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NGC Presents “My Chloroform Hell”

Here’s a chloro-riffic new trailer from Next Global Crisis featuring Celestia, Erica Lynn, a Drone, and (you guessed it) chloroform. Check out the trailer below.

Starring Celestia and Erica Lynn, these two heroines are forced to do battle in a ‘Chloroform Match’ and are soon knocking one another out regularly with the dangerous substance, and then a Drone gets involved.

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38 Responses

  1. MY CHLOROFORM HELL – NOW AVAILABLE https://nextglobalcrisis.com lots of previews as well on the site.

  2. Well I’m on the fence about Chloro-riffic. If he is putting together Chloroform and Terrific then I’d have gone for Chloro-tastic. But if he meant Chloroform and Horrific, then I’d leave it where it is, but maybe make it single ‘f’.

    @BruceKent – Not quite, it needs a bit more work than that and we always give a bit more build up to big episodes as they are our main events. It will be April though.

    Regarding people you’ve not seen in a while, well some are more readily available than others and some have more interesting stories to complete than others. When you rely on some girls year after year it doesn’t always work out, just one of the pitfalls of working in this way. If I can’t get a character back then I’ll aim to bring another one you will love into the show.

  3. Sidekick says:

    Just wanted to say this was one of my favorite non-canon NGC vids and I don’t care for chloroform either. The only major problem I had was HM inventing words. “Chloro-riffic?” That’s just embarrassing.

  4. BruceKent says:

    Any possibility of the continuation of the Celestia story line that brings Bluebird in being released this week? (what’s the emoticon for fingers crossed?)

  5. SG FAN says:

    I think mostly everybody said what I would have. The actress were fabulous and I enjoyed how they came at it different ways. I love chloroform knock outs and thought you guys did a great job there. Nice mix of fighting and using the cloth. Plus next episode, very interesting preview there.

    Once again, excellent work NGC!

  6. Wrecker says:

    The only negative remarks I recall concerning a Catherine video was due to the fact that the title “Catherine Shredded” had everyone’s hopes up that her costume was going to end up in pieces, and while I must admit that the thought is pretty appealing, it was still an amazing episode. Catherine is my top favorite character and any episode with her has always been an instant buy. I must however disagree with Fabio, as I prefer my Catherine mask-less. She’s too good at selling the peril with her facial expressions to be covering it up, in my opinion.

  7. Raiderman says:

    I miss both Catherine Marks and Steel Sister as well as Lady Zillion. Hoping I have not seen the last of these 3 gorgeous heroines…

  8. DrMabuse says:

    Were C. Marks’ videos poor sellers? That’s a shame, I thought she was great, and had no problem with the costume. The NGC universe needs a tough, mysterious spy type character in black. I also liked that she seemed to be playing a bigger game than most of the heroines, even if she did get in over her head.

    Maybe pair her up with a more colorful heroine. I’d suggest the Steel Sister, although that may just express my liking for the free-agent characters with secret agendas. We haven’t seen her in awhile either. Anybody else miss her?

    And for those who haven’t seen the Ep 7 teaser–if you’re a Celestia or Bluebird fan, you should be very excited.

  9. Fabio says:

    I like how people are finally bringing up Catherine Marks as I thought she was absolutely great at selling a beat down. I understand her videos didnt really sell but maybe you should giver her another shot with a side mission story or something. I really think her only flaw was her costume having one too many layers… I think a black spandex catsuit alone would work great with her, Just make it skin tight 😀 and definitely keep the mask. Really hope she returns though especially in the ngc championship series. And also as a huge fan of shadowstar I would love to see more of her as well it has been far too long lol

  10. Gil says:

    I really enjoyed this one…Celesita and Erica are both great at ‘selling’ the knockouts, and I always like the appearance of the drones..no, not a fetish of mine, I just think they’re cool! very compact story telling and the price, as always, was fair and reasonable. Somehow , changing the Elite Force robo-voice to female seemed to work better…perhaps because almost all the automated ‘voice active’ customer service lines you hear these days are female. I half expected to hear ; “For chloroform questions, press three; drone problems, press four; to speak to an Agent, press zero or remain on the line…” All in all a nice little scenario to tide us over til the resumption of the storyline. Kudos!

  11. Ahh the old cat swinging to hit an actress technique. That’s basically how I make decisions. You probably think I spend weeks and weeks working out the plot carefully and again whenever someone becomes unavailable, but no. I just throw cats at them when blindfolded, it’s worked so far.

    I’m glad people spotted that there was more to this than just chloroform, it would be a waste of such talent to underuse them. I’d like to shoot lots more with all the characters but you’ll just have to wait and see. On that note, did you see the Episode 7 teaser?

  12. Bert says:

    Perhaps swing the cat while it’s in a box; then it would be both alive and dead. Or something.

  13. DrMabuse says:

    Third the comment about Catherine Marks, but I’ve got a long list of NGC favorites, so you could probably swing a dead cat and hit an actress I’d like to see return. Not that you should do that.

  14. dbud says:

    I would second the comment above about Catherine Marks. She hasn’t done much but I always liked the character and actress. Would like more of her (behind my request for more Ashleigh Lawrence as Erica and always up for Bluebird.)

  15. Wrecker says:

    I’m also mot a huge fan of the chloroform “fetish” but I enjoyed this episode as well. It has plenty of other aspects that work great. Mainly, the fact that it contains two of my three favorite characters from this production team. The only thing it was missing for me is Catherine Marks and about another hour or two of footage. (I’m slightly easier to please than Lordsnot). Really hoping to see Catherine return in the near future. Kudos to all involved and keep up the amazing work.

  16. DrMabuse says:

    Yes, very nice video. I, for one, love (well done) chloroform scenes that manage to avoid being too openly fetish-y (nonsensical as that sounds) and this definitely fits the bill. As LordSnot writes above, one thing you always get with NGC is polished, professional-looking videos. Even if the subject or cast isn’t a favorite, the video itself always looks solid.

    Another note: Celestia and Erica react differently to the scenario, and their attitudes fit how they’ve behaved in the past. A nice touch.

    Also curious what will happen next with Shadowstar and the Fail-Safe Sisters! Not only is SS a favorite of mine, but the FSS saga left off with a game-changing revelation. Once again, the heroes and villains aren’t who you think they are.

  17. We’re getting back to filming soon and based on every bodies availability I will be better able to answer what has happened to Shadowstar, last seen being KOd and carried away by Lt Hornblood of her own city…

    Pleased you enjoyed this film, it was fun to make.

  18. Beast says:

    Great video!! I am not into the chloroform thing but i lke the training session feel of it. Both girls were amazing in it. I think this is the best Celestia look ever without the cape
    I must said that Erica costume works better without the gloves too. The gloves worked better in her first episode when she has the belt up.
    But everything was top notch
    Hope to see Erica again soon
    Last question: What happened to Shadowstar???

  19. LordSnot says:

    I’d buy that.

  20. @LordSnot – Well we use a crew and editIng team that works in TV and Film internationally. There is no guessing about how to shoot a film here. Unfortunately the nature of things means that we can only spend a fraction of the time on each video as we would like, but maybe we will be making some changes in future. 10 hours of Celestia might not be very well edited and would include her eating and drinking and probably asking why we were filming her so much!

  21. Raiderman says:

    Great video at a greater price…I have yet to be disappointed with any purchase from NGC. I love the ideal of heroines facing off…thanks

  22. LordSnot says:

    You should team these two up more in the future. They were gorgeous as always and it was great having them onscreen together. NGC seems to be skilled at knowing what angles to shoot from and the editing isn’t as frantic as some other recent producers. It is much more sane and seems to know when to switch shots. Sadly as always, this video ended too soon. I am still waiting for my Celestia 10 hour video! Make it happen, NGC!

  23. SG FAN says:

    And once again NGC is going to get my money 🙂

    Now I’d love to have seen Athena here, but Celestria and Erica Lynn are beautiful looking ladies. I do like Celestria and interested in seeing Erica. Looking forward to this one NGC.

  24. kevin says:

    Good lord, this looks brilliant! Keep up the great work NGC!

  25. @BruceKent – Bert is correct if you happen to live on the west coast of North America. The long and the short of it is that it’s out for members tomorrow.

    @raymond felch – No, sorry.

    @LordSnot – They did melt, we needed 3 sets of cameras to complete this video.

    @dbud – I can guarantee that there is some good fighting in this video as well as the chloroform bits. I wouldn’t want to make a dull 1 dimensional film, I am confident you’ll enjoy it.

  26. Mike says:

    Excellent video– love the fetish! Please keep these coming!

  27. Bert says:

    @BruceKent – I’m going out on a limb here and predicting that an email will be in your inbox at 7:01 am tomorrow.

  28. raymond felch says:

    are the viedos going to be on dvd??

  29. BruceKent says:

    So… should we be expecting a members only early discount release soon?

  30. dbud says:

    I’ll second some of the above comments. I find these sort of ‘fetish’ element videos to be a bit off putting (I get the irony as the whole genre or super heroine peril is sort of a fetish). It’s like the low blow compilations, a bit transparent and not something I usually go for. But I am a huge fan of Erica Lynn and if this is what she did, I will probably buy. I wish you’d have used the time to shoot her and Celestia (who I also like) in a team up special or regular ep or even the championship series in a fight, but beggar’s can’t be choosers and all.

  31. LordSnot says:

    Celestia and Erika on same set? How did your cameras not melt?

  32. @raymond – Well, I think this video is a bit like that so I think you’ll love it.

    @Mike J – Oh go on Mike, do please pick it up, very affordable rates, two wonderful heroines etc.. Angel will be back fairly soon, we have some filming with her coming up.

    @LQQKn4aFox – There are pics going up all the time at our blog: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/blog and on our Facebook page.

    @fabio and DrMabuse – I don’t think you’ll regret it. There’s nothing worse than splurging hard earned cash on something that looks good in a trailer but ends up being total shit. Buyer regret is the one thing I always strive to avoid.

  33. raymond felch says:

    o k love this but id like to see batwoman vs catwoman and her kitings cat please!!!!!

  34. DrMabuse says:

    Well, this is a must-buy for me.

    Generally, I don’t care much for transparently fetish-y material, but if I have a weakness (and I do) it would be Celestia (or Shadowstar or Comet Girl or Dynamite Doll or Catherine Marks or… you get the idea) and chloroform.

  35. Mike3 says:

    Both ladies are EXTREMELY gorgeous!

  36. Mike J says:

    I may pick this up, the chloroform match with Angel and Bluebird in the training room was pretty good.

    Is Angel coming back anytime soon?

  37. fabio says:

    I HATE chloroform but I might have to get this one anyways, Erica and celestia look so sexy its good to see them back. Just wish it was focused more on a one sided beat down to be honest lol but im sure it will come eventually. Erica is so gorgeous does she have anything else lined up?

  38. LQQKn4aFox says:

    Celestia luuks guud in dat leotard. High cut and tight tight like I like. Nice! Nice! Nice! Yay! Yay! Yay! Mure plz!?!?!? How abt sum pics tuuu piz!?!?!?