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Next Global Crisis – Season 2, Episode 4

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Suki Deluxe is really hot. I imagine that is not breaking news to any of you. But while watching Episode 4 of the second season, the main thing running through my head was, “Wow! Suki Deluxe is really hot!” 

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4

Not my best written introduction for sure, but I think you get the point. You could easily say the same thing about Celestia, who is also incredibly attractive. The sheer hotness of the two lead actresses almost made me forget that (in my opinion) this is one of the best Next Global Crisis episodes ever produced.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4

The finale of season one and the premier of the current season each hold a warm place in my heart. They were number one and two on my favorite episodes list. However, I believe this episode belongs in that elite territory. I imagine a big highlight for many of you will be Suki’s new costume. It’s not that much different from when she premiered in the training room. There is a little less flair, and it features what some have called a “wet” look. The question is, does it work on her? The answer. Good God, yes.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4

We always go light on any plot spoilers for NGC episodes and we will do the same for this review. Just beware, minor spoilers are coming.

The episode opens up with a little flashback to the end of season one, when things weren’t going all that well for Suki Deluxe. She was kidnapped, mind controlled via a collar, and she unwillingly played a big part in the downfall of Ms. Freedom.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4

Suki is out for revenge, and her target is a surprisingly clean-cut Sebastian Lunar. We rarely ever discuss the male villains in these movies but I don’t think there is a better one in the genre than Sebastian. The actor that plays him is terrific, and he has never been more menacing.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4

Sebastian apparently isn‘t doing a good enough job of keeping a low profile as James Roman excoriates him over the phone. His public appearances help Suki and Celestia track him down, and Suki confronts him alone. This episode is kind of a slow build. It takes a few minutes to get to the fight scenes, but I don’t think of this as a negative. The dialogue is top notch, the acting is great, and the opening verbal exchange between Suki and Sebastian is just terrific. When the fight begins, Suki has the advantage; however, Sebastian pops one of those pills, and things quickly go downhill for our heroine. I think I need to stop here. It was just so well done, I don’t want to spoil anything. Rest assured that there is a ton of peril in this episode, highlighted by plenty of stomach punches, a choke out, and a great bearhug scene. Although they each have their moments, the heroines take a real beating in this episode.

Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4Next Global Crisis - Season 2, Episode 4

My unsolicited advice, you should buy it. Why? Great acting, great directing, great writing, great choreography, great costumes, great production values, just all around greatness. Plus Suki and Celestia are really hot.

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93 Responses

  1. Beast says:

    Well i like the side mission and is worth the price, I always love the camera work specially in action scenes, they are really intense. But i have to agree that we purchase these movies to see the hits, the face but also the body reaction. The training room of angel with nina was incredible for example. I think that maybe is difficult to make a good story and keeping the heroine losing all the time.
    About the bluebird costume, i love it but i didnt have problem with the last one. So its difficult to me to chose one, i like the first one a lot with the sunlight and the second one maybe works better in interiors. I dont´t know but i really enjoy these videos and also i love all the extras materials for the subscribers. They are always surprise!

  2. Anthony says:

    You and your team at NGC do a fantastic job, and I have to say that you haven’t disappointed me yet. I don’t think any other website has dedicated there time and effort to give us fans what we have always wanted, and no one has really delivered until now.

  3. fabio says:

    I for one LOVED bluebird’s new costume. Extremely sexy and well designed. I always thought her original was plain and boring but this one is excellent. Those stills look great.. 2 more weeks!!!

  4. Mark says:

    I want people to know that I’m a massive fan of what the guys and girls of NGC do (I think I can say that – after all, I’ve purchased everything they’ve done). And no, I don’t expect them to change a damn thing based upon my opinions. But like when I sing their praises on epic productions like the first three episodes this seasons, then I’m also going to say what I don’t like if I don’t like things. I’m not cutting into them, or making a stand for change – I’m telling them what I honestly think! And as alot is to do with outfits etc., as people have said, it’s down to preferences / opinions – you can’t please everyone, and only a fool would try! That said, they must have done more good than bad to keep me (a difficult to please customer) coming back for more…and more…and more!

    However, ‘fundamentals’ are different than ‘outfits’, and I’ve got to say that having watched the Side Mission a few times now, I’m shocked at the quality of the filming! The choke scene only shows half of Angel’s face, they film a punch on Angel from behind ‘Snare’ but you only really see his shoulder, they film her feet / boots more than her face…it just had very strange feel about it, and not a NGC like one at all! This coupled with a few other things will make me less likely to purchase without hesitation. Should NGC care? Absolutely not! What might turn me away from another episode might attract a new customer. But as I said previously, I’ve paid my dollar, and therefore that grants me the privilege to air my opinions!

  5. Mike says:

    Indeed they do. Release is in two weeks you said? Cant wait.

  6. Yes… I think the photos included with today’s purchase give a certain amount away about that.

  7. Mike says:

    Awesome. So is another side mission the next release?

  8. @Mike – Not very soon, not very long either? We will be releasing films more frequently again now, so Episodes will have a few shorter films inbetween them. This enables me to get everything how I want it (as much as possible). I’m shooting it soon. You may also remember the ‘Create-a-Character’ poll from earlier in the year, we’re shooting that very soon and another video. I think both will be a lot of fun, I’m delighted with the cast so far. If we can make it work it could be quite exciting. I’ll chat more about proposed cast for Episode 5 when this video has it’s own review thread, if you can remind me 🙂

  9. Mike says:

    So whose in Episode 5? And when will list members get it?

  10. Mike says:

    Yeah man, there’s no need to change things based on a small contingents complaints. I believe your costume decisions are excellent, shiny tights included. We’re not all going to agree all the time. Band no matter how much these guys complain they eventually will buy another one of your releases, its inevitable. Keep doing what you do best.

  11. I understand what has been said and why. From my point of view it would be absolutely useless for me to say “Ok, no more shiny tights” or “Ok, no new costumes if the old one is popular.” Those requests, though perfectly reasonable to state, are different from pointing out things you feel the camera may have missed.

    As I’ve said, it’s futile for me to attempt to please everyone, I think I want to listen to people when they have a specific idea that might be fun, and I want to keep things interesting so we aren’t just having the same fight over and over with different characters. If you don’t like the look of a films trailer then nothing I can say will make you buy it, but don’t fret or fear because there will be another film in 2 weeks!

    And in one week a very handsome stills package.

  12. AlyAdmirer says:


    The above should read “that doesn’t mean I don’t still think your product is the very best in this genre.”

    (And to think I was the copy editor for my school paper… *shakes head*)

  13. AlyAdmirer says:


    Along the same lines as deathcake, I wanna make sure my comments were taken in the spirit which they were intended. As an actor myself, I certainly understand what it feels like to have something you invest so much of your heart and spirit into creating not get as overwhelmingly warm a reception as you might hope for. As you say, you can’t please everyone with every video, and to attempt to do so would be a fool’s errand.

    By the same token, even your biggest fans aren’t going to unreservedly love everything you do. Even with my favorite tv show, for example, there are episodes that I absolutely hate. Doesn’t mean I love the show any less. Same here. Just because of how (extremely) disappointed I am by what’s been done with Bluebird’s costume, that dpesn’t mean I still feel your product is the very best in this genre. And like I said above, regardless of what I think about the new costume, it’s still being worn by Claire frikkin’ Yellowlees! There’s only so wrong you can go with that. 🙂

    In short… I’m with you to the bitter end. 🙂

  14. Mike says:

    At the end of the day we all have our personal preferences, and NGC cant include all of ours at once or else the vids would turn into a mess. Thats just the reality. We can only hope some of our ideas make the final cut.

    Anyway, on to the vid. I loved it. I just wish you would shy away a bit more from all the sleeperhold ko’s. I mean theres so many ways to knock out a heroine. Chloroform, gas, injection….all of which are just as effective and hot as a sleeperhold. I hope we see chloroform make a return in an upcoming release, preferably with Bluebird or Angel.

    This begs the question: What character will feature in episode 5? And when can list members expect it?

  15. Dark J says:

    Just watched the Angel video and I have to agree with Jose. It was really good in so many ways, but there just wasn’t enough eye candy. It’s a shame, it was well acted, the costume was great, I liked the storyline, and the overall production was so well done, but just not enough of what we buy these movies for. And I have seen the same problem in other movies. Sometimes it seems like you get more eye candy in a comic drawn by Ed Benes (see his latest run on Red Lanterns), which is aimed at a mainstream audience, than some of these movies.

    I also agree with Jose on the Bluebird costume. Wow! And the actress looks amazing. Just please, please, please show a lot of her body and especially her buttocks.

  16. deathcake says:

    @ NextGlobalCrisis,

    I hope you didn’t take my post as an attack on your production. I was mearly voicing what I thought. Regardless of whether I said anything or not, I still wouldn’t have bought it. At the end of the day, I will probably purchase at least 50% of all your episodes. Applying to specific a fetish might be a bad move though, because as you state, it could polarise opinion, and lose a sale, to gain a sale. I tend to view it unfavorably if a particular fetish is introduced, get to satisfy getting into the film. Choloforming a heroine that the villian can’t defeat makes sense. Beating her up then choloforming doesn’t really make much sense. The bad guy could just knock her out. I think it cheapens the production was elements that get introduced.

    Just my opinions! They are probably bad for business 😉

    At the end of the day, your productions feature excellent acting, fight scenes, peril. I actually WATCH your episodes. I tend to skip through other heroine movies to get to the “good stuff”, so it’s great you offer so much more.

    And I don’t hate tights 😀 Just the super shiney ones like angel is wearing! I really love Bluebirds tights outfit.

  17. Jose says:

    I love Bluebird’s new costume and appreciate the higher cut bottoms. In my opinion it’s way more sexier than the orginal. I cannot wait to see her next episode.

    As for Angel’s mini episode, I don’t think I liked it. As someone stated eariler, the camerman/director botched several opportunities. There were not enough eye candy shots. Around the 4:00 minute mark when Angel gets knocked down to the ground on all fours, there should have a shot from Snare’s point of view as he looks down at her. Seeing her on all fours and in that costume from that angle would have been sexy as hell.

    We all appreciate story and the fight choreography but at the end of the day it’s all really about eye candy. It’s about seeing a sexy girl in costume. And for some us it’s about seeing a sexy girl in costume in peril or distress.

    On a postive note, I commend Anastasyia and the rest of the models who wear high heels during the fight scenes for grinding it out. That must be brutal on them. Have you ever thought ofswitching out foot wear during the action scenes where the feet will not be in view of the camera?

  18. Anthony says:

    LOVE the shiny tights….and I’m glad to see Angel back (even though I kinda miss her old outfit). Have to agree about the choking….not really into that…need to focus more on Angel. I’m more of a chlro snob or tie up so I’m hoping Angel is in one of those again in the future.

  19. Well, interesting comments. I can say that for every single person who doesn’t like shiny tights there is another person who does. Our customer-base is very broad and I can’t possibly hope to please everyone, I’m not even going to attempt it.

    There was a clamour for higher cut costumes at one point or at least costumes that weren’t catsuits and didn’t have skirts. There are two new examples shown here and it’s passed without mention. So I do listen, but changes take a while to filter through, I cant take an idea one day, film it a day later, and release it a week after that, because it would be shit. Now, okay if we’ve done something badly wrong I will try to fix it. People tend to say it’s constructive criticism, but most of the above (bar the stuff about shot selection / camera work) is about your particular preferences.

    This is fine, what you are effectively saying is: “If they don’t do what I want I won’t buy.” But that has always, and will always be the deal. If I don’t make something you want to see, you won’t buy it, and I’ve got to hope enough people do because I put all of the money into the next film, I cover my own costs, that’s about it. I think I’ve been very open to feedback, but if we try something new, be it a costume or type of villain and it gets shot down so hard when I’m charging less than 10 bucks, then maybe I need to plough my own furrow and let the chips fall where they may. I do actually make alterations based on feedback, but if I never take a risk on something just to please people then I’ll get very bored, very quickly.

  20. Chris says:

    Should say they brought in their BEST actress for this. And she delivered in fine fashion, but the camera work really didn’t do it justice. Still a good video with a nice fight and the best actress in the genre.

  21. Chris says:

    I totally agree with you about the choking scene. They needed to definitely put the focus on Angel and her writhing with the camera work. Angel herself did a fantastic job. Its a shame that they brought in their actress who we don’t get to see much of and fall so short of what they normally have to offer production wise which they usually are the best at.

  22. AlyAdmirer says:

    “Seriously, it seems that the more NGC try to improve from the ‘generic’ off the shelf outfits, the worse they get.”

    To quote Xander Harris, “You’re not wrong.”

    I mean, I certainly understand the thought behind trying to make the costumes of the NGC universe more unique, and I can’t criticize the sentiment. IIRC, they’ve said that the emphasis on improving the costumes started with Celestia and they frankly hit it out of the ballpark with that one, IMHO. With what’s been done to Bluebird, Celestia’s costume is now hands down my favorite. Now, in the interests of fairness, I *do* think the new Angel costume is an improvement, and the modifications to Suki’s at the very least held par with the original for me.

    But Bluebird… no. New is not always improved, and it definitely hasn’t been so in her case. Not with the first change and *definitely* not in this case.

  23. Mark says:


    I was mainly on about the choking scene Chris, but I know what you mean. That though, wow! Seriously, I don’t want to see the guy choking Angel – I want to see her! And unfortunately she’s selling her ass off…but you don’t see most of it lol!

    And AlyAdmirer, I know what you mean! I’m gutted! I love BB, and Claire’s simply amazing…but that outfit! Seriously, it seems that the more NGC try to improve from the ‘generic’ off the shelf outfits, the worse they get (like Angel’s new gear alot, but an improvement on the old? I’m still not sure…). But you’re also (unfortunately) correct about it not going anywhere soon…which will leave me with a real problem, and that’s questioning whether or not to buy something with BB in it!


  24. AlyAdmirer says:

    Side Mission 1 is currently downloading, so no comments on its contents yet.

    The new Bluebird costume… I probably don’t need to say this, being on the record as much as I am for the previous costume alterations, but man do I not like it. Again, for me the Training Room Bluebird costume was about as close to perfection as humanly attainable. The second version IMHO dropped the best parts of the first (the sash, the boots and the gloves) but was still close enough to the original to tick the right boxes for me? But this. Don’t like the long sleeves. Don’t like the darker color. Do. Not. Like.

    Unfortunately, it clearly costs a shiny bob, so I doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Fortunately, though, it’s still being worn by Claire Yellowlees. So I guess I’ll try to learn to love it.

    But man…

  25. Chris says:

    ^ I agree about the camera angle. They really botched that with the main Angel peril scene. It kept focusing on her hands and boots and not enough pan shots of her entire body writhing and squirming. That’s my main gripe and that could have been easily fixed.

    But on top of that they should have added some more peril. He should have kept hitting her afterwards prior to her abilities kicking in. The fight scene was pretty good though I wish Angel took some more damage. I wish it were longer but for $9.99 can’t complain.

  26. Jose says:

    Downloading the video now so I’ll post my thoughts later. Costume looks great and so does Angel. My only gripe are the tights/pantyhose. I wish they were more of tan/nude color, instead having that shimmer finish.

    Reason being is because I am a bare legged fan when it comes to superheroine costumes, but I do understand the need and decision to go with tights sometimes. So if tights are going to be used, I prefer something that closely resembles bare legs.

    Something like what the Hooter’s restaurant girls where would be very nice and create a better color contrast with the white of the costume. Angel’s current tights fail to do so in my opinion.

  27. Mark says:

    Personally, I like to see heroines in tights; reminds me of the lovely Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. But like ‘deathcake’ says, like a lot of things, it’s down to personal opinion.

    Anyway, Side Mission 1! Purchased the clip immediately, pretty much like I’ve done with all NGC and got to say it’s pretty good…which is a worry for me. Only NGC don’t do OK, or good, or even great; they do ‘next level’. But for me, after an epic start in the first three episodes, I’ve not been feeling blown away like I’ve usually always been in the past. Last time out it was some of Suki’s ‘selling’ that was a disappointment (when being placed in a surfboard by Seb, you’d have thought that with all the ‘cracking and popping’, she’d have been in absolute agony; instead, it looked like she was getting a correction at her chiropractor).

    So, what’s wrong with this ‘Side Mission’? Not that much to be honest – Angel looks great, the combat is clever and inventive…but you come to one of the main spots of the clip, and this is something that I never thought I’d ever say about NGC, and the camera work is, well, frankly terrible! I’m here to see the heroine in peril guys (especially when it’s one as beautiful as Angel) and her face is mostly missing off the screen for the whole spot!

    And then to spoil things even more for me, the new Bluebird outfit is kind of dull for me. Even worse is the fact that on one of the pictures, you can see her underwear from under it. Seems a little petty, but seriously? I’m not taking bra strap or VPL, but it’s showing from under the cut of the suit. Little details like this may seem nothing, and most people will think I’m weird, but for me it set NGC aside. They gave me the quality of Hollywood but with the action that I wanted. Sites where there is little care about shooting and outfits are ten – a – penny, and that’s what set NGC apart. Now? I’m not so sure and I very much doubt I’ll purchase anything now without seeing more first in the future.

  28. deathcake says:

    “Whats wrong with the tights.”

    Personal opinion is all. I just don’t like them.

  29. Sym says:

    I’ll wait for the review on the side mission vid. The trailer does look alright, but I prefer a simple one on one fight, rather than weapons/gimmicks being involved. Particularly when that weapon is a bit of rope.

    Maybe there’ll be some whooshy sound effects on the actual vid, to give it a bit more welly. Cos on the trailer it just looked like… Well, like a bloke with some rope.

  30. Mike says:

    What’s wrong with the shiny tights? She looks incredible and I love that NGC incorporates heroines into their films who wear pantyhose and also others that do not. It’s a great decision to please both sides of the spectrum. I’m a pantyhose guy, and I love that Angel and Bluebird have them as part of their costumes. Cant wait to download this when I get home.

  31. deathcake says:

    Trailer looks good and I love angel, but why the shiny tights… 🙁 I think i’ll give that one a miss.

  32. Chris says:

    NGC side mission with Angel is out! Angel looking hot!

  33. @Chris – Well Sebastian was part of the group that were mind-controlling Suki, so she has good reasons to be angry with him.

    @Rebelfriendz – Thanks for the great comments, we try and keep the villains as interesting as possible. I would love to bring all of those people back soon but we just can’t shoot episodes and release them that fast sadly.

  34. Rebelfriendz says:

    I have been visiting this site for so long but I have never left a comment but I just had to do it for this one. I wont repeat all the congrats and great work which is mentioned above because it is so frankly obvious. I am a great fan of superheroine peril movies and thats the reason I started watching NGC. I still remember buying the first episode of Powerstar Vs Roman (Long way from there eh?). I have to say that the reason I buy these episodes now is to see how the story unfolds (Not that i dont like the peril). It is one of the damn best story lines I have seen and kudos to you. Secondly I have to say that you guys have the best villains. Many sites have good heroines and good peril but not so for the villains. I think NGC has the best villains ever and Sebastin Lunar is by far the best of the lot. I love the way he dishes out the punches and his dialoge delivery is the best….

    Will love to see Athena back in her Training Room costume with some fast paced action (didnt really like the episode she was in). Would love to see Majenta come back too (She was just getting better towards the last two Training Room). Would love to see Nina Hellfire again. Wow I really would like to see all of them come back eh?

  35. Chris says:

    Suki was super hot! And so was Celestia. This episode was pretty great. But I can’t help but feel it should have been Leadfoot that Suki was angry at and not Sebastian. She kicked Sebastian’s ass last time they fought in embarrassing fashion for Mr. Lunar.

  36. @Richard – The side missions will have more involvement in the story-line than the episodes, but they will not be imperative to it, and will still primarily be fight films set across several locations where the heroines are in no way safe like they were in TR. They will still be half the price of an episode, so a good option for those saving pennies. The create-a-character is very exciting, I got hold of the costume today and we will film that in a couple of weeks. The new character will not be part of NGC, so you won’t see her fighting alongside Bluebird or Suki. We have an entirely new idea for her and a couple of other characters we’ve dreamed up. I am very, very excited about this.

  37. Richard says:

    Thanks, good to know. A quick query, if I may. Will these side missions be similar to the Training Room format? I thought the balance of action to dialogue in those was v. good. I do not want to see a move away from plot in episodes necessarily, but the TR gave us our “heroine action fix” at relatively little cost. Also, what is the deal with the fan-created heroine, will she be in like a standalone episode or teaming up with Bluebird, Suki et al? Sorry for so many questions! 🙂

  38. @Richard – We have a very interesting plan for Angel, hopefully we are able to carry it out, it may surprise you.

    @babca11 – I can’t give any definite dates for that. We’ve got an overall plan but the storyline is quite long term so I can’t really promise when someone will be back.

  39. babca11 says:

    When the return of magenta?

  40. Richard says:

    NGC, I’m so glad Athena will be back! The mob has spoken, ha ha. Pity there’ll be a bit of a wait, given all the other stuff in the pipeline, but all it it sounds good so I can’t really complain now can I? I’m really looking forward to Angel in her new costume, it feels like ages since we last saw her properly. I too am intrigued by how her new status as villain will play out, but from the stills she looks heroic enough to me. Hmmm…

    As for a spinoff, I’d happily watch a Bluebird one as her character is interesting (nothing to do with her hotness or fighting ability of course, chortle) and actress believable, more than say Erica Lynn or Angel, who both look and act fantastic but are a bit less rounded in their portrayals. I don’t mean that as a complaint about those actresses because they are lovely but it just shows how good Bluebird is – and Suki and Celestia for that matter. Any of those could carry a spinoff I think, Miss Freedom too as Bert says, pity she didn’t make it to Season 2 really. She was wonderful and so believable in her final struggle. 🙁

  41. HolyMolyDude123 says:

    Just finished watching this episode. I have a few things I would like to say.
    First of all, wow. An outstanding episode from an outstanding series. I really do enjoy NGC quite a bit. I found this to be the best show in this season thus far. I enjoy seeing the heroine over powered and beaten, so this show was nice. However, I really do like the villain here. Sebastian is a great bad guy and I love to see him win.
    The heroines were pretty great too. Suki is ok, not my favorite actress not far from the worst. “Stick Girl” was outstanding though. I really got the feeling that was the first time she was dealing with a situation of being really beaten, so it was well done.

    I would like to see the heroine beaten by a bad guy that simply stronger than the heroine, not because of the pills or numbers. Still, I love your show here. I have been following you since the the first and I see no reason I won’t be buying them until the end.

  42. Episode 4 is now on General Release. If you don’t yet have it and are weighing up the possibility of getting it, this might help you: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=2036

  43. Bert says:

    This is a very well deserved love-in for NGC, and the latest vid deserves every kudo. The NGC team has the best combination of performers, choreography and writing in the game today. When the talk turns to favorites, I’m surprised season 1 episode 8 doesn’t get more attention. Miss Freedom was incredibly compelling as a heroine who was not at her best but willing to put it all on the line. The back and forth fight between her and Sebastian was maybe the best prolonged fight scene I’ve ever seen. Her performance was exceptional, and Sebastian was his usual awesome self. S1 Ep 2, S1 Ep.8, and the current S2 ep. 4 are all exemplary videos that capture the essence of heroine movie making for me. Thanks NGC.

  44. There is a chance, both are in slightly dire straits, see comic #3 for Golden Hornet and Training Room 18 for Magenta, but hey, it’s a possibility. Just a shame we can only make a maximum of two videos a month or we could probably commit to using everyone more frequently. Our lovely cast seem to enjoy playing the roles but we can only make so many vids!

  45. Fabio says:

    @NGC Any chance we’ll see the new girls of season 2 again in the upcoming side videos? Id like to see heroines that we didnt see as much or enough of for these videos. Athena was a great choice. Wouldn’t mind seeing Magenta or Golden Hornet either.

  46. Fabio says:


    Im not under any impression. Your view on back on forth fighting is very specific. Which is ok but I was just referring to back and forth fighting in general. Which I thought is what you were talking about in your first post. But now I get what u mean and i think its safe to say I would also enjoy that type of fight that you described as well:D Anyways Im so over this topic and Im sorry if I offended you or made you feel like I was attacking you. My bad.

  47. Well it looks like the people have spoken… we have to bring back Athena. In the ‘Training Room 15’ GOLD costume naturally. You shall have your way.

    @ShadowFax – Hmm, that’s a point… and a whole can of season 2 worms!

    @Blx – I appreciate you noticed this touch, after all, how in the world would Sebastian know what she’s called?

    And as for Bluebird spin-offs… well we’ll see what you make of the side missions, ultimately it is your collective choice, if you make it irresistible to me then you’ll get what you want.

  48. Blx says:

    I loved the fact that he called the other heroine ‘Stick Girl’. 😛

  49. ShadowFax says:

    Yeah essept that Angel is kind of a Villain now ain’t she? A spinoff with her would be from a villainous angle.

  50. AlyAdmirer says:

    @Jobber Lover

    I think you may be my mirror universe alternative self. 🙂 Seriously, flip “Angel” and “Bluebird” in your post and you virtually have my sentiments on the matter–though I’d probably also replace “Suki” with “Celestia”. For me, Angel is like Suki–someone a whole slew of folks around here go utterly gaga for, but who for me is just alright. Certainly not bad, by any means, but just doesn’t do it for me in the same way.

    But, as you say about opinions… 🙂

  51. Jobber Lover says:

    Wait a minute!

    Are you asking which character should get a spin-off?
    I would choose between the following three:
    Oh wait, perhaps … Angel!

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Bluebird, but I’d still rank her well behind Angel , Suki, Erika Lynn, and probably even Catherine Marks.

    Opinions are like backsides, however, everyone has one and we assume everyone else’s stinks!

  52. Mark says:

    ‘The Adventures of Bluebird’!!??!! Sign me up now!!!

  53. AlyAdmirer says:


    I believe it was this very site, in its review of either Episode 1 or 2 of this season, that said something like the Adventures of Bluebird would be a website they would totally get behind. Well, so would I. 🙂 Pleased to hear she’ll be playing a prominent role in the new line of vids, though that just makes me more impatient for that range’s launch. 🙂

  54. Mark says:

    Allow me to add that I would also welcome the delightful Athena back anytime!!! Talented and stunning actress, with the costume change for her Training Room outing a master stroke!

  55. Great! The costume upgrade really did seem to work with Athena and I thought her Training Room was really well performed. I hope I’m not putting any noses out of joint by saying that she is possibly the best in rehearsals of anyone we work with, she not only learns the order of the moves, but before the rehearsal ends is doing them at full speed with vocals, we could almost film it right then. I’d love to bring her back, I’m really pleased people like her.

    @Richard – Angel next definitely. I think anyone who didn’t get the photos in time will string me up if I go back on that one. After that… well it may be our beloved Bluebird once more. We’ve also got the ‘Create-a-Character video on it’s way, lot’s going on.

  56. Powergirlfanboy590 says:

    Thirded! I would love to see what Athena is up to after Season 1’s fallout. Celestia too! As I have said before, I would love for her to have her own episode and see how the current predicament she is in play out. I also have to agree with what one member has stated. I did not really like her hair style in this one. I much prefer it like it was during her debut.

  57. ShadowFax says:

    Seconded. Athena’s costume from her training room video was one of the best costumes ever to.

  58. Richard says:

    Hmm, any appetite to see Athena back… let me see… um, HELL YEAH. She is up there with Angel, Bluebird and Suki as my faves. Her Training Room video kicked ass. One of the most believable fights you guys ever did, the pace was breathtaking. So yeah I hope I’m not alone in hoping we haven’t seen the last of her! But Angel first right? Then what? What of Suki and Celestia? And Bluebird and Catherine?! I’m so impatient, I must know! =)

  59. Stephen Duke says:

    It was a good clip but I was gutted that suki didn’t do any knees to the face

  60. @Sym – Well I’ve got to say I appreciate all that you say, and I know that you understand where I’m coming from. I loved this film but I’m not looking to now just repeat that formula, I probably wouldn’t know how. Out of interest, what is your favourite film of ours?

  61. Sym says:

    @NGC That’s true. You can please some of the people all of the time and all that jazz. And I’m well aware that what I’m looking for is still something of a rarity, even within the superheroine/peril genre, so my expectations are always pretty low that I’ll find many videos which would appeal to me. But that just makes me appreciate it all the more, when I do!

  62. @AlyAdmirer – Well Bluebird is a decent shout. We love using her and I might be wrong but I think she’s appeared more than anybody else….. I think once the side missions start it might feel like a bit of a Bluebird spin-off at times!

    @Sym – I think if I actually tried to make a video that everyone would like it would end up being terrible. The thing that I generally say if someone doesn’t like one over another is that there’ll be a new video in a few weeks which might be liked more. Personally I think this is in our top 3 or 4 and has elements that I really enjoy.

    @Richard – Athena eh? I’m interested to hear about any appetite to see her back, any thoughts?

  63. Richard says:

    NGC, I meant in terms of her hairstyle in the beginning of the movie (before Kara comes to Earth) but you make great points about the similarities and differences between them. It’s nice there’s a naive/innocent heroine to counterbalance Suki’s jaded outlook. I would like to see them partnered again, but equally it would be nice to see them both grow and learn from past mistakes, so perhaps their dynamic would be too different. As for action, I enjoyed the change of pace because it suited the story, it’s not often a baddie is strong enough to floor a heroine with just one punch. Having said that I also like back and forth but it’s better suited to more athletic characters like Bluebird and Athena.

  64. Sym says:

    @Fabio I just clarify something about your post regarding the action in this video. In support of the prolonged reactions, you say that we’ve seen ‘back and forth’ fighting so many times before. You seem to be under the impression that any fast paced fight would have to be a back and forth affair, which obviously isn’t the case.

    A fast paced fight can still be an actual fight, even if it’s completely one sided. But, for me, for it to be considered an actual fight, there needs to be some… flow to it; Some attempts to fight back from the heroine, albeit unsuccessfully. If a heroine is simply outmatched cos her opponent is stronger, there’s actually less peril there for me than if she’s outfought by someone BETTER than her.

    And if you can dig me out all these fast paced fights on mainstream TV where a male fighter defeats a female character, you’re gonna have to point me in that direction cos trust me, those pickings are slim.

    At the end of the day, I think there is room for both. Just 2-3 minutes of ‘proper’ fighting, leading into the more peril orientated beatdown stuff (that makes up the bulk of this episode) would be the way to keep (almost!) everyone happy!

  65. AlyAdmirer says:


    I don’t even have to think about that question before answering: Bluebird. Celestia’s a close second, but the more I think about it, the more I come to think that a good deal of her charm lies in the way Aisling plays off the people around her–so I’m not sure whether she might not be best suited to a sidekick rather than leading role.

    That of course makes the thought of Bluebird paired with Celestia pop into my head… but I think that might prompt me to have a heart attack within the first 30 seconds of the two of them being on-screen at the same time. 🙂

  66. @Sugarcoater – I was really pleased we got this resolved, and it has actually made me think about how to deliver photopacks in future. I try to resolve issues as fast as possible, but occasionally when they occur I am asleep, so reaction is a bit dependent upon time of day!

    @Richard – So pleased that you enjoyed it so much! Interesting comparison between Celestia and Helen Slater’s Supergirl. I understand from the point of view of innocence, a lack of understanding about how the world works, and how people behave. The difference between them is possibly intellectual, I loved the way Helen played the role but the script made Supergirl a bit… dim? IMO. Hope that’s not sacrilege! I’m sure someone will tell me if it is.

    I hope people enjoyed the pairing of Suki and Celestia. I’d love to do more of them together generally but we’ve always got to get them fighting ASAP. If we could do a spin-off of one or two of our characters… who would be most popular?

  67. Sugarcoater says:

    Just a quick word about NGC’s customer service: I ordered the video (loved it), but could not properly download the pics due to my computer not recognizing the file type. I emailed NGC about the situation and within minutes received a response and within two emails I had the pics in a form I could open on my computer. That sort of quality customer service parallels the quality of the productions NGC is making. Terrific business all around.


  68. Richard says:

    Not much to add, only that I thoroughly enjoyed every second and thought it was NGC’s best video to date. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such good acting in a heroine video, it just felt totally believable to me and really helped me get into the story. Big fan of both outfits especially Suki’s which I didn’t find too baggy, in fact I think it was just right as you could see the outline of her ribs when she was stretched out on the floor. Much tighter and the poor girl wouldn’t have been able to breathe! I liked Celestia’s hair, recalled the image of Helen Slater in the beginning of Supergirl. Suited her innocence perfectly, whereas Suki looked more mature without the old headband. So what’s next for these two beauties?

  69. Helstar says:

    Nevermind I got it figured out lol ^^

  70. Helstar says:

    Is the trailer available somewhere ?

  71. Interesting points about the balance between reactions and fighting. It is a balance I want to strike correctly, obviously mix it up a bit where I can. At over 24 minutes I think we actually delivered a fair amount of both. I can’t say that we will be able to maintain a running time like that, frankly to shoot that much in one day and the whole thing remain editable proved incredibly difficult. I’m not going to accept jagged cuts or boring single takes just to make the film longer because it’s too big a trade-off.

    People will always have an opinion on the costumes. I know Angel’s grey catsuit was loved before but we always wanted something that reflected who she was and I think the new one is better naturally. I think when you see it in action you will like it! The costumes from now on I want to be very genre specific and as good as can be afforded, there are several more on the way and we won’t be abandoning bodysuits.

  72. Mark says:

    I’m with Sym and Jacob on this one. Another good episode but just didn’t leave me blown away as say One or Three of Season Two. Some really nice touches and ideas and Celestia was frankly amazing (although I dislike her outfit greatly), but for some strange reason, left me feeling somewhat underwhelmed. I’m a massive Suki fan too, but this is the second episode with her that I’ve felt the same way about (Season One Episode Six was the other). Not sure exactly why both times (a number of little things maybe) but far from the epic I really was expecting unfortunately!

  73. Fabio says:

    I vote YES on the extended reactions being a positive movement. It’s about time that happens! The only thing I wish was different about this episode was Celestia’s time of arrival. Why couldnt she have been a couple minutes late! Lol so I guess you know where I stand now.

    The extended reaction of Suki falling to the floor clutching her stomach gasping for breath and still absorbing the pain just made it more realistic. I wish every episode had that. it was what I liked most. Its rare to see that in a superheroine video in fact I havent even seen it done before. The dude’s got super strength so it only makes sense for her to go down like that. We’ve seen the whole back and forth fighting thing so many times before. If i wanted to see that Id watch episodes of Alias or just about every mainstream heroine movie or tv show. Theres also the foreign section on netflix, tons of karate movies. I know everyone has their own tastes but I just find the back and forth fighting boring, its like “Ok someone get the upper hand already!”, but Bottom line is that everyone watches these videos for their own reasons, which sucks because it means some people will be disappointed and some will be pleased, I guess you can mix in both? But that’s kind of how the episode was already wasn’t it? I was pleased with the extended reactions and im not attacking anyone but I just feel like I had to step in if I ever wanted to see that again. Sorry about the little rant.

    And as for Celestia having her own video… Im really not too sure if that’s the right move… Just kidding. Fuck yea I would love to see that!!! She’s a winner for sure.

    As for Angel’s costume I just wanna say I was disappointed but that’s because Im being biased and always prefer spandex bodysuits just like the one Angel used to wear over any other type of costume. Also Im a pervert and it hugged her beautiful body so well lol. Her new costume still looks great don’t get me wrong, it also fits her name and character alot better. But How about this, since you took away a bodysuit costume from a heroine you give us another heroine with a bodysuit costume? lol. Magenta’s costume was torn last time we saw her, she could probably use a new one 🙂

  74. Steve says:

    Excellent episode, another level of acting, almost the greatest peril I have seen in a while. If there was more dialogue to bring out the peril it would have been perfect.. It was impressive anyways

  75. Sasha says:

    Loved Celestia and her costume! Great story line + Definitely should be the style of all superheroine costumes!

  76. John says:

    Thanks, NGC! Congratulations for your last bloody good work. I really enjoy the actress who played “CELESTIA”. One of the best actresses in this genre. I believe she deserves her own movie. Maybe one with “Angel”! Congrats!

  77. Sym says:

    @NGC To answer your question regarding if more reaction shots than moves is positive, I’d have to say no.

    Clarifying that I’m primarily a fight fan, as opposed to outright peril fan, I naturally prefer to see a fight that’s an actual fight, rather than what would better be described as a beatdown. It’s not the one-sided nature of the action in this episode that disappointed me – I prefer one-sided fights – but moreso the kind of action it was. I prefer to see a fight start as a fight. The heroine should still be outclassed and on the back foot, but I prefer it if she’s still standing for a couple of minutes, against a barrage of attacks from her opponent, before the punishment gradually takes it’s toll; And then it should lead into the kind of action we saw in the Suki/Sebastian battle in this episode.

    This was just a bit too stop/start for my tastes. It was one move – long reaction; one move – longer reaction. Outside of the opening sequence, when Suki was in charge, I wouldn’t really define the rest of the action as ‘fighting’. Instead was more just someone hitting someone. Which, for me, isn’t the same thing.

    And on another topic, despite looking nothing like him, Julen really reminds me of Daniel Mays!

  78. Jacob says:

    Ordered it and liked it but wasnt as blown away as everyone else. The fight with Suki for me wasnt long enough or brutal enough. The other heroine is very sexy but would have preferred longer fight scene with her as well. Additionally I never received any Angel stills..its an ok epsisode but didnt meet expectations

  79. Derek says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the main reviewer that this is the best yet. I was shaking at the end with an adrenaline rush. There is one moment with Celestia that really shocked me. So my congratulations to everyone. Am I correct in saying that the actress playing Celestia is credited with being the make-up artist as well? If so, she must be the most talented make-up artist in the British movie industry! A real gem. Be proud of it, guys.

  80. I’m pleased that people are enjoying the Celestia character, she is pretty different from the others, and as has been pointed out, difficult to play. Obviously she was used in an important way in Episode 9 of Season 1, but it was more of a “who’s that?” than a real introduction to the character, I definitely want to do more with her. As for her hair, well it’s horses for courses I suspect, that style was her own choice. If it does make her look younger then it’s somewhat fitting for a powerful but very inexperienced character. For those not sure about it, I think it’s unlikely she will be able to retain the style to the next time we see her.

    @JohHugger – I don’t really like to give stuff away… [SPOILER] The person who gets bearhugged hasn’t been bearhugged before. Hopefully that’s enough info.[SPOILER END]

    @John – The Angel sample’s were limited edition for people who basically see the email, watch the trailer, and buy there and then. I have to reward these people because I/you/we wouldn’t have NGC without them. I love anyone who takes the chance to buy from us, but the more people who sit on the fence or ‘wait and see’ the less money I will have for the next shoot. No profits are being made here, I hope people understand that. Please don’t despair, there will be an Angel sample on the blog shortly before the release of her video, which IS April 27th (to the list), barring some disaster.

    @Phoxy_B – Wonderful comments, I love the idea that we are getting people involved in the story more and more.

    There were generally more reaction shots to various moves in this one… is that a positive move do you think?

  81. deathcake says:

    Simply awesome episode. I couldn’t really add much to anything anyone says. Buy this!

    There is a minor point. From the stills I saw of Angel’s new outfit… I really don’t like it. The catsuit she previously wore was a far better outfit. I think this is a step backwards really…

  82. John says:

    Where can I find samples about Angel’s new costume? I just downloaded the movie, but i didn’t find anything.

  83. Phoxy_B says:

    I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where I just buy these episodes without viewing the trailers. NGC has refined the process of filming an episode down to a science. I will admit that I used to buy these and the training room shorts just because of the hot babes in spandex, but somewhere along the way I started paying attention to the story-line.

    All of these characters are amazing and have highly detailed back-stories. Don’t get me wrong, Suki and Celestia are every bit as amazing in their costumes, but now I actually follow what is happening throughout the story as there is so much detail and reference to previous episodes. I absolutely loved the build-up to the fight with Sebastian since I got to see Suki move from a novice heroine to one who is out for vengeance and filled with rage. I must mention that Sebastian was hysterical when he was mocking Roman about the staff. I also loved the little touch at the end where he “used up” one of his lives following Suki’s “meltdown”.

    I briefly want to second Jobber’s sentiment regarding Celestia’s hair. I checked out her profile on ModelMayhem and she looks more mature, hotter and heroic with long hair. She almost looks like a teenager with her hair up. This is a very small point in an otherwise brilliant episode.

    Can’t wait to see Anastasiya in action in her new costume.

    Carry on NGC

  84. JohHugger says:

    I’d like to ask something for those who already watched this movie: Who is bearhugged by Luner? Suki or Celestia? What about the dialogs? Are they really good? I’m interesting to buy it. Thanks!

  85. Damien Woods says:

    Celestia is a knockout. And that gut punch was amazing.

  86. rangerian says:

    Yeah another winner. Love the Suki character and agree with others, she did a fantastic job at selling the peril. Would have liked to see more fighting.

    What a gorgeous NATURAL body.

    BUT what happened to her costume? It has gone all baggy. (Boo!)
    One of NGC trademarks is the body hugging outfits.

  87. Mike says:

    Great episode. Loved the way it ended as well. I must say I never got why people love Suki. I sorta still dont. But I think Celestia is a great new addition to the roster, and I for one would love to see a solo episode with her. The predicament shes in at the end here leaves the door open nicely for that to happen.

    So if memory serves me correctly the Angel film comes out on April 27th correct? I cant wait for that. That costume is superb. Hope she gets herself into some ko peril.

  88. Powergirlfanboy590 says:


    A million times yes!!! I would pay double for an episode starring Celestia. I love the character. Not only because the attractiveness of the actress & costume, but also because the character is so damn interesting. She is by far my favorite NGC heroine.

  89. AlyAdmirer says:


    I dunno, I have to thinkyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesohdeargawdYES!!!

    Ummmm… Yeah. 🙂

  90. I’m delighted with the comments in this thread and the other one earlier. We’re so pleased that people are enjoying it. We made a conscious decision to up our costume quality and I hope you are beginning to see the fruits of that… I am confident we can deliver more.

    I have to thank the actors particularly for making this one as good as it is. Having worked with them all before I knew they would be open to ideas I had and it made for a really good shoot.

    Would people be keen to see Celestia carry her own film?

  91. Jobber Lover says:

    This is a great episode. Of course, I bought it the second I got email notification it was out. Suki looks ridiculously hot in this episode. Celeste also looks great. Wow, NGC just keeps on getting better all the time. I love Suki. I love seeing her on the receiving end of a beatdown. She’s hot as hell in this one and sells everything to the nines.

    If I may be allowed to pick one knit. Celeste’s hair-do was a bit young for my taste. I thought it made her appear like a grade school girl. I would have preferred a little more mature of a hair-style on her. But honestly, that is just me being really REALLY picky. (Seriously, really picky) Because this is a great episode.

    And if getting a great episode with TWO phenomenally attractive heroines in it wasn’t enough. We also got a sneak peak at Angel’s new costume. … All I can say is I can’t wait to see Angel back in action. Anastasiya Breadson is my all-time favorite and I think we are all going to love the new costume.

    Great work, NGC. You folks are nothing short of awesome!
    Jobber Lover

  92. Fabio says:

    Definitely my favorite episode to date. Sebastian is such an awesome thug, I hope we get to see more of his devastating gut punch from hell. Suki did a perfect job selling it as well in my opinion. Even when she was on the floor holding her stomach, i loved that. It showed just how hard she got hit. After that punch this video immediately became my favorite. There is honestly nothing I can find wrong with it. I hope Celestia’s turn at being the main character goes something like this episode, or better. She does a great job of selling the peril as well. As always, looking forward to what’s next!