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FlexGirlz2000Here’s a little something off the beaten path, at least content wise.  FlexGirlz2000 is from the makers of FightGirlz2000 who have been around for a while now.  And as you probably guessed from the name, FlexGirlz2000 is all about well-toned girls flexing their muscles.
The site is updated regularly and features photos, videos, and a new video-on-demand section.  FightGirlz fans will recognize just about all the actresses they’ve come to love like Carmen Porta, Zoe Hammar, Rochelle Cassidy, and Aria Martinez.  I can’t really speak on the content itself as I haven’t seen it.  It’s just not material I’m personally interested in, but if you look through the site there are some heroine themed entries featuring takes on Wonder Woman and Princess Leia.

I think this is clearly a situation of what you see it what you get.  So, if girls flexing appeals to your tastes, check it out.

Visit FlexGirlz2000 for more info
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I like the actresses, but I don’t care for stuff that just shows off natural female muscles. Now if it was female combat and/or sexual peril, then I would like it. But just flexing, is something I don’t care for.


I often wish Fight Girlz would continue their ‘Wonder Woman’ series – those where great.