain we are building. he is not done. we still need to get the silver pipes coming from his pack into his head and his arms. we have already bought the silver metal pipes and are about to work on adding them. Also he will have a ripped shirt but not until Willie gets buff again and its not a joke to see fallen pecks on a “SUPER VILLAIN” LOL

    Third. He attacks WW in the hallway and throws her through a door into the apartment where the action takes place. He beats her down before ripping a pipe out of the wall (off camera but smoke, dust, sound effects sell it) and then he starts busting the crotch several times using the pip. He also uses the lead pipe to render her unconscious. The beat down gets progressively worse even with her attempts to gain the advantage.

    (SPOILER) At one point she manages to get the pipe away and Bane allows her to take three shots at him all three barely causing a bruise. This goes further to demoralize WW as she fights to get a chance to get away now that defeating him is out of the question.

    Fourth. Towards the End Bane become excited by her strength and ability to take the abuse and it arouses him. He stops the brutal attack long enough to fondle and grope her breasts while she weakly protests. he then unzips his pants and forces her face into his crotch while she pleasures him.

    She manages to escape only by using the present situation and biting his penis off while its in her mouth (not shown on camera). In the moment of pain bane lands on the floor and WW uses it to spit his blood from her mouth and retreat.

    Fifth. This movie contains no death scenes even though he uses the pipe to choke her she is only unconscious and does wake up when he starts battering her crotch again

    Sixth. This is a cheaper wonder woman costume. The custom one has not been finished and until its done we will not be hiring Vivian to shoot WW content.

    Seventh. This was made pretty much for those who like the cunt busting and the one sided beating. Its very light on story and those interested in fully fleshed out stories should avoid this title. It has no visual effects other than the smoke/dust when bane rips the wall to get the pipe.

    Its a very simple film and we thank you all for your support and messages and ideas. we are listening and we are writing all of this down for future movies.

    Thank you again