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“Miss Pacman” Custom Video

UPDATE: Now available! It’s pretty rare nowadays to see something totally different in the “superheroine” genre, but I’d have to say this certainly qualifies. decendingskulls has kindly offered the following write-up for his new custom video, which evolved into a group project with Alex David and bpd.

Guest Post by decendingskulls
"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

“And now for something completely different…”

Thanks for the opportunity to do this write up HM. I had been thinking of treating myself to another custom video when just then I saw Alex David’s new custom video page on SHG. I’ve been a huge fan of her as a producer and actor for a long time so I wrote to her right away.

I wanted to do something different this time and stray from the super heroine theme just a bit. I was thinking of parodying a video game character for a change of pace. One night when I was writing an e-mail to Alex, I had enjoyed a few too many drinks and I surprised myself and actually proposed to her the whole premise for a Miss Pacman custom.

"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

There is a precedent for this, at least in my world. Ever since I was a kid I was strangely intrigued by the game’s concept – the way the arcade art over-sexualized her and then placed her in a maze full of hungry ghosts. One of my favorite elements has always been the power exchange as the hunter becomes the hunted.

"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

So my concept was that Alex would be playing the arcade and get magically transported into the game world. As Miss Pacman her costume would be a yellow swimsuit, heels, gloves, and a bow. Once inside the game she would take on the persona of Miss Pacman, playing along with the game’s rules, delighting in her victories and even teasing the ghosts who were too inept to catch her.

"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

Just like in the game she’d have multiple lives to spare, and it’s a good thing too, because being caught by a ghost is always a death sentence. Their touch can drain her of her life, and they also employ a variety of life-draining attacks like bear-hugs, dog-piles, low-blows, groping, and more. If she dies, she will rematerialize at the beginning of the maze and get to try again. However if she loses all her lives, it’s game over…

"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

Alex proposed the idea to bpd and to my surprise they were both on board within like 48 hours. This is like a dream come true for me because I’m such a huge fan of bpd as well. Alex and I started working on the script together and started shopping the costumes. We agreed to do it as a collaboration, meaning Alex could add some things of her own that weren’t in my original concept. For instance there’s a beatdown scene that was all her idea. I didn’t really see the ghosts as brawlers (my concept was to de-humanize them so they’re more like monsters, which is why they don’t speak by the way) but I went along with her ideas happily. She really helped draw out all the different possible scenarios that would keep the movie interesting and helped it get from concept to full script in very short order, collaborating on various perils and dialogue lines.

"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

Alex even agreed to let me make the music for the movie. I used garageband loops because that’s all I have but I’m pretty good with it. Making a score was a fun challenge for me because it’s the first time I’ve ever done it. I wrote the score based on scenes we laid out in the script and then later reverse engineered the timing once I got an early copy of the movie. This script was a unique challenge for music because of how much the mood can change. One minute she’s triumphantly kicking ass and sending ghosts fearfully running for their lives, the next minute she’s surrounded by menacing ghosts and kissing her ass goodbye. I wanted the music to reflect the mood as best as possible, in my own way. Since it’s a movie about a game, we decided the musical genre would be a combination of cinematic and electronic. I used a slightly fast 130 bpm to convey frantic energy, so it’s very different from the usual slow plodding scores.

"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!"Miss Pacman" Custom Video - Coming Soon!

The thing that blows me away is not only did Alex go for the idea, she went full-throttle with it. She put this awesome maze set together, put together these amazing ghost costumes, and created an amazingly sexy miss pacman costume. Then she put in a very long day of shooting and acted her heart out. Meanwhile I still could not get over that I even managed to get someone on board with the idea in the first place. She listened to and indulged every minute detail that I suggested. There were certain poses I’m partial to that I requested. You’ll probably know them when you see them. It’s not finished being edited yet but what I’ve seen of it so far is just above and beyond amazing to me. bpd did his thing as he always does and just killed it. I asked for some POV shots? I got gorgeous POV shots. It’s a beautiful thing man. And the special effects he’s putting on the video look amazing. The whole look of it with the silver maze walls and the colorful costumes is so vibrant and such a refreshingly different look and vibe. To top it all off, it was incredibly affordable.

What a fun experience. I just wanna do it all over again. Thank you so much Alex and bpd.

Purchase Miss Pacman at SHG-Media

16 Responses

  1. decendingskulls says:

    If anyone is interested in some of the music I made for this movie


  2. WOW, only Alex David could make Miss Pacman sexy.

  3. Alex David says:

    Ok… it wasn’t actually ready to be downloaded, but it is now!
    (so if you bought it, you’ll need to re-log in to get the correct download)


  4. decendingskulls says:

    LOL you didn’t get very far before I sucked you back in bpd! I can’t thank you enough. You did such an amazing job with everything you did for this film. I’m very lucky to have had you involved.

    I’m psyched that you liked the music! Any time you or Alex need an amateur song made with garageband loops, let me know LOL! Music turns me on. I often like to play music in the background when I’m watching superheroine fetish movies to get the most out of them. I actually had double Rye inspiration for music. First inspiration was Rye’s older low-budget movies. He always had such great dark and sexy music for his videos and the music was always very prevalent. Second inspiration was his more recent film called ‘Prey’. There was a scene where the villain is molesting the heroine and there was this bombastic almost triumphant score playing. Almost like the score was written by the villain. It was intense! My more blatant recent inspiration for this score was the song Torus by Sub Focus for the victorious theme and the song Sustainer by Savant for the peril theme.

  5. decendingskulls says:

    I tested the new system. It works fine! My order was processed and i was able to get the download link for the file. I was having a pretty slow download speed so I cancelled my download to let other people get more bandwidth.

  6. Alex David says:

    New way to upload to SHG… someone buy it and tell me if it works =P


    I can’t wait for you all to see it and tell us what you think!!

  7. bpd says:

    I like to consider myself fairly retired from Heroin Peril films at this point but when this idea came along I thought it sounded interesting/quirky. I hope everyone enjoys the vid!

    BTW, Good job on the music, DescendingSkulls!

  8. Stagger Lee says:

    DSkulls should get drunk and order customs more often!!! I’m surprised how appealing this is to me, but I can’t wait to get this. Especially with the aforementioned ending sequence. Sounds AMAZING!

  9. saxman314 says:

    This is silly, campy and awesome. LOL. I love it.

  10. dkm says:


    Wow. Yup. I’m buying this as soon as it’s out.

  11. decendingskulls says:

    @ Dkm, I just talked to Alex, and she said I can talk about the ending.

    * Spoiler Alert *

    There is a very intense and amazing game over sequence at the end. It’s not exactly vore, but she does get “eaten” against her will, if you get my meaning…

    Basically the ghosts have different attacks or touch that drains her life. As she’s getting drained, she gets weaker. When too much of her life drains, she bursts into pixels.

    So in the end, a ghost holds her legs open and “eats” her, forcing her to orgasm and she bursts.

    PS we are getting very close to finishing the editing for this movie.

  12. decendingskulls says:

    @ uhzoomzip: So true. Her willingness to indulge such an offbeat fantasy is incredibly sexy. And what you said about bpd allowing the camera to devour her body – that is practically verbatim what I asked him to do. The game is about eating and being eaten, so I wanted the camera to look at her like a piece of meat. bpd already does that anyway as I’m sure you know.

    @ Dkm: I haven’t spoken to Alex in a few days and I want to keep her in the loop before divulging too much in public, and plus I like to keep some things a surprise, but anyone can e-mail me at decendingskulls@yahoo.com and I’ll tell you more.

  13. ximi says:

    Got to love this if just for the creativity. Yes making a video game related video is nothing new, but PacMan is NOT the first game coming to my mind…

  14. Dkm says:

    This looks fucking awesome. Does it end with an intense game over / vote sequence?

  15. uhzoomzip says:

    Wow. I didn’t think it was possible to fall more in lust with Alex David than I already am, but her willingness to produce this custom and the great-looking outcome is incredibly fucking sexy. The concept is very out of the ordinary, but her voluptuous body looks so great and it looks like BPD worked his typical magic and allowed the camera to devour her curvacious form. If you had asked me yesterday if I were anticipating a live action Ms. Pac Man peril video, I would have given you a strange look. Now I can’t wait to buy this thing.

  16. Maximus says:

    Now we just need a few videos like this, but parodies of games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage, I have too many ideas involving this.