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Next Global Crisis – Episode 2

Next Global Crisis – Episode 2I recently became aware of a new company on the superheroine movie scene called Next Global Crisis.  To my knowledge, the company hasn’t been around very long, and I’m always interested to see what new producers have to offer.  Episode 2, featuring a character named “Angel” features lots of heroine fighting and an interesting, unconventional twist on the typical superheroine peril storyline.  While it’s not as violent or intense as some heroine peril films, it features a sexy main character and well choreographed fight scenes.

Episode 2 begins with a recap of the previous episode (which, incidentally, looks really good to me although I haven’t seen it.)  After that, we meet our protagonist, who is a sexy blond who appears to be hosting a television show.  She addresses the camera and offers viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of “the headquarters of Elite Force.”  There’s a long setup here involving explaining the rules behind the show.  Basically, “Marie” has agreed to participate in a simulation which will involve her battling a “drone” with increasing difficulty levels.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular setup for a heroine film before.  The main character isn’t participating in a real battle, but only a simulation.  It begins on “level one” and increases in difficulty as the heroine progresses.  I like this twist on the genre; it’s something new, and the producers deserve credit for that.

Basically, Angel beats up the drone on the easier levels, but then finds herself overpowered by the subsequent levels of the simulation.  So while the premise is new, the conventions of heroine films are still here as the strong, confident heroine is eventually defeated and humiliated in battle.  The drone overpowers her, and we’re treated to several types of moves: punches, chokes, chloroform, wrestling-style moves, and more.  In a later sequence, the heroine is tied to a chair as part of the simulation.

I really liked the visual aspects of this film.  The lighting and editing are good, and generally so is the fight choreography.  The heroine is very attractive and wears a sexy, form-fitting silver outfit.  Her performance is good too, despite a thick Russian accent which is actually quite endearing.  So on the whole, I enjoyed the majority of the fight scenes, the attractiveness of the heroine, and the fresh, original premise.

On the (slightly) negative side, while I appreciate the originality, the “simulated” aspect of the story kind of takes away some of the intensity.  We know that the story is a simulation, and that the heroine isn’t necessarily in any real danger, even though the simulation gets a bit out of hand.  Also, there’s not really a main villain, but only a “drone” henchman.  I’m not really sure if that matters to most viewers, but I typically prefer a villain (although that’s by no means a major flaw).  The story is pretty lighthearted and avoids the serious, dark tone of some other heroine films.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing totally depends on your particular taste in superheroine films.

So I recommend Episode 2 of Next Global Crisis for viewers who might enjoy a very attractive heroine in an unconventional story that features lots of well choreographed fighting with a less intense focus on violence and peril.  I give Episode 2 a B+.

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  1. While our new website is being built I am giving away some stuff as I do a retrospective of season one on our current blog: https://nextglobalcrisis.wordpress.com

    Currently I’m talking about the Episode Two shoot and story and there are a few free pics you can download that we’ve never shown before and excerpts of the films on YouTube et al. So if you liked this film you might want to check that out.

  2. HM says:

    Hi Andrew,

    There are lots of wrestling-style moves, but no full nelsons or bearhugs.

  3. Andrew Clayson says:


    Did you see any Full Nelson or Bearhug holds on this episode?