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UPDATED: New Superheroine Videos from SleeperkidsWorld

New Superheroine Videos from SleeperkidsWorldUPDATED with new video! Sleeperkids World has recently made three new superheroine videos available, including Melted Frost, A Fatal Jinx 4, and Super-Squeeze: Episode Five. Characters include Wonder Woman and Supergirl in a variety of wrestling and fetish scenarios.  

Melted Frost

New Superheroine Videos from SleeperkidsWorld


We fade in on the lethal Miss Frost (Alisa Kiss) as she waits for Wonder-Hannah’s arrival. Hannah is shocked to find her nemesis at her lair, given that she’d been put away years earlier. Before she can take action, Frost uses her telpathic powers to freeze Hannah where she stands, only to make her remove her belt and choke herself out with it! Hannah awakens to find her own lasso wrapped around her, with Frost forcing her to give away the source of her power. Frost removes Hannah’s belt and lands a double neck chop that instantly KOs Hannah, leaving her prone to Emma’s neck scissors KO, belly atacks, uppercut KO, body scissors KO, and a single handed chokeout.

Wonder-Hannah musters up her final batch of strength, however, landing a dizzying uppercut on Miss Frost! A dazed Frost tries to use her telepathy to stop Hannah from putting on her belt, but the uppercut’s done it’s damage! Hannah barely puts it back on, but once she does, her strength returns like a tsunami. She delivers a brutal KO kick to Emma’s jaw, and thus begins Hannah’s vengeance!

Wonder-Hannah dominates the evil Frost with belly blows, an uppercut, grapevine pin/headbutt KO, bearhug KO, and a final lasso of truth confession. Emma is forced to tell Hannah that a sleeper hold will keep her out for days, leading to just that. A long sleeper slowly renders Emma unconscious, with Hannah adding insult to injury with a final and victorious hog tie!!!

We fade out on a sleeping Emma, destined to serve time behind bars…YET AGAIN!

(includes outtakes)

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A Fatal Jinx 4

New Superheroine Videos from SleeperkidsWorld


We fade in on bank robber Jinx, who walks into her lair with her recent booty. Donning a black leotard and mask, she laughs as she goes through her ill-gotten gains…until the voices of JUSTICE ring throughout the room! Before she canr eact, a magic golden lasso traps the villainess, and she suddenly realizes that both Wonder-Takaiji and Wonder-Candy have disovered her! The rope is suddenly used to squeeze the poor criminal into an eyerolling KO after her masked is removed, and from that point this thiefs dream job turns into a nightmare of an evening! The two heroines take turns completely destroying the baddie until it’s time to carry her off to JAIL!

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Sentry Girls: Session 24

New Superheroine Videos from SleeperkidsWorld


You know the story: A sexy agent (Vanessa Harding) has to go through a special Virtual Reality program where she repeatedly takes out her nemesis…in this case Wonder-Jewell! This is the kind of tale that NEVER gets old, with Vanessa dispensing some brutal KOs and carries…until a final victory prepares her for the real thing!

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Super-Squeeze: Episode Five

New Superheroine Videos from SleeperkidsWorld

We fade in on Super-Jacquelyn tellling her fans that she’s going to demonstrate some key ways to destroy an opponent, with the lovely sentry Gia volunteering to be her victim! What follows is a long series of KOs and destructions, each one focusing on Gia’s heaving chest during some squeeze and restraining moves! A sudden krypto-twist at the end puts Gia in control, however, allowing her to get some revenge on the beautiful Super-Velvets!

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