OUT NOW! NGC Championship: Starshot & Wonderstrike v Alaric

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  1. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I was afraid that I would sound like too much of a Starshot superfan in my review, but after Darkwrath’s comment, I’m not really concerned about that anymore. Nevertheless, I feel the same way about her and could’ve written the same things. I think she’s just extraordinary, and would love to see her in… everything.

    As for the video, I expected to love it, and I did, although the scenario and the combat wasn’t anything all that special. It really comes down to the performers, and while Starshot does everything excellently (I think she’s the best natural actor working with NGC now) I particularly want to bring attention to her performance when Alaric is giving her a bearhug, lifted off the ground (a signature Alaric move). I really appreciate the “weakening heroine” who’s slowly worn down, and Starshot does this as well as anybody.

    I want to give a little shine to Wonderstrike as well in this video. I really love her “scrappy bruiser” demeanor, and the adjustments to her costume, while minor, are significant improvements, IMO. The sleeveless look with long gloves (reminiscent of the long-missed Shadowstar!) is really fetching on her, showing off her toned, wiry shoulders and arms to good effect.

    Again, if I were asked to rate this Championship entry on the novelty of the scenario or combat moves executed, I’m not sure I’d rate it all that high (exception: I loved Starshot’s use of the ropes to propel her blows while attempting to stay out of Alaric’s reach–smart girl! It doesn’t work for long, but smart!) However, the three performers make the absolute most of it, so if you’re at all a fan of Starshot, Wonderstrike, Alaric (who never gives less than 100%) or the Championship format, this is well worth having.

    Btw, the Starshot photoset is absolutely beautiful.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Yeeeesss!! The Starshot photoset was very beautiful. She is very beautiful (I feel like I’ve said that a couple times already). The photoset accompanying this video was to die for. So many great poses, particularly those with the punching bag to which a couple of them had her kind of straddling the bag with one of her legs. Christ, Almighty.

      Then there’s the intense looks she gives in these photos. It’s the kind of look where if she were to lead me into the pit of hell with that gaze, I would neither care nor notice but would completely be captivated by her. While my flesh burns.

      For the record, I do enjoy seeing Starshot and I want to see more of her so sure, there’s a possibility I may be too enamored to be objective. That doesn’t take away from the beauty of this photoset.

  2. Darkwrath016 says:

    Starshot is the best. Starshot is the best. Starshot is…..The best. Seeing her act and sell peril and perform strikes makes me once again reiterate my claim that every month needs Starshot in it. And a couple of those months should have a Starshot 2020 mini-series where she is star actress and we are treated to over 20 glorious minutes of this amazing talent. She has become the complete package as performer, actress and heroine in peril and I absolutely love every moment that she is on screen.

    For me, I enjoy this because Starshot gives her usual A plus performance even in the face of what are fairly average fight sequences. She just is able to sell peril so well and there is no flaw in her game, making her one of the best if not THE best in the entire genre. She just does all the little things right like when she was “choke slammed” onto the matt. Not only were her cries of pain spot on but then the way she kind of rolled around a bit on the matt as a non-verbal response to the pain added so much to that moment. And then when Alaric began crushing her stomach with his foot; My goodness. The way she was slowly kicking her feet up and down, while also struggling to breathe, while also giving us great facial expression, while also making the right sounds of pain. That’s gold. That’s brilliance.

    This is what I mean by, “there’s no flaw in her game”. She can take a simple sequence and make it super enjoyable. She even makes me love seeing Starshot being choked out even though on the list of things I want to see in peril, that’s pretty close to last. The girl can sell any and everything.

    And speaking of being choked out, that happened here as well and it was equally as enjoyable as everything else. It occurs before the “Alaric choke slam” where Starshot takes her luck a little too far in attacking the villain and finds her throat slowly being crushed by the powerful grip of Alaric. It was all too enjoyable not just watching the heroine struggle to breath, or hearing her gargle slightly, or even her pain filled expression. It was also the way Alaric, while choking her, slowly reposition from facing one side of the ring to the other side. It was the way that Starshot was slightly squatting down introducing a huge height disparity between heroine and villain. It all combined to make a simple choke scene make one heroine look utterly helpless and at the complete mercy of her opponent and it was awesome. I just love moments like that.

    And then there was a bearhug and knees to the stomach and a knockout which, again, Starshot sold brilliantly. (Rob Hinx described the bearhug perfectly. Those bicycles kicks made that move really enjoyable)

    But it’s not just Starshot’s ability to sell peril that I solely enjoyed though. I also liked her acting here as well. Like when she was pushed back to Wonderstrike’s corner by Alaric and she says to her partner “You’re turn. Unfinished business remember”. Yeah, that was quality acting in that one little scene there (kind of have to watch it though to get the jest of it).

    There’s also Starshot the fighter that has captivated me. Deja may be the best fighter there is in terms of pure execution of moves but there’s something about the way this actress executes her strikes that makes her hold the number two spot in my book. It’s really convincing and I love it. This is why I state she’s the complete package. She’s doing virtually everything right.

    All in all, as has become the case with most championship matches these days, this is a good release. A good release made great with Starshot front and center. And she is stunning. She is beautiful, attractive, gorgeous and a sight to see on screen. Especially with her hair down which, makes me sound a little shallow but I like what I like.

    More Starshot please.

  3. Rob_Hinx says:

    Lots of fun to be had here. In fact it looks like everyone had fun doing this.

    We start off with Starshot materialising and the announcer teasing her about being back “for another defeat”. Starshot points out that he doesn’t choose to be there and just gets “beamed’ into the ring.
    (There’s a potential for some future comedy here; imagine The Deceptress being beamed in, hair in rollers, one boot on, one boot off. ‘Hey I wasn’t ready’!)

    Next up Wonderstrike appears, both girls are dismissive of each other until it’s revealed that they’re not fighting each other. Alaric ‘The Great’ has requested a contest and the match is going to be a tag contest.

    Wonderstrike announces that she’ll go first as she and “Al” have “unfinished business”. She shows more valour than discretion when she refers to Alaric as a “jerk”.

    She starts off very well with some rapid moves and an uppercut which puts Alaric on the ropes. Of course it’s not long before Alaric brings his strength into play and Wonderstrike is in a vicious bear hug. Alaric then throws her across the ring into the corner. Wonderstrike recovers enough to evade him and tags Starshot.

    Starshot has some cool moves; using the ropes to propel herself across the ring and she gets some good kicks into Alaric until, once more, he over powers her.
    That seems to be Alaric’s style, the heroine’s speed and agility allow them to get the first blows in but he absorbs them and then catches them with is own burst of speed and greater strength.

    At first I thought Starshot was the better fighter but, after another tag, Wonderstrike actually manages to rattle Alaric (after a foolish attempt to over power him in a hand lock up). It looks as though she might choke him into unconsciousness but the poor girl is not versed in fighting dirty and Alaric gets the upper hand.

    I won’t give away the ending but both ending were really good and, for me, were the best parts of the video.

    Both heroines look great here, I especially liked seeing Starshot pedalling her legs helplessly while Alaric had her in a bear hug and the way he stomped her into the floor was brutal. Starshot sold this beautifully.
    Wonderstrike sold her pain beautifully (although she looses a fraction of a point for touching her hair when she’s in a corner; leave the coiffure alone during battle dear).

    Alaric was superb as always, he did a great forward, tumble roll and I liked his final touch of cruelty as he left the ring.

    Of course, there’s another person in the championship; the announcer. I like him, he does a good line in oily bonhomie and while I’m not sure about seeing him fight it would be good to see him getting involved slightly. Male bringing some powers to bear if the heroines get the upper hand (cheating, in other words!).

    I’ll leave the last words to him-“I run the fairest ring in the galaxy’ I guess the galaxy is more messed up than we thought!

  4. Beast says:

    I really loved this one. Love to see starshot and wonderstrike together. I love the changes in wonderstrike costume and i loved the fight. I insist that i want to see the announcer fight with the girls sometime. If it is with the starshot better because it seems both have great chemestry. Ah and i loved the stomp! Please more stomps!
    Is this a new ring right? It looked great

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it. The Announcer fighting? Hmmm. Yes this is a new ring we started using this year.

  5. RyonaKing says:

    SIgh, I’m quite dissapointed with this one. Had the feeling from watching the trailer. In short, I feel that this is a non-dynamic submission-based match. Really makes me think back about Miss Freedom vs Sister Fate. That one also was submission heavy, but felt a lot better. This one is slow and drawn out. I guess if you like bear hugs (which I don’t) you may enjoy this vid.

    Darn it, I was so looking forward to this one. NGC, do you guys have more than one director or more than one editor or something? Because I find myself really loving what you put out, but sometimes I find it awfully boring, occasionally.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I think there’s some merit in what you have to say about the fight choreography here. The funny thing was that I had watched this championship match three or four times, saw this comment and was immediately confused by it. I certainly didn’t find it submission heavy but rather fairly balanced. But then I was watching it almost strictly for Starshot. I began to watch the Wonderstrike portions and I kind of see what you mean.

      To be completely honest though, I kind of sort of wish that there was more of an emphasis on physical blows myself. There was portion of this fight where Starshot was really taking it to Alaric by delivering hammer fist blow after hammer fist blow while going from one side of the ropes to the other. Alaric became pretty stunned from each blow and at first I thought “Yeah! You go girl!. Kick some ass!”. But then I also thought “I wish that had happened to Starshot instead of Alaric”. And it’s not the first time I’ve had those exact thoughts either. It happened in Fake News when Miss Freedom was beating Dominator. It happened again in Image Rights when Alaric was being pounded against the wall by Lady Victory.

      I hesitate though in wanting anything to change for the simple fact that I’m fairly certain that I’ve argued the opposite of focusing on physical blows. And as soon as these fights become unbalanced in favor of strikes, a bunch of us—myself probably—will start complaining about it.

      Also, if I had my way, would the choking scene featuring Alaric and Starshot, a GREAT sequence by the way, exists?

  6. Darkwrath016 says:

    Sigh. So this is going to make me sound like a nitpicking asshole but I’m confused by what NGC means by Starshot and Wonderstrike have “struggled” and have been “squashed” by Alaric in the past. It’s true of Wonderstrike but it’s actually not true of Starshot. The canonical ending of the non-canonical special mission involving Starshot and Alaric has Starshot actually WINNING that fight. In fact, that is the only fight on record where Alaric has been defeated by a heroine. And to be fair, one can argue (correctly) that Starshot got pummeled and knocked out in the first half of that fight and it was Alaric ‘s bravado and foolishness that caused him to fall for Starshot’s ruse, eventually leading to his swift defeat. But that still involves him losing that fight and Starshot avoiding defeat.

  7. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Just one more day to find out if my vote carried the day! Sure I’ll love it no matter what the outcome, though.

    I’m also looking forward to the members gift tomorrow. Lucy Z wasn’t my favorite Fail-Safe Sister, but she had a fantastic run of videos in the Championship (although her record wasn’t so fantastic.) I’m hoping she’s not gone for good, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen her. More Lucy in 2019?

    Members also get a chance to pick up a photo set of the breathtaking Starshot. Maybe SS could do one of those posed photosets with Malicia Divine to reignite their rivalry, although I’m with Darkwrath that it’d be nice to see Malicia finally get her comeuppance. Then she can return to seek her revenge! Basically, I never want it to end.

  8. The votes are in and the trailer is up!

  9. F L says:

    Loving the long hair on Starshot. Looking forward to this one!!!

  10. Darkwrath016 says:

    My wish for 2019: That every month there’s a Starshot video. And whether that’s a championship match, a story episode, a non-canon entry or a video of her cleaning windows, every month needs Starshot in it. She is just too good and too downright gorgeous not to grace our screens on a constant basis.

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      Emphatically agree.

      • Chris says:

        Also agreed! And also think it’s time to see Malicia take control of her again. The rivalry must continue.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          I’m down for another Malicia encounter. But only if Starshot comes out on top this time. I’m tired of all you humiliating my beloved heroines……………no matter how amazing and enticing it might be to see them crushed and defeated by their rivals.
          Which, again, is amazing to watch on screen.

          • Chris says:

            I’m all about a heroine victory – I’d love to see Malicia thinking that she had finally entranced Starshot for good, only for her to break free and take Malicia down! Enticing, right?

          • RyonaKing says:

            Dunno if I’m alone here, but I kinda want to see Malicia get the stuffing beaten out of her!


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