Invincible Goddess Beauty from GIGA

[Adult content warning] Giga’s Invincible Goddess Beauty gives us a lovely superheroine, a nasty robot villain, and lots and lots of torture sequences. Its biggest contribution to the heroine peril world, however, is the introduction of the real star of this movie—Nene Fujimori’s buttocks.

The video begins with an introductory credit sequence in which Japanese text is displayed as the camera gazes longingly at the lovely, voluptuous body of our star, Nene Fujimori.  I really like this costume, which is so form-fitting it appears to have been sprayed onto her body by scientists at NASA.  (Now that the space shuttle program has ended, they probably have nothing else going on.) It’s a very well-designed costume and has been quite obviously crafted to display the perfectly plump posterior of our superheroine.

After the credits sequence, the actual movie begins. Two glowing spheres descend from the sky and, as they reach the ground, transform into our heroine and the main villain, an armor-wearing monster/robot.  (According to the story summary at Akiba-Web, we learn that this character’s name is “Dice.”  I like to think of him as the evil reincarnation of former comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay.)  Anyway, Dice and our heroine, whose name happens to be Beauty, start fighting almost immediately.  This is the way I like it.  No need to waste time establishing characters, themes, nor anything else.  Just give us a gorgeous heroine and a horrid monster/robot named Dice and have them fight each other right from the start.

An odd thing happens during this fight scene (granted, the entire movie is “odd”).  Dice grabs the heroine’s arm and slams it down onto a wooden rail several times. The heroine, Beauty, has no reaction to this whatsoever and just seems mildly confused.  Initially, this really confounded me, but then I remembered that I’m watching a spandex-clad woman fighting an alien robot monster, so nothing should confuse me about any of this.  It’s really pretty bizarre if you take a step back and really watch these movies.  But then I realized that perhaps this is supposed to be a demonstration of the heroine’s “invincibility”; hence, the movie’s title.  It all makes sense now.

The fight continues for a while, and eventually the heroine chases Dice up to a rooftop where she accidentally kills an innocent hostage with her electrical powers (nice job, Beauty).  However, the hostage appears in the very next scene, sitting down and talking to himself.  Just when things couldn’t get any more baffling, the hostage transforms into Beauty, our heroine.

Since I have no idea what any of this means, another trip to Akiba-Web reveals that “In order to save Kawakatsu (the hostage), she combined with Kawakatsu, and with his cooperation even she could chase down Dice again.”  So I guess that explains it, although it might have been helpful to see this happen.  In any event, Beauty is now combined with Kawakatsu, creating something like a female version of DC comic’s “Firestorm,” a single (amalgamated) character comprised of two individual entities.

In the next scene, Kawakatsu encounters two henchmen and transforms, as it were, to Beauty.  A fight scene breaks out, and we discover an interesting twist of the plot that I actually think is pretty clever.  Since Beauty is now combined with Kawakatsu, a civilian, she is no longer invincible.  So, with this being a Giga movie and all, you might imagine what happens next.  The bad guys beat up the heroine for a long time, mostly with stomach punches.  This is a nice two-on-one beat-down with really excellent acting by Fujimori.  Just as Beauty regains her composure and defeats the two henchmen, Dice appears.  The two characters transform into glowing spheres again and fly to a more suitable location for a really long fight sequence.

This fight sequence is really well done, with some nice stunt work (Dice rolling down a flight of concrete stairs) and good choreography and editing.  Beauty puts up a good fight at first but is eventually worn down by Dice and receives an extended beating (what else did you expect to happen?).  All in all, a very nice scene and some more impressive acting from Fujimori.  Beauty ends up being defeated and knocked out (via electric shock delivered by Dice’s hand while choking Beauty).

Dice brings Beauty back to the infamous evil lair from every Giga movie, and now the bad guys get to enjoy torturing the lovely heroine, which they most certainly do.  The movie is about an hour long, and Beauty gets captured by the bad guys around the 20 minute mark, which, according to my calculations, provides the viewer with about 40 minutes of the heroine getting tortured (I’d like to thank my friends at MIT for helping me with those calculations).  Which puts this at about an average action-to-torture ratio for Giga Freeks videos.

First, Beauty is tied to a metal cross, allowing Dice to grab her breasts a couple of times.  Later, Beauty is chained up (AOH) with water dripping on her.  Dice shows up with two electrified metal rods and proceeds to torture the heroine with electric shocks for about five minutes of screen time.  This is a really well done sequence.

Fujimori’s acting is as good as any heroine that I’ve seen in any movie, the special effects are well done, and just about everything works really well here, in my opinion.  And a lot of screen time is devoted to the ass posterior of the heroine (to comical effect, if you’re in a certain frame of mind).

The rest of the film involves our heroine being beaten with a club, chained up and beaten with a club again, and then sexually tormented in a variety of ways (with a chain, fondled, raped multiple times by Dice (that bastard)), and pretty much left broken and twitching at the bottom of a grimy staircase, having been utterly and totally defeated in every conceivable way.  (Giga’s version of “…and they all lived happily ever after.”)

This is one of my favorite Giga films because I love the heroine and want to marry her, the fight scenes are really well done, the story has a nice and original way of rendering the heroine vulnerable, the main torture scene is really well done, and Nene Fujimori gives an Oscar-worthy performance.

Rather, her performance would be Oscar-worthy if they gave out Oscars for this sort of thing.  Which they really should.  Let’s see Meryl Streep do a “raped-from-behind-by-a-robot-monster-named-Dice” scene with half of the passion and intensity of Fujimori.  (Come to think of it, let’s not see that.)  If Invincible Goddess Beauty sounds like your cup of tea, I highly recommend it.

Invincible Goddess Beauty is available at Akiba-Web



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