OUT NOW! NGC Championship: Tag Team Battle

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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    Now this release is a real bag of goodies.

    Performances. That’s the word that came to mind watching this. The action is good, the concept is good but it’s the performances that lift this to ‘must watch again’ status.

    Miss Freedom is beamed into the ring first, looking none the worse after her drubbing in ‘Freedom Fights’.
    Well, I say -after- there’s no saying that this follows on from that encounter. In fact there’s some dialogue later suggests that ‘chronological order’ may not be quite what we think of within the 7th D.

    Anyway, Miss F is looking great and she limbers up like a ballet dancer. After a bit of banter with the announcer (who’s becoming more and more an unlikely star of the championship) Sonica enters.
    Sonica’s got a bit of a swagger as she gets into the ring and she squares up to Miss F immediately. However, the Announcer disabuses her and Miss F of the notion that they’re going to fight each other.

    Enter Malicia and Sister Fate. Again, there’s some good ‘micro acting’ here. Sister F looks around and above her almost suspiciously (maybe she’s not keen on being teleported) while Malicia looks delighted to be there.
    They both exchange a grin and walk into the ring. Sister Fate stomps her way to the ropes while Malicia sashays like she’s on a catwalk.

    Yeah, I know I’m making a big deal of characters ‘walking’ but it’s there nuances that I appreciate almost as much as the action.

    There’s the usual throwing of shade, and Malicia goes next level, pointing out that Miss F has spent most of career “in captivity” (oh, the burn!) and that defeating her will be “a piece of cake”.
    Then Sonica pipes ups and warns Malicia that “you haven’t fought me yet”.

    Ahem, may it please the court, Sonica and Malicia have fought, but it seems this is another example of the 7th D playing around with time.
    As Eric Morecambe might have said-
    “We’re seeing all the right fights, but not necessarily, in the right order!”

    Come to think of it, I wonder now if Sister Fate actually does ‘predict’ the future or whether she remembers things that have already happened, but not yet.

    Alright enough philosophy, action!

    Miss F takes on Malicia first. Now it’s easy to overlook the fact that Miss F is actually pretty tasty when it comes to the rough stuff and she totally owns Malicia from the off. In fact it’s only a touch of naiveté and perhaps over confidence from Miss F that allows Malicia to get a strike in.

    I really liked Malicia’s ‘cat claw’ move. Actually, I’m starting to love Malicia; she is such an ego-maniac. You could put a 40 foot HD screen of her on every street corner and she’d probably complain she wasn’t getting enough attention!

    There’s a cool twist here (actually more of s false ending) and then Sister Fate is tagged. Miss F doesn’t fare so well against her.To be fair, it’s hard to beat an opponent who can predict your every move.
    There’s a lovely moment of acting from Sonica here who is pretty much begging to be let loose.

    Sonica is really coming into her own and her power is fascinating. I loved her “dodge this” line before she does her scream.
    The Sonic Scream seems to be layers of natural and industrial sounds and it blasts everyone within ear shot (I liked seeing Malicia throw her hands over her ears in her corner).
    Sister Fate gets the full blast and it seems to have a stupefying affect on her. It’s unusual to see Sister F being anything but domineering and she sold this really well.

    Sonica, of course, is on the receiving end as well and she’s superb. She has a nice line in sobs and cries of shock when things go against her which fit in well with her being a young and (I’m guessing) relatively inexperienced heroine.

    There’s a laugh out loud moment too when Malicia shows a very direct way of dealing with Sonica’s power (more than that your correspondent sayeth not!).

    I don’t want to give anymore away (and there’s much more to enjoy than I have talked about) but I do want to praise everyone involved.

    Everyone here is acting their socks off. That’s no surprise in a NGC release but I do wonder if having so many actresses together has brought out a slight completive edge amongst them or if it’s just good chemistry between them.

    Either way, it would be great to see more like this.

  2. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Man, this is what the Championship is all about! The action is swift, ruthless, and decisive as one duo is utterly devastated at the hands and feet of the other. However, this isn’t merely a squash match in which one combatant (or team) thorougly dominates the other. Each side gets their moments in the driver’s seat and reversals (as well as a bit of underhandedness on the part of the sponsors) abound. I don’t want to spill too much, but I’ll relate some of the things that made this one a winner for me.

    In the ancient tradition of tag team ring action, the proceedings eventually devolve into a brutal and wild free-for-all, and the video soars on the skills that the performers bring to it. Miss Freedom arrives first, befitting her “Diva #1” attitude, and wow-oh-wow does she look spectacular. Sonica is next, but before she can square off against Miss F, the announcer introduces the evil duo of Sister Fate and Malicia, who saunter/strut to the ring as if their victory is assured. The rules (or lack thereof) are presented, and they’re off.

    There’s no clever twist or gimmick, and the teams comprise two rematches of recent videos, but you’d be forgiven for not remembering either of those things. First of all, our heroines fare very well initially, throwing off expectations from the previous outings. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of the video is that any outcome seems possible, no matter what you might think is going to happen. It’s hard to pinpoint why, but this one seemed to hold a lot more suspense about who will win than usual. I felt like either combatant/team could lose at any time. It’s especially nice that Miss F puts down both villainesses at various points, because it gives her a reason to maintain her high self-regard in spite of how ignominious her career has been (which Malicia was happy to point out!)

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Sonica outside of the ring, and especially in a solo mission of some kind, but I have to admit she seemed a bit out of her depth in this company. Maybe it’s her relative lack of experience or my lack of familiarity with the character, but Sonica seemed like an afterthought next to Malicia, Sister Fate, and Miss Freedom. Also, we once again observe what a bad tactician Sonica is. Her scream is a cool weapon, but the key to beating it, so it seems, is to endure it for a moment, then strike her while she’s still using it. She apparently can’t defend herself while screaming, but she keeps using it against opponents who are in a position to attack her (or can regain that position while she’s busy). Sonica really needs to stun her opponent first, or at least put them off balance so they can’t rush or reach her easily while she’s wearing them down with her sonic strike. Alternatively, she could use it to blunt an enemy’s attack and follow up with a physical attack.

    Malicia is *always* a star to me, and Sister Fate performs ably, but I have to hand it to Miss Freedom. It’s utterly amazing that she’s still such a welcome presence after all this time and so many appearances in NGC videos.

  3. Gerr says:

    If you collect all the materials of the Angel in one clip, I think it will be interesting for many people. I’d buy.

    • Orcamsn001 says:

      I so so miss her it’s a shame she moved on but that’s life

      And yes I pretty much have everything she stared in and they are all great

  4. Mid2018 says:

    Miss Freedom‘s shiny pantyhose… so sexy

  5. Michael says:

    Is Sonica ever going to appear in regular NGC videos?

  6. Chris says:

    Are we finally going to get to see Miss Freedom at the mercy of Malicia? If she gets controlled to whack up Sonica I’m buying this twice.

    Also using this as a plug to get Malicia and Miss Freedom in a one-on-one non-canon. Malicia could create Manchurian Freedom, it writes itself!

    • Ha! Maybe one for the future. They definitely fight each other in this video though.

      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        I’ve definitely enjoyed Malicia’s grudge against Starshot and hope it’s revisited at some point, but she also expressed an ambition to crush Miss Freedom, and that would be a terrific tangle. Malicia’s magical abilities would seem to match well against Miss F’s brawn, especially her mind control skills, since Miss F has fallen victim to that kind of thing several times in the past (to great delight.)

        • Dr_Mabuse says:

          I should add: this video looks fantastic. Always good to see Sister Fate’s ring skills, Sonica needs to be seen more (and yes, something outside the Championship would be great!) and it looks like Malicia and Miss Freedom waste no time diving into intense combat. Those two are arguably the strongest actors overall in the NGC cast, and I expect they’ll inspire each other to greater heights.

        • Chris says:

          Exactly! I think with a heroine like Miss F mind control is such a fun peril because it plays so well against her strengths and ego. She can beat the pulp out of most baddies, but that doesn’t save her when someone sets up a hypno-trap (which she always responds to wonderfully).

          Either way, yes I’m very excited to see this one. Curious as to how MF and Sonics will work together.


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