Next Global Crisis – Season 2, Episode 7 (Review)

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  1. Tony Adams says:

    The world needs Angel back (although all NGC efforts are sincerely appreciated)!!

  2. Mark says:

    Got to say that this is the first time I’ve seen a NGC preview and thought ‘Not for me’! Not sure if it’s the wig or what, but something just doesn’t appeal!

  3. ceej says:

    Well, I know where I’ll be doing my black friday shopping.

  4. She is fighting ‘Delilah Crunch’ here are some pictures of that:

  5. Richard says:

    Wow, Dynamite Doll even more stunning in these portraits! Sexy and ready for action. I too am curious about her opposition.

  6. Dillhole says:

    And who will Dynamite Doll be fighting?

  7. Introducing: The Dynamite Doll:

    Out on Friday

  8. @Beast – No problem, glad we got it sorted out and thanks for the kind words, Katia doesn’t really hold back does she?

    Regarding costumes I certainly never expect to please everyone, as long as it looks good for what it is, that is my aim.

  9. Beast says:

    Thanks for the help with the link NGC!
    I just saw it and it was a great episode. Love the brutality of the new villain. I love the fight also. When there are belly punches i am the most happy man in the world so thank you!! ha.
    I love the costume it makes the character of miss freedom more epic and real.

  10. Spandex Fiend says:

    Do I even need to chime in on what I think of the new costume? I mean, look at my handle here. =P

    I love the full body suit of course! I’m also one of the few probably that prefers pants to skirts, as they show off the hips, butt, and crotch more. But it’s more than that, I just feel like a full body suit provides more protection than a simple skirt and leotard combo. Especially given the new information that her suit provides her power, seems to make sense that it covers all of her.

    Also the video was great! It really did explain a lot about how Ms. Freedom is alive and well. Guess it’s still too much to ask for a low-blow, huh?

  11. Beast says:

    @NGC yes i am sorry. I was a little desperate to have it ha!

  12. Scwank says:

    Regarding the costume, I’ll chime in too. I know there’s no way to please everyone. The prior costume was one of my favorites too, and this one doesn’t really do it for me. I guess I’m a skirt fan. To me, the new one doesn’t have the femininity of the prior one. But, I see bitching about every costume by some segment of the fan base, and I don’t want to go there. As mentioned, I know that NGC has a tough job pleasing everyone. NGC may have wanted to get away from the Supergirl look, but that’s part of what did it for me.

  13. kingles says:

    @NGC: Sorry, but I just couldn’t help making a conspiracy theory joke about ‘the Collective’, as such entities are very fertile ground for conspiracy theories(like the Bilderberg group for example).

    In this case a conspiracy so diabolical that even the person who created the collective, AND the entire universe they operate in, couldn’t accept it. So basically I was using the setup I was given to propose an incredibly ridiculous conspiracy(what could happen in the NGC universe that you wouldn’t know about?), to make fun of conspiracy theories in general. I know nobody asked me to, but I just can’t help thinking outside the box sometimes.

    BTW, I loved the episode. It really answered everybodies questions from the last one. Why don’t those guys just send Katia to bust some heads though? She’s pretty bad ass!

  14. kaptureme says:

    I agree with GigaFiend. I think the old costume for Mr. Freedom needed and upgrade, and like the shiny look of the new one, but would have preferred a skirt to the pants. How do you not show off her legs????

  15. Richard says:

    OH and I almost forgot to mention the new Failsafe Sister, WOW. I think I’m in love, her tight red catsuit is crazy hot. What’s her story? M/F opponent?

  16. Richard says:

    @NGC – I watched Episode 7 before reading the review and never even heard of “The Collective” until now so I don’t think it’s any fault of yours. Great episode, btw. The acting doesn’t get enough praise in these reviews and I thought Harriet Moran and Hayley Marie-Axe knocked it out of the park. Miss Freedom’s pain with her broken back was highly believable and her confidence gradually ebbing away as she took beating after beating was wonderful. Katia was a great villain, she only needed to stand there to be imposing but the part where she whispered in Miss Freedom’s ear about servicing the troops gave her a nice sadistic edge. Also a big fan of the way the story tied together bits from last season and led smoothly into the current story line, pretty satisfying. I’m excited to see what Miss Freedom’s orders are and how she copes with big villains like Luner and Leadfoot now her power so limited. Does this mean her costume gives her powers? So if she were stripped of it, or parts of it, her powers would diminish? Anyway nice work.

    @GigaFiend – And there was me thinking the one thing we would all agree on was how amazing the Miss Freedom costume is, LOL. Different strokes I guess, to me it looks as a superheroine costume should. Bold primary colours, perfectly tight fit, the emblem on the cape and belt, matching bracelets and shoulder pads. I dunno what your into but for me this is close to perfection, light years ahead of her old costume IMHO. If all the heroines (and villains) get costumes as detailed as this I’d be stoked. Out of interest what sort of costume would you prefer?

  17. @Beast – Yes I can send you another but it is best to direct support questions via the contact form on the website in future. Or directly email

  18. Beast says:

    Hello! i bought it but i couldnt download it. My internet connection is working bad. Theres someway to obtain the download link again?

  19. @kingles – ARGGHH! Then maybe they have?…

    @Sidekick – Perhaps there is some flaw in the plotting from my end but to confirm… The Collective are a group of people that the Roman brothers belong to. They sponsored Elite Force in Season 1 but decided to axe the group when Miss Freedom started to turn public opinion against their causes and generally going ‘off-message’, the replacement group was Red Mist. The Collective sanctioned and thought they had carried out a successful assassination of Miss Freedom in Season 1 Episode 9, with the only drawback being that John Roman was almost killed by the blast she caused and is still in intensive care.

    In Season 2, James has been given free reign over Red Mist activities, running assassination squads against old Elite Force members AND running Project:Disciple, a drugs program that momentarily mimics or blocks super powers, making assassinations more possible. The Collective have been a little ‘hands-off’ so far this season, but James and his vendetta’s are becoming harmful to the cause, things may not stay as they are.

    Meanwhile we have the group that links both Miss Freedom and Celestia. We know from this episode that they powered Miss Freedom from the start, saved her life in S1E9, and now are wondering whether or not to keep using her at all. They are a society that comes in two parts, a dark and a light and they must agree on everything before they take an action. That is all we know about them so far.

  20. kingles says:

    @NGC: “It’s not the collective involved here at all. They’ve no clue about any of this”

    Really? Sounds like you’re in denial about their involvement…They’ve got their hands in EVERYTHING! 😉

  21. Maar13 says:

    Love how you mix up flash backs from older episodes with the current story, liked it a lot, Really became a fan of your work since last year.

  22. Sidekick says:

    My fault! I think I had it in my head that the organization that empowered Miss Freedom was The Collective and just assumed that they were the mystery group in this episode. Apologies all around.

  23. Noooooo. It’s not the collective involved here at all. They’ve no clue about any of this, what gave you that idea?

  24. DKM says:

    So … does the heroine die at the end?

  25. GigaFiend says:

    Looks good, but not a fan of the costume