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Next Global Crisis – “Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom”

Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Well, Next Global Crisis has done it to me again—they topped an episode I never thought they could top. And now I have to update my list of Next Global Crisis’ best films with Side Mission 11 taking the top spot. Read my review for this instant classic below.

The episode opens up in a boxing ring with Bluebird bootless and battling a member of the Darkheart gang. If you recall, the last time we saw Bluebird was in episode nine, where she got absolutely decimated by Alaric, the leader of the Darkhearts. On the outside of the ring is Eliza Rose, who watches the battle unfold. You may also recall that Eliza pledged allegiance to the Darkheart gang in the same episode referenced above.

The gang member hits Bluebird with several stomach blows but eventually the heroine gets him down to the mat and knocks him out with a scissor hold. Eliza enters the ring and through the use of bracelets on Bluebird’s arms and legs, is able to send electric shocks through BB, pin her arms behind her back, and make it so Bluebird is unable to move her feet in a similar fashion to the training room episodes from season 1.

Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"

Through some exposition we learn quite a bit has been happening since Bluebird’s loss to Alaric. We learn that she has been in captivity for a month and has been constantly tested in combat. However, it doesn’t seem that Eliza wants Bluebird dead, but instead, wants to break her will and voluntarily have her fight on her side.

Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"

Eliza gets a call from Alaric who tells her that he has a new opponent to test Bluebird. Enter Katia, a figure you may be familiar with. She gave Ms. Freedom a hell of a battle back in Season 2, Episode 7. And from the outset of the fight it’s obvious Bluebird is no match for Katia. Exhausted and out of second winds from her constant battles, Bluebird gets absolutely annihilated.

Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"

Katia lifts knees and delivers punches to Bluebird’s stomach, knocks her out with a hard kick to the face, drops her over her knee in a vicious backbreaker and wrenches her head while jamming her knee in her back. Bluebird also has her head driven into the canvas twice and catches several knee lifts to the face. And that’s where we will put a stop to specific story moments. As always with NGC, there are two endings to their films. One where Bluebird escapes captivity and another where Eliza chokes her out.

Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"Next Global Crisis - "Side Mission 11: Rock Bottom"

This episode felt a lot like Episode 9 where Alaric was introduced so if you liked that one, you’ll like this one. In my opinion they are both utterly fantastic but for me the F vs F fighting put this one over the top. I’m a big fan of those kind of fights, especially when one of the girls is for lack of a better word an “amazon,” and that’s how I would describe Katia who towers over Bluebird in this episode.

I put some thought into to why I love the character of Bluebird so much. Of course being portrayed by such a beautiful and talented actress makes it easy, but a big part of the appeal of Bluebird to me is that her character has been developed so well. She’s not the most powerful heroine in the NGC universe, but like every great superhero, she never wavers in the face of overwhelming adversity. We’ve seen her triumph and learned about her tragic past. And now she has an arch enemy in Eliza Rose who is testing her like never before. No character in the genre has been developed so well and as much as I like to see her in danger, I find myself rooting for her to triumph more and more.

In conclusion, amazing writing, an amazing actress (three actually, Eliza and Katia are tremendous), and an amazing episode. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

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  1. Lance says:

    Love that she was bootless… Wouldn’t have bought otherwise. love all the vids, but def need more with the heroine de-booted. Adds such a great sense of humiliation

  2. Aldous says:

    This is exceptional peril film making. It’s not even my cup of tea on paper (wrestling ring? No boots? No bondage? No interrogation? No thank you) but in NGC I trusted and it blew me away. The acting is first rate all round, why no mainstream television/film producer hasn’t snapped up Claire is beyond me. The direction, the choreography, exceptional. And the price? The quality to price ratio is waaaaay disproportionate, in our favour. From a fetish point of view I love seeing the Bluebird character tested but do I want to see her broken? Nope, I want to see her stay the plucky heroine she is (spoiler alert: if things go the way I think they will, we may see her turn ‘heel’. This, if it happens, is brave film making) A massive round of applause to all involved.

  3. @Namor – I have a plan yes, but it may take a while to come to fruition.

    @kingles – I’m very pleased that you are enjoying this subplot. I love a good build up I do.

    @Beast – Well you won’t have to wait long. There are only 2 more NGC films to go.

  4. Beast says:

    I love it but yeah the wrestling makes me remember another kind of videos.
    But i understand the context.
    I cant wait to see the end of season 2 and what is coming!!! keep going!!!

  5. kingles says:

    @NGC: Well I loved this one. Psychological peril is much more…perilous…than just physical peril, IMO.

    Really looking forward to whatever the next step is in this Bluebird/Eliza subplot. I have a theory on where this is headed, but since you’ve somehow managed to keep every single potential outcome in play(nice job with that, BTW)…I’m probably wrong.

  6. Namor says:

    @NGC- Judging by your earlier comment it sounds as though you already have fairly detailed plans in mind for Bluebird.

  7. Nice comments, some interesting thoughts. Season 2 is almost finished now. There is going to be a big final altercation.

    Then we will move into something a bit different which will become clearer nearer the time.

  8. Greg S says:

    Ok I bought and watched this video, it was very good. I loved the tension and power dynamics between Bluebird and Eliza. I thought Eliza’s concern towards Bluebird at the end of the fight with Katia was a great touch as well.

    The only point I want to make is that Bluebird’s will NEEDS to get broken by Eliza at some point. I don’t care if Bluebird finds a way to escape down the line, but there needs to be some sort of scene where Bluebird admits defeat and finally does submit to Eliza.

  9. Maar13 says:

    I liked for the fact Bluebird isnstrong and one of the reasons she is defeatdd is because she has fought so much that she can’t take it any longer.

    As always she is amazing with KOs and the alternate ending was nice too.

  10. Greg S says:

    “However, it doesn’t seem that Eliza wants Bluebird dead, but instead, wants to break her will and voluntarily have her fight on her side.”
    Finally a villain with the right motivation!

    “Bluebird is getting rocked in this one nearly the whole time, and much of the rest of the time she’s humilated and called slave. She’s got the energy band restraints on both hands and feet and is controlled at times by her master.”

    Ok, this sounds awesome. Is there a point where Bluebird herself admits defeat in either ending? How exactly is it shown that she is controlled?

  11. John G says:

    Great episode. While I agree that the boxing ring seems slightly at odds with the saga, I think NGC does a great job of integrating it into the storyline…and that’s really all that matters. So please keep it.

    On the KOs, variety is what’s most critical and I think the sleeper holds are quite well done and not overused in context of the storyline and the fighting. After all, there are only so many ways to do a KO by physical means: punches, kicks, knees (the knee sequence was awesome!), elbows , banging one’s head on the ground and then you get to holds and maneuvers. Most of the high impact holds from pro wrestling are probably too dangerous to try without training in falling (except the face slam that was used), so you’re left with sleeperholds, scissorholds, nerve pinches and other choke holds. You wouldn’t use a spray, gas, chloroform or a stun gun in a ring so I think the sleeperhold is a natural choice.

    And a final point on a topic mentioned a few episodes back, the facial expression after being KOed. Bluebird looked great on this one! Her face and jaw was slack with her mouth open, which is so much more realistic. I think we even saw some teeth on one of them – in all seriousness a very important detail and very well done.

    Congrats on the ever increasing quality of your work!

  12. Comicaptor says:

    This was amazing… We must be nearing the run in of season two now, so all these plots will start to only get bigger… Could bluebird actually break?!?

    The big questions are though, where’s Athena? Episode soon? Will she be bound and gagged? (The only thing we’ve not really seen from you guys yet) …after all Bluebird had hardly any lines in this and nailed it! Something more powerful about silence and emotion driven peril.

    Then again that masked killer isn’t a talker, so it could be a very quiet yet brilliant episode… that’s what’s in my head, but I’d settle for some Athenia doing ANYTHING! 🙂

  13. Mark says:

    I do intend to expand upon the exact reasons why (although Sidekick has done a pretty good job in doing that anyway) but I just wanted to put up a quick post to say that this release is all kinds of EPIC! If you’re a fan of Bluebird, or of heroine peril / beatdowns, or of great writing, or of amazing acting, well, it’s all there! BUY IT!!!!

  14. Great Review, I’m very pleased that you liked this so much Sidekick.

    Bluebird really struggles in this one but there is context if you got episode 9 and it will be a very important moment in her characters future.

    @TBob – She isn’t really short, she’s 5’7/8. Eliza is more like 5’10 and Katia is over 6 foot. So in bare feet she looked short next to them. If you go and look at previous Bluebird fights you’ll see she is quite statuesque in her own right, she’s just fighting big girls here.

  15. TBob says:

    Great video. The actress that plays Bluebird is hot as hell. I LOVE her voice, that accent is hot. She always does an awesome job portraying Bluebird, she nails it every time. It might be her being bootless, but she is really short, the other two actresses towered over her, lol. Fantastic job by the other 2 actresses as well.

    I like the wrestling ring, it’s a nice change of pace. I like her first costume better, but this one is alright.

    Wouldn’t mind Bluebird eventually becoming totally submissive to Eliza, having her spirit broken.

    I am not a fan of death fetish, so please no death scenes anymore. It’s really morbid. I do however like KOs and woman defeated, just not killed, lol. That’s really morbid. But to each their own I guess.

    P.S. My two favorite characters are Bluebird and Shadowstar, please keep them coming.

  16. Chris says:

    Ehh, I already bought it. What the heck, NGC is usually good I’ll give this one a shot. Downloading now.

  17. Dkm says:

    Is the choke out an implied death or just a knockout?

  18. mblostprophet says:

    Bluebird is getting rocked in this one nearly the whole time, and much of the rest of the time she’s humilated and called slave. She’s got the energy band restraints on both hands and feet and is controlled at times by her master.

    This one is pretty one-sided and not in favor of Bluebird, which makes it great.

    Probably one of the best back breaker scenes as well.

  19. Chris says:

    Does Bluebird put up any fight in the lose version? Or is she more of a victim than a superheroine?

  20. LordSnot says:

    Bluebird is one of the best girls doing heroine videos today. Amazing body. Love the suit. Great in acting out perilous scenes. Oh and that accent…

  21. Namor says:

    I’m with Sidekick on this one; a sensationally good film with great performances all round. The development of the enmity between Bluebird and Eliza has paid off in a big way in the last two films, and I look forward to many more meetings!

  22. Mike J says:

    As much as it pains me to say this, this is going to be the first season 2 release I have to take a pass on. As I said of the Lucy Zillion episode, the whole wrestling ring thing really isn’t my thing. I got the other one because I just wanted to see more of Lucy.

    But I’m not as much of a fan of Bluebird. I already really didn’t like the new costume, but now bootless Bluebird just makes it even less appealing. I’m sure its probably a great episode but I think I’m gonna skip this one.

  23. Mike A says:

    Liked this one a lot. Bootless Bluebird was a nice touch, and the KO’s were well done. But please, can we lighten up on the sleeper holds a bit? Lol I feel like at this point they are in every film.