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Next Global Crisis – Training Room 6

Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6The Training Room series continues with this latest offering from Next Global Crisis. The series continues to maintain high quality with good performances and fight choreography, and I found this episode to be surprisingly entertaining.  If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll be pleased with this latest episode.

Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6

The two opponents featured in Training Room 6 are Powerstar, the very first heroine to be featured at Next Global Crisis, and Captain Liberty, a rather odd superhero character who possesses super strength.  The Captain Liberty character continues the NGC tradition of eccentric and charismatic male opponents.  Captain Liberty is a pretty funny character who likes to mug for the camera and seems to enjoy being the center of attention.

Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6

In any event, the fight ensues with Powerstar dominating the early rounds and Captain Liberty making a comeback towards the end.  As usual, I enjoyed the fight scenes a lot, especially the brief glimpses of Powerstar’s superhuman abilities.  I liked both actors’ performances and their ability to sell the action.

Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6Next Global Crisis - Training Room 6

Other than that, I’m not sure what more I can add.  By now, you’re probably familiar with the Training Room series from Next Global Crisis, and if you enjoyed previous videos, you’ll probably like this one as well.

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7 Responses

  1. @DianaKnightMustLose says:

    I guess you are at wrong place looking for something like that.

  2. mcg says:

    My only beef is the same as Jose. Not enough camera time on the heroine when unconscious or in peril. I had the same complaint with the last one. Heroine suffering in an over the knee backbreaker and we get a closeup of her face instead of a shot showing off her body. Other than that one flaw, these guys are doing a great job.

  3. DianaKnightMustLose says:

    I would like these video way better if they were a lot like Goldie’s: https://nicheclips.com/shop.php?store_id=27

    particularly the POV Beatdown

  4. Jose says:

    @ Ghrawl

    Power Star is only in peril for 3 mintues all together. The fight is a bit back and forth but she is only in complete endangement for the above length of time. It’s not bad really and well worth the purchase. My other favorite part of the movie when Power Star is crawling away from Captain Liberty. She looks really helpless during it but I wish it were longer and that the cameraman would have shot it from different angles to get a better look at her butt while crawling.

    Besides the costumes not being sexy enough, this is one of my biggest problems with NGC.The cinematography is beautiful but I wish they would be a bit more flirtatious with the camera.

  5. Rye says:

    I liked the Captains cocky attitude in this one. It really spiced things up for Power Star!

  6. Jose says:

    I think this is my favorite out of all the Training Room videos but I think it is all due to the costume. Power Star by far has the sexiest costumes of all the NGC heroines.

    One of my favorite parts are at the 5:39 mark where Power Star falls to the ground unconscious, after being throat lifted by Captain Liberty (very lame moniker by the way). Although it was very brief, she looked very sexy in this position. I wish the cameraman would have gotten more angles.

    NGC has not really lived up to my expecations but this video was ok. If you are hoping the PS gets totally dominated you will be disappointed here. She is only in peril for about 3 minutes of this 9 minute video.

    • Ghrawl says:

      Powerstar is in peril for about 3 minutes all together or 3 minutes at the end of the video??