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Knights of Gotham’s “Supergirl Tortured and Killed”

Knights of Gotham's "Supergirl Tortured and Killed"[Adults only] The title sounds pretty intense to me, and if you’re so inclined, you might want to check out the new video from Knights of Gotham, titled Supergirl Tortured and Killed, starring Evangeline von Winter. Looks like it’s not for the faint of heart. Check out images and a plot description below.

Knights of Gotham's "Supergirl Tortured and Killed"
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Supergirl Enters the lair of the demented madman and comes face to face with a kryptonite trap! Now weak and helpless the deranged madman gives her a kryptonite liquid to ingest. Its only a matter of time now! he continuously beats her with punches to the face and a lead pipe to her crotch, cuntbusting her brutally before bashing her face and throwing her against a table where he removes her Pantyhose and forces himself inside her! She is roped apart inside as he starts to choke her. Once she is Unconcious he turns her over and removes her boots. The the pantyhose comes completely off and he continues to invade her body. At climax he brings the lead pipe up to her throat and chokes the life out of her as he spills into her now lifeless corpse. All that is left is to gaze over the violated lifeless body of the once powerful super hero.
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  1. Leviathan says:

    I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has bought this video and shown such support for it! Someone just bought this video and made it officially the best selling superheroine movie we have ever made!
    This includes all the movies we put out on Clips4sale before we established our new merchant account.

    This makes us really excited as it shows us that there is a place for us here and if we continue to work hard and give you what you want to see we can continue to see our experience grow.
    Thank you again to everyone who has shown your support.
    We appreciate it more than you can know.


  2. @Gorleser:
    Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to express your opinion. If CB is not your cup of tea then please feel free to contact me and Willie at: sleepybondage@gmail.com
    and let us know what your tastes are. Give us some feedback as to what you think our weaknesses are and how we can address them and what our strengths are and should leave alone. I appreciate the input and the help.

    What I have been hearing from several people is that they are appreciating the in depth details we are giving. Normally I would not give away all the details so I could save some surprise for the viewing but You guys seem to want as many details as possible so from now on I am going to be very detailed in the descriptions of these movies.

    OK I think I am getting it. you want a fight that starts off even and she gets over powered over time. maybe letting one punch slip through the defenses and as she continues the attacks continue in intensity as she starts letting one more slip past and gets overpowered by the attack. I understand not every video can be for you but knowing what does it for you will give me a better opportunity to make one every once in awhile that you will like. I hope that as we continue to produce you will take some time to let us know what we are doing right and wrong in your opinion so we can focus on developing a product you can enjoy

    As always thank you all for your very wonderful reaction to this latest update.


  3. Gorleser says:

    Evangeline wrote: “WOW…the sales have been through the roof on this one. Is it because of the cuntbusting/explicit content or is it because of the drop in price per minute rot a combination of the two? Would loge to get some feedback from those who have bought it today.”

    For me, a combination of both. Normally I’m not a fan of CB but this is very well done and very sexy. So yes, I bought it.

    Also, for me it’s also about how we see companies manage customer interactions. I appreciate the fine details about the video so we know what to expect, and I also appreciated seeing how you handled a public complaint. All eyes are on how you treat the customers here…

  4. saxman314 says:

    TBH I don’t even like it when the heroine is weakened. Rather she just be overpowered, but I usually like it when she gives it a good try before caving, or even doesn’t ever cave but is just dominated. Every video can’t be for me, though.

  5. We don’t have a shopping cart for them but some of them can be found here:

  6. Frugal Shopper says:

    “We have been making (non-superheroine) cuntbusting videos for awhile so we have some experience with filming them”

    Where can I find these?

  7. @saxman.
    So For this movie to have been better you would have liked more of a fight between the two before getting weakened.

    I can see that. I will make sure that the next time we have a powerful superhero so that the fight sequence can be believable. Because the comment I usually get is that a superhero fighting a regular person just doesn’t hold water….so when I have my hero fighting a regular I like to have them be either super smart or completely insane…….
    Because thats what usually works in comicbooks.

    Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.


  8. saxman314 says:


  9. @Frugal Thank you for your comment. We will definitely do more. We have several great props for cuntbusting. We have been making (non-superheroine) cuntbusting videos for awhile so we have some experience with filming them

    When you say “Back and forth” do you mean verbal back and forth or a physical back and forth during fighting?

  10. saxman314 says:

    EVW… It’s the content, for sure. I don’t really care about price unless it’s something insane like $50 for 20 minutes. Thinking back to many times you’ve asked for input to help get broader appeal, I haven’t said anything cuz I didn’t think videos like this appealed to you as a producer. This is the type of content that made sites like dominatedheroines.com work. I think there are a lot of people want to see this type of thing in their heroine vids. For me, I usually want a little back and forth before the beatdown, but if I have to choose between vanilla peril, girl power vids or a more hardcore vid like this, I’ll take the roughest one every time. I’ll be buying this one. 🙂

  11. Frugal Shopper says:

    It’s all about the CB for me. Please do more =)

  12. @Burclee I am very pleased that you took me up on the offer and that all is resolved and well. We do try to make our customers happy and we are happy this has been resolved in your favor.
    We hope that you enjoy your movies and that you will come back and continue your support of our attempts. Also please feel free to contact me with any ideas/ concerns/ constructive criticisms that will help our project mature.

    @DecendingSkulls Wow…What a great name! lol Anyway Im glad this looks interesting to you. If and when you pick it up please think about either putting up a review or emailing me personally with any comments/ideas/ concerns/ etc.

    Thank you all


    If you guys like this we can always make more. Batgirl should hopeful come back in a few ekes and we can make some with her, but feel free to send me ideas/feedback and we will try our hardest to please.

  13. Decendingskulls says:

    This looks right up my alley. Well to be honest I like when a heroine fights back but i collect any and all videos where the heroine dies and cuntbusting is a plus so i’m eager to pick this up soon as my weekend comes around 🙂

  14. Burclee says:

    It pleases me to report that I took Ms. von Winter up on her above offer and that she came through in good faith, just as was promised. I thank her for the videos and salute her integrity in this matter. The attention to customer satisfaction is most appreciated.

  15. WOW…the sales have been through the roof on this one. Is it because of the cuntbusting/explicit content or is it because of the drop in price per minute rot a combination of the two? Would loge to get some feedback from those who have bought it today.

    And Also….
    I have still not heard back from you regarding my offer to send you two free movies for your unfortunate experience. Please email us at:
    sleepybondage@gmail.com and include your transaction email. and your two free movies.

    Thanks as always folks


  16. I don’t know what to tell you.

    C4Sale takes 40% of all sales So I frequently ask people to shop on my shoppingcart where I have the freedom of charging a lower price.

    I always Update knights of gotham first and then do c4s /nicheclips /eclipstore.

    So in future when you see a new movie at c4s or any other clip store…..come visit our knights of Gotham and get your full discount.

    Now because I still feel bad for you here is what i am going to do.

    Email me your transaction email to:
    it should matchup with the one we got from c4s earlier this morning.

    Along with the transaction slip include 2 movies you want to see and I will email you links for you to download them immediately without having to pay another cent.

    In the future come shop at our knights of gotham store for full discount….
    Do we have a deal?

  17. Burclee says:

    I purchased this clip this morning at the Clips4Sale site where I was charged $17.99. Imagine my delight at now seeing it advertised at Gotham Movies for $12.75.

    Thanks for the rip off.

  18. Oh…one last thing.

    We have decided that we will be lowering the prices on all future movies.

    In all our other Niches the usual protocol is to charge a dollar a minute for this kind of content. In this niche the same holds true. Some producers charge more.

    I have decided that from now on I will be charging .75 a minute, but never going any higher than $25 for movies that are longer than 35 minutes long.
    ‘So even if a movie is 40 minutes or 50 minutes long the peak will be $25

    I may go back to a dollar a minute once we start hiring multi girls, start shooting at more locations, and our fx abilities get better. But for now we are producing fantasy stories to excite and entertain so we will be pricing the movies to reflect that. But even when we do go back to $1 a minute I can promise you here and now that we will not be going over $25 per project.

    Thank you for your support.

  19. I want to take a moment and be very clear about whats in this video so that no-one feels like not enough info was given
    First off its not a peril Movie!
    If your all about the peril please pass this one up.

    Supergirl gets tricked into activating a Kryptonite beam and is weakened enough for the Madman (who by the way talks to his mask instead of wearing it) to feed her a liquid kryptonite solution keeping her weak throughout the movie.

    This movie is 100% one sided.

    Supergirl never gets the chance to fight back.
    If you like super fight scenes please pass this one by.
    There is only a very lopsided beatdown.

    Supergirl gets hit three times in the face, but is cuntbusted constantly by a fist and a lead pipe.

    Supergirl is then thrown against a table where her pantyhose are removed and she is violated as she weakly struggles to escape and moans in pain.

    If you do not like Sexual abuse please pass this one by.

    She is strangled by hand until she passes out and then she is flipped over on the table and her boots removed as well as her pantyhose.

    She is violated again and as she wakes up the Madman uses the lead pipe to choke her out until she is dead.

    If you don’t like the superhero losing or being killed please pass this one up.

    For those of you which this does spark interest I hope you enjoy the movie and the lower price.

  20. @dkm. Thank you for your kind words. On Saturday we were in the mood to make a superheroine Cuntbusting video but my Batgirl costume is having the zipper replaced But we really wanted to shoot a cuntbusting so I went with Supergirl.

    Yes we will be shooting something like this With Diana when she is here in September.

  21. dkm says:

    This looks awesome. I always wanted to see one where Diana Knight loses like this. Any chance of that in the future?