NGC Championship: Tooth & Nail

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This was a good match. Both ladies look great and put in good work, but Candy is especially fetching sans her cape, skirt, and boots. The shoeless thing isn’t typically a big deal for me, but Candy makes terrific use of those gams in a couple of moves. I loved Sister Fate’s callback to Clubber Lang when asked for a prediction for the match. The members’ gift is pretty great this week (although I guess it’s a bit late to act on that observation…). Lucy Z looks absolutely lovely in a rapid-fire series of knockouts, courtesy of the sorely-missed Harbinger.… Read more »

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One of the endings (if you’re curious) has Sister Fate barefoot and out cold on her back. And honestly that’s a sight I could get used to.

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Instant buy. Friday can’t get here soon enough.


Candy is hot l!