Miss Wonder Taken2 – Layla Rylan

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  1. Dr G says:

    Hope Layla Rylan and Amber McAllister make more of these kind of movies !!!

  2. Jacques says:

    @ HM, is it possible to have a specific thread on customs as opposed to ‘hijacking’ this site?

  3. Jacques says:

    Most of my customs are in the neighbourhood of $2500. The cost covers three actresses, one of whom is skilled in FX for a two day shoot. The video lengths range from 30 to 40 minutes. Based on my scenario, the producer develops a detailed script which then requires my approval as well as the actresses. I was told that catfight type combat sequences can take a day to film. I am a big fan of longish set ups before the tortures and combat commence. We have a great collaborative relationship.
    I have had my share of disappointments, especially with one who is no longer in the business. It was question of him taking my money and then deciding to produce what he wanted.

  4. Bobb says:

    Anyways always great to see Layla again. People should request her more instead of the usual overused actresses’.

  5. samiam says:

    wheres lucia tbfe and rye when you need them!!! been over a month !! #addict

  6. rexx says:

    So her boots are the source of her powers?

  7. Laylafan says:

    I’m really tired of these low effort Vids. There’s barely any plot or stakes. Barely any sex appeal( despite it being Layla). And the peril is just downright boring and repetitive. I understand layla has limitations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t innovate .

    • Thevoice says:

      I get the impression these are custom requests , in their defence.

    • Ximi says:

      Agree. I don’t think Layla’s limitations are the main reason. If she can just cast in something similar to the last two HM videos, I’d like it a lot better than this.

    • Bobb says:

      You realize most vids are customs right? If you want something like that order it yourself.

      • cratchit says:

        Might this advice be just a bit simplistic? A few months ago I found I was tired of the standard customs plot (Act1: Heroine beats up villain. Act 2: Villain beats up heroine. Act 3: They have sex for a while. The End.) So I wrote a script with a few slight variations of the theme and sent it to a major producer. I was told they would be happy to produce it for $19,000. It occurs to me that it may be the case that custom videos are so often the same boring and repetitive dross, not because that is what we want , but because that is all we can afford.

        • Bobb says:

          I’ve had customs done before (including TBFE). Not a single one has cost remotely that much. I would love to know what you were asking for to arrive at that price.

          • TBob says:

            I requested a custom through Heroine Legends back in the day, he quoted me over $30,000. Yes, that’s right. Nothing fancy, just fetishy stuff. I got another company to do it for $600.

          • Depo Man says:

            Do you guys find customs worth the cost? Most of these videos aren’t even worth the $30-40 they charge, let alone the $500 up to 30,000 (!?!??!) they cost for the one ordering the custom.

            I mean, we are all welcome to spend our money the way we see fit, i just feel if you’re going to shell out that kind of cash, it ought to be worth it and most SHIP releases all seem the same to me.

          • @ TBob,

            I also requested a custom from Heroine Legends years ago and he wanted to charge me $5,000 because the villain was an African American man. He said no one wants to buy videos with black characters. I quickly axed him on my list of producers.

          • @ Depo Man,

            I think custom videos are worth the cost if you find the right producer for what you want. You also need to find a producer who is honest and follows your script.

          • Kookie says:

            Right I have to say $30000 is pretty riddic, the most I’ve paid custom for was about $3000 through TBFE and it already had some pretty extreme content with F/F (which usually costs more).

          • Michael says:

            It depends on how specific your fetishes are. I was going to order a custom once, got quoted a for a few thousand. But I thought about and said, all I really want to see in KO’s, and the heroine losing. So instead of spending $3000, I spent like $500 and bought a ton of videos. Then fired up my video editing software and made my own compilation videos. I don’t really care about the plot, so I had videos with many different heroines being defeated and knocked out in many different ways. More of what I wanted for far less money.


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