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Marvelous Nightmare (TheRyeFilms.com Custom Order)

Lexi Belle can’t stop fantasizing about one day becoming a real Superheroine. The young gorgeous co-ed logs her obsession in her diary which includes a reoccurring dream where she is defeated by a vicious Villain. Lexi finds her own defeat very arousing and can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be a real Superheroine in Peril. While logging her last dream someone breaks into her home and Lexi must make a decision. Call the police or use this opportunity to live out her dream…

This movie includes M vs F beatdowns, back breakers, Sim Sex, Groping, multiple KO’s, wrestling holds, choking, slapping, forced orgasms, death ending, and more!

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28 Responses

  1. Lightguy says:

    Are there any more Lexi Belle movies coming, or has she “left the biz” as far as superheroine movies go? Have other producers filmed her, like TBFE or Lucien?

  2. RenNStimpy says:

    This was amazing

    Was waiting for more internal dialogue at the end to see if she would voice over any regrets trying to fight the robber, or if she would think if she was enjoying anything.

    The build up of the story was amazing and when she started losing it was even more devastating lol

  3. Ztc says:

    Also please someone commission a public disgrace, skullion, overconfidence or another nightmare video with angelina diamanti

  4. Ztc says:

    Just looked and lexi has a great ass and an amazing body . Good job on the film

  5. Heroine Fall says:

    Wish there were screen shots of the sex scenes. Seems like mostly beat down, which is cool if you’re only into that, but was the sex scenes so tame they didn’t make the preview? Looking for the hard animalistic stuff. Anyone who can confirm, that would be rad.

    • Señor Descartes says:

      Two sex scenes. Brief, but Lexi sells the rugged, gutteral vibe like a champ. Quite enjoyed it.

      Not to mention it’s got a lot of sexy choking going on that Lexi performs very convincingly. She’s fantastic in this.

      • Heroine Fall says:

        Thank you! I’m looking for body shaking, aggressive pounding. Don’t care if it’s exaggerated to all hell, so long as it looks devastating! I might pick this one up on sale.

  6. Dr says:

    In the description says that it has a “death ending”. Does anyone have a clue of what that ending might be? Also, is it on the fantasy part or during the real beating? Thanks.

    • Mike says:

      It happens during the real encounter. The thief says that he can’t leave any witnesses.

      • Dr says:

        Thanks, good to know! Also, do you know how does he decide to kill her?

        • Mike says:

          Don’t know if this counts as a spoiler or not, so….


          After the last choke, he snaps her neck and lays her body on the floor. It’s pretty much just another KO though, there’s no open-eyed death stare or anything.

          • Dr says:

            Thanks again! That’s actually a peril element, I would expect this to be mentioned on the list, thus I don’t feel that it counts as a spoiler. At least, in my opinion! 😉

      • Mantower says:

        Actually she dies in both fantasies and the real encounter.

  7. sugarcoater says:

    Would LOVE to see Coco or Amber have a shot at the Ms. Marvel with mask role! (And as long as I’m being wishful, would love to see them with curls added to their hair–it looks better than the straight hair as it gives the heroines a certain elegance to them, in my humble opinion.)

  8. nate says:

    Looking forward to a real black Ms. Marvel costume and mask. Hopefully you guys can build one soon. Thanks

  9. Mike says:

    I’ll not the best at reviews, but I’ll give on since people are looking for one.

    It’s a straight beatdown video, for those like myself that like those types of films.

    The video is in pretty much two part.

    Part One: Lexi is at home writing in a diary about dreams she’s been having about fighting and being defeated by a villain, and how she’s ashamed that it actually turns her on. She even puts down her diary and pleasures herself as she thinks about it. Twice the video goes back and forth between her writing in her diary and flashbacks to her being defeated in dreams.

    Part Two: She hears someone in her home and decides that this is great chance to actually live out her superheroine fantasy. So she changes on-screen into her costume. She goes out to confront the bad guy, who obviously doesn’t take her seriously. She gets in some blows and knocks him down. But she starts getting wrapped up in the fantasy again, and while she’s daydreaming he lands an upkick to the crotch. After this the video is pretty much 11-12 minutes of him knocking her out over and over, and feeling her up, or quickly having his way with her in-between. I didn’t realize until I was writing this, but all the knockouts in the video are choke outs in some fashion.

    I thought the video was great, but I’m not hard to please. I just want see the heroine defeated and knocked out, don’t really care what elements get her to that point.

    There’s no nudity in this, not even topless. I like that though. Once the heroine starts getting stripped it’s just some guy beating up some girl to me.

    It’s a beatdown video, you could say a throwback to before the whole movement to more sexual peril focused videos.

    • Señor Descartes says:

      Bummer. Was hoping for lots of sexual content in between the KO’s 🙁

    • Rye says:

      Thanks Mike! I normally don’t comment on reviews but I want to make sure people don’t get mixed up here. There are 2 sim sex scenes with forced orgasms, multiple groping scenes, and a hand rubbed forced orgasm. Yes there is a lot of one sided fighting but there is also a good amount of sexual peril here 😉

  10. Bob Smith says:

    So any reviews for this?

  11. Ms Marvel Fan says:

    WOW!!! This looks so good. Love the actress!! Love the costume!! Been looking for one like that myself

  12. Señor Descartes says:

    Holy crap. Looks savage and sensual. INSTANT PURCHASE.

  13. F L says:

    Ms Marvel (Now Capitan Marvel) old costume? i definitively have to check this out!!

  14. dkm says:

    Whoa. This sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to buy it.

  15. Kristy Steele says:

    Wow. Purchased this one off of the description alone, and I haven’t even watched the trailer yet! Props to the customer who made this custom order!!!!

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