OUT NOW! NGC Championship: Comet Girl v Virtue v Curse

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  1. Bob says:

    Do the girls get pinned in this one as well? Thinking about picking this up.

  2. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Since the previous Virtue/CG team-ups have all been great, I’m not surprised to say that this one was absolutely magnificent. To take nothing away from Virtue, Comet Girl looks gorgeous in this video and in the accompanying photoset. Her acting was quite fine as well, especially in the alternate ending (which I really wish had been the canon-ending as well!) CG would be spectacular in one of the story-peril photosets we’ve seen some of recently.

    I was glad to see references made to the history between Comet Girl and Virtue, which includes Virtue trying to kill the purple pace-setter while under the influence of Chaos. I couldn’t help noticing what I thought was a knowing smirk on Virtue’s face when CG offers to attack Curse first, with Virtue intervening if she gets into trouble, followed by Virtue doing nothing while CG gets destroyed. Vice appears to be having an influence on Virtue (or we’re finally seeing what Virtue is really capable of.)

    Btw, looks like it was really hot in that ring, something that’s impossible to ignore in the midst of winter here.

  3. Jim says:

    Comet Girl is magnificent in this – probably the best Championship match to date – and I’m looking forward to more appearances from Vice.

  4. RyonaKing says:

    My goodness, this brings NGC to a whole new standard. To me NGC has always been dialougue and combat oriented, but this time they got really creative with Comet Girl’s powers. I’ve seen her use super speed, but not this often (at least in NGC Champ series, I realized I don’t own her season 3 stuff). I think she spends at least a third of her combat time utilizing her speed and it looked amazing! This vid is nonstop action with very little combat dialogue. And I’m fine with that as there was so much energy in the coreography!

    Also, great intro. The ‘false start’ is quite refreshing. I felt there could have been more done to show the underlying tension between Comet Girl and Virtue though. For example, when either of the girls are sitting in the corner after getting beaten up, you could have had one cut where you show Virtue enjoy watching Comet Girl getting submitted because of what happened at the beginning. My immagination was filling in the gaps, but clearly wasn’t shown in the video. Though the alternate ending clearly shows a connection to the intro as Virtue suddenly becomes Vice and betrays Comet Girl at the final moment. Quick mention about Vice’s boots and the wonderful sounds of her walking away at the end.

    Great pain sounds from both girls! Though I am always insatiable for this part of heroine movies so I do have some critiques. Comet Girl could vary her reactions a bit more, especially while getting submitted. Great volume and intensity, but there needs some variation and maybe a gradual increase in intensity until the submission ends. Though her pain cries from getting her head slammed into the corner was 10/10. But her reaction to punching Curse in his defense mode was also 10/10, seemed so real!

    Virtue’s acting leaves a lot to be desired. I enjoyed her cries of pain, but her face showed otherwise. Both girls had a cut where they had their legs hung in the corner as they faced away from the ring. Comet Girl showed wonderful exhaustion and helplessness, while Virtue showed that but just not as good. Mmmmf, but I love Comet Girl’s rapid punches to the belly. About that, Virtue had no real reaction to getting her midsection destroyed and that dissapointed me. Or maybe Comet Girl was just too fast for Virtue to even react?

    Seeing Comet GIrl’s powers in action left me longing to see what Virtue could have done with her powers. Just took a look at her character page, ah I see why her powers were not featured. Powers aside, I also wanted to see her unique fighting style, but all I saw from her was ‘typical NGC female fighting style’ I mean nothing wrong with that, but nothing good either. I wanted to see Vice’s ‘cruel’ side with her sexy boots. Here’s two similar choreographies that I was thinking about while watching the alternate end:

    1.) Vice could have reapeatedly stomped Comet Girl in the belly with her boots and then ended it with a stomp to the face. The camera would show Comet Girl’s terrified and betrayed expression, before showing her feet bounce off the mat. Like how poor Wonderstrike got beaten down by Red Glory in their recent NGCC match, I loved watching Wonderstrike’s heeled boots reactively moving from being punched repeatedly in the face.

    2.) Vice could have start off with a punch to Comet Girl’s spine, then throw her to the ropes. VIce would then a combination of strikes at Comet Girl then ended it by grabbing her by the hair and belt and slammed her face first into the middle of the corner. This would result in Comet Girl being knocked out cold while on her knees, her arms hanging from the ropes and her head also on one side of the ropes. The ending shot could be shot from below showing her face and most of her body.

    I rate this vid almost a 10/10, a strong buy!

    Though the most important thing is to buy it now because the ‘extra limited edition going to be deleted clip’ that NGC offers is THE BEST CLIP EVER. BY GOD, THIS IS A VERY SUGGESTIVE CLIP in NGC standards. Do you want to see Spectrum in high fps slow motion? YOU BET YOU DO. Usually I like the clips because I just like collecting things, like a kid to trading cards. But this time the clip is enjoyable by itself!

  5. Rob_Hinx says:

    I can see why NGC rate this as one of their favourite Championship videos; it’s great from start to finish. Darkwrath has done a fantastic write up so I won’t go into great detail but I do have a few observations.

    First, Comet Girl doesn’t seem to have the contempt for the announcer that, well, everyone else seems to have for him. In fact she seems to kind of like him. Maybe it’s just her sweet nature.
    She’s not so sweet natured when Virtue vexes her at the beginning of the video. In fact the fight between them starts (quite literally) before the get go!

    I agree with Darkwrath about Curse’s entrance; it’s brilliant and it kicks the fight into a higher gear. I like Curse too; he’s all snarls and attitude. The spinning around move that he puts on Comet Girl had me laughing out loud.
    Of course this is an NGC release so there’s plenty of brutality on display, in fact the back breaker that Curse inflicts on Comet Girl was particularly cruel.

    Darkwrath also makes a point about Virtue standing in the corner while Comet Girl is suffering. I did think ‘Come on V, it’s not a tag match, you can jump in any time’. Although I wonder if Virtue wasn’t playing the percentages; let Curse tire himself out on Comet Girl before she, Virtue, goes to work on him, or maybe (after their little spat at the beginning) she wanted to see Comet Girl suffer. After all, Virtue isn’t quite the goody-two-shoes she pretends to be.

    Everyone involved did a great job here, in fact it’s time I stopped typing and went and watched this again.

    I have only one, teeny, tiny criticism of this release; the alternate ending is so good I wish it had been the main ending!

  6. Darkwrath016 says:

    Loved it! Loved nearly every minute of it. As I said before, seeing one heroine get crushed is always a treat from NGC. Seeing two heroines get destroyed—and destroyed they did—is amazing.

    Normally in these championship matches that feature more than one heroine, there’s usually one actress who puts on a better performance or there’s one girl who I’m more focused on seeing in peril. It is downright impossible for me to say who I enjoyed more because both Comet Girl and Virtue put on a great performance and I loved them both. They both are equally punished and they both sold all the peril really well.

    It’s also a bit difficult to state what I liked the most (but I will later!) because there’s so many enjoyable moments from start to finish. It’s got a lot of stuff in it that I always relish seeing such as bearhugs, hair pulling, head slams in the corner, punches, a very vicious backbreaker suffered by Comet Girl, knockouts and quite a few holds that’s sure to leave these girls limping once they wake up. What I think made all this worked for me though was just how well each moment flowed from one to the other. The Deja Vu v Alaric match accomplishes this flow by showing us how each attach by Alaric leaves Deja stumbling, disoriented and on the verge of being knocked out. This one is just a plethora of moves that is extremely well paced making it feel nonstop but not at all overwhelming. Combine that with the girls giving us great facial expressions of the pain that they were in, vocal expressions that not only matched that but many times enhanced it, and a cinematography that allows for us to enjoy every one of those moments and you’ve got a situation where virtually every move set hit it’s mark in delivering quality heroine in peril sequences. It really makes for a really good film where no one moment truly stands out because nearly all the moments were amazing.

    Now the film in its entirety is great but there is one minor flaw in this and it occurs when Commander Curse was trying to dislocate Comet Girl’s limbs and back in the middle of the ring and Virtue was in the corner after Curse had attacked her. Virtue was just kind of sitting there. Not dazed. Not knocked out. Just sitting there watching instead of attacking. I guess she’s waiting for her cue to come in but it’s a little bit awkward truth be told. But also nitpicking since this does nothing to take away from the quality of peril. I felt the need to mention it because on my first run, I noticed it and it distracted me a bit.

    Moving on, this video features perhaps the greatest villain entrance ever. No nonsense. No words. No flashy actions. Just appear out of nowhere, slam a heroine’s head repeatedly, toss her into the ring like a sack of potatoes and then scowl. Had me legit laughing. Also would like to throw in a plug for much I love Commander Curse. He is just absolutely vicious and it adds wonders to all the peril in this film. He needs to appear more often as he’s a wonderful actor.

    Now, I always enjoy it when in the championship the villains engage in what I’m calling, “To the victor goes the spoils sequence”. It’s when after clearly winning, the villains continue to punish their conquered and usually knocked out heroines for no other reason other than they can and they want to humiliate them. In this one after Curse wins, Virtue tries to pull her disoriented self up off the ground in the corner. Curse marches over to her, grabs the heroine by the hair (great initial reaction by Virtue), drags her to Comet Girl who’s laid out on the ground, pulls Comet Girl up off the mat by her hair (another great initial reaction by Comet Girl) and then proceeds to slam their heads together knocking both ladies out simultaneously. It’s a short sequence but I absolutely loved it because of how it made both heroines look utterly helpless, humiliated and at the complete mercy of the Commander. And also because both girls end up flat on their backs.

    To re-iterate, this is just a good solid, well produced, really well performed film that I enjoyed watching. I don’t know what more to say about it. It’s probably a really great film but I’m hedging a bit because I say that about nearly every NGC film these days. I do know that whenever I have a Virtue or Comet Girl fix, this is going to be a video that’s on the re-watch list for sure. Oddly enough, the other films I go to when I have a Virtue or Comet Girl fix are The Rescue and The Chaos Element from season 3. And what do those have in common? They both feature Virtue and Comet Girl. Probably a sign they should appear together more often.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Gotta take something back that I said in this review. I said that I liked both Comet Girl and Virtue equally but it’s turning out that I’m watching this and re-watching this strictly for Comet Girl. She was down right fantastic with all the peril she suffered from start to finish. That’s not to say Virtue was bad. She was good. Comet Girl was just off the charts in this one.

  7. OUT NOW at http://ngcchampionship.com – This one is honestly one of my favourite champ videos. Completely bonkers.

  8. RyonaKing says:

    WOW. Another new move with Curse picking up Coment Girl and spinning her around! Loving the creativity!

  9. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Fantastic! Glad to see Comet Girl (longtime fav) and Virtue (who I’m appreciating more and more recently) in a match where they can both lose. Commander Curse always brings an A game as well.

    Also, the members gift looks like aces. The still above reminded how much I enjoyed how intense this match between pretty evenly matched heroines is. That and the double cape-stripping.

  10. Kyndle says:

    Would someone mind please telling me the actress who plays Virtue?

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      I’d rather they didn’t if they do know. She received unwanted attention in the past which almost made her quit, then the loon that bothers her will be first to complain that Virtue isn’t around anymore. I can understand the interest on one level, but too many people use it for misguided reasons.

  11. Darkwrath016 says:

    What’s better than seeing one heroine get crushed? Why, seeing two heroines get crushed. This looks like it’ll be pretty great so I’m definitely looking forward to this coming Friday.


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