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Next Global Crisis 9th Birthday Flash Sale

Next Global Crisis is announcing a flash sale — read the details below!

Next Global Crisis 9th Birthday Flash Sale

Next Global Crisis 9th Birthday Flash Sale


Next Global Crisis 9th Birthday Flash Sale

Malicia’s Delight

Next Global Crisis 9th Birthday Flash Sale

Towering Doom

Next Global Crisis 9th Birthday Flash Sale

Tough Justice

A ‘Better Than Half-Price’ deal on all videos older than 1 year BUT only 9 copies of each are available. You need to work fast to get in on the action. Once we’ve sold 9 of any product it will go back to it’s usual (very reasonable price). This could all be over in a few hours so make sure to check for anything you missed. All titles on the website that still have a discount will have the word ‘Offer’ next to them on the dropdown menu.

Additions to this years discounts are episodes 3 to 9 of Season 4, Tomorrow’s Villainy Today, Tough Justice and Malicia’s Delight to name but a few.

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24 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Happy birthday NGC. Here’s to the next nine years!

  2. Dorrr says:

    Congrats to 9 years! Will we ever see ShadowFox from action cosplay again?

  3. Orcaman007 says:

    Well I jumped in and bought a couple but wish that maybe a few more of each might have been offered by the time I rounded up $$ for my next selections they were all gone

    Still been following and supporting al the ladies and your firm since the 1amst PowerStar movie

    Ever thought of a Halloween special story something like elite force battles Jason or Freddy Crugger ? ?

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Hmm, well we have a couple of things in the pipeline that feel a bit closer to horror. Psychologically at least.

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        Awesome! I really love the changes of pace/tone that NGC is capable of. You guys have a range that’s completely unmatched.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      If you think that’s bad then listen to this: When I was shopping Friday night(!), I placed “Bluebird play dead part 1” in my cart, decided to shop around for others, added three more videos and then somewhere between my 3rd selection and 4th selection, the price of the Bluebird video changed. Not 5 minutes had past between my bluebird selection and when I was ready to check out and someone took the 9th copy leaving me to pay full price…. needless to say I was not happy with how that turned out 🙁

  4. LordSnot says:

    I remember back when when you first debut wondering what in the world was this ‘Next Global Crisis’ and what a weird name for a studio that makes heroine videos. Now I just call you guys NGC and just grab up all the goodness you constantly dish out!

  5. Elevete says:

    Best girls and best film production and camera movements and edition

  6. Casulfan says:

    9 years and BEST GIRL is still with NGC. You bet I picked up a few BEST GIRL videos that I missed over the years!

  7. yop says:

    Cheers! Here’s to another great year!

  8. Next Global Crisis says:

    Thanks, I’m pretty surprised to be doing this still after 9 years. Life is quite unpredictable I guess! All the same we’re probably enjoying ourselves now more than ever and we have some really cool stuff to show you that we’ve already shot and are planning to shoot. I can’t say I’ll still be here in another 9 years, but I know the next 1 will be good. Starting next week!

  9. Rob Hinx says:

    Just a big shout out and ‘congratulations on 9 years’ to NGC. I’m a relative new comer to NGC but less than a year they’ve become my absolute favourite producer.

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    Every year this sale always catches me by surprise for some reason. I build up a mental list of backlog videos that I was on the fence about, thinking I’d just buy it when the NGC anniversary comes along. Then wham! Sale comes and I’ve completely forgotten my list. Christ.

    Anyway, I wish I could say I was an avid supporter of NGC from the beginning but I wasn’t. Part not having funds to buy more than 1 or 2 videos every three months, part my taste were VERY different back then so they weren’t producing stuff that catered to me. Now though I’ve become a super fanboy. I buy every video that’s comes out and enjoy most of them. They’ve got great production values, awesome fight scenes and peril situations, amazing beautiful actresses and—what I’ve come to really enjoy about them the most—a really compelling story that’s keeping me engaged and caring for the fate of these characters I’ve come to love. Some more than others. Friday mornings are always a treat though it gets rough when they take a week off from releasing a video. One time, they took two weeks off. I nearly DIED! Anyway, that’s my personal shoutout to NGC. It’s been a great number of years and I hope you guys are successful enough that there are many more years in store for us.

    One other thing: Surely the stars haven’t aligned so well that NGC celebrates 9 years and their poster currently has the 9 currently active/alive heroines in their series.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Sort of coincidence that there are 9 in the story presently. I wanted to celebrate all the girls who are active with us right now for a change rather than hark back to the ‘good old days’, because people are working hard for us now and I wanted to recognise that.

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