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Next Global Crisis’ “Season 3 Side Mission 5”

I love a good Next Global Crisis team-up. Especially when it’s these two characters teaming up. Let’s take a look at Side Mission 5 from Next Global Crisis.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

The episode opens up with Athena coming to at the feet of Hamilton and two Darkheart gang members. Athena is woozy but with the use of her power, she quickly heals herself. The two Darkheart gang members square off against Athena and she does quite well for herself until Hamilton comes in from behind and grabs her in a choke hold. Both Darkheart’s start to land stomach punches and then they literally slap Athena from one person to the other until she falls to the ground.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

One Darkheart then grabs her arms while the other grabs her legs and they hold her airborne while Hamilton hits some more stomach punches. Hamilton begins to carry Athena out and that’s when her backup finally arrives in the form of Miss Freedom. MF drops the two Darkhearts with ease and faces off against Hamilton. And Miss Freedom dominates him rather easily, eventually dropping him to his knees. But one of the Darkheart’s hits her in the back which gives Hamilton the opportunity to pick her up in a frontal bearhug.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

Hamilton eventually sets her down, hits her with a punch and one of the Darkheart’s strangles her until she is out on her feet. But the length of the fight has bought Athena some time to heal herself and she is right back in the action. Which bring us to the split ending. In one, Athena is forced to kneel at Hamilton’s feet in order to save Miss Freedom’s life, and in the other the heroines force the bad guys to retreat.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

I’m not sure how many episodes there are going to be this season but I have to imagine we are getting near the halfway point so let’s discuss some things.

1. I think this is without a doubt the best story telling the genre has ever seen. Look at all the individual and highly interesting plots running through the series right now. Bluebird’s kidnapping. A third mystery group of super-powered women. Miss Freedom fighting for the financial survival of Elite Force. The Darkheart’s growing influence and power, not to mention they now have their hands on Celestia’s staff. Just epic stuff in my opinion.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

2. Steel Sister, Virtue, Comet Girl, Hamilton. Every single new casting has been perfect.

3. When I first saw Miss Freedom’s costume in a photo, I said “that’s interesting.” When I first saw it in action I said “I like it.” And now that I’ve seen it again in this episode, I am totally on board. I think it’s my favorite MF costume iteration.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

4. I’m missing Bluebird. I know she probably gets more screen time than any other character, but it feels like its been a while.

5. I’m missing Miss Suppression, my favorite villainess. I honestly don’t know if she has a role to play in this Season 3 storyline, but I hope so. I still wonder if Alaric and Miss Suppression will ever find themselves facing off against one another. Would her mere presence in his vicinity nullify his power? I’d love to find out.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

6. I’m missing Eliza Rose, my other favorite villainess. I’m sure next time we see Bluebird, Eliza will be there, probably torturing the hell out of her.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

7. Last thing I was thinking when I watched this episode and it could be one of the things that Andrew doesn’t quite want us to know yet, but how do Miss Freedom’s powers work? If I remember it right she was granted “Blitz” like powers. That is to say at any point she could have one of her original abilities (super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability) for short time periods…

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

I guess I just don’t see any sign of when she is using her ability. I can’t recall her ever using the speed or invulnerability aspect of that power. Is it possible she doesn’t have control of it yet? Exactly how strong is she when her ability isn’t active. She was handling Hamilton rather easily until a Darkheart, who I assume is just a regular guy, hurt her with a punch. This is just the extreme nerd side of me thinking way too much about this stuff, but hey, I can’t help it.

Next Global Crisis' "Season 3 Side Mission 5"

Anyway, another really nicely done episode in what I believe is NGC’s best season to date.

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29 Responses

  1. TBob says:

    I am starting to feel the same way Mark. I am really just waiting for the next Fail Safe Sisters video, I feel that series is a lot more interesting in my opinion. Just my opinion so relax people, lol.

  2. Maar13 says:

    I for one liked the continuity of the story, and I loved the original ending, the alternate ending was cool, but the original was great.

  3. Mark says:

    Not purchased this to be honest (in fact the last two releases) as I’m becoming a little bored by NGC; it (usually) always looks good, but there’s just a hint of ‘Same shit, different wrapper’ when it comes to the combat content! Looking forward to hopefully seeing something new and different in the near future!

  4. @Gman – I don’t have anything in the diary as yet… but it may well happen.

    @Darklord – Really if you have specific questions feel free to contact us at the site. We’ve always worked hard to have a distinct and coherent story-line but are careful that the occasional buyer can still enjoy an individual film. If you email me about the film you are most interested in I can give you the basic state of play and tell you anything necessary.

  5. Darklord says:

    Is there any way for someone who doesn’t buy many of ur videos to read up on how the story has unfolded?

    Sometimes I’m tempted to buy a video here or there but feel like I’d be missing a lot of context. I know there’s a brief synopsis for each video but they’re usually pretty vague or basic.


  6. GManLovesJobbers says:

    How long before we get to see Athena make her wrestling jobber debut ? πŸ™‚

  7. Now on General Release! https://nextglobalcrisis.com/

    Well James if you read all the way to the bottom of your email then you’ll know what is coming next. In terms of NGC… Episode 4: ‘The RESCUE’!!!!

  8. James says:

    Last three NGC vids ( including this ) have been great,, up there with the best you’ve done. I was doubtful about this Miss Freedom costume at first, but it really works – the slightly darker shade of blue is good. Athena’s has always been perfect, how could you improve on that ?

    Any clue as to what’s up next : ) ?

  9. GManLovesJobbers says:


  10. Lol. Are there any of our heroines who definitely shouldn’t be jobbers? Just wondering.

  11. GManLovesJobbers says:

    See , People LOVE Athena , she should be the wrestling jobber & Miss Freedom should be also , a jobber also but not as jobberific as Athena

  12. PowerGirlFanBoy says:

    For the most part, Athena’s costume is perfect. It fits her name perfectly. Only change I would make is for the leotard to be cut higher so the sides naturally sit above the hips (not string thong). And I agree, I love the change to gold. Can’t remember when you guys did it, but when you did I noticed it right away πŸ™‚

    As for Miss Freedom’s, I don’t mind which one she wears as long the primary colors are not changed. The holes cut outs on the sides don’t bother me.

  13. Well it’s all just a bit of fun really isn’t it? I’ve not messed with Athenas costume for a few years because it really works. We switched to gogo boots because the sandal straps were falling apart and costing a lot of time and we’d rather make more film.

    For this particular Miss Freedom costume remember that it’s what she is forced to wear by the people running her prize fights and so if you see her in this version it’s because she’s come straight from there.

  14. Robert Baron says:

    Huge fan of these past two videos. Athena is my favorite of the cast and Miss Freedom is certainly easy on the eyes. I especially love the ‘Lose’ ending of Side Mission 5. The repercussions are very titillating.

  15. Derek says:

    I get the comments about the costumes here, but Miss Freedom’s does work. The cut-outs cause a distraction that Rayman and others felt and works on the villains as well. A clever variation on the more obvious and impractical string thong [as NGC calls them] seen elsewhere.
    While Athena looks every inch the heroine in her outfit, my favourite picture from these previews is of her with her hands raised in surrender. If only we could force other heroines into this classic “peril pose”. Follow it with an rather over-familiar pat-down before any bonds or restraints are applied while she faces the threat to a third party – “What will happen now?”

  16. Peter says:

    Absolutely love Miss Freedoms new Costume & she is still my all time favourite especially in this costume & boots πŸ™‚

    Please lets see some full episodes of her in the future :):):)

  17. rayman says:

    Thankyou for the info on the outfit and I understand what you mean and I did misunderstand but it still just looks odd to me, if it were possible to have the skirt worn low enough to show som eblue material I think it would be fine but that depends on how long the side cut out are I suppose.
    It is only a small issue I have iwt the outfit I am stil a huge fan of your work.

  18. Thanks to sidekick for his review and comments. I will answer his query. ‘Blitz mode’ which is what Miss Freedom acquired in Season 2 Episode 7 is a build up power. You will see Miss Freedom go into flurries and when she does each move is more powerful than the last. There are 2 problems with it:

    1) It can be interrupted, which is what happens here. In which case it goes back to zero and causes Miss Freedom a bit of body shock.

    2) It can overheat in her case as it’s tech-based. So if she goes on too long it can cause a heart attack.

    So all the while she has been getting to grips with it as a new skill and she finds it very tricky.

    @PGFB – Maybe, we’ve got a few like that. I really liked Athena’s costume once we turned the bodysuit to gold personally.

  19. PowerGirlFanBoy says:

    I wish your leotards were more high cut in general, especially Athena’s. She looks great regardless, but would to love to see her costume highlight her curves a bit more it’s awesome to see two back to back side missions of her.

  20. @rayman. I think you slightly misunderstand the leotard, the side parts are cut-outs. If it were genuinely that high-cut then it would be a string thong.

    @TBob – She got nerfed, she’s still struggling to cope. Dinar is pretty strong too.

  21. TBob says:

    I for one love her outfit. The only reason you shouldn’t take her seriously is for her fighting skills, or lack there of. Well, that goes for every superheroine apparently, lol.

  22. rayman says:

    As much of a fan as I am I stil have to say that Miss Freedom’s skirt and leotard combo is shocking! No way ca I take her seriously unless she looses the skirt or it somehow covers the high cut on her thighs

  23. ceej says:

    Looking forward to this one tomorrow!

  24. More previews for you to enjoy. Not long to wait now: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p=7820

  25. Greg S says:

    More Athena, that’s what I’m talking about!

  26. James says:

    Always loved NGC’s team-ups between heroines – this and a second Miss Freedom vid within 4 weeks ? You’re spoiling us !

  27. Oh I put this in the old thread but it’s more relevant here. First preview caps, new one’s every day on the site: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/?p =7818

  28. Mikedj says:

    This looks awesome, my 2 favourites heroines!!!!