Knights of Gotham’s “The Dark Lord Rises – Part 2”

Here’s a look at a new video from Knights of Gotham called The Dark Lord Rises – Part 2. Check out images and additional info below (including a limited-time price reduction).

The Dark Lord Rises – Part 2

The story continues after the first episode of The Dark Lord Rises – Part 1.

We begin with Wonder Woman and Batgirl talking together in Batgirl’s underwater headquarters. They mention concern over Supergirls inability to put her attack behind her. They trace her communicator and find she is still in the location of her attack. This is not good news.

It’s unhealthy for Supergirl to be there and wallowing in being a victim. Wonder Woman makes her way there to comfort her while Batgirl remains behind to work on what little they know about what happened.

Supergirl is more than a little depressed. she cannot break out of the effects of being captured and the ugliness that followed it. Wonder Woman tries to comfort her but cannot seem to get through. She leaves Supergirl there and hopes that she will call if she needs her.

Suddenly after Wonder Woman leaves Supergirl feels a tingle, then a pain and suddenly super girl feels herself blacking out. in reality Evil Supergirl is coming back to the front. She was never banished, instead was waiting for the approach of the Dark Lord.

Now with Supergirl firmly paced in a dark void Evil Supergirl takes her body and proceeds to confront Wonder Woman. as they are starting to prepare for battle the skye grow dark. Something is blotting out the sun from the sky!
The dark Lord has arrived and Evil Supergirl is forced to abandon the battle to go greet him.

Wonder Woman seeing Evil Supergil realizes she needs to check on her Supergirl and makes her way to her previous location. instead she finds Evil super girl holding Supergirls costume. the two square off again. before Wonder Woman can land the first punch she is engulfed by lighting and crippled and rendered helpless. this is no mere lightning. its supernatural in origin and their originating source?
The Dark Lord himself.

With WonderWoman captured and Evil Supergirl playing with her body as if she were a child’s doll we cut to Batgirl who on finding the darkness jumps into her Batjet and takes off to make her way to Wonder Woman’s location.

Instead of finding Wonder Woman she finds The dark Lord who overpowers her easily and forces her to submit to his will. She has no way to fight him and must instead submit to his desires. He leaves her broken and shattered and turns his attention to Wonder Woman, his long metal talons making their way up her leg towards their destination. She screams in pain and suffers through the attack. What will happen next? stay tuned for the conclusion coming soon.

Knights of Gotham's "The Dark Lord Rises - Part 2"

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Leviathan (Eves Husband)


I have a villain sorceress that I would wish to cast her for, if the character could be used in a production somewhere. No doubt about that.

Feel free to contact me directly at: we can start discussing it.


Diana Knight is purely amazing. Of all her work I’m familiar with, I love her villainess hardcore dominating Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman, I think fate has ensured those two ladies do that multiple times as they have.

Diana is also a knockout Wonder Woman; although Christina’s WW costume is the most classic television accurate, Diana topless in her vinyl or leather, starred briefs is greater yet. She has a Gothic beauty to her with the deep red lipstick on, that makes her natural for the Vampirella costume.

Of my own characters, I have a villain sorceress that I would wish to cast her for, if the character could be used in a production somewhere. No doubt about that.

Evangeline von Winter

Oh yes….I almost forgot. This movie also introduces out bat jet. we have worked really hard on making this batjet flying effect for you guys.

Evangeline von Winter

OK guys here is the standard walk through. Actually the preview picture this time around is huge and actually gives a pretty good decryption, but here it is in a nutshell.

Batgirl and WonderWoman are concerned about Supergirls inability to get past the attacks of Pt. 1
she is actually still in the same hideout lounging around. Wonder Woman makes her way there to try and cosole her and when she fails she leaves her there. But shortly after Supergirl screams and turns into Evil Supergirl.
ESG is preparing for the arrival of the dark lord and she squares off with Wonder Woman only to have to leave to prepare for his arrival.

Long story short Wonder Woman walks into the Dark Lords arrival and is subdued by him. Evil super girl takers her away and strips her of her belt and makes her more comfortable for the Dark Lords ministrations…which will be painful at least. Batgirl realizes something is wrong and rushes to the rescue but what can a powerless woman do against an intergaltic alien with a giant purple penis?!?!

she gets violated and broken and left to be cleaned up by ESG. meanwhile the Dartklord has started playing with Wonder Womans’s body. he will invade it, and convert her into something…..DARK.

Now that thats out of the way…..
If you have any questions please let me know.