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“Nemesis VI: The Heist” from FightGirlz2000

"Nemesis VI: The Heist" from FightGirlz2000So the chorus of fans looking for more heavily muscled girls isn’t all that large, but we like to look out for everyone around here. Which leads us into the review of Nemesis VI: The Heist, starring Rochelle Cassidy and Atillah Hunn, from FightGirlz2000.

The first thing you should know if you haven’t checked in on FightGirlz lately is that some of the girls have been changing. Specifically, Rochelle Cassidy and Zoe Hammar. Both always were in tremendous shape, but each has put on easily 10-15 pounds of muscle and that is on full display in several recent videos. And now they’ve added a new cast member named Atillah Hunn who I think is easily the strongest, most physically imposing cast member they have ever had.

Nemesis VI revolves around Rochelle’s team of baddies being hunted down by Atillah. It’s a film that may have some broad appeal because it features a F/F squash, a M/F fight, and another much more competitive F/F fight.

After a little opening exposition, Atillah approaches Rochelle’s hideout only to find that she has a couple of her associates on patrol waiting for her. First, Atillah runs into Monique Lavallee, a beautiful young woman who has become a major player in the FightGirlz universe. Monique swings at Atillah with a bo staff, but Atillah easily catches it and forces Monique to her knees. From there on out it’s beatdown city as Monique only lands one ineffectual punch and Atillah dominates with punches, kicks, and knee lifts before knocking Monique out with a hard punch.

Atillah then runs into male cast member Frank Peterson. Frank is a very capable martial artist and controls the early portion of the action. He has Atillah on the ground but she is able to reverse a hold and deliver a series of knee lifts that puts Frank of the defensive. A lot of punches and kicks are exchanged until Frank makes a desperate attempt for his gun which gives Atillah the opportunity to knock him out.

Hearing a shot fired during the end of the Frank and Atillah fight, Rochelle runs and Atillah pursues. The girls have a short gun fight of their own that turns into a rather brutal fist fight. There is a test of strength, throat lifts, punches, kicks, knee lifts, a choke hold, a bearhug, and a decent amount of posing and flexing. The fight ends with one of the girls knocking out the other with a tree branch.

Three fights in one video is a big undertaking for any producer and I thought the FightGirlz team pulled it off remarkably well. They’ve expanded not only their cast but also their shooting locations which I think has benefited them tremendously. They have a very talented core of regulars who all do a great job and I think people are really going to like the addition of Atillah.

She played the heroine in this one and did it well. However, I think long term that her best role may be that of a villainess who will provide a tremendous physical presence for the smaller girls to overcome. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some serious beatdowns being handed out by Atillah in the near future. We’ll keep an eye out for it.

"Nemesis VI: The Heist" from FightGirlz2000
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4 Responses

  1. John Connor says:

    Our Wunder Woman sequel is nearing completion, and Atillah is indeed part of that project. We are also pairing her up vs. Zoe Hammar next month in an epic battle of titans.

    As for superheroine projects, we are launching SuperGirlz2000.com sometime this fall that will consist of nothing but superheroine releases!

    Thanks to all for your continued support!

    – John

  2. rayman says:

    I really enjoyed this movie and liked Atillah so much I now have her as a superheroine in my custom that John is working out for me, al I will say at thi spoint is…If you like some muscle, beautiful ladies combat and peril you may wnat to keep an eye on FG *grin*

  3. Aldous says:

    I’d love these guys to continue their Wonder Woman series! Nothing wrong with a bit of muscle on Wonder Woman and Atilla would make a great villain (I also love it when this studio does its AOH peril stuff)

  4. dkm says:

    I agree, Atilla definitely needs to be the villain and totally squash Rochelle and Heather.

    I’m bummed FG hasn’t done a lot of superheroine releases. Atilla squashing Rochelle (as Wonder Woman) would be kind of awesome.