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“Lady Victory” from Secret Heroine Films

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  1. Holymolydude123 says:

    Well, I haven’t finished the video yet, will be doing that tonight, but I have loved it so far. The part where the baddie has her by the throat and punches her as she limply falls to her knees was perhaps the greatest scene in any heroine video ever.

  2. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie: Demon with the Glass Hand is another great episode. Harlan Ellison wrote that and he later sued James Cameron for ripping it off when he did Terminator. It is easy to see why. The three Culp episodes of TOL are among the best. And yeah, “Put the Blame on Me” is such a fantastic segment of “Gilda”.

  3. bogie says:

    @ Horse. I will indeed try to see that Outer Limits episode. One of my favourite TV moments was the Robert Culp episode. of this show, Demon with the Glass Hand. As for the ‘Put the Blame on Mame’ sequence from Gilda…one of the cinema’s great classic scenes.

  4. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie: Rita. Man, that would have been awesome! That red hair she had in Gilda. I always loved the comment, do not recall from whom, that her taking off her long gloves in Gilda is more erotic than other women taking their dress off. So true.

  5. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie: no worries. I believe I called it wrong (in another threat) when I stated that “The Outer Limits” episode “ZZZZZ” must have influenced the creation of “The Wasp”, while in fact it did hit the airwaves slightly later than her first appearance in Marvel Comics.

    However, in case you do not know this episode, do yourself a favor and watch it. It is on “Hulu”, if that works for you. I held off on watching it for the longest time until recently due to its rather silly title. But man, what a big mistake! While I do not normally go for the “girl-woman” type, the female lead is one of the most gorgeous ladies I have ever seen on any TV show. And when she is licking that flower, the boys in the 60s must have lost their minds.

    Still, there is a strong resemblance to how John Buscema drew “The Wasp” in his early Avengers books, so maybe there is a connection after all. I am certain a girl like her did not go unnoticed 🙂

  6. bogie says:

    Very good Horse. You’re showing your age. Can you imagine Rita Hayworth in a superheroine outfit? I can!

  7. Senor Descartes says:

    @Heroine Addict

    All you had to say was “comparable to Livewire” and I was sold!

  8. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie: ah, time to watch “The Lady from Shanghai” again, me thinks. That, and “Gilda”. Now, there is a woman for you, and no pantyhose in sight 🙂

  9. bogie says:

    Damn, it’s ‘obedient’ servant, not ‘humble’! Just don’t tell me to buy pantyhose videos.

  10. bogie says:

    @ Heroine Addict. I’d call it more a lament than a mewl, cobber. And if I were to ‘mewl every time I saw a girl in nylon’, I’d have writer’s cramp. You have to admit there’s a fair bit of hose around at the moment. Sometimes it’s ok with me, as with a couple of those Gigi vids where it was pretty sheer, but this one seemed to me from the advertising material available, to be a mite too obvious. Since there were so many positive comments about the production, I was moved to ‘lament’ the fact that, much as I would have liked to, I was psychologically prevented from investing. Certainly don’t want to reignite a pretty old-hat topic, though.
    I remain, as always, your humble servant. (The Orson Welles’ sign-off, for the uninitiated).

  11. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ MAV: I trust we will. Hopefully from Mr. Hero as well, since I would love to support his movies.

  12. MAV says:

    @bogie and @horsewithnoname – same here :/ I’m sure we’ll get some bare-legged goodness from someone soon though

  13. Heroine Addict says:

    Well, I think Lady Victory looks great in pantyhose. There’s plenty of bare-legged heroines out there, so why mewl every time you see a girl in nylon?

  14. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ bogie: same with me, mate.

  15. Heroine Addict says:

    The level of sex and nudity is comparable to that in the previous LiveWire video. (Except it’s F/F over-the-costume forced o.) Lady Victory’s costume is damaged and one breast is fully exposed.

    While the rest of the costume stays on, the forced o (lasting a couple of minutes near the end of the video) is very well done. I particularly liked the low angle shots of Lady Victory’s pantyhosed ass jiggling as her pussy is being pleasured.

    The actress playing Spider was very sexy too. Maybe the sequel could have her actually steal LV’s costume and put it on herself?

  16. sugarcoater says:

    Can anyone post the variety of sexual peril the heroine faces? Does she give in to the villains?

  17. bogie says:

    Sigh. I just can’t get past that pantyhose.

  18. decendingskulls says:

    I bought it and thought it was fantastic. I will keep spoilers to a minimum but there are one or two minor vague spoilers so be careful reading on from here.

    As someone else pointed out it was more in the vein of more traditional style heroine fetish films – almost felt like a throwback to videos from years ago, and I mean that as a compliment. That is to say, aside from the fact that it’s generally tamer and doesn’t jump headlong into brutal domination or fetish-heavy sexual peril – It is written, planned, and paced very well, and really takes it’s time with the defeat of the superheroine, which allows more time for a little exposition and character development of the heroine which combined with the great lead actress does a great job of bringing the character to life and getting us to see her as a legitimate superheroine.

    Speaking of the actress, I enjoyed her performance. She is really quite stoic, but she plays that very well and it comes off as a convincing affectation of a stern superheroine. I actually really enjoy the personality she gave her character. She is very strong and almost masculine, which to me is the perfect way to play a superheroine. I thought the costumes and sets and effects were all great, and the filming and editing was also great.

    The only thing I would have liked more of – and this is more of a personal taste thing – is I would have liked the sexual peril to get a little sexier, and I would have liked a more definitive ending. The ending seems open-ended. However this could possibly have been to leave the opportunity open for a sequel. Based on the strength of this movie, this would make a very good series, so maybe that was in mind when the ending was decided.

  19. Peter says:

    I liked this movie a lot! The heroine is super cute and sexy and the plot is very interesting and
    builds the suspense! Loved the first doublecross/chloro on Lady Victory! Only thing I didn’t care for were the thick pantyhose but ya know how that goes!! I enjoyed the movie and would love to see this beauty again!

    Great job Secret Heroine Films!! Please keep it up!!

  20. MyNameisURL says:

    Ok, how nude? How explicit? How long? All M-F? Or F-F too?

  21. Rizo says:

    Honest question: did you guys find this better than Valor? Because personally I found Valor to be really poorly executed.

  22. Judah says:

    This film has a sense of darker themes and tones than other WW adaptions. Like VALOR it is brutal on KO’s, Perils, and henchmen, although they do get a bump in there power midway through the film. Even the WW inspired costume gives a sense of darkness to the role. Not all this is bad but actually works in the films favor. With pretty good special effects and nice choreography the film definitely holds its own. Excellent location work and editing as well. I cant say its a better film than VALOR but it is definitely in the running. I highly recommend this film and for those worried, price isn’t too bad. Will be looking forward to more releases from Secret Heroine Films. Congrats to SHG-Media for starting out the new year with a bang.

  23. dan says:

    this is the first movie from secret heroine films ive purchased and i was not disapointed. the story line was very good and easy to follow and the actress was tall and very sexy. she gave a good performance and i also liked the costume…..if theres a part 2 ill be back for more

  24. kevin says:

    Judging from the trailer there’s at least 2 KOs; can someone confirm is there are more?

  25. Gigafiend says:

    Simple but awesome costume that she is wearing. I like the change on the Wonder Woman look. This looks like a vid to pick up but one question. How long is the sexual peril in this?

  26. Rover says:

    Fantastic straightforward heroine peril flick, similar to Divinity and some of the older TBFE episodes. Right up my alley.

    So many vids now gravitate towards 2 minutes of punching and 15 minutes of fondling. The drawn out overpowering of the heroine is something I look for in a vid – and is surprisingly difficult to find!

    A+ need more vids like this.

  27. bbsucks says:

    So, I really liked this video, like everyone else. I almost liked it too much. To the point where I was super into what was going on, then a bit disappointed when it had to end.

    I did feel like everything was going amazingly, and there was a tiny bit of wasted potential at the end. But the journey was epic.

    I recommend it.

  28. ximi says:

    Ok can someone please share some details in what’s good about this video? So far the only useful information I got is it has great stories, but it don’t care about stories…

  29. Dangerman says:

    Does Lady Victory spin transform?

  30. darklord says:

    I agree with Rayman, this movie was awesome!!! A recent member on another thread suggested producers put some time and effort in planning/thinking out the story of the movie… well this one does exactly that! Bravo guys on having a movie that has a lot of depth in story, characters, sets, twists, etc.

    LOVE the references and continuity to previous movies. Not going to give any specifics either, but for those who love some context and continuity to build the plot, LV definitely delivers, and in spades!

    I can’t say enough about this video b/c so few are as well thought out. It may not be as “polished” as others in terms of sound/effects but there are sooooo many other positives that it doesn’t matter. The actress and costume are both super hot too.

    Lastly, considering its $25 and 35 min long (quality 35 min too) this is a must buy. Other producers try to charge $7,394 (ok i’m exaggerating!) for their videos with the same ole sets and concepts over and over again. Those guys need to watch this and take notes…

  31. rayman says:

    Bought it LOVE IT!

    I won’t go into detail as I do not wish to spoil anything but to me it is way better than Valor but that is just my taste.

    Really hope to see more of this character if possible.

  32. LQQKn4aFox says:

    She’s a Stunner, She’s a Keeper and most of all She’s a Winner! Lady Victory is Smoking Hot Cute Beautiful! Luv da Star’s on da leotard.

  33. dkm says:

    I’m curious about this one. There was stuff about Valor I REALLY liked (great model, well shot, good story, nicely edited) and there was stuff I wasn’t happy about (rape scene is really short and off camera, which would have been fine but I felt sort of mislead by the promo copy and the death scene is very quick, but that’s really been a problem among a lot of producers and not specific to this one.)

    So, if anyone picks this up, let us know what you think, and then I’ll go from there as I’m sure others will too :-).