Season 2, Side Mission 8 from Next Global Crisis

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  1. There ought to be another Members Only film next month.

  2. Mike A says:

    Will there be another members only film soon?

  3. Well I hope not either…

  4. James says:

    Hope we haven’t seen the last of Nina, though.

  5. James says:

    Another Miss Freedom and Celestia team-up, with the Hammer around with who knows what agenda ? Sounds like another winner…

  6. Chris mate, nothing would make me happier than going on a Florida vacation, its bloody freezing here. Sadly the Angel film won’t be edited in time for this weekend. Sorry.

  7. Chris says:

    NGC take a bit of advice from ol’ Chris here, just release the video this friday, make money, and go on vacation for a while. Florida is beautiful this time of year.

  8. @Naveed – Oh don’t worry, it will soon come around.

    @Tony – Thanks Tony, yes… they are going after their #1 target with a vengeance.

  9. Tony says:

    Just got SM8! Again NCG makes another great film! Miss Freedom and Celestia teaming up with The Hammer to find the drugs! Can’t wait to see that one! The Angel perview looks hot, looks like they are going after the #1 target with a vengance. The great thing about the discount list is that it saves me money that I can spend on back episodes I don’t have! Thanks NCG!

  10. Naveed says:

    oh shoot! i was hoping for this friday the 18th! :P…looking forward to 25th!

  11. We are working towards Friday 25th for Members:

    Others will be after that.

  12. Naveed says:

    Do you have any specific release date for the angel video? is it going to be this friday or the next?….

  13. @RedMountain – Yes, we should be doing another Catherine film soon-ish, she has an important role to fulfill, so barring schedule disasters I expect to make it. Did you not get SM8 yet then? It’s now available from the site:
    You can rest assured I’ll be keeping you all up to date on Angel.

    @HolyMolyDude123 – I’m glad that you enjoy these two together, I was very happy with their performances and all being well you will see more of it.

  14. HolyMolyDude123 says:

    As a huge Miss Freedom fan and almost as huge of a Celestia video, I enjoyed this one. As I have said, this part of the story (These two together I mean) is easily my favorite, so I hope to see more of it.
    Well done and keep up the good work.

  15. Redmountain says:

    Just curious as to if there are any future plans to have Catherine Marks in another video? Loved her simple all black suit and think we need to see a bit more of her!

    This side mission looks good as well, but like many others, can’t wait for the Angel vid!

  16. @Bert – Lovely comments thank you. I’m sure we can do better than this with a bit more funding, we’re getting there.

    @Sloan – I’m delighted you enjoy the little touches and enjoyed both of the films so much, it really is great to hear.

    @Andrew C. – A scene between Angel and Sebastian?!…. What a great idea!! I don’t normally make promises but I PROMISE to make and release that. If I don’t I’ll shave my head and name myself after you. Promise, promise, promise.

    @Fabio – I’m glad that you generally enjoyed the film. Lot’s of people really like Miss Freedom and don’t like others. As long as everyone likes at least one heroine I can’t do much better. We can do that move again in future I guess.

  17. Fabio says:

    Great episode. While Miss Freedom is at the lowest ranked NGC heroine in my book. This episode was still worth the buy. Im just not much of a fan of Miss Freedom anymore, so I cant say I loved it. Especially after Celestia leaves the video during the fighting, man was I disappointed. But this episode picked up regardless and I ended up enjoying it. I really liked the camera shot while they were fighting and the music starts playing. Good job on that guys, I really hope to see another fight like that it was really cool. If only it was any other heroine I would have loved it. The Hammer seems to love pounding the breath out of the girls, which is pretty damn awesome for me. Hope to see more of him. Looking forward to Angel.

    Side Note, @NGC I really liked the ab claw move that Hammer does to Miss Freedom after the back breaker, digging his fingers into her abdomen, any chance we can see that move done again?

  18. Andrew C. says:

    NGC, What are you guys waiting for a “special series or something” with “ANGEL”??? Don’t you see how much she is beloved???? Come on, what are you waiting for??? I remember some speculations about a movie involving her and Sbastian. You guys never made it! Allow me to ask for something more than a 10 minutes movie for her!!!!

  19. Sloan says:

    I cannot recommend SM7 and SM8 highly enough and anything with the pairing of Celestia and Miss Freedom is pure gold.

    It certainly doesn’t hurt that they are both gorgeous and totally kick arse, but they have nice chemistry and play off one another very well. Celestia brings a wonderful aura of innocence and naivete in contrast to Miss Freedom who is more battle hardened and exudes a confidence which can sometimes lead to her undoing. This was never more obvious than against Nina who took down both heroines with surprising ease.

    I thought the entire escape scene was brilliant from beginning to end. When Nina is taking down Miss Freedom we can see Celestia in the background struggling to recover from the effects of the flash grenade. Rather than wondering what was happening with Celestia, we were able to see it. It’s little things like this that make NGC productions great and leaves everyone else in the dust.

    The revelations at the end of SM8 opens many storyline possibilities and I am definitely looking forward to seeing how things play out going forward.

  20. Bert says:

    I’m sure the Angel film will sell huge. That girl is the pure physical embodiment of a superheroine and she seems to truly grasp what the fans are looking for in combat scenes. But I’ve gotta say, this most recent side mission is just about perfect. Strong, scary villain, gutsy heroine who sells peril as well as anyone in the genre and supporting work by Celestia, who is just astonishingly compelling. This is exactly the sort of thing I never thought I would see brought to life. May you long continue to bring us these beautifully crafted films.

  21. @Chris – You won’t regret it, Angel really looks splendid, as good as I remember on that particular day. The film is alright as well.

    @billbo – I’m very pleased that you enjoyed it. If everyone who tells me they are interested in the Angel film actually gets it I’m going to have to talk to her about a special series or something. Food for thought.

  22. billbo says:

    NGC delivers again. Another fantastic backbreaker and i loved the flashback too i think it really added to the scene. Fantastic value when you compare it to many other producers work. REALLY looking forward to Angel’s long awaited appearance.

  23. Chris says:

    Heh well because of that I will probably buy it on later on down the line for completion sake.

  24. Oh Chris that is a shame, there’s a long Angel teaser plus a photo-pack from the Episode 8 shoot as part of the Side Mission 8 package. I won’t be releasing those photos separately.

  25. Chris says:

    It seems like a great video and I’m sure many would be happy with the purchase, but nope. I am a huge fan of many of most of the actresses you have on your roster and I buy at the very least about 4/5 of every video you make you make including FSS. but i am just not particularly a fan of Miss Freedom. i end up not liking videos involving her as much as i do the other heroines. not that she is bad or anything, in fact she is very good, but myself personally i prefer your other heroines.

  26. Yes. It is next. Did you get this one?

  27. Chris says:

    So. Angel Video? ๐Ÿ˜›

  28. Yes, beautifully delivered. I really like writing lines for that character, she’s probably the most like me of any of them which makes it fairly second nature.

  29. James says:

    “In hindsight, a poorly conceived idea” actually made me laugh out loud : )

  30. Beast says:

    Love it! Poor miss freedom i think it is the most punished character in the entire NGC. Thanks god! ha

  31. Richard says:

    @Mike J – I never said you demanded more, I said you wanted more because twice you suggested that her role could have been beefed up, apologies if I misinterpreted. Also I went back and compared the recap to the end of SM7, it’s actually much shorter. It skips most of the dialogue and the chloroform is quicker. Perhaps it could be a few seconds less, but you can just skip it and those who didn’t see SM7 get to see some of it, everybody’s happy! ^_^

    @AlyAdmirer – The way Celestia leaves, I just figured she was doing as told, her character seems more logic than emotion (bit like a Vulcan, haha) so I think it was fine. Besides she ignored MF’s advice last time and look where that got her! To me she is still a young rookie type, whereas MF is the wise veteran (though not too wise evidently).

    @NGC – Sorry so much has been made of how/why/when Celestia leaves, because I thought Miss Moran was truly special in this film and I am glad she got to fight THE HAMMER alone! Sometimes I take for granted the talent of the actresses, thanks to them all and please next time let us see Celestia in the changing room (joke…?) boots or no. ๐Ÿ˜›

  32. @Mike J – I’m not complaining about the criticism. That is what you felt and just as you saying everything is great when it’s not is no good, my just agreeing with the points you raise when I have an answer to them is no good either.

  33. Mike J says:

    I think people took my post was too harshly. All I did was offer constructive, respectful criticism.

    @ Next Global Crisis

    I wasn’t expecting a perfect video, but me sitting here and saying “another great video, keep up the good work” doesn’t really accomplish anything because no video is perfect. I’ve posted on your videos before and I always say what I liked and didn’t like. I think that would be helpful, but that’s just me I guess. Never even said I hated the video, just talked about what I was disappointed in. I don’t film videos, but I write. You’ve told me what goes into filming certain scenes so now I know. The plot still doesn’t make sense to me though. If a new person had time to come to the scene, who would think that Nina wasn’t long gone.

    @ Richard

    Show where I demanded more, or complained about the lack of Celestia. My suggestion of how I thought the scene would have made more sense to me had Miss Freedom and Celestia and still had Celestia leaving.

    Then I said the time spent doing the refresher could have been used for more STORY/PERIL in general. Then I said Celestia because she was going to be leaving, then you could still focus on Miss Freedom.

    So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    @ AlyAdmirer

    I don’t mind a rehash, but it should have been edited parts of the ending, not an entire full run of the ending exactly as it was. That had to be almost two minutes, no need for a rehash to be that long.

    My disappointment is probably a product of my expectations. NGC is one of my favorite studios and I have almost every thing they’ve ever released save two or three videos. But as I said earlier, no video is perfect, and just saying “oh it was great, I love you stuff,” really doesn’t help in the long run.

  34. AlyAdmirer says:


    I admit to having the same thought you did about Celestia’s leaving, but I think it’s more poor judgment (as she says) than a plot hole. It might have been nice to see a little more hesitation on her part to leaving Miss Freedom alone, but I’m not sure how much of that can be put down to script and how much can be put down to acting choice.

    And any poor judgment I can chalk up to lingering chloroform disorientation. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And yeah, the reprise was needed, IMHO. Not everyone who bought this video would necessarily have bought SM7, and those people would need to know why Miss Freedom and Celestia are in that position–and I don’t think you could start the SM7 material any later and not have it be an awkward start.


    What you’re saying isn’t unreasonable, but when the previous installment’s cliffhanger features two heroines in dire circumstances only for the resolution to essentially cast one of those two aside, it’s also not unreasonable for some to feel let down by that development.

    To NGC’s credit, the preview material’s focus on Miss Freedom at least softened that blow for me. But again, if logistics make it difficult or impossible to deliver a 1-on-2 encounter, then maybe ending the previous video with questions hanging over the fate of two heroines is indeed a poorly conceived idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Richard says:

    Mike J, I think your critique is harsh. None of that ruined my enjoyment one iota.

    You wanted more Celestia, fine. But this was Miss Freedom’s film and was advertised as such. She was a footnote in the Celestia-centric SM7 and — as AlyAdmirer points out — SM8 redresses the balance. I like both girls a lot, so I got no problem with that. You obviously don’t agree but complaining about the lack of Celestia in a MF film seems unfair.

    As for plot, it made perfect sense. In case you’ve forgotten, the dynamic duo had orders to capture Nina. So why would Celestia stay and fight this guy when theres still a chance to complete the mission? MF thought she could handle him alone, a bit of hubris still there methinks. Was it a risk? Yes, one that didn’t pay off — but it still made perfect sense.

    Finally I would guess that SM7 and SM8 were filmed together, so with or without the recap I think the rest of SM8 would have been the same irregardless.

  36. @Derek – I’m very pleased you enjoyed this Derek and I’m sorry to hear you are unwell at the moment. I will also make sure I pass the compliments on to Celestia regarding her background acting! As for the NHS, well… if I can get all UK taxpayers to put money into the making of these films then I promise I will give them away for free! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Lake – I think kingles is right. Celestia did take her boots off but it was in the changing room and she wouldn’t want us to film her in there.

    @Mike J – I’m sorry if this wasn’t a perfect experience for you. I’m sorry to say that we couldn’t have spent extra time filming more Celestia bits because the shoot for those two films took 13 hours as it was. I am more than happy to spend 2 days filming these side missions and making them longer, I’ll even keep the prices the same, but I’d need to sell many more to have that make sense I’m afraid.

    The criticism about Celestia leaving isn’t a plot hole or bad writing because when she comes back she says; โ€œIn hindsight, a poorly conceived idea.โ€ Bad writing is rarely so aware of itself. While a longer 2 v 1 situation would have been nice it simply takes a lot longer to shoot a coherent 2 v 1 scene than a 1 v 1. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. So, in many ways I agree with most of your desires, they run along similar lines to mine, but we are slaves to time and money.

  37. Mike J says:

    Well I have to say I was disappointed in this one. Anyone who doesn’t want to know the plot stop reading now. Spoilers.

    First was it really a need to spend so much time recapping the previous episode. Between the intro and the recap, probably a quarter of the video was used up. You could have used some of that time to extend Celestia’s role in the video. I’d much have rather seen that, then watching the entire ending of the previous episode again.

    Then you could have just had Miss Freedom wake up and save Celestia, then they could have taken the upper hand together by overpowering the hammer. Then Celestia leaving would have made some sense. But the way it was done it didn’t/ Why would she leave her partner alone with someone she just got done saving her from. She didn’t even have an idea how long Nina had been gone.

    I usually don’t critique plot in superheroine films. But now that studios are making these episodic ongoing story videos, I guess I should really review everything.

    The acting, the selling of the action, and choreography were top notch as always. But plot wise it didn’t make sense, and mostly I felt there was wasted time that could have been used for more story/peril, either for Miss Freedom, or moreso Celestia since you were going to remove her from the video.

  38. kingles says:

    @Lake: That was Angel who was getting debooted in the preview.

  39. Derek says:

    Oh what a pick-me up this was. Bed-ridden for most of the week with a virus, the new Side Mission came at just the right moment to lift me from my gloom.
    Foot on throat, powerful blows and an almost rag-doll moment for our doubty Ms Freedom. I still cannot be certain why the sight of this particular character in primary colours is such a turn on, but seeing her helpless facing “certain doom” raised my pulse so far I almost had a relapse!
    There are little moments that very few directors or producers can match. One I have to highlight is in the update, where Celestia is blindly feeling around her in the background, as Nina chloro’s Ms F. She keeps it real, and her fear is transmitted more powerfully because of that.
    Again with Celestia, as Hammer is handing out some bone snapping blows, she conveys not only the pain she suffers, but her desperation in a situation she should have been controlling. Well done to you all again. I cannot remember enjoying anything in this genre as much for a long time.
    Now can I get the next edition on the NHS???

  40. Lake says:

    Was I imagining it? I could have sworn it looked as if Celestia’s boots were being removed in a trailer I saw, but she hardly featured in it and certainly kept her boots on the whole time.

  41. Thanks for the review Sidekick, another glowing one… hope you like the next one as much!

    @AlyAdmirer – I’m pleased you don’t regret your purchase. People have their favourites and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) I have to mix it up to please everyone. Maybe we’ll convert you as Sidekick admits to being converted to Celestia.

    @James – Really pleased you enjoyed it, I think we’re developing the relationship okay. It was acted exactly the way I wanted and I think everything will become clear in the fullness of time.

  42. James says:

    Oh, and forgot to mention how much I enjoyed seeing Nina back in the last one – she was too long away. Any chance of a return for Magenta ?

  43. James says:

    Another great NGC episode. Anything with Celestia in is just great : apart from being gorgeous, she delivers the dialogue brilliantly, ironic but not camp. Miss Freedom’s never been a favourite, but she’s more interesting in this version. Andrew, if you’re going to keep these two as a regular partnership, it might be fun to develop the friendship between them a bit more : we still don’t know that much about how Celestia’s origin connects with Miss Freedom.

    Nice to see The Hammer back again. I wonder what the ending is pointing towards…

    Very much looking forward to the next instalment : )

  44. AlyAdmirer says:

    Wow. I appreciate the (screen)name-check, Sidekick. Though it makes me feel a little guilty for what I’m about to say… ๐Ÿ™‚

    “In hindsight, a poorly conceived idea.”

    I don’t think there’s ever been a line in an NGC release that so completely encapsulated my response to it. As I said in the comments on the extended teaser post, I think I was amped for the release of Side Mission 8 when I saw the “To be continued…” caption at 7’s conclusion than I’ve ever been for any non-Bluebird release, and I was dying to see what would come next. And then, when the preview material started coming out and it was almost exclusively Miss Freedom-centric, I felt some of that eagerness begin to recede.

    So yes, this was a bit of a disappointing purchase for me. That’s not to say it’s a bad video–it’s not. That’s not to say that I regret the purchase–I don’t in the least. And that’s certainly not to say that I this will be my last NGC purchase–believe me, it won’t.

    Again, as I said in the previous post, I’m just not a Moran fan. She’s grown on me in recent performances, and there’s no denying her attractiveness. But she’s still in my view one of the weakest actresses in the NGC troop. (Of course, considering just how insanely talented NGC’s resident actresses are compared to other companies out there, that’s not nearly the insult it might sound like.) Now, she’s done no favors by the IMHO Nicola Bryant-esque bad, overly nasal attempt at an American accent–which simply grates on me, often with the effect of taking me out of whatever scene I’m watching.

    I suspect that Side Missions 7 and 8 were partly designed with an aim towards balance: Celestia taking the brunt of the punishment in 7 and Miss Freedom the lion’s share in 8. But that just ends up making it a tale of two halves for me, with a brilliant opening installment let down by the conclusion. How I wish Miss Freedom hadn’t sent Celestia to try to find Nina. Without spoiling the conclusion, I personally think the end could have been reached just as effectively–MORE effectively, even–by the Hammer delivering a one-on-two pummeling that out still drug-dazed heroines had to dig deep deep to overcome.

    But that’s just me. I’ll be back for the next episode, because the plot still has me massively hooked. ๐Ÿ™‚