“Million Dollar Abs” from Lady2fight

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trigue avatar
2 years ago

Very well done seems like only movie where lora is bound and gagged

MAV avatar
2 years ago

Lora performs and looks amazing in this clip (my custom)! This is pure spy/heroine peril kinda like the old Ringdivas girls of war movies were. If you like hot athletic girls acting out peril well while wearing very little like me, this one is also for you ;>

absstar6 avatar
2 years ago
Reply to  MAV

Damn, that was good Mav buddy! Just wished there were more bellypunchings! Close ups and slo mo, but, that’s just me! Lol!
Looks like I’ll have to have an custom with her myself if I to get all those thrills!

2 years ago
Reply to  absstar6

Personally speaking, i find bellypunching to be boring and a waste of time, just like wrestling fighting as well.
Long prolongued facepunching fem fights, that’s where the true fun is. And Lora is a master in delivering the goods in that regard.
Like you i am also tempeted to order a custom from Lora. Would be lots of fun to watch the results of other people’s customs from Lora.