“Lady Victory” from Secret Heroine Films

Secret Heroine Films, the producers behind Valor and Starlet Returns, have released a new video called Lady Victory. Check out the trailer, stills, and a purchase link below!

Secret-Heroine-Films-Lady-Victory-Preview-1 Secret-Heroine-Films-Lady-Victory-Preview-2 Secret-Heroine-Films-Lady-Victory-Preview-3 Secret-Heroine-Films-Lady-Victory-Preview-4 Secret-Heroine-Films-Lady-Victory-Preview-5 Secret-Heroine-Films-Lady-Victory-Preview-6

Someone is killing super heroines and stealing their powers. Its up to Lady Victory to solve this mystery. Armed with a near indestructible power suit and the confidence to tackle any problem, she will do whatever it takes to bring the murderous villains to justice. But someone close to Lady Victory betrays her and pits her against newly powered up thugs. Very quickly she realizes that she is way over her head and has to endure a tortious night that not even her power suit can protect her from. The video has lots of sexual, physical and mental peril.

Purchase Lady Victory at SHG-Media



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