“Nemesis Gauntlet” from NGC Championship

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Great performances all around! Anything with Majesty is an instant buy for me. She has quickly become my favorite character here. On a side note, I would love to see her character in UPL end up in the ring getting squashed by one of the bruisers.

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What happens when two mighty heroines meet an indestructible god? A god damn great video is what. It goes without saying then that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of watching Spectrum and Majesty get hammered in this fight which was marked by two incredible strong performances by two great actresses. This championship fight is essentially heroine meets dark god and gets decimated for her troubles. The first fight involved Spectrum and by the gods did I love this. Yes I’m biased regarding her. I know this well. Not ashamed of it either. At the same time, practically everything done to… Read more »

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Never really been into heroines in the ring. However, I am into heroines being helpless and Ko’d repeatedly, which is what happened in this video. I loved the very end, and what happened when Majesty had the audacity to wake up one last time.

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Recently, I’ve begun several comments on NGC videos with some version of “I don’t like squash matches very much, but this one’s different!” Before I do that once again, I need to consider the possibility that I don’t have anything against watching heroines get devastated, I just want it done well and with great performers, which keeps happening. I hope the path of destruction Nemesis has begun continues with performers as great as these two. Seeing Spectrum get so effortlessly overpowered, even in her strongest form, is positively exquisite. Her consternation at being so impotent is especially good, and her… Read more »


Thanks, I won’t need to throw my 2 cents in here because this is almost verbatim my opinion of this vid!

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Quick request to NGC. Could you pair up FM videos with FM member gifts and FF videos with FF member gifts? I’m an FF fan so I’m not going to buy a 20 dollar FM video for the 30 seconds of bonus FF action. But it does sting to miss out on it. And bundling FF bonus content with an FF video I’m undecided on would definitely push me over the edge into buying. And I’m sure the FM people feel the same way about missing out on FM bonuses bundled with FF vids.

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In related news, I would pay twice this price for an FF video in which Spectrum and Majesty suffer through all these power moves at the hand of a woman!

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Wow thats such a long ladder on spectrum’s pantyhose! She really suffered in this one, didnt she?

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I’m not certain what makes one performer stand out from another when the genre has so many beautiful, talented actresses, but Majesty completely has my number. If there’s one thing that I would dearly love to see once NGC is shooting again, it would be Majesty momentarily helpless in a backbreaker, and the villain slowly pulling the zipper down on the front of her costume until the shocked heroine…dissuades him from continuing.

Instant buy, especially with this week’s extra footage offer!

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes the right combination of looks, talent and appeal mesmerizes you and at that point you just have to let it happen and sink into the bliss.