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NGC’s “Angel: Deadly Sins – Part 1” (Review)

Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"An Angel mini-series. Her original costume. Two new smoking hot villainesses. Yeah, we’re going to talk about this. Welcome to my review of Angel: Deadly Sins Part 1 from Next Global Crisis (and why not join Next Global Crisis’ Discounts List while you’re at it?).

[Beware spoilers] A blindfolded Angel in civilian clothes is led into a room by a new character named Envy. Angel is there to do an interview with another new character, Pandora Gold, a woman who has apparently been able to stockpile an impressive number of nuclear weapons. Pandora quickly grows tired of Angel’s questions, so she grabs her by the throat. Angel swats her hand away, rips open her shirt, and reveals her classic gray costume underneath.

Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"

Angel floors Pandora with a punch, so the villainess commands Envy to use her ability to temporarily remove another’s powers on Angel. However, she can’t do that until Angel actually uses her power so Angel and Pandora have a nicely choreographed battle. Angel gets kicked in the stomach several times, is on the receiving end of a head butt and gets hit with a hard stomach punch.

And that’s when Angel commands Pandora to “stop” which is exactly what happens. Pandora is frozen in mid-punch and unable to move thanks to Angelโ€™s formidable mental powers. Angel delivers several stomach and face punches before Envy steps in and places her hand on the back of Angel’s head, successfully stealing her powers.

Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"

Envy drives Angel’s head into the wall and Pandora picks Angel up off the floor. Pandora delivers a serious beating and eventually Angel passes out in Pandora’s arms. Pandora turns the camera back on which is now trained on an unconscious Angel in a chair, her arms tied behind her back. Pandora strikes Angel with a few face punches but it seems that Envy’s power has its limits as she can only hold others superpowers for so long.

Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"

Angel eventually gets her powers back and commands Pandora to untie her, which she does. Now Angel goes on the offensive using a mix of martial arts and her powers to take control. However, she focuses too much on Pandora which allows Envy to get behind Angel and choke her with a rope. Envy then steals Angel’s powers again, but this time puts Angel’s abilities into Pandora. And we are now at the point where we won’t reveal any more spoilers. Just know that this is an episode that has two endings. One where Angels wins, another where she loses.

Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"Next Global Crisis - "Angel: Deadly Sins"

This episode has great entertainment value. It features one of NGC’s most iconic characters taking on two absolutely beautiful female villains. It’s another home run in a library full of home runs. Can I make a baseball analogy for a British producer? It’s pretty much all I can think of, so I’m going to.

In closing I wanted to talk about the second episode that NGC ever released (reviewed here). It was a big part of the pre-release commentary on the site, and it had been a while since I watched it. So I pulled it up just before watching this episode, and it was every bit as good as I remember. It was an absolute game-changer of a release and played a big part in putting NGC on the map.

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  1. Greg S says:

    Can’t wait til Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Greg S says:

    Thanks for posting more previews! Very glad to see Eliza in this project as well- apparently now all it takes to set her off is wearing a Bluebird costume! This should be a great video!

  3. Naveed says:

    Thanks a lot!! Looks great as usual, and I see her in two different costumes! Nice…

  4. Especially for you, more Athena pics: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4440

  5. Naveed says:

    great! any more preview caps or teasers for the Athena release?

  6. Yes that is correct. I’ve also just seen the promo video for the film which follows Athena… very good if you like beautiful women. That’s for later though.

  7. Naveed says:

    The Athena one looks promising! is it due for next week?…

  8. Beast says:

    I want everything now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Greg S says:

    Bluebird Athena hmmm? I am intrigued. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

    Thanks for the preview, and I certainly understand your point. Maybe there is someplace on the site you could discretely link to a “coming soon” type of image without stealing attention away from the latest release. Because as someone who does pick up almost all of your videos, as soon as I finish watching one I want to know what the next video to look forward to is ๐Ÿ™‚

    And as far as this Angel vid, it was great! I loved both of the villains and hope you bring them back. PG was great as an unpowered threat and it’d be a shame if that was all we saw of her. I especially liked how she talked to Angel, very dismissing and demeaning, yet still a bit playful. Envy seems like a lock to return, so that will be great. Her “fashion sense” line and Angel’s reaction were hilarious.

  10. Yes, I will try to do that more, but I’d like people to be more interested in what has just been released of course. Next up: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/athenapromo01.jpg

  11. Greg S says:

    I propose a new NGC rule: Whenever you release a new video, you need to post a teaser picture of what your next project is!

  12. For those who never saw these before: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4432

  13. Gomur says:

    This was a GREAT video. You guys at NGC never disappoint. Beautiful actresses who play their roles convincingly, scripts that are direct and to the point, EXCELLENT fight sequences. I’m really enjoying this new mini-series format. Keep it up!

    And when can we see more Nina Hellfire!?

  14. Deadly Sins Part 1 is now available on the website: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/releases/angel-deadly-sins-part-1/

    Pandora’s is just a strong girl with good fighting skills that can match Angel’s, no specific super-power as such, but a delightful performance from her.

  15. TBob says:

    Time Caine: The shaky camera thing doesn’t bother me. Perhaps they could only use it when a huge impact happens, not just any old punch, but either way its ok with me.

    Great start to the Angel miniseries, 3 very lovely girls. You always design great costumes for the girls to wear.

    I wish the lighting was better, it was very dark.

    What is Pandora Gold’s power, if she has any?

    Overall though I loved it, and really loved the alternative ending, great KOs throughout and awesome fight scenes, you guys always rock with your videos.

  16. Tim Caine says:

    I enjoyed this video. I haven’t bought from NGC in a while. But Anastasyia Breadson always brings me back. Love the old outfit.

    Only one question: Do we need the shaky camera thing? I know they added it for impact on the punches but it just got irritating. Did it bother anyone else out there?

  17. fabio says:

    Really enjoyed this one. I loved Angel’s classic costume so this was already an instant buy for me. I also liked that the bad girl in the film wore a catsuit as well. Definitely looking forward to future battles between those two beauties, almost as much as angel vs the body blows lady from the members videos. Angel can definitely sell peril. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes. Any update on what to expect next?

  18. Chris says:

    “In closing I wanted to talk about the second episode that NGC ever released (reviewed here). It was a big part of the pre-release commentary on the site, and it had been a while since I watched it. So I pulled it up just before watching this episode, and it was every bit as good as I remember. It was an absolute game-changer of a release and played a big part in putting NGC on the map.

    Agreed, one of the most iconic and best heroine movies I have seen ever and I have seen a lot! That’s what this genre should be all about.

    As for this video I am downloading now but will watch tomorrow morning. Looks like another great Angel video though.

  19. I’m glad this has been broadly enjoyed. I felt it had been too long since we’d had equal sized females in this type of combat or situation and I’m very pleased with what was achieved. I’m shooting part 2 next week and the scenario will be altogether different but equally deadly for Angel, I can’t wait to make it and show everyone.

  20. James says:

    Another great film. Strong fight scenes, lots of nice little twists to keep you guessing, and I guess having Angel kind-of losing and kind-of winning means there’s something for everyone here. I liked the way at the end of the first fight she drops into Pandora’s arms. Also hope that’s not the last we see of Pandora – fine actress, great costume.

  21. RayGee says:

    I truly like the way this and Bluebird 2020 are promising to shape into a genuine story, with progressive and logical expose as opposed to a fight scene and a little ‘By the way something happened while we weren’t watching?’
    I know HL achieve it with some regularity, but at great cost, surely it is what every producer of this genre must at least dream of, especially if they can not stretch to the more graphic?

    I also like the fact that Angel did not lose. Rather gives the premise of a band of Superheroines protecting the world validity. That she did not win either just allows continuity for the story.

    Now a little sacrilege. I much prefer Angel’s white costume, hose covered thighs and all, to the anonymous grey bag. It was fine in the training rooms, continuous stream of tightly clad and exquisitely formed femininity being stretched and bent in most delightful fashion. But this is slower, bigger and more ambitious and therefore has lots of scope for looking sexily delicious.
    It is a sad fact that the suit does cling to every pleasing shape, but it also clings to every ill advised cream cake and potato eaten and lacking any form of ‘decoration’ to highlight the desirable, even as simple as the tape on Erica Lynn’s costume, a slightly out of place view or pose exaggerates or worse invents.

    Not that Angel looks as if she has ever consumed anything ill advised, or has any out of place lumps. She is drop dead gorgeous and has that hint of sexy cheekiness that makes her stand out despite the suit.
    Even Angels need a little help?

    I am really looking forward to seeing a lot more of her, even if I have to imagine the extra bits.
    So roll on part 2!

  22. Mike J says:

    When did this come out, I didn’t get an email yet?

  23. Raiderman says:

    Though Angel is not my favorite heroine, that belongs too Celestia and Bluebird. This would have to rate as one of the best NGC production for f/f fighting and ko’s. Hope to see more of this kind of action in the upcoming videos and possibly with Celestia.

  24. Lake says:

    That was by far the best NGC episode I have seen. No preamble and straight into it. The action was superb and what a pleasant change to see so many face punches included in the action for once. Excellent.

  25. Beast says:

    Great! fun episode. Loved the plot twists and the three girls

  26. Maar13 says:

    For me it was pretty cool, glad to see Angel back and she can wear pretty much anything and own it, can’t wait for the future with her and the Blue Bird Mini series.

  27. billbo says:

    I thought it was…..ok.
    Anything with angel is a must get but i thought the action sequences lacked real impact. Maybe you have just put out so many good movies the bar is getting ever higher? I still think NGC make the best movies in the genre and perhaps i expect too much for the tiny fee charged. I look forward to the next release

  28. Steve says:

    great villains, hope to see them as heroines sometime

  29. mk says:

    Will probably buy this, but one question. In the trailer and screen caps, it appears Angel fights the villainesses one at a time. Is there a point where they beat her down together? If so, how long is it? (I guess that’s two questions)

  30. Golden says:

    Wow. In my humble opinion that was one of the best NGC’s yet! Loved Pandora and hope we get to see more of her in the near future. Good work guys!

  31. @ Mike A – Sorry about that. The email link is fine, unfortunately Payloadz.com must have been down briefly when you tried. It’s working now. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

  32. Mike A says:

    Theres a problem with the link to purchase in the email.

  33. Don’t mention the C-word! I walked past a place yesterday that had a flippin’ tree up already! Anyway, here are some lovely caps that I hope will interest you for tomorrow’s release: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=4378

  34. Gomur says:

    F/F is always my favorite kind of peril. But F/F/F!?! Is it Christmas already??

  35. Echo419Alpha says:

    Agree with @rangerian. S1:Ep2 seeing Angel in the skin tight outfight….loosing her battle….that’s what did it for me. I saw the trailer for S1:E1, was like “Dayyyuuummmnnn” but didn’t take the NGC plunge till Angel. Been a devoted fan ever since, having purchased almost every film they produce. Some a couple of times due to accidental deletion….

    **Really** good to see her back, and in that outfit!

  36. rangerian says:

    Season 1, Ep 2 – for me it was the skin tight costume on a drop dead gorgeous actress Yes it can be that simple. I am easy to please :)))

  37. Nice to see you are all looking forward to seeing this. Oddly I also take some comfort from people’s favourite film being the second one we ever made. It can be a bit daunting to be expected to get better with every release. I don’t agree however, though it does have its moments.

  38. Tim Caine says:

    I’m with Flip.
    Season 1, episode 2 is still my favorite thing NGC has ever produced.

    Love to see Angel selling a beating.

  39. rangerian says:

    @flip, totally agree mate.

  40. kingles says:

    Angel getting dominated by a couple of sexy villainesses?!?!? This is gonna be GOOD!

  41. Derek says:

    Angel. Bondage. F/F humiliation. ’nuff said, where’s my credit card?

  42. flip says:

    Still my favorite costume of all time! Season 1 Episode 2 is still amazing to this day!

  43. Rangerian says:

    This is one of my favorite NGC girls AND this outfit. So sexy!!!! Can’t wait to buy.

  44. Chris says:

    I love this uniform.

  45. LordSnot says:

    Angel is back?

    There is a God.

  46. Greg S says:

    I don’t mind Angel cycling through her uniforms, a little variety is nice. I’d even love to see this version return, even if for just one video:


    This project looks good, and I noticed it says “part 1.” How many parts will there be in this storyline?

  47. OldBear says:

    Looking forward to this one. Angel is one of the best at selling moves, so this should be a good one.

    Regarding the costume, the only reason I would say I prefer the white one is the type of boots she is wearing. It’s mostly because I think leather looks better than suede. In fact, if you go back to season 1 episode 2, this outfit looked great with the black leather boots instead. That is what holds this outfit back, at least for me.

    Still, it’s not terrible or anything, and what really matters is the content of the video and the ability of the actress to sell it. So we should be good.

  48. ceej says:

    Regardless of costume (while I do prefer the newest one, the original is certainly a classic), this looks like it’s going to be awesome.

  49. Tim Caine says:

    With no offense to all of you BlueBird Bandwagoners! Angel is, was, and always will be the original awesome NGC heroine. She is the one that brought me to NGC and In my book she still the best. I’ll take her in either outfit… Heck, I’d take her in a gunny-sack. Can not freaking wait!

    Nobody sells a beat down any sexier than Anastasyia Breadson! Can’t wait to see her destroyed again. Counting down the minutes until this one’s available.

  50. Kaptureme says:

    Def agree with Mike. Why cover those beautiful legs?

  51. Sherofan says:

    Can’t wait! Love the costume!

  52. rennstimpy says:


    – Uma Thurma snorting rails on pulp fiction

    my favourite costume of angel’s, definitely getting this.

  53. Mike A says:

    Looking forward to this release, but I honestly just loathe that outfit. It might be tight, but I don’t see the appeal. Her current white one which shows lots of leg is my favorite.