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“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1” from NGC

“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGCCould NGC’s Secret Defeat – Part 1, featuring Harriet Moran, Samantha Svenson, and Lexi Jones, be foreshadowing some of what we may get when Season 3 from Next Global Crisis premieres next year? More on that later. For now let’s get to the review (and trailer) below.

[Spoilers] Miss Freedom tracks down two muggers and quickly displays her immense level of power. Remember, this is a flashback to a time when Miss Freedom still had her full array of superhuman gifts. One of the thugs punches her in the stomach, badly hurting his hand. She catches a punch from the other goon and lifts him in the air by his collar and tosses him to the ground. She then uses a short blast of her super breath, knocking the other bad guy to the floor.

“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC

Enter the super sexy Pandora Gold, who wants Miss Freedom to come to her side. She tells Miss Freedom that she is impressed by her abilities and considers her to be the second most powerful female on the planet. Miss Freedom takes exception to that and wonders aloud who is first on Pandora’s list. That’s when Miss Suppression enters the frame.

Miss Suppression moves in close to Miss Freedom and the heroine immediately seems to weaken. Unless I missed it, it’s not entirely clear if it’s something about Miss Suppression herself that causes weakness in Miss Freedom, or maybe there’s something Miss Suppression is carrying that we don’t see that caused this reaction. If you recall, these two crossed paths before, but I believe that was considered a non-canon film. In that episode, it was a necklace with an attached green stone that caused the weakening. Again, the stone is not visible in this film, if it is indeed what was causing Miss Freedom’s troubles in the first place.

“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC

Either way, Pandora gives the order to attack. Miss Suppression throws a punch but Miss Freedom is able to grab her arm and slow it down. This turns into a test of strength that Miss Suppression wins and she pushes Miss Freedom into the wall. Miss Suppression lands a two handed stomach punch, and follows that with several more one handed stomach blows.

Miss Freedom retaliates and lands a jumping punch that immediately drops Miss Suppression to the ground and apparently out. But it’s all a ruse because as Miss Freedom closes in on Pandora, Miss Suppression is right back on her feet and slaps the heroine in a reverse bearhug.

“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC

Later, with MF down on the ground, MS lands several chops to the stomach and grips MF’s midsection with her hand in a claw like fashion. MF gets up and throws a weak punch that MS blocks and turns into a chicken wing hold. MS pounds on MF’s upper chest with her fist, yanks her arms behind her back, and delivers several punches to her side. And that’s where we have to stop, because yes, there are two endings to this film. One where Miss Freedom is victorious, the other where Miss Suppression continues her chiropractic work on MF’s back.

“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC“Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 1″ from NGC

A couple of thoughts…

Harriet Moran/Miss Freedom – I don’t think she has ever looked more beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the cocky and arrogant Miss Freedom again. I also liked seeing her old costume, something I developed a great affinity for, although I very much like the current costume as well.

Lexi Jones/Pandora Gold – I really like this actress. We don’t know all that much about her character yet, but it’s hinted that she runs a substantial criminal organization. I hope we see her a lot more in the coming season.

Samantha Svenson/Miss Suppression – My favorite new casting of 2013 for any producer. Actually, in just a few appearances, she has cracked my top three favorite actresses in the genre, a list that also includes Ella Palfrey and Claire Elise. I imagine she could play any part asked of her, but she has the role of beautiful yet imposing enforcer down to a science. Does this video foreshadow what some of Season 3 may be about? There was a little blurb on the NGC website that reads “Set at a time when Miss Freedom’s powers were at their peak, she never told anyone about this encounter… what implications could it have for the future?” Sounds like to me that there may be more in store for this character. I don’t know what the plan is, but I would love to see Miss Suppression have battles with and run through Bluebird, Athena, Celestia, and basically every other heroine in the NGC universe.

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22 Responses

  1. SG FAN says:

    I picked this up and it was awesome.

    Loved Miss Freedom’s attitude, looks, and costume. The two villainesses were also excellent, loved how Miss Suppression enjoyed being stronger than Miss Freedom and handling her with ease. The actress playing Miss Freedom had a great weakening bit as she stood close to Miss Suppression, curious if she had something like kryptonite or she herself was draining Miss Freedom, which would be awesome.

    I’m looking forward to Part 2 🙂

  2. Nem9 says:

    Fantastic video! This features something simple that we rarely see in the genre – a top-level superheroine being beaten by a supervillainess who’s simply stronger, without any tricks like kryptonite or other funky stuff that makes the superheroine weaker.

    For some reason, producers invariably want to depower the strongest superheroines like Supergirl and then they get defeated. By having Supergirl, say, facing a villainess who’s even STRONGER than her opens up the whole question of how she’d deal mentally and emotionally with the revelation that she’s not actually the strongest after all.

    Unfortunately, there’s a slight hint at some depowering trick even in this video but we’ll have to wait until part 2 to see if that’s actually what it is. I hope NOT!

    Finally, this video could be improved by some more full shots during the fight/overpowering sequences. There are plenty of closeups, which is great, but I’d really like also to see Miss Freedom in full, expecially these sexy legs of hers, which are cropped out of many of the shots when she’s struggling or being crushed by the villainess.

    Very good, though and looking forward to more like this – please! 🙂

  3. Renegade says:

    @ NGC – Beheaded heroines, or artistic choice by the photographer?

    (Faces are for OCD completists anyway .. you knew the job was dangerous when you posted to this blog anyhow, heh.)

  4. It’s now live on the site! https://nextglobalcrisis.com/ the blog is looking hilarious right now too. Lots of beheaded heroines.

  5. pulphead says:

    She is amazing, I wish you film something with her in a revealing stomach outfit like miss Freedom, or the bad guys could rip her costume?

  6. Beast says:

    A dream come true

  7. @SG FAN – Yes it will but I should point out that if you sign up right now you’ll get a link for this video right away. You don’t need to wait. I don’t think I’ve done a very good job of making that clear. Or otherwise just wait until Monday. https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?go=signup

    Thanks for the great comments, I’m very pleased with them. It was a lot of fun to have her beat up some thugs and pay little attention to the on-coming threat until it was real. There is more to this as stated by me and the review, not only in Part 2 but in the future. I like long pay-offs.

  8. Paul GPF says:

    I was looking forward to this, and I wasn’t disappointed. Very nice to see Miss Freedom showing off a little against the thugs and then after only two appearances my now favourite villain Miss Suppression showing who is the real tower of power. I’m guessing from the way Miss Freedom seemed to weaken at the beginning of the fight, there’s more to Miss Suppressions name other than parody value.

  9. Raiderman says:

    It seems like after every release all I can say is WOW! and after the latest all I can say is WOW! WOW! Miss Freedom acting cocky just to take a beat down like know other heroine makes me wanting more and already counting down to part 2. The only thing that would have made this video better is Miss Freedom wearing her newest costume, but I’m not complaining especially when I paid less than $10.00.

  10. darklord says:

    In another post for another recent video I mentioned the types of vids that stand out to me are the ones with substance, dialogue and a well laid trap… this is the type of video i had in mind when making that comment.

    this is great and for $10 can’t be beat. the cockiness of ms. freedom is great and so is the fear in her eyes. I really enjoyed the dialogue and the build up to the fight. well done guys and can’t wait for part 2… i hope miss freedom is black mailed to do much more than just commit crimes! 😉

  11. SG FAN says:

    So is this going to be available for general release?

  12. Comicaptor says:

    Loved this episode again, really enjoying the between season fillers, great way to keep things ticking over while expanding the NGC universe without a restrictions of having to integrate the main plot of a season into things… Just adding little parts to what already has gone and foreshadowing possible future events is something NGC does so well.

    I will say this though, I’m desperate, and I mean DESPERATE to find out what happened to Athena & Catherine when they were abducted by the masked killer, just to turn up by John Romans side at the season finale. Hopefully this will play a huge role in season 3, but if not… A mid-season flashback episode would be a great chance to explore anything that could have happened to see the captured heroines find themselves set free by their enemy! I’m sure I’m not alone in this trail of thought!

    Please NGC, make this happen!!!

  13. Mik3 says:

    Just bought and watched this. Had to buy it since Miss Freedom is one of my favorites in the genre, and this definitely did not disappoint! Thanks NGC. One thing I’d love to see is for the actress who played Pandora Gold to be cast as a superheroine in a future film 🙂

  14. Mo says:

    This looks incredible.. Ill be buying the second this is released

  15. Miss Freedom does a lot of showing off in this one. Until Miss Suppression shows up that is. Lot’s to look out for in this one. Keep your eyes peeled.

  16. Brad says:

    Yum! Hard not to love Miss Freedom, especially when she uses her super powers! Does she use anything else in addition to her super breath and super strength?
    Does Miss Suppression have any super powers that she uses? If so, the only flaw in this film that I can see is that Miss Suppression somehow lost her cape between “Miss Freedom: Deadly Green Rock” and this film. Re-adding it would be icing on the cake, though. Looking forward to this one!

  17. Ethan says:

    Anything with her and that classic costume = insta buy from me. Looking forward to it.

  18. Harry Cane says:

    Ah, finally some superbreath! 🙂

  19. Beast says:


  20. Jerkstore says:

    Yeah, anything with the actress who plays Miss Suppression is an automatic buy from me.

  21. Paul GPF says:

    Great to see Miss Freedom back, and even better to see Miss Suppression. Really looking forward to this one, and from the trailer it looks like we get to see why Miss Freedom was considered a powerhouse by kicking some thug butt. Yay 🙂

  22. TM says:

    Bring it on!