“Myanna’s Revenge” from Next Global Crisis

In this Non-Canon adventure we look at what might have happened if Myanna managed to escape from maximum security prison and get hold of the broken Dark Superior Staff.

Myanna is obsessed with wreaking revenge on Miss Freedom for breaking the staff originally and scuppering her plans for global domination. The jail-break alone prompts Miss Freedom into action. When she sees she will be facing Myanna she isn’t fazed, knowing the staff to be the source of her power. However, the staff still has enough energy within it for one last effort. Myanna absorbs its power and begins her assault on the cocky Miss Freedom. Soon the Villainess has a camera set up in order to broadcast to the world the humiliation of the mighty superheroine. It looks like she will have her revenge after all.


Member Gifts:

Bluebird ‘Lost’ Video: A real treat for members who buy ‘Myanna’s Revenge’ within 48 hours of release as they will receive 3 minutes of footage from a Bluebird video we made that could never be released. None of this footage has ever been seen before apart from by me and the people at the shoot. But it will be deleted on Sunday 17th December forever, so make sure to get your copy of ‘Myanna’s Revenge’ as soon as you can.

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Next Global Crisis

I love superheroine movies and I make some occasionally as well. They can be found at: https://nextglobalcrisis.com https://ngcchampionship.com https://actioncosplay.com https://kandycrisis.com

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as much as i love ngc stuff i find it hard to buy into this. it shows a load of pictures of a heroine but no real action. its another miss for me 🙁
I’m sure ngc are targeting what sells but as much as it pains me to admit it, i think other producers have taken what ngc do and improved on it. I know not every offering is going to meet everyones tastes but i find more often than not of late the productions have moved away from what i used to eagerly await


I’m legitimately curious who you think does it better. NGC is pretty much the only producer that can count on my purchases anymore.

I’m guessing our tastes run different, but FWIW I liked both videos.


The Bluebird clip is worth the price of admission.

Free Fall
Free Fall

Cant wait!
Must buy


Thank you NGC!!! Miss Freedom in 3 videos over the last few months, what a way to close out 2017.