“Marvelette: Anti-Heroic” from Action Cosplay

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27 days ago

I’ll throw 2 more cents in here.Really enjoyed this one. I would have loved to have seen you guys double down on Marvelette begging off Feline Fury at the end, but thats just me, it was still really good. I also chuckled every time Feline Fury held up the spray, it was like she was showing it off for an informercial or something. And I’ll harp on the members gift too, since it features one of my favorite endings ever (you guys should really do more death trap endings!)

clutchking avatar
28 days ago

I concur that this was another outstanding outing for Marvelette. And how about that Feline Fury! Meowwww, what a babe! Oddly, despite all the great action, it’s some of the character moments that stood out for me the most. Obviously, the begging at the end, but even the way the video starts, with Marvelette walking into an obvious trap and then being so unsure of herself. Notice how she trips over her words, unable to match the confidence of a more experienced heroine. That’s really my biggest takeaway here. Marvelette is just adorably incompetent and I hope she never changes… Read more »

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28 days ago

Marvelette v Feline Fury, a matchup too good not to happen. Action Cosplay has several great story arcs going right now, but that’s no reason not to indulge in some purely enjoyable side adventures like this. Marvelette can make as many videos as humanly possible and I’d get them all. That goes for photosets as well.  So much to recommend in this. Heroine and villainess both look amazing and their costumes are equally stunning. The fighting is tough with the two pretty evenly matched at first (even after FF doses M with her mind-altering gas) until Marvelette’s confidence begins to… Read more »

29 days ago

This is awesome. The catfight and the anti heroic gas is great. I love both Marvelette and Feline fury. And it’s like hinting for a Miracle maiden vs. Feline fury next. Men I’m so excited for the upcoming clash and maybe feline fury will be facing the original Miracle Maiden

SouperCop avatar
30 days ago

So I purchased the video yesterday. I enjoyed it very much. I’m hoping we can see a return of the story involving the Anti-Heroic Spray with MIracle Maiden and Feline Fury. Only problem I had with the video was Feline’s “Giggle” she used during the later half of the video. It sounded very odd to me, but that’s it for me on complaints.

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30 days ago

Poor Marvelette. Life as an up-and-coming heroine sure is difficult. Especially when everyone seems to not know who you are. Then, when you try to set the record straight, you suffer a beating the likes of no other. First it was Falcone putting her in her place. Now it’s Feline Fury who has her turn toying with and humiliating the heroine in black. Will she ever be able to catch a break in Action Cosplay? God I hope not. When we last saw Marvelette she ended up on the wrong side of the most epic one sided beating in NGC history.… Read more »

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30 days ago
Reply to  Darkwrath016

One can only hope this virus and lkdown ends soon so we can all get back to doing what we love