“Lora Carter of Montoya – The Anaconda Come for Them” from Lady2fight

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TheSqueezer avatar
2 years ago

When I found this outfit, I said “This one will fit on Lora perfectly” and yeah! I was right…!, also I left Lora to choose the color and I loved the color, perfect to this character. Also, Lora showed many of her new outfits, so “the effort was worth it” I always will be happy supporting Lora because she always brings my stories to fantastic videos. Lora brought my story to a wonderful video, Lora’s performance is always fantastic, she did put a lot of energy and power in her fighting scenes but her scissors holds were great…!♥ “The Bear… Read more »

Skirtfan avatar
2 years ago
Reply to  The Squeezer

I have commissioned 2 customs from Lora, and I have to say that they have exceeded my expectations. As well as following everything I put into the script, she brings it to life in a way that I was not expecting. Absolutely fantastic, and money well spent.