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  1. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Darkwrath016’s comment below is an incredibly useful resource. I hope people took advantage of it during the sale and picked up some of the best story/peril episodes represented there. I actually think he should repost or otherwise link back to it the next time Next Global Crisis has a sale.

    I did get a chance to pick up one video I hadn’t gotten before while the sale was still ongoing, the second part of “Play Dead”, but obviously didn’t have time to add to the recommendations before it ended. I will now, though, list some of what I think are the best videos on the NGC site featuring heroines who had a significant number of appearances (leaving out some important recent additions), with an emphasis on ones that haven’t been mentioned already.

    Angel: The Deadly Sins series is great, but Angel’s best appearances (IMO) were among her last, including Season 2, Episode 8 (she’s defeated and handed over to the Masked Man), Season 3 Side Missions 8 and 9 (her destruction at the hands and chemicals of the MM), and S3 Special Release 9 (her rematch with Snare.) S3 SM 9 sees Angel in several different costumes, which is a real treat. Otherwise, that one’s really dark, and we get a taste of how truly twisted the MM’s mind is.

    Athena: Everything with Athena was worth getting, because she’s so gorgeous, but her bout against Eliza Rose in her “Personal Hell” (Season 2) is really fun. I’m also a fan of her turn to the dark side in S3, Special Release 13 “Splitting the Force” in which she’s mind controlled and let loose on Miss Freedom (or is freed to act out how she really feels about her purported leader and friend) is also really great.

    Bluebird: So much to choose from, and Darkwrath hit a lot of high points (cf. S3 Ep5), but I’m a particular fan of Season 2, “Bluebird Must Obey” which features BB in Lady Victory’s costume for a spell. I’m giving BB short shrift, because Darkwrath and Rob have already done well by her.

    Catherine Marks: Didn’t make too many appearances, but I liked her vibe. Her best showing was probably S2 Ep 2, but she was one of the only two heroines (unfortunately) to face Georgina Shred, in S2 SM 5, and her defeat by the Masked Man in S2 SM 9 was very appealing.

    Celestia: She was in a lot of good videos, but as Darkwrath notes she’s often better as a supporting player than a lead. Not to say she wasn’t a good performer, because I belatedly realized that she was among my favorites during her time with NGC. Her two-parter with Steel Sister (mentioned previously) is a highlight, but also check out S2 Ep 4 (in which we get a fair helping of Celestia’s witty, grandiloquent speech), S2 Ep 6 and SMs 7 and 8 (featuring similarly underrated villainess Nina Hellfire), S3 Special Release 7 (with Erica), and S3 SM 3 (her teamup with Comet Girl; I had hoped at the time they would form a more permanent duo). I actually think her latest releases (S3 Special Release 15 and S4 Ep 1) are her best two solo appearances.

    Comet Girl: I love CG, but she’s often a sidekick as well. Her two-part appearances with Virtue (S3 Ep4 and SM6) are very good, as is her adventure with Celestia (S3 SM 11). Of her solo appearances, I think my favorite is the fairly recent Ongoing Story Ep 4 “Freedom Costs”, or possibly S3, Special Release 14, “Ransom”.

    Erica Lynn/Deceptress: I wasn’t a fan of hers initially, but I have a few favorite videos. “My Chloroform Hell” S3 Sp Release 7 has Celestia and chloro, of course, and is good if you like those things, as I do. The S4 SM 10 entry “Tough Justice” is very fun, a really intriguing premise, and introduces (I think?) Erica’s new (improved IMO) costume. The recent story entry (#10) “Two Prisons” is also very worthwhile for its engaging tone and imaginative perils.

    Infinity Girl: IG appears to be out of the picture indefinitely, perhaps permanently, and thus didn’t reach her potential, but I thought she had the makings of a spectacular lead character. Of her appearances, I favor S4 SM 4. She played sidekick to Spectrum in the endgame to Season 4, and they made a dynamite team, reunited to great effect in the Villain Network 3. Her solo Villain Network appearance (#1) is a lot of fun, too. Hard to choose, obviously, because she didn’t make a lot of videos and I treasure every one.

    Miss Freedom: Wow, how to pick favorites from such a rich body of work? Miss F is central to much of the drama in the NGC continuity, even though she was absent for most of Season 4. In particular, her relationships with Angel, Celestia, and Bluebird serve as an ongoing thermometer for how Elite Force was faring for much of the first 3 seasons. Her second appearance, S1 Ep 5, is a fascinating episode with an unusual tone and reveals a lot about the character. S1 episodes 8 and 9 sealed my fandom of Miss F, showing her to be a deeply flawed, but multidimensional heroine played by a skilled actress. Season 2 saw her in a new costume (which I love and hope will reappear) and the Celestia-teamed entries (Ep 6, SMs 7 & 8) were very good. Darkwrath mentions a few of the more consequential MF videos, but a few of her special releases bear attention for highlighting her ability to depict vulnerability, weakness, and grit: the Secret Defeat series from Season 2, her Fail-Safe Sisters what-if (S3 Sp Release 8), the recent Non-Canon entries 1 and 2 (the second has her in the bodysuit uniform), and her most recent appearances in the ongoing story (episodes 11 and 12).

    Red Glory: Didn’t make many solo appearances in NGC, although she has several excellent Championship videos. Still, her best NGC entries are with Wonderstrike, particularly S4, SM 1 (Devil’s Playground) and SM 8 (Labyrinth).

    Spectrum: When she first appeared, I thought Spectrum was going to take Miss Freedom’s place in the dramatic arc of Season 4, but that didn’t really come to pass. She did finish the season strong, though. Despite a packed cast, Spectrum is probably the standout of S4 episodes 9 and 10, and those two, along with her Villain Network appearance (3) are my favorites. In all three of those, she’s teamed up with Infinity Girl–a can’t lose combination.

    Starshot: Tempting to say “everything”, because she’s awesome, but I’ll recommend in particular S4 SM 7, the second part of her teamup with Virtue, S4 SM 13 which chronicles her ongoing feud with Malicia Divine in brilliant fashion, and the Non-Canon 6 entry “Security Breach” which I call exhibit A for why Starshot should be in everything. In my mind, that video is a pilot for a continuing series about Starshot tracking a sinister conspiracy to destroy Elite Force, within and without.

    Suki Deluxe: About half of her videos were in the “Training Room” series, and of those I think TR 16 is the best, even though it doesn’t feature her (eye-popping) signature purple costume (the model for Comet Girl’s outfit; in fact, when CG first appears she does so as a Suki-imposter). Suki’s first full episode (S1 Ep 6) actually takes place in the training facility. It’s a really good episode, although dialogue-heavy. The same can be said for S2 Ep 4, but the writing is very good. Suki was a fun, underrated character who was deranged by tragic circumstances and came to an equally tragic end.

    Virtue: Again, I didn’t warm up to Virtue until she’d been around a bit, and she also benefited from good costars. For solo videos, Darkwrath already mentioned S4 Ep 4, the much-admired “Filth” episode, but I’d also recommend her two entries with Comet Girl (above), her bout with Celestia (S3 SM 10), and the two episodes where she stands side by side with Starshot (S4 SMs 5 and 7).

    Wonderstrike: WS has really come into her own recently, I think. I like her in the Championship a lot, but in the main NGC my favs are her teamups with Red Glory (above) and her last appearance to date in the ongoing story (Ep 3).

    I didn’t mention some heroines who didn’t stick around very long (Powerstar, Golden Hornet, Steel Sister) or who haven’t made very many appearances yet (the Equalizer/Candy Race, Deja Vu) and I didn’t cover the Fail-Safe Sisters, because I love all of them.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Totally agree with ‘Bluebird Must Obey’. Bluebird and Pandora were both superb in this and Bluebird looked amazing in the Lady Victory costume. The alternative ending when she’s preening in the LV costume was beautiful; it showed a fun side to Bluebird that we don’t often see.
      In the canon ending, when Pandora is stroking the unconcious Bluebird’s hair and arm she says ‘We’re going too have so much fun’.
      Maybe it’s my warped little mind but there’s a a helluva sub-text there!

  2. Depo Man says:

    Damn! I missed the sale it seems. I was traveling unfortunately. Bummer.

  3. ODILE says:

    I would like to know what is the name of the superheroine with the mask and the curly hairs on the right. I can’t find her on the characters list, I don’t know why… thank you in advance.

  4. Rob_Hinx says:

    I’d add the whole ‘Bluebird 2020’ mini series. For me this is the ‘gold standard’ great story, great performances, some great out door locations. And the alternative ending to part four is heart-breaking.

    Following on from that ‘Bluebird play dead 1 & 2’ and ‘Bluebird Broken Wings 1 & 2’ are definitely worth checking out.

  5. Darkwrath016 says:

    Since I’m a major fan of NGC I figure I’d share my thoughts for anyone who’s interested in buying but overwhelmed by the endless choices. Here’s MY (can’t stress that enough) list of favorites

    For peril you’d want
    – Season 4, episode 4 staring Virtue. Classic SHIP film. Really great fight. Really great performance. One of the all-time best both NGC has put out

    – Deadly sins 2 and 3 staring Angel: Another NGC classic and another film where the star actress, Angel, puts on a helluva show

    – Season 3, episode 5 staring Bluebird. Yet another classic and a film that combines quite a bit of story-telling with tons of actions, bondage and some amazing low blows that Bluebird sold well (in my opinion)

    -Season 2, Fail Safe Sisters 10 staring Lady Victory. I think Lady Victory is always on point but based on what’s on sale right now, this is probably her best appearance.

    -Season 3 episodes 1 and 2 staring The Steel Sister and Celestia. Besides the fact that it is great action and great performances, I feel like anyone who’s become a fan of NGC needs to share in the pain of knowing that the talented Steel Sister was only in two episodes for NGC.

    -Season 3, side mission 12: Another great Bluebird performance and this time she was destroyed by none other than Alaric the great. This is one of the cheapest ones on this list so if funds are tight then this should be the first one.

    -Season 4, episode 5: Unfortunately, I’ve never quite gotten into Red Glory or Wonderstirke but this is definitely both heroine’s best performance out of the current listings

    -Season 4, special mission 13: Starshot is the best. I need not say anything more.

    -Season 4, special mission 15: Spectrum’s my favorite and I re-watch this video CONSTANTLY

    Story wise in terms of helping understand how current events have more or less been shaped by past events you’d want

    -Season 2 episode 9: Angel’s name was dropped just a couple months ago in the main story so the line between that and Violetta informing the Deceptress of the heroine’s fate starts with this one. Also, this is a good peril full episode as well.

    -Season 2, episode 9: Everything that’s happened to Bluebird canonically up to an including her capture by the 7th Dimension can be traced back to this one pivotal episode. It marked a huge turning point in her character

    -Season 2, side mission 11: A direct sequel to season 2, episode 9 and Bluebird’s story

    -Season 3, episode 1: Miss Freedom is busy rebuilding Elite Force’s finances by engaging in prize fighting battles. We are also introduced to the lovely Virtue.

    -Season 3, episode 2: Celestia loses her staff and sets into motion a couple plot threads of season 3. One of those threads is Comet Girl’s eventual “death”.

    -Season 3, side mission 2: Continues the Bluebird story

    -Season 3, episode 4: Continues the Bluebird story but is a very pivotal point in that story. Bluebird becomes a bit darker from this stage on. Also begins the friendship of Comet girl and Virtue

    -Season 3, side mission 8 and 9 concludes the Angel storyline and is actually (I believe) Violetta’s first introduction.

    -Season 3, side mission 11: This is quite an inconspicuous episode on the surface and yet so many things happened as a result of the events that play out here. This is where Comet Girl and Celestia pitted themselves against the Darkhearts and damn well nearly lost for their trouble. This is also the penultimate episode that leads to Comet Girls “death”.

    -Season 3, side mission 13: Learn how Comet Girl actually appears to have died in this episode.

    -Season 3, episode 8: Bluebird and Miss Freedom have a massive falling out and eventually leads to a critical decision made my Bluebird that forever changed the blue one’s fate

    -Season 3, side mission 12: This episodes concludes the Bluebird story as we know it canonically. 

    -Season 3, episode 9: Ahh the most pivotal episode in the entire seasons. Alliances were forever changed after this one but you have to watch most of season 4 to appreciate just what took place here. Also this begins the Dark Superior Invasion

    -Season 4, episode 1: Celestia’s character arch ends here . While she was a fantastic heroine in peril she always felt more like supporting character to me than necessarily a protagonist like Bluebird or Miss Freedom or even Angel.

    -Season 4, episode 3: Find out how the heroines temporarily turn the table on the Dark Superior invasion

    -Season 4, episode 4: Vice would never had come into being if it weren’t for this episode and the humiliating beating that Filth bestowed upon Virtue.

    -Season 4, episode 5: Infinity Girl’s debut (I think). Her actions allows for the eventual appearance of the Light Siders to the fray

    -Season 4, episode 7: Elite Force is basically on its last gasp after this with its heroine’s either mind controlled, crushed or downright missing.

    -Season 4, episode 8? It is Spectrum’s debut episode but I question whether you need to buy this to understand her story as it takes place 60 years prior and is mostly back story.

    -Season 4, episode 9: The penultimate episode and what brings Spectrum and the Light Siders in a race against time battle royal with all involved.

    -Season 4, episode 10: The “final” episode that pits everyone against the Dark Siders. One last gasp by the heroines might see them save the day.

    -Season 4, episode 11: What was Miss Freedom doing for all of season 4 after the events of season 3. This episode tells that story.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Crap. Realized I made two typos for those who wanted to buy stuff for the story.

      1) I meant to say Season 2 episode 8 for the very first one involving Angel.

      2) Celestia actually loses her staff in Season 3 episode 3 which sets the stage for so many other things. However season 3 episode 2 is a direct prequel to that so I really should have mentioned both.


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