“Moral Decay” from the League of Amazing Women

"Moral Decay" from the League of Amazing WomenThe League of Amazing women haven’t received much exposure around these parts, but let’s throw caution to the wind and look at Moral Decay, the latest offering from this company, featuring Kendra James, Jean Bardot, Suzi Lorraine, and ClaireV.

"Moral Decay" from The League of Amazing Women"Moral Decay" from The League of Amazing Women
"Moral Decay" from The League of Amazing Women
"Moral Decay" from The League of Amazing Women

"Moral Decay" from the League of Amazing Women"Moral Decay" from the League of Amazing Women

"Moral Decay" from the League of Amazing Women
"Moral Decay" from the League of Amazing Women
"Moral Decay" from the League of Amazing Women

MORAL DECAY (Complete Story)


It has been a bad month for the League of Amazing Women. Crime is at all all-time high and the membership of the league has been spread painfully thin fighting various threats and menaces to the city. In addition, one of the league’s most powerful members, Wondrous Woman (Jean Bardot) has went missing for over two weeks and no sign of her has been found. Calling upon the most skilled detective on the east coast, Gothic City sends the enigmatic superheroine known as Batwoman (Kendra James) to come assist in the investigation. After following up on several leads, Batwoman and her newly-assigned rookie partner Batgrrl (Claire V) find some clues that point towards WW disappearing in the post-industrial slum section of Tiedsville known as “Whore’s Row.” Before Batwomyn and Batgrrl can leave though, WW’s dearest friend, the now-retired Lady Star (Suzi Lorraine) has heard about her old friend’s sudden disappearance and wants to try to help find WW.

The three superheroines arrive at an abandoned building and they start their investigation, running across the demented mad scientist known as Dr. Remorae. After a brief encounter where Remorae tries to down a terrified but defiant Batgrrl in cold , Lady Star intercedes and takes the rounds meant for the junior crimefighter on her invulnerable body, saving Batgrrl’s life in the process. Remorae counters with a remote detonator and an ultrasonic self-destruct signal goes out across the entire warehouse, leaving only sixty seconds until the whole building blows up in a giant mushroom cloud of destruction! Realizing that saving WW has the highest priority, the three crimefighters let Remorae escape and rush to save Wondrous Woman instead. Finding the amazon princess tied up on the second floor with a ionic field-coil prepped to explode with only seconds left, Batwomyn and Batgrrl use their Bat-Nitrogen dispensers to freeze the timer on the bomb by lowering the temperature of the bomb to -375 degrees in just a few moments, causing the electronic timer to lose power & deactivating the bomb.

Freeing Wondrous Woman from her rope bondage, the dizzy and disoriented amazonian princess seems confused about her time held captive. Diana is shocked to discover that she has been held for over two weeks as a prisoner (she thought it had only been a few hours) and that she has no recollection of what has happened to her in that time. Batwomyn tells Wondrous Woman that news reports have come in over the past week of WW doing unsavory and unladylike things in the worst parts of Tiedsville, allegations of sleazy and slutty behavior. WW says she doesn’t have any recollection of those sorts of events, and Batgrrl reminds everyone that Dr. Remorae is a noted geneticist and cloning expert, something that could possibly point towards WW being cloned by the devious doctor and her evil twin committing those sorts of harlotish acts while the original amazon superhero remained sedated (and therefore oblivious of the passage of time.)

The stress of her entire ordeal weighs heavily on Diana’s mind, and WW dashes off to try and clear her thoughts. As Diana flees through the main doors though the evil Dr. Remorae reappears and tries to capture the other three superheroines for his evil cloning experiments. Lady Star dispatches the midget Nazi with ease by punching him halfway across the room, but Batwoman (a calculating and disciplined crimefighter) severely chides Lady Star on letting her emotions run wild and striking out against a person who has no superpowers whatsoever. This eventually leads to the two senior superheroines (Batwomyn and Lady Star) arguing about who is in charge of this mission while Batgrrl watches in horrified panic. As the three superheroines try to resolve their differences, a new player enters the scene, dressed all in black spandex and wearing an ersatz version of the traditional WW costume all in black and silver… WONDER WARRIOR. Flexing her mighty biceps and reveling in her newfound power, this towering behemoth of amazonian evil bellows a direct challenge to the League of Amazing Women. Either fight her, or perish! Can the League of Amazing Women stop this ultimate evil and save the day? Will WW ever find out what happened to her missing fourteen days? Can Wonder Warrior be stopped? Tune in, and find out!

This clip is for lovers of classic superheroines, as four of them are represented in beautiful costumes and with superb acting. This clip has the following fetishes: rope bondage (front-facing hogties), kryptonite weakening and takedowns, catfighting with plenty of titanic punches and kicks, sedative spray, net fetish, electroshocking and electric tasering, throttling and throat grabbing at it’s most terrible, viciously-delivered spankings, breast groping, transformation fantasies, crotch punches and low-blows, technology fetish (lots of bat-devices), post-mesmerizing suggestions, plenty of handcuffs, spreader bars, debootings, debeltings, plenty of slow panning shots across our defeated superheroines, and lots of great storyline and plot as you’ve come to expect. This is a superheroine adventure with FOUR beautiful models in classic costumes that you won’t want to miss!

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