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NGC Championship: Comet Girl v Eliza Rose

And now here’s a look at the second episode of NGC Championship, Comet Girl v Eliza Rose. Check out the trailer below.

Comet Girl must use all of her speed and acrobatics to take down the wily and downright cruel Eliza Rose in the ring. A single pin-fall is all that is needed in this one. Who will win?

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23 Responses

  1. Richard says:

    I agree WAY to short.NGC has the hottest women and I for one want to see them more and longer 🙂

  2. GManLovesJobbers says:

    In regards to vote option from previous release —-Voted Qaran Casus – no thought process needed – should be an easy squash , one that goes a bot longer this time , he prolongs the inevitable , making Athena come out & yell at him that her fellow heroine has had enough , he wanted her so if he finished Virtue off , she would grant him a match , so he does & in the next episode , he demolishes Athena , & in the next , what the heck , he destroys both & pins both at the same time with utmost ease

  3. Oh I missed a couple of comments in this thread. No doubt I’ll have to revisit in the future but I expect a copy and paste will do.

    There is absolutely no point in coming here and telling me that there are cheaper/better wrestling videos out there. Zero, zilch, nada. Why? None of those other places have my characters in them. It’s the NGC Championship. If you just want to see good female wrestling videos and it’s of little consequence to you who is in them or you aren’t bothered about my cast, then feel free to shop elsewhere. This series is an opportunity to see our characters, played by our actresses in this environment, something completely unavailable anywhere else.

    It’s similar to the other argument I hear about PG superheroine films generally. Which is “Why would I pay so much when I could pay the same and get a Hollywood movie?” Show me the Hollywood movie that has a 20 minute altercation between a female superheroine and a villain, unbroken, shown to it’s climax. I’m dying to know what it is because I really want to see it. Every Hollywood movie I’ve seen with a superheroine in it has fight scenes that might look great but last a maximum of 2 minutes (usually much much less) and are all cut up with shots of the male stars who the film-makers deem more important characters, doing their stuff. It’s comparing apples with oranges I’m afraid, and for me to charge the equivalent would mean about $1 a film. There would be no films, at all. I wouldn’t even have started because if I want to lose money that badly I could just set fire to it.

  4. Bill says:

    I, too, really enjoyed this one. Thumbs up for CG’s new outfit! I found Comet Girl’s puckishness and confidence juxtaposed against Eliza’s cold and disdainful attitude to be quite compelling. Eliza’s disdain for her opponent really came through! When she put CG’s legs up on the ropes in the corner I thought we were about to exit the PG-13 realm of physical punishment. The continuance of the beatdown after the pinfall was a good way to showcase Eliza’s ruthlessness. Eliza has really matured in the role of villainess and CG is just a bundle of personality in a very attractive package.

  5. DrMabuse says:

    To add yet another opinion, I liked it. A lot of videos (I buy many) are longer, but my favorites tend to break down to two or three discrete fights about the length of this (interminable beatdowns might work in “They Live” but not heroine vids, at least for me) so I didn’t have a problem with it.

    Comet Girl is a hit: her cocky attitude, sexy costume, spectacular looks, great heroine. Still, I look forward to future entries having a bit more context: the story behind these matchups, grudges, conflicting goals, etc. Who are the unseen masters behind these fights, and what do they want? How do the combatants feel about being forced to fight for sport? These and other questions…

  6. RDM says:

    What disappointed me was the part where she had a weakened Comet Girl propped up spread eagled in the corner. I thought to myself “all right, now we are going to get into it!”
    She just threw a couple of punches at her and that was it! She then took her down!
    I was so bummed! One of the most sought after classic working over positions and they skipped right over it!
    I could have forgiven the sort video time if they had just utilized that one scene better.
    The fact that they didn’t shows me that they don’t really know how to utilize a ring setting for classic beat down action.

  7. GManLovesJobbers says:

    For the record , outfits like the one Comet Girl is wearing is perfect for this series , which is why I LOVE Athena so much , her costume shows her legs , the legs of these girls playing the so called good girls in these matches should not be covered

  8. rizo says:

    I second GMAN and TBOB’S view on Slammin. I used to buy copious amounts of videos but rarely ever got one that felt genuine.

    Actually, if you guys want a REAL fight, check this link out:https://www.magnificentladieswrestling.com/downloads/525/#.VHwAKL4Q7zI

    This is a REAL beating Fantasia puts on Taeler and the reason is because Taeler was dissing her backstage. I know this because I follow the producer’s Facebook page and he refused to work with Fantasia after this fight.

    Fantasia is real nasty in it. You would appreciate it.

  9. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Thanks TBob , glad I’m not the only person not thinking that sometimes they are going through the motions & not making it like pro wrestling you would see on TV or any live show ( SlamminLadies )

  10. TBob says:

    Slampegs and SlamminLadies are way to goofy for me. Sucks when the two wrestlers are giggling the whole time and aren’t taking it seriously. Takes me right out of the video.

  11. Sleeperfan says:

    I’m still not sold on the price, especially when there’s better fare to be had and even more so after the number of posts noting how short it was. There are good alternatives. If you like wrestling, whether knockouts, mixed, squashes, or, whatever, check out https://www.slampegs.com/kharma.html. The link is for their discounted for charity match. This month a 2 out of 3 falls match for $5 @ 12 min / 720p. Their regular matches are priced roughly $1 a min, but it varies. Sometimes a 13min. match goes for $15, sometimes a 18 min. match goes for $15. They actually have a few gems at $5 that are between 6-9 minutes. Their longer $25 matches are worth the extra price. Not to mention, they have arguably the best talent on the indie circuits doing matches.

    And there’s always Sleeperkid’s vids. Granted most of his stuff is apartment-style wrestling (i.e. no ring), but his selection is varied, and like slampegs, priced better than $7.95 for a 6.49 vid. He also has some very hot adult stars who come out to his neck of the woods for a shoot on a regular basis. It deserves mention as well that he post pics on a number of sites that are UHQ (as in 3115×2380 ) and FREE. He has hundreds and hundreds of them made available for free. That’s one reason why I buy from him again and again. He was a fan, then he became a producer, but he’s still fan who shares with the community.

  12. JadeOwl says:

    For the price, I’m perfectly content with the lenght of the video.

    The only thing I would like to see changed is the fact that so far the fights have been for the most part pretty one-sided.

    Since I like back and forth better (I know I may be in the minority in that regard), I was wondering if future videos would feature more of that?

  13. Redmountain says:

    @ NGC

    Keep up with the good work and I understand trying to experiment with different things. One of the reasons I never really have any complaints about your vids is that you keep them so reasonably priced when in all honesty I feel you offer much better fight choreography than any other producer out there and you actually have an on going running storyline that goes throughout each season. While many other mainstream producers have pretty much priced myself and others out with their videos, I know that I’ll normally be able to pick up any of yours that look enticing and I hope that never changes, at least not to much. I see a lot of producers hit it big with one good video and then they think they can start charging $30-40 per film and drastically jack up their prices, while you guys have stuck to your roots for the most part in putting out exciting and affordable vids.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. Jim says:

    A bit short but enjoyable nonetheless. Affordable too!

  15. Well this is not a long video, that’s true. It’s probably the shortest one of these we’ve shot so far but it made sense to release it now as next weekends Episode 5 is such a major release and likely the most important of the year, so I’m managing it that way.

    I don’t want to go down the route of concern because people had issues with this and just start making tick box films to get kinder reviews. I want to try a few things out and that is why this film costs about as much as you’d spend on a cheeseburger. I spend a lot more than $7.95 on cheeseburgers but that’s my bag. There shouldn’t be much buyer regret compared to a big release you find you didn’t love.

    Some of these films will be 10-12 minutes like side missions, but I wanted to see how people would cope with a 6 minutes. Now I have a better idea. Short films mean I can use more characters and get things going a bit faster but it’s fine, I will aim for longer.

    As far as plot or story goes, I’d give it a chance. I’m not going to mix main NGC a stories into this because that would be mad. It will grow as the championship grows with grudges and interviews and hopefully fan interactivity, it will be a lot of fun, but I think we’ve got to let each character have a battle first before any master plans are revealed. I’m sure you’ll tell me if that’s unreasonable to hope for.

    On the tournament/playoff idea… Well I like it but the trouble is we do that and build up a semi final or final we must shoot and uh-oh… The girl we need for it just moved to the other side of the world! Trust me, this happens. My plan is to run a league in the style of boxing rankings. Anoint a champion and pick nearby contenders for championship battles. If one of them cannot be filmed due to other commitments then we move down the list as they would if a boxer was long term injured. If it’s the champion who goes away then they vacate the title. Obviously that isn’t ideal, but this way of doing things will run into less trouble than playoffs would.

    I’ve never expected anyone to buy something they don’t like the look of. If you like the look of one of the future battles and see our reasonable pricing then you’ll probably get it and I’m convinced you won’t regret the purchase as you would for a hIgh ticket item that turns out to be a real let down. This is a fun film and if anybody is putting out a video in this genre cheaper then good luck to them. If you like Comet Girl or Eliza I think you will like this.

  16. GManLovesJobbers says:

    One move & that was it , thought the post match stuff could of easily been part of the beatdown & should of .
    The costume Comet Girl was wearing was sexy & should be worn by all heroine types in these matches

  17. Gorleser says:

    I actually really liked this one. There were two KO’s, both sold convincingly. The video was inexpensive enough that I didn’t mind the relatively short length of action (~5 min total). I don’t feel like I always need 20-45 minute vids– sometimes all I have is 5-10 minutes. Comet Girl is a hottie, and Eliza is my favorite dominator of the series. I enjoyed what happens after the pinfall especially. Solid action, filming, editing– everything we expect from NGC.

    Wrestling KO’s are my thing, so this was perfect for me. If you keep making these, I’ll keep buying!

    A couple of nitpicks [MILD SPOILERS]… I was hoping for more of a body press pin instead of the forearm/leghook. Also, if Eliza is going to grab Comet Girl’s costume, I would really want her to grab it aggressively and sell it a little more. One girl delivering more punishment to a semi-conscious loser is a real selling point for me, and a niche I am really interested in.

  18. TBob says:

    Agree with Old bear on everything. Music was way too loud. Extremely short and the one girl got KOd rather quickly. I was like, that’s it? Wow, that was…fast, that can’t be it, then the 3 count and was like oh, um, ok.

    Also the narrator guy is creepy sounding, that is all.

    But fear not fearless leader of NGC, you still make some of the best videos to ever come out of Britain, so I will keep buying them regardless.

    Comet Girl’s costume is sweet. Can’t wait to see Eliza get beat down by the KO Queen, her only real competition. Perhaps Eliza will get a new update on her outfit, maybe something along the lines of Bluebird or Celestia, well I can dream, right?

    Now, on to the next one!

  19. dbud says:


    Wanted to offer my two cents. I got this one and while I don’t want to be discouraging I have to say if this is going to be the model for these then I doubt I will be buying too many. Seems fairly basic, no plot and little action to speak of. I get that they are cheap but I just don’t see where the variety will come from if each is simply a match up of new girls. Maybe if Bluebird or the Decpetress stars then I’d consider it. but otherwise, these might not be up my alley. Look forward to other stuff but these seem too simplistic plot and action wise for me.

  20. OldBear says:

    Yeah, while I love the low prices, I think I would prefer a slightly longer vid for around $15.00.

    Not sure how I feel about the loss of superpowers, though. While it adds a change of pace from your normal NGC films, I still would have liked to see some of the heroines go at each other with their full powers intact.

    Also, it might be cool to have an actual tournament bracket or something or at the very least have the announcer say each fighter’s win/loss record like they used to do in the old Training Room vids. But yeah, all this would be more feasible with longer running times, of course.

    Some thoughts on this vid specifically:

    1. Happy to see the update to Comet Girl’s outfit. Wasn’t a fan of those cloth coverings that she had in place of actual boots. So that automatically increases her appeal for me, personally.

    2. Some thoughts on CG’s acting. I thought she did a nice job of selling the initial KO, when Eliza rolled her over to her back. However, I think she can improve on a few things, particularly her audible reactions to the various moves.

    When selling belly punches, for example, after repeatedly getting hit she should start gasping for air. You should really be able to see/hear the effect that the repeated body shots are having.

    Same with the chokes, she should be making distinct sounds when selling different types of moves. For example, you can literally watch the first NGC Champ vid with your eyes closed and tell what moves Angel is selling just by the sounds she makes.

    Facial reactions could probably be slightly better as well. Rather than standing there with her eyes closed I would rather see her eyes open as she fights to stay conscious. Eyes can flutter or roll if she can pull it off to show she is succumbing to whatever move is taking her out.

    3. The music is a bit too loud, I think. Kind of have the same problem with the Kandy Crisis series. Would rather hear the actresses over some random music. I mean, music is alright, but I think lowering the volume of it while they fight would be infinitely better.

    Anyway, I am being hyper critical here about a small, very affordable release. Hopefully I don’t come off as a hater. Just trying to offer some suggestions to hopefully improve future NGC Champ vids. And regarding Comet Girl, I am hopeful she will continue to improve. I think she does a great job at playing a young, arrogant upstart through her dialogue and general attitude. Just some of the reactions during combat could be improved upon.

    Take care.

  21. Mark says:

    @rangerian – I totally agree; whilst I absolutely LOVE the premise behind this series, there’s a few major flaws, and the length / content is one of them. Seriously, you may as well just watch the trailer, as there’s very little else you’re missing.

  22. rangerian says:

    Way too short! It was like an extended trailer, without the hype.

  23. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Who Wins ?