“Nemesis” from Damien Wagner

Now available – Nemesis from Damien Wagner.

Detective Nina is after “Nemesis” since a few years. She finally knows where she lives, and she is on her way to arrest her. Nemesis is a serial killer, who is really good at disappearing…

Between the two girls, a really violent fight starts, full of strangulations, face and belly punches and a lot of different actions. At the end, Nina will be defeated, killed by strangulation with a belt and undress…

Nemesis is produced by Dog Cat. Staring Chloé and Désirée.
English language. 13 minutes. HD. mp4.



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10 Responses

  1. Dog Cat says:

    I’m the one that ordered this custom and I would just like to say that I wouldn’t be more satisfied from the final result!
    Damien is a cool and very talented guy that will listen to all your requests, so the least I could say is to support him.
    Also, both Chloé and Désirée are amazing at their roles and their fight sequence is one of the most realistic out there.

    • Jacques says:

      Very ´cool’ ending.
      Yes, Chloé and Désirée are amazing and very talented actresses. Same for Hélène, Elisa and Ella. They were awesome in my customs.

  2. yazmine says:

    Very nice video really enjoyed it. similar to what happened to me in real life, only different is i was wearing black knee length pencil skirt and white ruffle blouse. the girl came to my apartment and gave me a beating.
    so if you can make more videos like this i will definitely buy.

  3. Besugo says:

    Any groin and throat punches?

    • Jacques says:

      No punches directly to the throat and groin.. However there are quite a number of strangulation moves, either by hands, arms or a finishing move with a belt. There are also a number of punches to Nina’s breasts.
      BTW, the film is in English. The French accents are very ‘cool’.

      • Besugo says:

        Thanks for the reply! Not interested in strangulations, only throat hits. Too bad they never put groin and throat hits, it would be really amazing.

        • Jacques says:

          Commission a custom. I am sure that most producers would oblige you.

        • Dr Manhattan says:

          If you like throat/groin punches I recommend Bluestone superheroine videos. Rye Films have also been incorporating them more and more.

  4. Jacques says:

    The video features an outstanding fight sequence and includes a heavy barrage of punches and kicks to all parts of the body.
    The film has a unique ending, quite clever actually.
    I highly enjoyed the film and would recommend purchasing.


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