Next Global Crisis – Training Room Recap (with Awards!)

Next Global Crisis - Training Room RecapAfter 18 episodes, Next Global Crisis‘ expertly produced and wildly successful Training Room series has come to an end. We thought it might be a fun idea to give a short recap of every episode and hand out some awards in order to give the Training Room a proper sendoff. 

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Since these awards are subjective, we don’t expect everyone to agree with our choices.  Rest assured, we incorporated as much fan feedback as possible into the selection process. As always, polite dissent and counter arguments are welcome.

Next Global Crisis - Training Room RecapNext Global Crisis - Training Room RecapNext Global Crisis - Training Room Recap

Next Global Crisis - Training Room RecapNext Global Crisis - Training Room RecapNext Global Crisis - Training Room Recap

Next Global Crisis - Training Room RecapNext Global Crisis - Training Room RecapNext Global Crisis - Training Room Recap

Training Room Episode Recap

[Warning: Possible spoilers]

Episode 1– Suki Deluxe takes on Sebastian Lunar. A grateful world thanks the Next Global Crisis producers for pouring Suki into that jumpsuit.

Episode 2 – Bluebird vs Magenta. Both characters get a lukewarm response from fans, but this will soon change.

Episode 3 – Magenta’s powers start to evolve, but she still gets a severe beat down from Sebastian.

Episode 4 – Shadow vs Bluebird. Bluebird is taught a lesson by Shadow. He has not been seen since, but we’d like Shadow to show up again. He played the “honorable soldier” part very well.

Episode 5 – Angel vs Nina Hellfire. As usual, Angel gets the crap kicked out of her for most of the episode, but uses her mysterious and unexplained mind control ability to turn the tide. Angel is terrific, but we think of this episode very highly because of the debut of Nina.

Episode 6 – Captain Liberty raises the bar for the cocky, arrogant, overconfident American stereotype. “Why would they give you the name with the word power in it? It should be, Weakstar!” Not NGC’s finest moment, but hey not every episode can be note perfect. Thankfully, he is defeated by Powerstar.

Episode 7 – Nina Hellfire vs Bluebird. Bluebird wins the fight, but Nina gets the last laugh. Nobody has more dirty looks in their arsenal than Nina Hellfire.

Episode 8 – A drone humiliates Angel. For someone whose superpower is invulnerability, Angel sure gets beaten down a lot. She kind of sucks at being invulnerable.

Episode 9 – Bluebird vs Sebastian Lunar in a hard hitting affair. Maybe the best choreographed fight of the entire series. Fans started to gravitate to Bluebird in droves after this episode.

Episode 10 – Miss Freedom takes on an upgraded drone, Sebastian Lunar, and a new recruit named Blitz.

Episode 11 – Suki has all sorts of trouble fighting a drone. Most of the episode is shot from the drones perspective.

Episode 12 – The veteran operative Powerstar gets taken down by the trainee Bluebird. Powerstar is summoned to the proverbial principals office.

Episode 13 – Magenta vs Sebastian Lunar vs Nina Hellfire. Sebastian and Nina have great on screen chemistry. The character of Magenta let’s her hair down, literally and fans take notice. We think this may have been the most fun Training Room episode.

Episode 14 – Bluebird vs Angel with a chloroform soaked rag involved. The match is a draw, but Angel gets promoted to full operative status. Her mind control mojo at work again?

Episode 15 – A flashback to the first training room session ever. Athena fights Sebastian Lunar. By far the most brutal Training Room session.

Episode 16 – Nina Hellfire vs Suki Deluxe. Suki returns after a long absence, but the actress that plays Nina Hellfire steals the show.

Episode 17 – Bluebird takes on two drones at the same time. The computer develops a bit of an attitude.

Episode 18 – Nina Hellfire and Jade Vendetta clash in an episode that wraps up the training room series.

Training Room Awards

Breakout character (fan feedback driven) introduced in the Training Room: Suki Deluxe, by the slimmest of margins.

Runner up: Bluebird. She was closing on Suki fast.

Best looking heroine: If I counted right this could be a 10-way tie for first place, but if we had to pick one it’s Anastasiya Breadson, who plays Angel.

Runner up: Suki Deluxe.

Best costume: Tough one, but we’re going with the purple jumpsuit worn by Suki Deluxe.

Runner up: Angel’s grey outfit.

Worst heroine costume: I think I recall one post stating that Magenta’s outfit made her look like the pink Power Ranger. Agreed. Great character, beautiful actress, bad costume.

Runner up: Although it was upgraded from her first appearance, we still don’t think they quite have the Ms. Freedom costume perfected.

Best actress: Don’t know her real name, but Nina Hellfire absolutely steals every scene she is in. Just a great actress. Seriously, can the NGC producers spin her off to her own site?

Runner up: The actress that plays Powerstar is excellent.

Best heroine in fight scenes: Bluebird. Between her time at Next Global Crisis, Kick Ass Kandy, and Bad Ass Kandy, she should be the best.

Runner up: Even though she is often on the receiving end of multiple beatings, Angel is a very credible stage fighter.

The character we want to see more of: Feedback showed that many NGC fans want more Blitz in their lives and we agree.

Runner up: Athena.

Best episode: Tough one, but we are going with Episode 13. Sebastian and Nina on screen at the same time was pure gold. They basically spent the episode trying to out crazy one another. Magenta went from being an afterthought to the A-list.

Runner up: Episode 14. Two fan favorites, Angel and Bluebird. Chloroform for the fetish crowd. Several pieces of back-story were filled in.

Will she ever win a fight award: To Nina Hellfire. By my count she is 0-4 in her training room sessions with a no decision in the last episode. That is just wrong.

The don’t forget the guys award: Sebastian Lunar was always a welcome sight in TR videos.

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