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NGC’s “Miss Freedom: Secret Defeat – Part 2”

NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2Harriet Moran, Samantha Svenson and Lexi Jones—that’s a trio that’s hard to beat. Here’s my review of Secret Defeat Part II, which opens with Miss Freedom on the ground regaining consciousnesses and finding she is still in the presence of Miss Suppression and Pandora Gold.

Miss Suppression throws a punch that Miss Freedom blocks and the heroine lands a few shots that drive Miss Suppression backwards. Miss Freedom then turns to Pandora who she drops to the ground when she lands a kick to the back of her leg and then lifts a knee into Pandora’s face.

NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2

But just as Miss Freedom seems to be returning to her confident self, Miss Suppression gets behind her and slaps on a reverse bearhug. Miss Suppression holds Miss Freedom for a long while, which lets Pandora put a rag over Miss Freedom’s mouth, slowly making her unconscious. We don’t see the rag get drenched in chloroform or anything, but I think we can make that leap that there was some kind of substance on it.

Miss Suppression holds Miss Freedom for Pandora, who delivers several stomach blows to the still-unconscious heroine. They then reverse roles and Pandora holds Miss Freedom for Miss Suppression who delivers a series of powerful stomach punches of her own.

NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2

They then ping-pong the heroine between each other with punches, and then the villains each grab one of the heroine’s arms and yank them painfully backward. Things looks grim at this point, and that’s when NGC splits things off into two different endings. One where Miss Freedom wins the day, and one in which she winds up on the losing end, out on the floor, the rag jammed in her mouth.

NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2NGC - Miss Freedom, Secret Defeat Part 2

So one question still stands in my mind. What the heck happened to Miss Freedom in Part 1, when she suddenly seemed to weaken? Was a hidden kryptonite-like substance making her weak? Are we to take the name Miss Suppression quite literally? Does her very presence suppress or weaken other superhuman powers? Or is she just flat out stronger than Miss Freedom? I’m kind of hoping it’s the last one. I love the thought of an evil “Supergirl” type taking on the NGC heroines, and I’ve become a major Samantha Svenson fanboy. I literally can’t get enough of seeing her.

But let’s not forget Harriet Moran who has never looked hotter, and nails every line of her performance here. And let’s also not forget Lexi Jones as Pandora Gold who is crazy sexy and, in limited appearances, has become one of my favorite characters. Great job by all involved.

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23 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    This was an Awesome Video & Miss Freedom (in this costume) is always Amazing to watch 🙂

    Love to see her so Cocky & Confident only to be taken down a notch at a time so in the end she is Helpless, Weak & Defeated.

    Would love to see her turned Bad with mind control or to see her thinking she is in Love & worshipping some Villain after He has tricked her or Drugged her in some way.

    A Love sick Bad Miss Freedom would be Awesome 🙂

  2. Markko says:

    Yay ! She’s gorgeous ! Finally 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    @NGC – willing to divulge any details?

  4. There will be a members film in a little over a week and for just after Christmas a rather thrilling video that I know many people will love. The teaser for that should be up in a few days if all goes well.

  5. Raiderman says:

    @NGC, keep the heroines cocky and overconfident it adds to the excitement to there eventual demise. So what do we have coming out next?

  6. random47 says:

    I also enjoyed the video. I’d love to see future chloro scenes shot as Miss. Freedom performed them.

    One quick question: why are superheroines so darn cocky when they always get their asses kicked?

  7. We have had a very positive response from people who got this video and I am grateful for it. Naturally some payoff and understanding of just what happened will occur eventually. There were a few subtle signs in this one. Maybe too subtle. ..

  8. Sloan says:

    NGC has hit another grand slam with their latest release, and Harriet Moran continues to shine in her role as Miss Freedom.

    The beat-down and humiliation she suffered was of epic proportions and I’m sure Miss Freedom would love to deliver some payback should she run across these ladies again. This could prove difficult considering her powers were at their peak during this encounter, but it does present some intriguing possibilities going forward.

    All aspects of this production were top notch as always. Great work by everyone involved.


  9. Maar13 says:

    I think the whole thing (part 1 and 2) were pretty cool.

    @NGC: Your villains are superb, really great and Miss Freedom is awesome, Harriet plays the role in excellent manner.

    The chloros were pretty cool, the beating, everything was outstanding.

  10. OldBear says:

    That final chloro KO was sold really well by Miss Freedom. I was kind of surprised, cause in all the vids I have seen with her, she never pulled off eyerolls like she did in this one. So nice job by her.

    Oh, and of course the price was great, as usual. Thanks.

  11. malc says:

    I quite liked the photo set that was available with this video, miss freedom really fills out that blue catsuit, but I do prefer Bluebirds original costume.
    Good stuff

  12. SG FAN says:

    Got this second part as well and have to say excellent work!

    Miss. Freedom was great as she tries to remain confident but gets hammered down by the villainesses. Especially loved how after one of the back and forth between PG and Ms. Suppression, Miss Freedom drops to her knees, weakened after so many blows. The two villainesses did a great job completely dominating Miss Freedom and enjoying their superiority over the heroine.

    But my favorite part was the chloro scenes. Its my favorite way to see a superheroine get knocked out and NGC did you deliver. Dialogue for that was great too with PG wanting to show Miss Freedom how defeated she really was. The ending too with the final chloro was excellent. Only small change I’d made is that they left the chloro cloth under Miss Freedom’s face, with it titled so that her face was over it, her lips slightly parted as she breathes in the fumes being kept out. But that’s just a style thing, the ending was a prefect cap to Miss Freedom’s defeat 🙂

    I’m going to also ask Athena too gets a Secret Defeat hopefully at the hands of some lovely villainesses and that the sexy Athena gets a chloro finisher as well.

    Keep up the great work NGC!

    PS: Is there anyway to get a member list film that came out earlier? I’m interested in getting Miss Freedom: Deadly Green Rock but that came out before I signed up for the list.

  13. Greg S says:

    Definitely the best chloro scene in a NGC vid, the finishing touch of shoving the cloth in her mouth was a great touch. So this was the last part in this miniseries? Because it felt like another part was in order.

    If you make some more of these miniseries, I hope you give Athena and Celestia a shot at their own features. I feel those two are very deserving of a little more time in the spotlight and they certainly seem to be popular from the comments I’ve seen.

  14. Raiderman says:

    Awesome video! My new favorite from NGC! Loved the chloro scenes and the 2 on 1 beatdown. Trying to figure out how you are going to top this video, it wont be easy. Keep them coming….

  15. David says:

    Fantastic! Great chloro scene too! That’s the type of chloro scene I would like to see with Shadowstar.

    Lexi Jones as Pandora Gold is hot too!

    Keep up the tremendous work.


  16. RJ123 says:

    Absolutely awesome vid…god i love the way Harriet Moran plays the helpless heroine, she is so damn hot!!

  17. Raiderman says:

    Can hardly wait for this release. Hope it can live up to my expectation. What am I saying?, its got Miss Freedom 🙂 !

  18. TOM GAO says:

    @Next Global Crisis
    Great! I really like the Bluebird and Angel.
    And really like SEASON 2 / EPISODE 8’s story,
    Like take off boots and torn stockings.
    Hope to see heroine was defeated ,more tragic!
    thank you!

  19. Yep, this is heavy with both Miss Suppression and Pandora Gold, more of a gang up than the last one.

    @TOM GAO: Bluebird 2020 Part 3 is scheduled for release in January. We have 2 more releases in December after this weekend that I think nearly everyone will enjoy.

  20. Underdog18 says:

    More Pandora Gold please!!!!!!!

  21. TOM GAO says:

    Waiting bluebird 2020 part 3!!!!!

  22. Jerkstore says:

    Miss Suppression = Must buy!