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UPDATED! “Fail-Safe Sisters 7” from Next Global Crisis

Fail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisHere are the facts. This episode is great. The inclusion of two different endings is tremendous. Shadowstar is perfect. Delilah Crunch is perfect and Shadowstar’s butt is perfect. Sorry, I had to throw that one in after Shadowstar’s butt became a major talking point of a recent post.

Simply put, episode seven is the best Fail-Safe Sisters yet. There are two neat story moments that occur in this episode that affect both the fight and the entire Fail-Safe world so I’m going to avoid spoiling either of those and stick with the action.

Fail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global Crisis

After a nice warm up period where Shadowstar stretches and has a little fun with the camera, Delilah attacks. Shadowstar holds up quite well, however, and takes it to her much bigger opponent. Delilah gets winded rather quickly, and when fully in control, Shadowstar comes across as downright cocky.

Fail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global Crisis

Things do turn a little later, however, through one of story moments I mentioned above, allowing Delilah to dominate. Throughout the fight, Delilah hits Shadowstar with punches to the face and knees to the stomach. She chokes her against the wall, lifts her by the throat, lands a two handed blow to both her stomach and back, wrenches her ankle, rams her into the wall with her shoulder several times and depending on the version, carries an unconscious Shadowstar over her shoulder.

Fail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global Crisis

Let me reinforce the fact that there are two endings to this episode. One I think would be considered the canon version which is followed by an alternate ending. Shadowstar wins in one of them and loses in the other. This is something I think all producers should consider putting in their arsenal. I understand that it could be both expensive and time consuming, but I thought it made for a great payoff and there is something here for fans that want to see the heroine win and those who want to see her lose. I have to give a lot of credit to NGC for doing this. Let’s face it, this genre is all about fan service and although it’s probably good business to do it, I still consider it a first class move on his part and a nice bonus for all NGC fans.

Fail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global CrisisFail-Safe Sisters 7 from Next Global Crisis

In closing, I want to mention that Shadowstar is great in this film, but I thought Delilah was what really made this episode work as well as it did. She has a formidable air about her and generally towers over the rest of the girls that she fights. I look very much forward to seeing her again as she is quickly becoming one of my favorite NGC performers.

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  1. Oh also, on the subject of Photo-packs…. we had a bit of catching up to do: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=3421


  2. Well Tim, capitalism is a bitch but it’s the best idea we have right now. Unfortunately I feel that our photo-packs have some value and I think our pricing is generally fair so I don’t agree with you on that.

    On the other point that you raise I can promise you that in the case of the Angel Side Mission 1 film I had concerns with a few of the shot choices and handed out what we call in foggy old London town a ‘bollocking’ about it. I do not have the same concerns about this film, but you are free to raise them and I’ll take it into consideration.

  3. Tim Caine says:

    Only one complaint, but it’s an important one… or should I say butt, it’s important?

    How in the world did you forget to show the over the shouder carry on a cold-cocked Shadowstar from the rear?

    Seriously! Come on, NGC!!!!

    What is wrong with you guys? You have the best booty in the biz and you give us an OTS carry but don’t show it! NGC does so many things well, but you miss really really easy oportunities to make your videos legendary.

    You never showed the hog-tied Angel back in Side Mission 1.
    Now you don’t show ShadowStar’s booty in the OTS carry?

    Seriously, you guys are the best at what you do, but miss easy ways to be legendary.

    If you even tell me that you will bring it out later in a photo pack I’m going jump through my computer screen and slap you. I thought that was total bush league when you didn’t show Angel bound in Side Mission 1 and then charged us later to buy photo packs when we already paid for the episode that should have had it in there to begin with. I lost a ton of respect for you guys that week.

  4. This one is now LIVE on the website for everyone to buy: https://nextglobalcrisis.com

  5. kingles says:

    @Blehs2215: NGC doesn’t show any nudity. There’s peril, but it’s physical peril…not sexual. An occasional bit of innuendo is as far as any sexual content goes. Their vids are primarily fight vids, with a ongoing plot connecting them. So no, I’d have to say that NGC isn’t what you’re looking for.

    However, I’d never recommend not giving NGC a shot to anybody. After all, a year ago I only bought vids like those you are looking for…couldn’t be bothered with any PG-13 type stuff. A lot of people were talking them up on this site, so I checked through their vids for one I thought looked good, bought it, loved it…and now I buy all their stuff. It’s just really well done.

    Otherwise, SuperHeroine World and Punished Heroines do some great stuff. Clips4Sale has some really good adult Superheroine stores as well.

  6. Blehs2215 says:

    Im not very familiar with NGC is there any peril, humiliation, nudity or anything adult in nature. Im just unsure whether I should purchase any of their videos or not…im looking for something adult in nature

  7. Spankdex says:

    With all this attention to her lovely rear end, makes me wish she could get any kind of f/f spanking 🙂

  8. @StormyFan – Very likely in the quite near future.

  9. StormyFan says:

    Awesome release. Any chance of including some masked heroines in the future? (For all us unmasking fans) Thanks!

  10. @OldBear – Thanks these are nice comments and I’m pleased that people are aware we are trying to keep prices low for buyers. As for the 3 v 3 battle, it sounds like utter chaos and a nightmare to film, but could be fun! Would be expensive though… might be the kind of thing we could do once we’ve developed a bit more.

    @ShadowFax – Don’t miss out on the members vid! A different style to this one but hopefully worthwhile.

    @Beast – I’m glad the email finally came. I know hotmail held it back for about 3 hours, no idea why. I’m very pleased you enjoyed it so much. A Shadowstar v Lady Victory brainwash film is quite a nice idea but we’ll have to see.

    @Raptor – Great comments. I think we should continue to use more tricks as money and time allow and so if we continue to be supported our buyers and members should share in the growth.

  11. OldBear says:

    The fact that you are offering everyone the winning and losing endings for the same price as before should not be overlooked. Even before this change, I always bought your videos on the day of release. I did this not only to support your efforts, but because your pricing is very reasonable. However, being a fan of the “Heroine loses” scenarios, it was inevitable that some videos would disappoint me. With this new change, I feel more confident now, knowing that there will always be an ending that is catered to me. So thanks for that.

    Concerning this video, I also really liked it. I thought both women did a great job acting, not just the fight scenes, but also the dialogue. Shadowstar was less timid then usual and was acting very overconfident, so to see her get dominated later on was perfect.

    I also thought Shadowstar’s reaction to the poison was amazing. Especially when she crashed to her knees and Delilah wrapped her arms around her neck/chin in a sort of camel clutch looking move. The way Shadowstar was playing off the effects of feeling groggy with the eyerolling was great, I didn’t realize that was in her repertoire.

    NGC, my only gripe is that during the losing ending when Shadowstar gets KO’d I would like to see a view from further back or a quick pan of her body so that we can get her entire body, head to heel, in frame. When Delilah kicks her over onto her back, Shadowstar does a great sprawled out KO, but either one or both of her feet are out of frame.

    This is like the 3rd or 4th time that this has happened with Shadowstar (great KO, but legs/feet are out of camera view) and it is killing me, lol. Most people probably don’t care about this, but I doubt anyone would complain about seeing more views of Shadowstar. Sorry to keep bringing this up, NGC (we discussed this through email last week), but I just needed to give you true feedback.

    So yeah, loved the movie, Shadowstar is amazing and as a fan of female/female, Delilah is a great find. Now all we need is a Sadie/KO Queen/Delilah vs Shadowstar/Lady Victory/Dynamite or Lucy fight. Though, I assume the price to have all those actresses at one time would make it difficult to turn a profit off of that, lol. Anyways, keep up the great work, loving this good/bad ending stuff!

  12. Lake says:

    I think Serif MoviePlus is as good as it gets for amateur editing but it’s not free!

  13. Raptor says:

    These guys are simply the best – NGC has really stepped it up this year with this and the Angel video. All the Shadowstar stuff was amazing. Beautiful heroine and costume. Menacing villains. Great fight scenes and aftermaths. All filmed in HD too. Keep it up!

  14. Beast says:

    Well it finnally came and it was amazing. Great great episode. Shadowstar and the villain were brutaly crazy . But for me the first FSS episode is still the best, with that amazing fight in a small corridor and going out and all of that ( it has a great amazing belly punches scene also). This was very close though and also has really cool plot elements in it.
    A question if its possible to have a shadowstar vs lady victory fight in a future? Maybe for a brainwash or something . Like the winner has to right to live or some kind of trap…

  15. ShadowFax says:

    Whoop!!! Well Just saw Shadow vs Delilah. I’d intended to grab the members only vid today and this was literally the first thing in my mailbox so the members vid may have to wait till next week.

    Can I just say that Shadowstar is easily the hottest creature on the planet? Her costume is probably the best as well. just an all around flawless heroine.

    P.S. Also, just wondering if anyone knows a good MPEG movie editor? So’s I can make a file with the alternate ending spliced in seamlessly (For personal use only)

  16. You mean after todays? I’ll make that clear nearer the time, should be just 2 weeks.

  17. Mike A says:

    So what’s the next release? An NGC side mission?

  18. Richard says:

    Got mine, just watched it. Best Failsafe Sisters, preferred the alt end but both enjoyable! Shadowstar just gets better and better, acting was a step up and effects were good too.

  19. Check spam and junk folders, put our email address in your address book and/or complain to your email server. I can do no more.

  20. Beast says:

    MMMMMMMMM i didnt receive it yet

  21. It’s sent so you should have it by now.

  22. Richard Gasp says:

    Be a sport and go ahead and send out the e-mails. We promise we won’t tell on ya!!!

  23. Richard Gasp says:

    If this video is as good as it looks it won’t be long !!!

  24. Beast says:

    These caps were amazing. i have the mail open until the times comes, i cant wait

  25. And…. the last few caps before release: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=3390

    The film will be out in 4 and a half hours. I know you’ll like this one, not just because it contains both endings but it’s one of our better scenes I think.

    And Richard, I look forward to hearing from you.

  26. Richard Gasp says:

    Cool!!! You should hear from me tomorrow because this does sound very interesting. (my ADD causes me to get bored very easily! LOL!!!) And I completely agree business works way more smoothly when conducted in a private ad professional manner.

  27. Thank you Richard. It’s important to know what people are saying for a whole heap of reasons, that’s why I come here. I am very serious but I won’t talk business on a public forum, you’ve got my email address.

  28. Richard Gasp says:

    @Next Global Crisis

    If I may speak for the fans of your videos, thanks for reading the comments and actually conversing with us. This is why I like commenting on and being a part of the conversations concerning your material. If I weren’t half a world a way I’ buy all of you a round or two.
    And if your serious about me making an offer for everyone’s dream match up to happen then let the negotiations begin!!!

  29. Some more Shadowstar goodies…. Preview Caps: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=3385

    AND a lovely shot from the most amazing photo pack we’ve ever done: https://www.facebook.com/pages/NGC-Productions/166193443481368

  30. Bluebird and Shadowstar are from separate worlds so if you wanted to see them fight together or against one another some or all of you would need to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s not currently part of our shooting schedule, sweet as it might be. You can always email: nextglobalcrisis@gmail.com

  31. Richard Gasp says:

    I must be getting old and losing my vision because now that everyone has brought up Shadowstars backside I must apologize to everyone for not ranting and raving about such a wonderful view from the start.
    I propose a crossover video that pits Shadowstars super derriere against Bluebirds legs of steal! Who’s with me?

  32. flip_flop says:

    Just throwing this out there (more than likely it has been mentioned before), but is there any chance of an episode/side mission in the future of having Shadowstar and Bluebird team up, only to be left defeated by whichever foe they go up against? I’m not sure if the storylines would allow that type of crossover but I’m sure it would sell pretty nicely!

  33. Yes it has everything you could want, and possibly more!

  34. Beast says:

    I cannot wait! this will be amazing!! Did this one has the countdown? ( i love the momment) belly punches??

  35. Raptor says:

    You guys are the best for bundling both endings in the same package. Thanks so much.

  36. @Richard – I’ve just seen the edit of this pre-FX and I’m very happy, a hard, hard battle. To answer your question it will be different from the members only releases in that you buy one video and get both the intended ending AND the alternate for fun. It will be out on Friday for our beloved members.

  37. Richard says:

    Oh my, Shadowstar you GORGEOUS creature. It looks like more fighting this time, and no complaints from me! Love seeing an athletic heroine take on a big bruiser villainess. One question though — the new trailer says theres two endings but we get both. Does it mean they are both included or must I chose which to buy. Oh and when’s it out? Thx!

  38. Baz02 says:

    I love the fact that it’s British they are always very good at acting and the girls are very beautiful. Quality stuff. And Shadowstar is in a different league.

  39. @Naych – There are two videos above in this thread: The Members Only Trailer which is for this release only.. and the February Teaser which is for this release and the next one one, hence the large female bruiser. She appears in the next film.

  40. Naych says:

    NGC – in the trailer, there is a villainess as well as a villain. Unless I’m missing something in the video, what gives with the large female bruiser?

  41. @LordSnot – There will be a picture pack with the main Shadowstar release on it’s way. It will likely contain action shots from this and the next one, as well as a nice variety of posed shots.

    @Echo&kingles – I think you understand what we’re trying to do. I hope very much to continue to enhance all aspects as time goes by.

  42. LordSnot says:

    Why no pics posted? They compliment trailers and I likes pics.

  43. kingles says:

    @NGC: Adding an alternate ending to all of the future episodes seems like a good idea. You have the story fans, it’s the peril and probably to an extent the girl power fans who only purchase occasionally. Obviously people who don’t purchase consistently can’t get into the story.

    I think this could work out quite well. One of the reasons S2-E8 did so well is that it combined extreme peril for one of your most popular heroines, and an interesting advancement of the story. So it brought in the peril fans without sacrificing the interests of your core audience. If the alternate endings allow you to do this on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to do all that cool stuff you want to do. I know I’d love to see what you could do with a bigger budget.

  44. Echo419Alpha says:

    Just so I can go on record as saying this, do not stop with the story development. I look forward t the story just as much as I look forward to the peril. That’s why I continue to patronize NGC over the other producers. The story. Like Richard was saying earlier, **SPOILER ALERT** the phone call at the end of S2:E8, my jaw dropped. That was well executed. **END SPOILER ALERT** so yeah, keep up the story. Whoever’s writing it is doing a bang up job.

  45. I’m very pleased this has been enjoyed in the main. It’s difficult to go wrong with such a stunning actress I guess. I’m not currently certain what the next members film will be but we will try and mix them up a bit in terms of style, as much as our members exacting standards allow that is. It also isn’t too long until the main Shadowstar feature.

  46. ceej says:

    Loved it. I think Shadowstar has topped my list of favorite NGC heroines. Like others have said, I do like the variety in my peril, and this was a nice diversion from the usual fisticuffs.

  47. Mark says:

    Love it! Massive fan of Shadowstar (second favourite NGC heroine behind only Bluebird…and the more I see her in action, the closer she gets to being joint number one); great actress, bite the back of your hand pretty and boy, what a body! As the guys have noted above, she’s the kind of woman you hate to see leave, but love to watch go, if you know what I mean! And people complaining about paying seven bucks for seven minutes of her in action (and peril)? I’d pay double that just to watch her do the dishes or ironing!

    And I also love just what Andrew and the guys at NGC are doing with the ‘Member’s only videos’! Same quality as the normal top quality releases now, in terms of picture and sound, and all for a stupidly low price (that said, I’d hardly say their ‘normal’ releases are expensive for what you’re getting)! Plus loving what they continue to do in regards delivering variety of story line, action and peril, whilst continuing to add and improve elements like special effects (loved the Sleeper’s ‘gas clone’…obviously stolen from MK and Subzero lol). Overall, yet more superb work in a period when they are truly excelling!

  48. Darius III says:

    One more thumb way up for Shadowstar’s donkey!
    The best booty in the business bar none!
    I’ve been hoping some villian would kneel along side a face down Shadowstar, put a knee in her back, and tie her hands behind her back. That would be a scene for the ages. Either that or she needs to lie face down while a victorious villian stands with their boot on her backside.
    I’ve already replayed any scene showing her from behind over and over again. Note to NGC, anytime you show Shadowstar from the back and only have her in the shot from the waist up… well, that’s a horrible missed oportunity… You guys should get a 25% boost in sales based on Shadowstar’s booty alone! … Just saying!

  49. Richard says:

    Tim, you are most certainly NOT the only person to notice! I actually thought that when I first saw her — perfection! I really liked this new film, no it wasn’t a total slugfest but gave us a different sort of situation and a different sort of peril. I find the sleepy tie-up stuff fun too and Shadowstar played it perfectly. Her speech on camera was superb, I like seeing the heroine verbalize her defeat like that and the effect was cool. Loved the choose your ending aspect, reminded me of these books I read as a kid. I hope those continue, and I like the idea of voting on them too. Oh and once again, Shadowstar is perfect. ^_^

  50. Tim Caine says:

    Am I the only one who got this episode and just noticed how incredible ShadowStar’s backside is? WOW! I don’t mean to totally objectify her, but my God! She has the best reae view in the entire industry! Man, I hate to see her leave, but I love to watch her go!

  51. Beast says:

    I think that the peril is more effective because the story and the characters. We are not seeing a cheap video with some crappy dialogue we see characters who comunicates through fighting, There are real situations and real danger for the characters, the fights looks amazing, the costumes are great, the acting superb, the edition, the direction and the sound make you feel every hit. The music is cool too. Is a great combination of work. Every scenario and situation and character are build up incredible so we expect and enjoy each episode. even if it dissapoint in the peril department. And now with the alternative ending i think that every episode will be a must buy for sure

  52. Richard Gasp says:

    The last video with Angel, the way Sebastian Lunar was portrayed (The actor did an excellent job), bringing back the guy in the mask, the phone call at the end, and so many more little details have caused me to go back and start buying episodes I skipped because there actually is a good story if a person looks beyond the heroine peril. Hopefully I’m not the only one who’s noticed.

  53. RE: Alternate Endings – All you have said is true but one thing I am hoping about doing this is it means more people will view the story we’ve written. You can buy future videos safe in the knowledge that you will DEFINITELY see the ending you want… but having done that you will also own the intended film and I hope will want to see it as is and become more engaged with what we are doing.

    Believe it or not, I actually spend a crazy amount of time ensuring that what happens in these films makes sense: What the characters say, do, think etc… all must make sense. The 2nd season NGC episodes and some of the Side Missions were devised back in Spring 2011, and though some of them have been devised more recently they still must fit. Basically I’m not fucking around and I’d like as many people to see it as possible. Hell I’d give it away if I were a millionaire, but I also keep prices as low as I can for this reason.

    Another point is that as we grow we can make it better. I’ve got some really highly qualified people on my team just going through the motions because we don’t have time to film more intricate stuff. I definitely want to use wire work, fx both visual and real, and spend more time on small things that will enhance what we do but in practice have long set up times. I’m very proud of what we make in the time that we have. But more time would mean better stuff, simple as that.

  54. robopope25 says:

    Wow some negative comments. Look the villain demands a slower defeat. If he just kicked and punched her what’s the point of his sleepy gimmick. Plenty of bruiser villains to knock the girls around. again this was a great video, I for one love the shots of her koed and I am very happy we will always see the girl lose from here on out.

  55. Richard Gasp says:


    You can find free programs online to change any video to a different format. One I like is Freemake Video Converter.

    @Next Global Crisis

    It’s not as good as the members only Bluebird video but it is still very good and I have no regret in buying it. Now that your offering both endings with all your videos it makes my decision to purchase them so much easier. Looking forward to your next release.

  56. Echo419Alpha says:


    1.) Thanks for bringing it to your technical guy. Your general release movies (basically everything except M.O.V. – member’s only videos) are delivered in the .mov format, so I really didn’t understand the switch over to .wmv for the M.O.V. I know my iPad would appreciate having them all the same format….it makes it virtually impossible to view the vids, and as I don’t have a full laptop, this makes the decision to buy very difficult…..but I still buy. Does that make me loyal, addicted, obsessed….all of the above.

    2.) I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for the addition of the “lose” ending for all future releases. I’ve been a fan since S1:E1, and an member since S1:E2, or whenever the signup was available :o) I personally like the story ALMOST as much as I like the girls and the fights. But honestly, it was the heroines losing, getting physically destroyed that brought me to NGC. Sure there are some other producers that do this…..differently (we wont name any names here), but I like the way NGC keeps it classy. So, long comment short, thanks for the addition of the “lose” ending. It’s cool to see them struggle and pull out the “W”, but its more fun to watch them lose…..

  57. @Mike A – It won’t be quite like the members set up. You will know what the true version is because it will run from start to finish in the story. Once the film has ended there will be a different ending which might be win or lose depending upon how the main film went. There should be no confusion. We can expand on this the more our releases are supported, if this encourages more sales we can stop sitting on our hands and make some really exciting stuff! It will apply to all our releases for the next few months and if we like how it goes we’ll continue. It is more work but all the same the price won’t go up.

  58. Mike A says:

    INCREDIBLE news that all future releases will have a lose ending to choose! Question though: how will we know which once is canon/which one applies to the ongoing story? And does this include NGC productions as well as fail safe?

  59. @Echo419Alpha – I’ll talk to my technical guy about this. I know the guy that edits these is considerably helped by doing it this way but we’ll see

    @darklord – Well I’m sorry you feel that way but it’s really the nature of this scenario. The next one is very much more active in the fight department. Oh and ALL future releases will have a lose ending.

    @Beast – Indeed there is another film and it’s got plenty of fighting.

  60. Beast says:

    I am not a fan of this sleeping scenarios i want to see some serious beating ha!
    It has little action but for me the record scene make it worth it. Also shadowstar was gorgeous as always. But overall for me looks like a missed opportunity
    I am not worried because i know that there is another video coming and it looks pure fighting.
    I would like to know if the next episode will have an alternative ending too. ( Because what the message in the link said it looks like it may )

  61. Bob says:

    I have to agree with darklord — I’m a big fan of NGC and this actress but I thought there was precious little action.

  62. darklord says:

    this was the first NGC video i purchased in a LONG time b/c i want to see the heroine lose and most NGC vids don’t end that way.

    Having said that, I don’t understand how or why people thought this was good… nothing happens? I know its only 7 minutes so not much can happen in 7 minutes, but c’mon, there was next to zero action in this video. As gorgeous as shadowstar is, do i want to pay $7 to just see her lying on the ground for 7 minutes?


  63. Echo419Alpha says:

    @NGC: what do we have to do to get these members only videos in .mov format?! I hate .wmv and so does my ipad! Loyal customer request….. .mov or .mp4

  64. I just purchased this and it was very good. I love the “choose your own adventure” option of picking the ending you want – great idea. I love her costume, and I also really like the part when the villain videotapes her. Totally worth the money.

  65. robopope25 says:

    I got the one where she loses and it was terrific! great kos. Great ending. Seriously everyone should pick this one up. I’m so happy NGC is doing alt. endings so the customer always gets the ending they want. I hope this becomes the industry standard. I fully intend to support them and I hope whether you are a peril fan or a girl power fan you do as well!

  66. Richard Gasp says:

    Hooray!!! Right on schedule and downloading now!!! Love what was said in the e-mail and whether I like this video or not I just want to say thanks to to everyone at Next Global Crisis for catering to the fans.

  67. Okay the Members film will be released tomorrow unless something breaks. Keep an eye on your inboxes circa 3pm GMT (10am EST).

  68. @Derek – For the time being you will get alternate endings. I hope this will put an end to people not purchasing on the basis that she doesn’t lose (or win, I get emails about that too). In time, if we are well supported I may create polls to decide the style of win and lose endings. There will be no charge for this so you can see what you want all for the prices you are used to paying. The voting is likely to be a members perk though. I will reiterate that I’d like to see support for the alternate endings first though, to see if it’s worth the trouble in extra writing and filming and post production.

  69. Derek says:

    “…You decide”?
    Will there be alternative endings, or are we voting on Shadowstar’s fate?

  70. @Fabio – It won’t matter if you’ve gone away provided your emails inbox is big enough to avoid bouncing. If you received the email and didn’t delete it then it will still work.

    In general it’s quite important to sign up with email addresses you pay attention to and even add us to your white list or address book so you’ll definitely get it.

  71. flip_flop says:

    Shadowstar is incredible!!! Can’t wait!!!

  72. Fabio says:

    I was out of town and missed the last one with bluebird!!!!! I was disappointed but now I am super bummed for that last comment is basically telling me I fucked up not getting it. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did I miss??

  73. Richard Gasp says:

    Well shiver me timbers glad I’m on the list! The only thing I am sad about is that I overlooked a couple of members only videos (luckily not the last one with Bluebird) and kick myself daily for it.

  74. Larry says:

    I may have said this before, but the gal who plays Shadowstar is possibly the hottest actress in this genre.

  75. RalphM says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait for this to come out!

  76. ceej says:

    Shadowstar Month is a great concept, too bad February has to be the shortest month of the year! Looking forward to this one.

  77. Thanks! We aim to have the first one out this week and it will be for members only. As you might expect she absolutely smashed it. We’re lucky to have her.

  78. Damien Woods says:

    That is looking good.

  79. Mike A says:

    Looking forward to this. Hopefully there’s lots of ko’s!