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CBS’s “Supergirl” (Trailer)

Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming TV series “Supergirl,” starring Melissa Benoist. Check it out below…


It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s not a man. It’s Supergirl. In the new drama from the world of DC Comics, Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, embraces her superhuman abilities and becomes the hero she was always meant to be. This Fall on CBS.

Check back soon for more info!

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  1. kaptureme says:

    I looked, found what should be it, but every time I try to play it, it sends me to a link to signup for an account in order to play. Even when I signed up for a trial account, it still wouldn’t play. Anyone have a link?

  2. Da Jinx says:

    I found the pilot on YouTube. Just do a search for it there.

  3. Kaptureme says:

    I see the pilot has been leaked to torrent sites. I have downloaded a client, utorrent, but am not sure how or where to get the video. Anyone help with that?

  4. BadMilk says:

    @Bert – You forgot the part where she thinks of the ASPCA Commercial with the Sarah Mclachlan song playing so that she can focus her emotions to cry laser tears.

  5. steve says:

    Finally saw it. Loved it or, rather, loved Melissa in the role. As many have said, they had to cover a lot of ground in the pilot, and I think overall they did a commendable job. The show has potential, with the lead role I believe having been appropriately cast. Some great peril scenes in the pilot, plenty of action, and I think a good addition to the current crop of DC Comics superheroes on the small screen.

  6. TBob says:

    Pretty Much, lol and believe me it will be made in 3D and 3D only. For those of you not familiar with 3D Technology, here is an article about the revolution that is 3D.


  7. Bert says:

    Kaizar’ Supergirl pilot:

    Supergirl by Kaizar

    Scene 1
    In the cafeteria of the biology department of the NCU. Kara/Supergirl (played by Chyna) eats lunch with some guy.)

    Supergirl (SG) “Are you going to finish those fries?”
    Some Guy (SG) “Why are you always so hungry, no pond intended.”
    SG “It’s my 5000 calorie per day body. On Earth I have big muscles because of the yellow sun. (plot twistse you never saw coming) “Oh no, now you know I am Supergirl.”
    SG “I never would have guess this. You are a real 21st century female.”

    Scene 2
    Supergirl lands at the power station to fight Vartox. She polishes off a chicken leg and stows the bone in her cape. Supergirl does not litter. Vartox steps out to face her with his atomic axe.

    Vartox (SG) “I will kill you with my atomic axe, which can kill you.”
    SG “You can try, but I have no fear of you and your axe which can kill me.”

    Right off the back Vartox swings his atomic axe at Supergirl, who (in a brilliant plot twistse) catches it between her large, natural breasts.

    SG “It is not fun stopping you, but I do it for the sake of saving people.”
    SG “You are brave and fearless and bold. I cannot wait to see what will happen next.”
    SG “Is there a Denny’s around here?”

    The End

  8. Kaizar says:


    I said: OR.

    There are characters with no fear from the start and I would definitely expect Supergirl of all heroes to be brave & fearless & bold, right off the back and take the possibility of death like a fearless warrior. I would expect her to only be doing the superhero thing for the sake of saving people and not because it’s fun nor anything like that. This is just a messed up Supergirl who looks like her personality was ripped from the 20th Century. The character isn’t even relatable to 21st century females. There’s just nothing special about this Supergirl, she’s a useless extra character and I don’t care for Superheroes like that. At least Heroes like Robin have their useful aftermath, but this Supergirl just doesn’t contribute anything you couldn’t already get from another character. Theres just no purpose for this kind of
    I could have written a way more better Supergirl series then this, with way more better characters that are actually important & mandatory, with tons of great awesome kick ass stories & plots & scenarios & situations, with plot twistses you would never see until its too late; that would make you want to see what will happen next soo badly that you can’t wait for the next episode.
    Basically like a Supergirl Ultimate, but for just Supergirl.

  9. Bert says:


    I agree with Anon.”

    @Anon – I’ve looked back through your posts on this thread and I see nothing to warrant the above quote.

  10. wid says:

    I’m thinking the character will gain confidence and face danger more like the character in the 1984 movie as the series progresses. While I enjoy the peril, I’m also hoping she does quite a bit of butt kicking and earning the confidence of those around her. I do remember an established Superman in the movies running away from a fight with the people of Metropolis still in danger while the villains called him a coward.

    I agree with Tuathal about being sick of this argument for “realism,” If I want realism, I’ll read a phonebook. I go to this stuff to escape reality. The dark and gritty stuff works for Batman. Superman and Supergirl should face tough villains and serious situations, but I prefer them to be funner and more hopeful.

  11. Tuathal says:

    Green Arrow had 5 years of experience before he started fighting crime in Starling City… he was plenty afraid on the island and in the flashbacks in the show. Superman is typically portrayed as having years of using his powers and honing his ability to use them beginning as an infant. Yet Superman certainly was filled with fear when confronted with kryptonite for the first time in the films. Batman had years of training before fighting crime, pretty much focused on it from the moment he watched his parents shot. Also he’s pretty much mentally unstable in his own right. I enjoy watching the super-powered heroes discover what the limits of their powers are over time. More room for the character to develop and grow. I’ve been more interested in Laurel’s transition to Black Canary than anything Ollie has done throughout the run of Arrow.

  12. Kaizar says:

    There’s still everything else I said.

    I don’t recall ever seeing Superman afraid, and he was raise on earth. I don’t even recall batman being fearful.

    The Flash tv show is Barry with doubt, because of the altering of the timeline with his mother’s death. It change his personality from what it originally was. Only way Barry could be like the original timeline is with help of the Reverse Flash.

    I’d expect Supergirl to face danger more like Green Arrow or whatever.

  13. Tuathal says:

    I’ve been seeing this “ultra-realistic” term thrown around a lot lately… We are talking about a comic book alien who can fly and shoot beams out of her eyes because of the radiation of a yellow sun vs a red sun. What part of that is at all realistic let alone “ultra-realistic”? From what I have seen, the TV series starts off with Kara having lived on earth for a while but never exploring her super powers. I fully expect a novice to get her ass handed to her and be fearful when first starting out. That’s realistic. Supergirl sounds a lot like the first season of the Flash, a superhero just starting out and exploring their limits. He has faced some formidable enemies and self doubt and I fully expect she will too.

  14. Kaizar says:

    I agree with Anon.

    I expect Supergirl to not get her ass handed to her.

    She shouldn’t be fearful either, in any death possible situation.

    I wanted a Supergirl that’s more like the male superheroes, but thats also in the 2 piece Supergirl suit. And I wanted the show to be dark & gritty. And also ultra-realistic.

    Imagine if Supergirl or Superman was face to face with Lex Luthor in a non conflict sitituation and Supergirl or Superman responds: “I’m a Superhero asshole”
    And Lex Luthor then replies: “you ain’t shit”

  15. steve says:

    Love hearing all the diverse comments. Wish I could form my own, but I do not seem to be able to find a way to access the pilot and watch if for myself. Damn!

  16. wid says:

    No worries, Bert. I think this show looks quite good and any watering down is surprisingly slight (tights under skirt is about it). If it progresses in this way, I’ll happily watch each new episode.

    I just get frustrated with the constant SJW narrative that shirtless dude shows and movies are fine, boys/men enjoying a sexy female is a horrible evil that must be destroyed, and having hobbies I’m enjoying ruined by ‘activists’ pushing that narrative. I kind of miss the days of developing a crush on Helen Slater flying around, kicking butt in a skirt without a group of dingbats thinking I’ve committed some great wrong on womenkind.

  17. Bert says:

    @wid – My bad. I looked back at only your last two comments (feminists bad, and waiting to watch full pilot) before posting my comment. I mistook your strong opinions on double standards as implying the Supergirl pilot was watered down, which I don’t think is the case.

  18. wid says:

    @Bert, I think you have directed your comment at the wrong person. I’ve been very supportive of the show, am very much looking forward to it, and have been defending it (just read the bazillions of comments I’ve left on this thread). I think the action is good, the costume is good, the actress is great, and everything seems much better than what I would expect from DC/’Geek Chic’ culture these days. I don’t expect gratuitous upskirt shots or overly sexual peril nor do I want the dark angle. Something akin to the Supergirl movie or JLU works fine for me (and there’s a lot more sex appeal to those than what has been going on in PC culture lately) and I think that’s what we might get if the PC whiners don’t get to censor content.

  19. Bert says:

    @wid – Perhaps you should hold off on criticizing Supergirl for not going far enough until you’ve seen the full pilot. The two fights with Vartox are surprisingly good. The context of the two battles is that Kara is inexperienced and not used to fighting. Vartox takes full advantage and does not hold back. I fully expected the fight scenes to be tamed down because the hero is a woman, but they didn’t go that way. Kara is defeated in no uncertain terms in the first fight, and Melissa is outstanding in these scenes, depicting Kara as shocked and overwhelmed by Vartox’s brutality. The second fight is also excellent. She has a plan and knows what to expect, and fares better in the battle, but still takes a terrible beating and is nearly defeated. It’s pretty thrilling stuff. far better than I’d hoped for.

  20. wid says:

    I’m in total agreement with sugarcoater on the PC double standards. I am quite happy with what we were able to get (pretty actress, skirt, costume similar to the most popular version, good action), but the feminists and social justice types are never going to allow the character to be sexualized to quite the level of Arrow, Smallville, Captain America, et al does the male characters. Those shows/movies market non-stop shirtless scenes, with pants barely above an adult only rating, for women. DC ruins costumes, cancels covers, replaces creative teams, and recalls products the second one of these selective prudes throws a tantrum on her blog. Yet the same DC puts out a cover featuring shirtless, younger looking versions of its heroes as strippers. They certainly never worry about ‘sexualizing,’ and ‘objectifying’ and all those nonsense SJW words when it comes to attracting non-heterosexual males.

  21. Anon says:

    The superheroes in the recent comic book movies haven’t been sexualized at all. Batman? Iron man? Thor? Superman? At what point in any of the movies were they in a sexualized beatdown? That’s right, never. Why would you want to treat the women in the same genre any different? Oh yeah, you have a niche fetish that makes you extremely biased. Well I enjoy superheroine beatdowns as well, but I realize that a series where the pilot contains a line saying theres finally a female superhero for young girls to look up to isn’t exactly catered to men and especially not men who sexualizes superheroines to the extreme. There’s a lot of people disappointed the show won’t cater to them, pretty much every guy on the internet is angry because it isn’t dark and gritty like Daredevil.

  22. Paul GPF says:


    I’m pretty easy to please, all I wanted to see was a powerful female character who can kick ass, I didn’t see that in the pilot from Supergirl, she got her ass handed to her in both fights, and was easily captured. However I have changed my mind, I will watch the second episode in the hopes the General gets some quality air time and she can kick ass šŸ™‚

  23. Kaizar says:

    I agree with sugarcoater & LostAtSea & Paul GPF.


    I could of come up with better Supergirl stories & plots for the first 40 minute episode.

    Bad & weak writing is just that.

  24. sugarcoater says:

    Easy Anon, just putting out my opinion. By all means, disagree. But from what I’ve seen, male characters in comic book movies take a beating and then some, but the female characters are treated with kid gloves and entirely de-sexualized in the modern comic book/movie-verse.

  25. Anon says:

    PC mania? Pushing the limits? Are Arrow and The Flash filled with pushing the limits non-PC stuff? Should they be? Should we see The Flash writhing in mud? People hoping for more than what Arrow and The Flash has done in terms of the hero taking a beating is setting themselves up for disappointment. Looking at the pilot the way it is setup, it pretty much follows the same formula as The Flash does for the first few episodes. Establishing villains where the hero takes a beating first then comes around later for a victory. What is seen in the pilot is pretty much the limit to what you can expect in the show in terms of taking a beating. Even dark and gritty Daredevil didn’t contain anything out of the ordinary in terms of a hero taking a beating. No reason to start cursing the producers for not catering to a tiny niche when the whole point of the show is to make a good superhero series with an ass kicking female lead.

  26. sugarcoater says:

    I think the realistic hope for superheroine peril fans is something along the lines of sequences such as the Kryptonite in the pool from Superman I, a Kryptonite beam sequence as seen in Superman III, and full-on fight with an equally powerful villain. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we could have a seen like the one in Supergirl with her writhing in mud. But yeah, I can’t imagine in the current PC mania that anything resembling a fetish sequence would ever find its way into the series. After all, considering how colleges now have “safety rooms” for sensitive college-age students who voluntarily attend a seminar, I doubt mainstream programming would ever consider pushing the limits.
    Now if Netflix got hold of Supergirl and did a Daredevil treatment on her…

  27. Todd says:

    If people are looking for fetish content wake up,its not going to be there. Instead of whining about what it doesnt have and this and that be thankful that at least in episode one were seeing Supergirl take a beating. I think the story sets up nicely for further battles against villains that want to defeat her and get payback. Like I said its not a fetish video

  28. Bert says:

    @LostAtSea – I’d expect the storytelling to improve as the series unfolds. The pilot had a lot to do in 44 minutes, so depth and fine story weren’t really options. Also, Berlanti’s other shows have improved as they have progressed. That doesn’t mean it’ll move in a direction you will like, but my hope is it will be compelling.

    @Paul GPF – Make me understand. You’re on this site. We are talking about the only TV series on the air centered on a superheroine. She’s a fine actor, she looks great in the suit, and there’s pretty hard-hitting action sequences where she faces peril. And it’s free. When you say you won’t be watching the second episode, it makes me wonder what the show would have to be to get you on board.

  29. Paul GPF says:


    Your not the only one unimpressed, I agree with everything you’ve just said. I was really looking forward to this show, but after watching the pilot, I don’t think I’ll be watching the second episode šŸ™

  30. LostAtSea says:

    I guess I’m the only person who isn’t impressed with this at all. I’d love to see a mainstream superhero show with a female lead kicking everyone’s @$$ (supergirl is a great choice too) but I just don’t see this taking off. It looks too much like a supergirl version of Charmed.

    Maybe that’s the point, though. It’s marketed at women mostly I’d guess so it makes sense this is what would come out of it. But it needs to have a good story and I didn’t see anything in this trailer that suggested plot was at all important to the makers of this show.

    I really hope it works out better than I think it will though.

  31. Meercat says:

    I had low expectations when I started watching the leaked pilot. A few minutes pass, and I thought I was watching Devil Wears Prada. Then the plane-scene took all my expectations and blew them straight to krypton. I don’t really watch TV series, but this one is a keeper for me.

    1. She sells pain brilliantly. As with most people on this forum, I enjoy watching her in peril.
    2. She puts a lot of effort in her action moves.
    3. She looks hot in the blue leotard and skirt. Especially when trying it on for the first time, minus the hose.
    4. She portrays an adorable girl-next-door personality when she’s not wearing the uniform, and I love how her aura changes to that of a valiant fighter as soon as she puts it on, but still retains a smidgen of innocence about her that keeps the audience rooting for her.
    5. The villain was relentless in beating her up. Very much expected, as this is a mainstream series. And he does not disappoint.
    6. The romance is there, just not developed yet. Give it time, she’ll end up dating one or the other pretty soon, imo. In a superheroine production, I guess someone’s gotta be the dude in distress at some point, lol

    Let’s hope they keep this up for future episodes.

  32. Benn says:

    Watched it and enjoyed it. Its mainstream TV so if you expected it to have sexualized content with villains gropping her prone body and tons of bondage and slavery you would have to be living in a dream world. That said the pilot does not shy away from bondage, even if very brief. Also a number of fight scenes, ne where she gets her ass handed to her and the other she nearly does. Heck she even begs a surrender at one point. This is pretty good, as much as you could hope for coming out of a major network and I’m quite happy with it.

    The alien villains angle might be convienant but its not the only option. Obviously there is Kryptonite for other villains to find and use. Plus there is still magic that could be tossed out. Plus there are tech gadgets (toyman) that could give her trouble. So they have actually opened it up pretty wide for options for villains. More than on season worth even if the show makes it past that. I like it more than Flash. Is it gear towards a female audience? Not too much but of course, look at viewer demographics! That said its not, so far, obnoxiously female centric. You may not like it lacking certain things but les face it, most of us guys will watch it just cuz it has a hot girl in a supergirl suit either kicking or getting her butt kicked, even if that’s just 1/4 of the show.

    If they can hook the hero crowd and a chunk of the female crowed then this may live past season 1, if they don’t screw it up. I agree with the 4 episode test mentioned by someone. They spent like 14 million on the pilot so if it sucked that is bad news since the regular episodes can’t do that. Question is what will they cut or tone down?

  33. wid says:

    I’m still resisting watching the full pilot until the official airdate (and hoping for strong ratings to persuade the decision makers to put forth more Supergirl/superheroine content). I like what I did see and love Melissa in costume.

    Going forward, I am hoping the character gains more confidence and seems convincing as someone with Kryptonian powers who can handle almost anything. It makes the peril that much better when there is build up and it seems shocking someone has the ability to defeat the heroine.

  34. Bert says:

    @Burclee – To be honest, the scene is clunky in both examples, so not really much of a disagreement!

  35. Mario says:

    is there a place u can see the SG Movie?

  36. Burclee says:

    @ Bert

    I think our actual disagreement would be over whether or not that scene was worth either homage or theft.

  37. Bert says:

    @Burclee – That’s funny. Woody Allen has made some fine films, although I hate Match Point so much, and he’s creepy with the whole, y’know. I’m sure you can see the quote does not apply in this specific case.

  38. Burclee says:

    @ Bert
    With regard to the “I can’t”…”yes you can” business…
    There is a scene in Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories” where Tony Roberts is giving a press conference about his and Woody’s latest film. Someone in the crowd asks if the scene in the wax museum was a “homage to Vincent Price.” Roberts replies.
    “Homage? No, we just stole the idea.”

  39. Bert says:

    @Burclee – I suspect it will get better. Unlike a movie, a weekly series has ample time to build characters over many episodes. As you said, the pilot had to cover a lot of ground to get the audience up to speed with the story. That doesn’t leave time for also developing three dimensional characters. As for the “I can’t” – “Yes, you can” homage, Berlanti likes to throw out references to previous canon that people will pick up on. It can sound a little on the nose sometimes, but making viewers feel like they are in on that stuff works. As for it being written on a comic book level, um, it’s drawn directly from comic books. (Sorry, I couldn’t help being simple about you complaining it was too simple!) Point taken on that front, but Berlanti has proven to increase quality as his series’ progress, so there is reason for optimism. And really, isn’t Melissa just right?

  40. Bert says:

    When evaluating the pilot, I think it’s helpful to keep in mind the many ways this could have gone wrong. I have to say, Berlanti made a lot of great choices here and it pays off. Melissa is, and I don’t say this lightly, perfect in the role of Kara/Supergirl. This girl can act. Plus, she is really effective in the fight scenes. Some Hollywood actresses won’t play vulnerable in fight scenes. Not the case here. When Supergirl is on the receiving end (which she is – a lot!) she really sells it and you believe she’s in peril. I really admire the producers for not shying away from putting Supergirl in harm’s way. It would have been easy to tone down the violence and peril because the hero is female, but they have committed to making the fight scenes hard hitting. A big plus is that they have real money, so we get cool wire work and big effects to enhance the fights, something our niche producers can never compete with.

    I love the suit. Again, they could have wimped out here, but they went with a pleasing modern take on the traditional Supergirl suit, including the skirt. They don’t go to extreme lengths to avoid upskirt moments, so you do get to see considerable Supergirl leg!

    The plot mcguffin that provides a steady stream of powered opponents for Supergirl is maybe a little convenient, but so what. We will see her seriously challenged week after week this way, and I approve of that.

    All in all, the pilot is even better than I’d hoped for after seeing the trailers. Now the only things to worry about are whether they will stick with the hard hitting style of action, and whether the show can build a big enough audience to stick around for a while. I truly hope so.

  41. Burclee says:

    Watched the pilot and it seems promising in terms of providing material for the superheroine fetish community. As entertainment apart from sexual thrills it will need to get way, way better than the pilot if it wishes to survive. The show was written on a comic book level, no sophisticated character development, no real art to the presentation apart from excellent special effects.

    The pilot was rushed, packed full of narrative which left little time for anything other than getting the backstory out there. Cat Grant was a cliche, James Olsen was a cliche, Kara’s sister was a cliche. Kara was doing the Helen Slater “No, no…I can’t”…..with her sister doing the Peter O’ Toole “yes you can!” foolishness.

    I will certainly be watching, but for the same reasons I come to this forum. Remove the fetish interest and I would pay no attention to this program at all, It appears to be aiming for young viewers with uncomplicated demands on story telling.

  42. Chillyplasma says:

    Just watched the pilot and it was very good, will keep watching.
    The show did not try to minimise violence or attractiveness but still got the character right.
    In fact that might create a problem for some of the fetish producers here as the Supergirl pilot was far better than some of the Supergirl videos I have bought (and free). It was also better than Man of Steel… but that’s not hard.

  43. Da Jinx says:

    I saw the pilot and I thought it was pretty good. I would say that it has the same feeling of CW’s Flash show but on a slightly bigger scale/budget.

  44. Gigafiend says:

    First episode is online on movietube

  45. hotcakes says:

    Any spoilers re content though? šŸ˜‰

  46. shane says:

    shot with kryptonite darts, bound to table, beaten up a lot….hows that! nothing like the peril you see in the little movies we see reviewed here…..but we are talking major mainstream series that has to appeal to a wide demographic to survive. Not bad considering everything though.

  47. wid says:

    Peril wise (both villain fights, and another scene many SG peril fans will like) worked well for me. Like the old Superman movies or the JLU, the right balance was struck (IMO).

  48. hotcakes says:

    And how is it peril-wise?

  49. Shane says:

    Plenty of action, special effects high quality. Lead actress quite good. Show might have a chance to be good. Sometimes “Pilots” not the best sample to judge a series. I prefer the 4 episode test.

  50. wid says:

    Everything is ‘leaked’ these days. I wonder if it was intentional or not. I’m waiting for the official broadcast to watch the whole thing on my big TV, but I checked out bits and pieces of the leak on the laptop. Don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but she takes some lumps, there’s some peril, but she gains confidence and kicks some butt too. The action looks good. What I saw seemed fun and a decent attempt to balance the ridiculous amount of factions interested in this character. Melissa looks cute, the costume is good and everything looks lighter (thankfully) than the original photos.

    Considering all the SJW selective prudes who bully entertainment providers and think men should not get to enjoy a cute superheroine in costume while hypocritically declaring similar criticism of the ubiquitous shirtless boys and the over-the-top sex stuff they enjoy on college campuses forbidden, I am very happy they kept the skirt and presented a Supergirl males can enjoy just as women enjoy Arrow.

  51. hotcakes says:

    @Shane Awesome. Do you have a review for us of the action?

  52. Shane says:

    Pilot episode just been leaked. 1080p Blu Ray quality too.

  53. Kaizar says:

    LOL, and OK, and whatever.


    But Superman & Supergirl are different.

    But I guess I see your point on characters like Batman & Arrow. But Captain America & Spider-Man are in Sci-fi land with themselves, and if you do 1 of 2 genders like so, then you got to do the same exact thing for the other gender as well, like Spider-Woman and Supergirl. Plus it’s only fair.

    And I would rather see Batgirl with a little amount of biceps & abs so she can have breast, instead of a flat chest less Batgirl, LOL.

    But women in real life put on muscles way more easier and faster. Females fatigue a fraction as much as us guys do, and their muscles regenerate way faster then us guys. So it makes way more since for female heroes to have muscles then male heroes, for example; I can understand Robin having practically no muscles, but it literally doesn’t make sense for Batgirl doing crime fighting as often as she does and not have a modest amount of 24/7 shown muscles with DD cup breast and a small narrow waist with a somewhat bulked booty. Plus the comic books never make notice how a female hero can fight way longer and only get a fraction as fatigue as any male hero & villain. And the comic books don’t take advantage of how real life females have a way more better immune system then us guys and incorporate it in the comic books, for example a female hero could get poison but survives because her gender has a way better immune system then us males, and the poisons effectiveness was never tested on females.

  54. TheSaint says:

    Ha! Yeah, I re-read all the posts earlier and felt like I was kicking a puppy. I still disagree with just about everything he says but hey, if you believe in the theory of multiple parallel universes – there is one out there where he is dead right and Everyone else is wrong! In 3D!!

  55. wid says:

    @Kaizar That just isn’t true. No one winning strength competitions or setting weightlifting records looks like Arrow, Chris Reeve, Captain America, Spider-Man or Twilight boys. Many playing those heroes are skinny and not very strong looking. A Sumo or world’s strongest man type would tear any of them in two as would many large, beer-bellied dudes hanging out in a bar. They play the parts because it appeals to women. Melissa is athletic, has a toned belly and nice legs, and is equivalent to what’s presented on the male side. Men should get to enjoy pretty female heroines just like women enjoy hunky male heroes. Supergirl is also a cute, feminine, girl-next-door heroine. The kind you had a crush on in high school. She-Hulk, Power Girl, Big Barda, and Wonder Woman have the Amazon body types. That just isn’t Supergirl.

  56. Maar13 says:

    @TheSainT: Man you are sick! you are only taking him because you know you will leave him as bait while you sneak out of trouble…. shame on you LOL

  57. TheSaint says:

    Kaizar my friend, you don’t give up. Ever. Even against overwhelming odds. I can’t help but admire that. If I ever had to take the one ring to mount doom in mordor, facing all the infernal hordes of Sauron and I was only allowed to take one person with me – i’d pick you!

  58. BadMilk says:

    @Kaizar – Oh, ok. Its all so clear to me now. They’re not lasers, they’re Kryptonian tears!! L O friggin L. That settles it. I really don’t have to rebut. But that just took us from reality into the twilight zone. Or perhaps Bizarro world where they say goodbye when they meet, and say hello when they leave. I wish you could see me facepalming as I wished for my 5 minutes I spent reading your comment to come back to me.
    BTW – You still lost the argument, but thank you for ending this with such a crash and burn post. It was absolutely glorious, full of nonsense, and above par for what I’ve seen from you. I’m going to sleep with a huge smile on my face.
    Good bye for now
    -or should I say “Hello til later?”

  59. Maar13 says:

    Well you know what? I don’t give that much a crap anymore and as a comic fan I don’t need that much explanation, it’s a TV show for crying out loud! So will watch and see how cool this can get.

  60. Kaizar says:

    @The Saint

    Then Superman should never have muscles in the comic books & movies. So either get rid of his bullcrap muscles, or bring muscles to other kryptonian characters.
    And yes I have notice Zod and etc., but that’s part of my point with Supergirl and others like Zod and the like.


    Then I’ll just mention that she is literally the same “body type” as Amy Adams & Mitt Romney. And hope she doesn’t figure out the scientific meaning. (LOL)
    *Gets ass kick by Ronda* ahhh!


    The skin part is more of a density. Same with bones. Technically the Flash should probably be semi-bullet proof or bullet by some guns but not others. Superman & Supergirl can take armor piercing bullets, but the Flash can’t, not even with his biology. At least the Flash has fast healing to help make him the awesome hero he is. The X-Ray comes as a side effect going from Krypton’s environment to earth’s environment and therefore his eyes as the rest of his external anatomy (skin & hair) also absorbs a ton of light and thanks to the sudden improvement in health to such an extreme his eyes start to absorb light for vitamins to such an extreme that he sees thru things, and adjustses out of animal survival to be able to see what’s in front of him as well as being able to see what’s on the other side out of protection for survival of his life…so it essentially happens out of typical animal instincts and/or whatever, like how Firestorm had the young guys body with the old guys brain in the Flash TV show. The Heat vision is what was tears that started out as water in ancient ancestry and then became salt water (like us earthlings) and then became the heat vision which would look like if their eyes had a red glare in them, but on earth it’s way more potent and therefore becomes way greater laser vision which shoots out because of the sudden change in environment during a fraction of one beings lifetime instead of tens of thousands of years….and at first it would overflow and shoot out and knowing people like anyone in those shoes, they would figure out that what made them cry (Superman & Supergirl) made them shoot lasers from their eyes to do such damage, and en they would test it out, and apthe part of testing it out keeps the ability to continue having it stay with the ability to pour out of their eyes as their body will not mutate out of it for weapon purposes for animal instinctive reasons (which makes eir bodies not evolve out of having it continue to come out the eyes)….so Zod and other such Kryptonians should never be able to shoot lasers from their eyes because it requires a Kryptonian crying. Thanks to earth’s environment, their memories will be a lot more better and can make them relive the very emotions from their past like Clark’s parts of his childhood were he felt that way (as shown in movies like Man of Steel), and Supergirl after the earth’s enviro,ent improve her mind & body making her really get affected by the thoughts of how her planet got destroy with all her friends & family. This gives Superman & Sulergirl an advantage since people like Zod wouldn’t know how their shooting lasers from their eyes and even if they told him, he probably still couldn’t get himself to cry because his a stone could military general or whatever. And some people in real life have far greater hearing then others with about the same size ears, because it’s quality not quantity. There are animals with sapmaller noses & ears who can smell & hear better then us humans, because that’s all about quality not quantity. If anything, Superman & Supergirl’s skin would probably be thinner then us earthlings because it’s not necessary, so it makes more sense for them to have thinner skin because thick skin is for those who like sources of nutrients, whether that be from the sun and/or food (in this case sun which is more like food to Kryptonians then food which is how Superman has a 5,000 calorie a day body for someone who probably just eats 1,000 to 1,500 calories).


    There’s a difference between quality & quantity. People don’t need crazy amounts of muscles to bench press a Buick, but building up the quality of muscles would have an minimum effect on muscles, so someone like the TV show’s Arrow could possibly be that strong with the same amount of muscles. But its not possible to be skinny and superstrong. But it is possible to have some muscles like the Arrow from the live-action TV show and be superstrong.

  61. Veggicidal says:

    This show is going to be great. I’m going to watch the hell out of this. I don’t care how campy or recycled the plots may be. The same thing can be said for practically every other show on television (especially superhero shows). Just sit back and enjoy the beautiful girl in a sexy costume with lovely powers.

  62. wid says:

    Supergirl is a cute, feminine superheroine who looks great in a skirt. Save the other body type for She-Hulk. The youthful, cut, Twilight body superheroes in the movies and on CW aren’t as strong and muscular as body builders and world’s strongest man competitors (or sumo wrestlers, for that matter). Melissa and whoever plays Green Arrow look more attractive to most of us than the types who could benchpress a Buick.

  63. BadMilk says:

    @ Kaizar -If you’re referring to the small dialogue in Grant Morrison’s “All Star Superman,” where Lex is visited by Clark Kent in prison. Then yes, He does flex and brag about his own muscles, but he comments on Superman’s muscles being ‘not real’ and that its easy to be strong when you just happen to come from the planet Krypton. I don’t believe that statement has anything to do with Superman’s physical build as it is more of an insult to his super strength being just a bonus of being a Kryptonian living on Earth. I would need more references to take your view into value.
    But for argument’s sake, If you’re applying proven biology to fictitious Kryptonian physiology, then shouldn’t both Superman and Supergirl have tough skin thicker than that of a rhino or elephant? I mean, its got to be bullet proof,as well as able to withstand the vacuum and radiation exposure in outter space,right? And also how does proven biology explain the ability to control ones gravimetric field, X ray vision,laser vision, and super heightened senses. Maybe bigger ears for super hearing? A gigantic nose for super sense of smell, and telescopic eyes that bulge far forward for super eyesight? The new 52 versions of Superman and Supergirl don’t even have to eat here on Earth. Imagine that? Shouldn’t they have a 0 calorie body? What does that look like?
    My previous post still stands strong, as does many of the other posts that counter yours. You’re trying to apply proven science to fiction. and that’s where you’re wrong. As for why Supergirl doesn’t and won’t ever look like a weightlifter, the simplest answer is that not many people find that attractive and so the producers of the show would never even entertain such an idea, as it would be a waste of time money and resources. Please stop trying to apply science to things that aren’t real. You’ll only make yourself angry. If your peers and colleagues still wonder why Supergirl looks like a skinny bikini model, the answer is that Kryptonians don’t need large mass to be strong, and Superman only looks that buff because both women and men find that attractive.
    I’m a bit tired of doing laps around this course. I hope we can end this soon.

  64. kingles says:

    @Kaizar: If you called Ronda Rowsey somebody with a, “midline-fat “body type””, she’d probably break your arm off and beat you with it.

    Also Melissa Benoist is cute and looks good in the Supergirl costume. Supergirl wouldn’t derive her super strength from her muscles any more than she would derive her heat vision or ability to fly from them.

  65. TheSaint says:

    Big Bertha. 15yr old Spider-Man. Krypto the wonder dog. The Blob. Goku. Mr Incredible. Terence Stamp Zod.

    Some fat, some skinny, none heavily muscled – yet all super strong?! Despite their vast calorie intake?! Despite their regular tanning sessions under a yellow sun?! These are ultra realistic super beings! How can this be?!

    Unless maybe…. Just maybe… Super strength doesn’t always mean super muscles in the comic world. A young boy gets bitten by a radioactive spider and can suddenly bench press rhinos, but he remains a relatively skinny lad…..It is often explained that kryptonians gain incredible strength and power from a yellow sun, but that does not have to mean muscles. This is why Lex is jealous. He has to work for it. They don’t. Skinny Jor El could remain skinny, little Krypto would remain little and baby Clark wouldn’t Hulk out in the summer sun. Yet they would all be super strong. And the world wouldn’t end if a young kryptonian girl had a different body type to her cousin – regardless of her calorie intake, oestrogen levels, basal metabolic rate and which way the wind is blowing)

    Course, I could be wrong (apparently 10 million people in The Country of Los Angeles already disagree). I look forward to a reasoned, highly scientific and, logical reply like the ones in the posts above ( and on different threads ) explaining that –

    Female body builders end up with a sexier face and longer hair. (My wife’s hair grows longer even if she doesn’t do anything! How cool is that?!)
    Any white woman looks a million times more like the Scarlet Witch than Olsen (a white woman)
    Female body builders develop thin waists and big boobs. Many women out there get fake breasts to look like the 2000 calorie a day body builder Trish Stratus (who has fake boobs)
    Russians look more like Muslims and Ethiopians but with white skin. Unless they live in America where they could get a tan. (.you couldn’t make this up…..)

  66. Kaizar says:


    If you ever seen porn, you would know that their are women who get fake breast & butts to look like Trish Stratus,mike Christie Stevens.


    Actually it is mention a number of times that Superman only has muscles because of his race bio-chemistry from exposure to earth’s yellow sun.

    Lex Luthor even says he hates Superman because he got his muscles from Kryptonian bio-chemistry under the earth’s young yellow sun. And Lex Luthor then bragged to Clark Kent about how he build up his muscles with hard work and not getting them from bio-chemistry. And Lex Luthir told Clark Kent how much he loves him because he’s the opposite of Superman in every way (LOL but he didn’t know that Clark was Superman).

    @Heroinemovies & Sidekick

    Bert just made a personal insult comment again.

  67. Bert says:

    Save your breath guys. Kaizar won’t be deterred by pesky reasoned argument. No pond intended.

  68. BadMilk says:

    The idea of Superman or Supergirl’s physical appearance being changed by the amount of yellow sun radiation being absorbed is just nonsense. Never have I seen an artists portrayal of Superman or Supergirl grow in size when they absorb more sunlight. If such were true, then we’d see Superman hulk out like Bruce Banner whenever he hangs out in the summer sun for too long. Kryptonians do regain and increase in strength, but not in mass when exposed to yellow sun radiation. To explain why Superman or even Powergirl have such depictions that resemble people who weight train, it has shown that Superman has a gym in the Fortress of Solitude with weight sets that simulate the gravity of multiple suns and Powergirl also has been drawn to be using special weights created for her Kryptonian physiology. Some have even speculated that Superman has a red sun room that takes him down to human power levels so he can work on his physical appearance. The way they are depicted has always only relied on one constant variable, “Who is the target audience that the artist or director is trying to market the product to?” Superman and Supergirl have always and will always be portrayed by what the target audience of that generation finds aesthetically pleasing, which makes Melissa Benoist a perfect choice for the role. There is only one rule I have for how Supergirl must look, and that is that she MUST look like Superman’s cousin. Being that superman hasn’t been shown in the CBS trailers, a brunette Supergirl works for me.
    All of this is really unnecessary as the argument of “how Kryptonian’s would look realistically” is a non argument in itself. Realistically, Kryptonians are fictitious lifeforms. Realistically, they would look more like a pencil drawn sketch done on a piece of paper. They are an idea that has been taken in many directions, so there is no wrong or right way to portray them. The DC universe has even been broken up into multiple dimensions, so Supergirl can even be portrayed by whatever ethnicity the artist or director wishes.
    For those who prefer a more “beefy” Supergirl, I’d like to add that Powergirl is really Supergirl from another dimension and she only called herself Powergirl because this dimension already had a Supergirl. There’s also the Elseworld’s Finest Supergirl, who was drawn with bigger muscles, but it was only a 2 part comic, so it didn’t go into how she had the physical appearance of a weight lifter,
    Back to the CBS trailer. I am very excited for this series to start. It seems to have an action and comedy feel to it. It kinda gives me a Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel to it. I give the outfit high marks, but I think it could have been better. However, I do think she looks absolutely fantastic in the outfit they chose.
    I don’t comment much on this forum, but I know this has been a subject of battle for the last year or so. I just wanted to put in my two cents on this thread before people start making stereotypical blanket statements about race and ethnic backgrounds. Hopefully, everyone can just agree to disagree before anyone gets too insulted.

  69. Anon says:

    I am well aware of how natural body building looks like on women and I am well aware of bikini fitness. Thing is, the body type is a niche. There’s relatively few women and men who likes that type of body. Men are muscular because other men wishes to be muscular. So for example Superman and Batman will be packed with muscle because “every man on earth” wishes to be muscular like that. It’s the complete opposite with women. Next to no man or woman wishes to have a muscular woman or be a muscular woman. So you won’t ever see the niche type, at best you can hope for a slightly defined/toned woman. Also, natural body builders don’t get “natural big boobs”. Boobs consist of fat and body builders has a very low fat percentage when stage ready. So many opt for implants to retain any form of breasts.

  70. Kaizar says:


    Actually outside of Supergirl & She Hulk, no woman has to be bulky muscle female style.

    Just a 2,000 calorie a day body like Trish Stratus. And in other cases a 3,000 calorie a day body; female muscle wise.

    Only She Hulk & Supergirl need to be natural female bodybuilders type of body like Chyna (who only worked out because she was a security guard at the beginning). Besides, if you ever seen the female competition of body building competitions were they test for every drug (for example Arnold Schwarznegger’s bodybuilding competition, female division), you would see that women end up with a really feminine body with really narrow waist and natural big boobs and pretty sexy faces and naturally thick long hair and good skin.

    The bulky women you have an image of, is steroids taking women, which steroids is just the street name for testosterone. I use to think that was how bulky women look like too….but then I saw the news showing footage of both the male & female competition of bodybuilding competitions where they test for every drug known to man (short for human), and the naturally bulk up women actually looked really female looking with hot female figures.

    But I agree that steroids taking; bulky women, is an image that doesn’t sit well to neither men nor women (and I’m one of those guys that don’t like bulky women who cheated to get muscles, because they look horrible & disgusting looking. I mean they look like men in both body and even their faces).

    And that’s all the more reason why people need to see how natural muscular women look like, doing the same exercises & diet as the men in Hollywood who get into shape for certain comic book movies. Plus women can drink smoothies for 1,000 to 3,000 calories a day of their 3,000 to 5,000 calorie a day diet, to more easily stay in that shape for sequels and maybe also for some other movies.

  71. Kaizar says:

    But they will never have Superman in Man of Steel be skinny. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Do you know how hard it is for men & women ages 25 or around age 30, & up, to stay skinny with no building of the muscles. Especially for women, since their bodies prefer muscle over fat for something like 85% or so of all women on the planet. But 100% or 99% of all us guys on e planet have our bodies prefer fat over muscles. And it is asking too much of women to have no fat on their body while also avoiding the most slightest amount of muscle, to the point where we were making women use 3 pound dumbbells but now we are trying to make women use 2 pound dumbbells instead.

    Asking for Muscualr men & skinny women for movie images, is a 1950’s & 60’s & 70’s standards. Since when they we stick to the same standards on TV & Movies that we have had since the 1950’s?
    Shouldn’t we stop enforcing body images of the 1950’s in the 21st Century.

    I would rather have women with 2,000 to 5,000 calorie a day bodies (muscle wise), like Trisha Stratus (from WWE) & Chyna (from WWE) then crappy flat chested straight-line waist women with the body of a teenage boy, like these skinny women.

    And we men can only push women soo far. I mean they have already been putting plus size models in magazines, and you can bet that women in the movies will also get fatter & fatter with no muscular option.

    I would rather see women increase their estrogen from 90% to 98% & decrease their testosterone from 10% to 2%, by building up muscles, with their all the above hormones becoming up to 4 times higher, then to see them with a boys waist & chest, like these skinny women who eat 1,300 calories a day have.

    It’s asking way to much of women to have neither muscles nor fat. Plus when women get older their testosterone increases & their estrogen decreases. But when we men get older; our testosterone decreases & our estrogen increases. This is why both men & women should do weight training with heavier & heavier weights as we work our way up in moderation.

    With male actors is fat & skinny & muscular men, and most of the muscular men are of the “body type” that’s incline to get muscles (like Lindsay Lohan & Sophia Vergara are for females of the same “body type”). And with women it’s just fat & skinny, and a lot of today’s actresses like Amy Adams & Melissa McCarthy & Ronda Rousey tend to be of the midline-fat “body type”. But as I said; Hollywood also have actresses of the muscular “body type” like Annie Cruz & Anne Hathaway & Eva Mendes & etc.

  72. Anon says:

    Bulky muscular women doesn’t sit well with women or men. It’s a niche taste and it would crash and burn if they were to cast a woman like that.

  73. Maar13 says:

    To be honest, the ultra realidtic thing is not going to happen, characters more down to Earth are possible but at the end of the day is just fiction, is like “if Thor is muscle machine, then Lady Syft should be too” and that is not going to happen, not with the world standards on image for both, men and female looks.

  74. Kaizar says:


    I was making fun of HorseWithNoName & Bert, because they say that Arrow is for Girls only. LOL but they really think that.

    And when it comes to Superman & Suoergirl then yes the glass is half empty buty without the half full part, because both Superman & Supergirl have been in the comic books for more then 50 years, and there is just no more excuse for it anymore, Supergirl should have a 5,000 calorie a day female body, instead of the skinny 1,300 calorie a day body….I mean Superman doesn’t have a skinny 1,400 calorie a day body, he has a 5,000 calorie a day male body because of the yellow sun, so either Supergirl should also have bulk like a natural female body builder like in Arnold Schwarznegger drug tested female competition. Either that or Supergirl should have no superpowers at all, which would explain her having a 1,300 calories a day body.

    To be honest, I don’t understand why the Flash is skinny wi his extreme metabolism and regenration, he should be pack with muscles instead of skinny like he is on the tv show.

    As a biologist, from metabolic rates to body types and so fort, these TV shows are just soo full of crap about how the bodies of such Superheroes as the Flash & Supergirl would be like if they existed in real life.

    But I guess all the people who are crying for ultra-realistic superheroes are just full of crao and don’t really mean it, LOL.

  75. Maar13 says:

    @Kaizar: So yoy are the kind of person who looks at the glass half empty?

    And what about Arrow or Flash? Are they bad? I like Arroe better. Ut Flash is OK.

  76. Kaizar says:

    It’s amazing how the earth’s yellow sun makes Superman go from skinny to muscles, but somehow Supergirl remains skinny and doesn’t get muscles.

    People say they want ultra-realistic heroes, but they don’t really want any ultra-realistic superheroes. Their just full of crap.

    This Supergirl is not even blonde, and her suit is way too dark blue, and looks more black then blue for crying out loud.

    And I wouldn’t compare this leak show to the Flash tv show, but I would maybe compare the Supergirl show to the Arrow tv show.

    And the other actors in this show seem to do horrible acting, like that extra from the pilot episode who plays the airplane pilot (no pond intended) who can’t even act like if he’s in a real crashing airplane when he calls for emergency.

  77. krispin says:

    Melissa is perfect for my tastes. She is athletic but not muscular, she is slim and small titted. More or less like Helen Slater was.
    What a pity here she doesn’t fight against some larger stronger villainess.

  78. Mr.Bleh says:

    The dark pantyhose tend to direct the attention back up to the face and torso, where most of the “action” happens (think about how most shots are framed on tv), yet you still get some semblance that she actually has legs.
    Old trick and, once again, effective.
    I like the second preview, too. This series just got more interesting to me.
    Not 100% on the (more or less) “teenaged angst” angle they took with the character, but I have to admit, its an interesting take on that angle and it seems to help the story move along.
    For right now, I’m gonna rate it a solid “7”. I like the beat.

  79. wid says:

    @Mell The costume doesn’t look quite as dark in the trailers/newer images, but I agree on that. Bare legs would be better and, IMO, the Helen Slater costume was perfection. Nevertheless, with easily offended SJWs and much more prudish society (at least when it comes to enjoying the female form) this is much better than the ugly pants suit I was expecting. I’m liking what I see, and, if it’s successful, maybe the dark pantyhose will come off eventually and more superheroine content will happen.

  80. Mell says:

    Does she have on, like, dark pantyhose in the final costume?? Why?? Formal dinner later? Geez.

  81. Mr.Bleh says:

    @Lake – that was very cool. I had no idea. Thnx!

  82. wid says:

    There’s a second trailer as well with more action (and peril) in it. Looks like she’ll take a few lumps, have a view doubts, but ultimately win out and face tougher villains to come. Personally stoked for this. The costume, actress, and action look better and better with each new release.

  83. Lake says:

    Legends of Tomorrow looks interesting as well. Sarah back as The Canary and Hawkgirl.


  84. Mr.Bleh says:

    Just saw the first TV ad for this show.
    Not much (she falls off a building, then flys up and lands back on the roof, in order to prove to a guy she’s really Supergirl) and kinda quick, but kinda cool, too.
    Personally, excited to see this when it premieres.

  85. SG FAN says:

    Well as based on my name you shouldn’t be surprised I have some thoughts.

    Overall I’m pretty excited. I really like Melissa’s portrayal of Kara both in and what little we saw of her in costume. While that first trailer had some lame music, I like the cast they showed, that she’s got an ‘Earth’ sister, and that she can tie into another organization-providing some baddies for the week. Plus they aren’t afraid to show Kara screwing up a little and struggling. Obviously nice for us peril fans but also means they are not going to present Kara as perfect all the time.

    Overall I’m happy and looking forward to it.

  86. Sugarcoater says:

    I think the tone fits for the style of show it purports itself to be: a positive female role model for young women/girls. The last scene in the preview clip is a bit insipid and maudlin, but perhaps it will appeal to the masses and further the interest in more superhero shows. And I appreciate the range of superhero shows being made. Daredevil had a fantastic tone and feel to it; Supergirl will be a different tone and feel but might catch on Smallville-style.
    But this is pure conjecture at the point, so what the heck. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

  87. saxman314 says:

    It can’t be as angsty, whiny and dramatic as Smallville, and I’d do terrible things to her in that outfit. I’m sold.

  88. BruceKent says:

    Oh, just FYI he just mentions that that the show mentions him and seating arrangements… Also, again should be a quality show but…

  89. BruceKent says:

    Okay, I don’t know if anyone cares, but Bill O’Reilley is going to comment about Supergirl on his show tonight (he’s going to make it about him somehow I’m sure)..

    Extra comment, this show will have about 0.1% of what we really would like to see… but I’ll still catch every second! šŸ™‚ (I has potential pure show wise)

  90. KryptoManiac says:

    Now it’s clear why they chose Benoist: because she is really sexless and inconspicuous, so she is perfect for the role of ‘plain Kara’. However, when she transforms into Supergirl, they have a problem, cause she doesn’t look super at all, just a regular girl in a costume. And speaking about the costume, like someone said above, I miss the yellow S symbol too (and shorter boots and bare legs).
    It’s a real shame, with a closer version to the classic 1984 costume and a sexier actress this would have been a great show… Well, at least I hope they put her in some krypto peril situations, so the fetish producers can get some ideas from the show before it gets cancelled.

  91. Lake says:

    I notice a lot of forums these days have ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike’ boxes next to peoples’ comments. It would be good to have this here because there are so many diverse opinions it would be interesting to see which ones gain the most support.

  92. Anon says:

    Hopefully it won’t be overly targeting the young women demographic and be saturated with girly drama, but instead target more of the general superhero fan base like the flash and arrow does. As for peril I don’t expect or hope for more than what the flash and arrow does with their characters.

    I do hope the costume gets a lot of screen time so that I can at least tune in to see Melissa Benoist strut around in it, if the show turns about to be some girly drama show.

  93. ftr345 says:

    Looks like a complete disaster, can’t believe they gave this a chance and not the wonder woman series

  94. jdn24 says:

    The action scenes look incredible and I will watch the show just for those. The rest of it, however, does not appeal to me. The Devil Wears Prada boss and the “insecure girl trying to make it in the big city” plot have both been done to death. Having said that, I realize that this show is not aimed at my demographic. Hopefully enough young women will watch it to give the show life and some legs.

  95. ceej says:

    Wow, I’m sold on this show! But like steve mentioned, I don’t know if I’m as sold on the network itself. Hoping for the best here.

  96. brad777 says:

    Trailer 2 is terrific! Supergirl is totally awesome in the fight action! This tv show will rock!

  97. steve says:

    I join the chorus of mostly positive views of the trailer and stills. Scheduling is going to have a lot to do with the success or failure of this show. Hate to say it, but I almost wish the CW had picked it up. My hope is that CBS will give it time to garner an audience and, if necessary, explore several different time slots. This looks like it could very well be a quality show similar to Flash, and may finally give the networks courage to showcase more female superheroes. I am very definitely looking forward to seeing Melissa on a weekly basis in the Supergirl costume, and echo the sentiments expressed by others that she looks extremely hot in the costume.

  98. Bert says:

    The new, shorter trailer and the BTS vid are dazzling. This show has become the mainstream program I’ve been waiting for my entire life. It becomes clear (I had suspected from the first long trailer) that Supergirl faces Vartox twice in the pilot, and she is defeated by him in their first encounter. Not only that, when they fight again in the climatic battle, she finds herself near defeat again and appears to barely scrape out a win. They are not wimping out on the action at all, and Supergirl clearly will face severe challenges and perils. Melissa Benoist also clearly can play the perilous scenes with affecting vulnerability. Also of note, the skirt is really a skirt, not a skort. Damn, this is gonna be absolutely awesome!

  99. godz24 says:

    there is an additional tralier and BTS here.


  100. brad777 says:

    This CBS Supergirl trailer is awesome, can’t wait to see Supergirl in more fight action!

  101. horodes says:

    Top cool !! awesome ! I can not wait to see this movie, the actress looks great !

  102. kevin says:

    Wow she looks great in costume…here’s hoping for some decent peril and knockouts!

  103. Rizo says:

    Lol. I’m that perv target audience. But for real I would watch this show. She seems charismatic

    “Oh, and I hope all the pervs realise that they are not the target audience for this show.”

  104. TheSaint says:

    Looks better than I was expecting. Am hopeful for this one – but am I the only one missing the yellow?! I just can’t get around the S without a yellow background. And please give her blonder hair at a later stage.
    Is this their version of darker and grittier? Lol.
    Primary colours people! I like my heroes to fly in blue skies, not grey.

  105. saxman314 says:

    I will watch the FUCK out of this, oh yes I will. Stuff it, haters. It’s got powers, the costume, the actual name for the heroine, the right mood for the character… firing on all cylinders just like The Flash. None of that BS “the hood,” “the vigilante” that Arrow played off, “the red and blue blur” crap from Smallville… they’re embracing the whole character. Exactly what they should be doing. AND there’s fan service! Did you see the costumes she tried?!

  106. Chillyplasma says:

    This actually surprised me by looking good. It seems the writers ‘get’ who the super-characters are, Supergirl and Superman represent hope, they aren’t dark and gritty.
    There’s a sense of humour in there too. While I doubt the show will do anything memorable it seems like a pleasant enough way to pass an hour of TV.
    The only niggles I have are that she works at a magazine (seen far too many TV shows about that) and her accent… god-like heroines should not sound like common American teenage girls.

    Oh, and I hope all the pervs realise that they are not the target audience for this show.

  107. raymond felch says:

    love it cant what for the first episode i cant what for the show on dvd!! i really cant what for the firess !!please get the firess on the show!!!please and i hope this gets 4 seasons!!!

  108. manta ray jack says:

    I read they’re putting it up against Gotham. Guess I’ll finally have a need for a DVR

  109. adam says:

    smells a bit like smallville. not a bad show, but it’s CBS playing it safe. could be cute. could be a disaster. we’ll see.

    doubt it will be heavy on the fighting. then again, neither does Flash and thats a good show.

    Doubt it will have peril scenes like the Adam West batman show. That would send the feminists on Fire! šŸ˜€

  110. Bert says:

    I’m thrilled with this 6 minute trailer. Now, obviously the show is not aimed at a tiny niche audience like us. In fact they seem to be aiming it at girls and young women. Nevertheless, it looks pretty awesome. Melissa Benoist shines as Kara and Supergirl. The show seems to have created an intriguing situation for Kara with her job, and her sister and the Department of Extra-normal Operations. Plenty of opportunities to deliver challenging opponents for Supergirl to battle. There are only snippets of actual fight scenes, but Supergirl seems to be trying pretty hard, and looks desperate at the very end, embedded in the ground with Vartox swinging his alien axe at her head.

    All along I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the news leaking out about this show. Now, with this trailer, it looks extremely promising. Not only do I think it will offer some peril for Supergirl and generate ideas for our fine HIP producers, I also think it may be appealing enough to pull in good ratings and last for a full season, and perhaps several more. Can’t wait until November!

  111. LUMPY says:

    Spunky…cheesy, borderline silly…I’m not sure if the show is trying to be a parody of itself or clueless as to what audience they’re trying to reach. It’s like the “Devil wears Prada” tossed into a blender the 1984 Supergirl and then sprinkled with a little “Pitch Perfect”. I plan to watch it and hope we get some good fight and peril scenes before it gets cancelled. From looks of the trailer it seems we may get a couple.

  112. wid says:

    Wow. She looks awesome in costume! I cannot wait. Hopefully this does well, as success will lead to even more heroine content, whereas if this doesn’t get support so shortly after the Wonder Woman flop, it may be a long time before we get any decent budgeted superheroine content. I’m liking the costume and the action.

  113. JadeOwl says:

    Melissa Benoist is a lot more charismatic than I gave her credit for based on her still photos.