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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    I throughly enjoyed this.
    Last year, watching ‘The Bluebird Show’ I thought, and commented, that I’d rarely seen Bluebird so ‘on’ and ‘charged up’ for a fight. I put it down to the history and chemistry between her and Alaric (it seems those two have history in more than one reality!).
    After watching this I wonder if it wasn’t also chemistry between the actors because there’s the same spark here.

    I wonder if the actors read the script and think ‘oh cool, I get to fight him/her’. Or maybe Alaric has a way of bringing out the best in people because Deceptress here is on better form than I ever seen before.

    This is a Pure release so we’re pretty much straight into the action. Before we get into that though I want to comment on the location; when ever I see this room in a release I always get a slight chill; how many heroines have come unstuck here? Even the random signs around the place add to the atmosphere; ‘Follow the red light’ seems particularly creepy.

    Any way onto the action! Deceptress lays into Alaric right from the off and seems to have him on the ropes (so to speak). She foolishly takes a second to enjoy the sight of Alaric in trouble and that’s all the opening that Alaric needs.

    Darkwrath has done a great job highlighting the best moments and moves but there are some character moments that I really enjoyed.

    The look of puzzled/surprised outrage on Alaric’s face when Deceptress blocks his first hay-maker punch.
    The snarling, growl that Alaric makes when she grabs Deceptress by the throat and her panicked gasps as he chokes her. I also liked the way her hands went from his wrists to his forearms and back again as she tried to gain an advantage.
    After a huge bear hug Alaric puts Deceptress across his knee and digs into her lower back, Deceptress’s cries and sobs here are heart rendering.
    Alaric puts another, one handed choke hold on Deceptress & there’s a beautiful moment where her eyes go back and forth from his grip on her throat to his face…then he lifts her, one-handed (yes, one handed!) from the floor.
    Deceptress, passed out, lying (beautifully) on her side. It’s worth mentioning this because it’s not something you see every often (if at all) and it looks so much better than being sprawled out on her back. (that’s not a criticism of the times when she IS sprawled out on her back, it’s just good to see something different.
    Got to mention the huge hair flick and the hip shimmy from Deceptress when the tide turns to her favour; she did a similar thing in her fight with Doctor Progress.

    I really like Alaric, there’s something almost Shakespearian about his delivery. It wouldn’t surprise to see him reading Milton with one hand while doing bicep curls with the other in his spare time!

    The ending, I loved both endings but I especially enjoyed the main ending because-


    Deceptress wins!

    She not only wins, she wins in a way that perfectly suits her name. Earlier on in the battle (and a battle it really is) I wondered if she was going to use her power. Cleverly she kept it right to the end to turn the tables on Alaric and then put him in a scissor hold to squeeze him into unconsciousness.
    I liked the way she said ‘send….everyone!’

    The alternate ending is brutal; it’s a slow, cruel destruction of Deceptress that belongs under the heading of “sturm und drang” and if you ever needed proof that Alaric is one vicious s.o.b then here it is.

    In fact I enjoyed this so much I’m going to go and watch it again.

  2. theEscapist says:

    For me, I really enjoy the fights in heroine peril videos and if the story plays into them, then its even better (but not always necessary). My biggest gripe with NGC has always been with their conclusions.

    I was reading RyonaKing’s recap, as well DarkWrath’s, and I was all on board for buying this one…until you mentioned the ending. To me, the ending is just as important as the rest of the video. If the ending falls flat, it just ruins it for me. There have been several times I’ve purchased an NGC video and its been great, until the end. So many times they ended with a punch KO or something that looked weak. Then the villain just walks away or nothing happens to the defeated heroine. It always ruins it for me.

    So when RyonaKing said she gets KO’d on the table and then it abruptly ends, I just shook my head. “Feels like wasted potential to me.” Exactly…it falls flat. Its what has stopped me from buying every release that NGC puts out. There are so many good heroine peril videos out there that I feel are great, but then get pushed over the top when the heroine meets her doom (in some form or fashion). It doesn’t have to be huge or over the top either (though I like a brutal ending sometimes) but just SOMETHING that shows that the heroine is doomed for losing this battle. I’m sick of villains just walking away, leaving the heroin KO’d. You just KO’d a heroine and you’re just going to leave? I always think to myself, well I know she’ll just wake up and get him later. The stakes should be higher than that! The villains should be more evil than that! Bluestone always does a great job of ENDING their super heroines. They can sometimes get repetitive and the struggles can be drawn out, but its better than the abrupt endings or short lived KO’s from NGC sometimes.

    Look at the video (I forget the film name exactly) where Miss Suppression gets Bluebird in a head-scissors and slowly chokes her out, then snaps her neck. I thought that ending was great…even though it was still a little abrupt after that, but still…I SAW Bluebird’s fate. What about when she was killed by Eliza Rose? What a creative ending, where she made her drink that mysterious liquid (wink wink) and then had her costume removed. AMAZING ENDING! All in all, I really want to love NGC and there are some videos that excel…but most of them that I’ve bought lately have fallen flat in the end and its just so disappointing. I know the real NGC fans can’t get enough of it, but all I ask for is some better conclusions. They always seemed abrupt and nothing happens to really conclude the film.

    PS – I also ask for a little more skin NGC. Your heroines are so beautiful, sexy and wear cool costumes, but do they all have to wear panty hose or full catsuits? Luckily Spectrum shows a little skin, but man Deceptress would be SO much sexier if she showed some skin and went without those panty hose. Let those legs breathe!

    Rant over 😀

    • theEscapist says:

      Don’t get me wrong though, I am still a fan of NGC. I prefer them much more over all these producers who just do typical porn films with super heroines and penis props in them. I just wish NGC videos just had a little more gravity to them, were taken a little more seriously throughout the entire film. Not to say they are lazy, but more attention to some details like how it ends and some other aspects as well, would go a long way at making everything they did better (in my opinion).

      • Next Global Crisis says:

        You are of course at liberty to say all of those things. I think it is only fair that I reply honestly. The first issue is that with recurring characters that we have created and feature regularly a death ending would remove all the gravity from the time it might potentially happen in the story. If you had seen the character die a dozen times in non canon videos then when the character might actually die in the story it almost wouldn’t matter because you would be desensitised. Regardless of logistics I think deaths of characters should be few and far between. Where you see it elsewhere I strongly suspect (and I’m no aficionado on other people’s videos) that it is a Supergirl or Wonder Woman or other derivative character. They aren’t part of an on-going story, and the death of the character is essentially the whole point of the video.

        That is not the case with NGC. We are interested in a showdown, the reason the showdown occurs, and all physical and emotional reactions to it. With Action Cosplay while the characters are derivative it has always been more playful than NGC, with more focus on the predicament possibly where NGC is more of a fight, so death fits that site even less frequently.

        There is no point my trying to gain an extra sale by pretending we might make big changes in a death direction, we won’t. Occasionally characters will still die and I take note of the suggestion to try and be more creative with the endings, although that doesn’t mean no more KO endings because I’m not going to tie my own hands. If you like the look of it you’ll buy it and draw your own conclusions as to whether you regret the purchase or not.

        I would also say at least as far as story videos go there are seldom occasions where a villain scores a KO and walks off. Usually there is a capture of some kind, a trap or a coercion to push the story forward. Plus of course the heroines win the canon ending quite frequently too. So I don’t feel the analysis fits those videos.

        • theEscapist says:

          I think you misunderstood my complaint. I wasn’t calling for death endings each time, but I just wish there was more of a conclusion to your videos. A lot of the time, I just feel like the endings fall flat compared to the rest of the fights. I feel like so many of your battles where the heroine loses ends in a simple KO punch and then they are just carried away. Sometimes you have great back and forth battles, which builds nicely, but then it just ends…no real crescendo.

          I’ll give you a couple examples of some awesome non death endings that I loved. Bluebird vs KO Queen in NGC: When she makes Bluebird tap, but isn’t satisfied, so she demands she verbally submit. Still not done, KO Queen gets up and brutally stomps the hell out of her…solely out of rage and because she’s evil! Then plants her boot on her to claim victory. Another one I liked, the alternate ending to Bluebird and Lady Victory, which was a build up of Bluebird’s knee getting hurt, Lady Victory bashing her head into the turnbuckle, then a nice long standing rear naked choke that put Bluebird out. Then she simply lets go and shoves her down to the mat. Those are just some that I’ve gone back and watched recently that I thought were done really well.

          All I am trying to say is, I feel like the finishes of these battles should be significant. Not just a punch. Even then, if the KO is a simple one, add something more to what happens after that sells the situation as something more dire. Not just a OTS carry off. I saw one of the more recent Deceptress videos where she was defeated and the villainess grabbed some chains and said she was going to auction her off. Then the video ends with her standing over her KO’d body, just holding the chains and laughing. Why wasn’t she chained up and dragged/carried away? There was a superheroine video I saw a long time ago that had a similar scenario. After the heroine was beaten, the final scene was her in the back of a van, tied up and panicking, fearing her fate. The villain came to the door and laughed at her before slamming the doors shut to end the video. Wouldn’t have been the same if he had just KO’d her and left her or just carried her away. Maybe think of it like a pro wrestling match…they always do moves through out and tell a story, but they almost always build to someone hitting their finishing move. A move that is special, devastating and that tells the fans “this is the end.” It wraps everything up nicely and gives a definitive conclusion. Not saying the characters should all have finishing moves, but the end of the battle should build up to a big finish…not just the battle ending (if that makes sense).

          At the end of the day, its your films and you can do what you want. I mean, you’ve done great endings before, so I know you guys do them, I just wish it was more often. Just giving some constructive criticism for production that I do enjoy. Thanks for responding and I’ll keep watching.

  3. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I wasn’t sure I’d be into this one. I have some qualms about Erica’s acting and we’ve seen a lot of Alaric crushing heroines, plus there’s no story and it’s an all combat (no special perils) “Pure” entry. But, I’ve been surprised at how good some of the Pure entries have been to me (esp. Wonderstrike and Candy) and this one as well. I have to agree with the other comments here–Erica’s improved a lot as an actress and gives a wonderful performance here. She looks amazing, but that’s always true. Alaric is ever-reliable. It gets lost, I think, because of his consistency, but he’s a damn good villain.

    Darkwrath and RyonaKing do a phenomenal job recounting the virtues of this video, so I won’t retread.

  4. Darkwrath016 says:

    Erica: Her best. Performance. Ever! Her match against Sister Fate in the championship was great. And her last encounter with Dr. Progress was awesome. Maybe even amazing. But those performances can’t even hold a candle to what she did here. Talk about some amazing facial expressions to the peril she was in. Truly a wonderful act by The Deceptress that for me, will be on the repeat list for quite some time.

    This is an NGC pure match up so there’s not much in the way of a story here or how Erica managed to track down Alaric in the first place. All that we know is that Erica is determined to bring Alaric to justice and avenge her “sisters” (Aww. Erica considers her teammates sisters. That’s cute). And in so doing, Erica displays a level of confidence and determination that makes her out to be an adept heroine who can hold her own against any villain.

    I loved Erica’s acting in this one. It’s one thing for her to say that she fears no one but I genuinely believed it through her tone and body language. It was great the way she called out Alaric in the beginning. It was great the way she was hammering Alaric with strikes after strikes after strikes. And as Ryonaking pointed out, there’s this fantastic moment she had when she did this hair flip and she was prematurely gloating. Fricking awesome that was. It all made for a really great set up that made the actual peril and destruction to come—this is Alaric we’re talking about here—all the more satisfying.

    The fight in this one is definitely one of NGC’s best that they put on so far. Great variety of moves that’s perfectly paced and non stop for nearly 90% of the film’s running time. Yet it never felt overwhelming like if there’s too much to digest. There’s enough pauses in the fight that it doesn’t feel like if it is ceaselessly running on, making every moment fresh and really enjoyable. Nothing in here felt repetitive and it never felt like if they were just padding the run time. Every move set felt like it belonged and there’s a great mixture of strikes, submission holds and choking scenarios.

    To indicate how good the fight was, I honestly thought that my preference was: “strikes are better than submission holds which in turn are better than choke holds”. After watching this I’m of the opinion that: “strikes are equal to submission holds which are equal to choke holds”. It just needs to be properly balanced with an actress who can sell them well. Like was the case here.

    The peril in this is just spot on. Erica gets hammered but it’s not as one sided as one would think it would be. She holds her own and is able to knock the villain down a couple times. That said, there’s soooooo many amazing moments to choose from as it relates to the Deceptress in peril and it’s all thanks to great acting from Erica, great directing from NGC, great execution of moves by Alaric, some great fight sequences and most importantly, near perfect cinematography and editing. Every moment we are treated to seeing Erica’s face squint in pain over and over and over again. The highlights for me are:

    1) The moment when Erica was bent over Alaric’s knee and the villain pressed his hand into her kidneys. The camera angle combined with Erica’s expression and general look of helplessness, combined with her cries of pain made that move unique and awesome to watch.

    2) The moment when Alaric lifted Erica up while crushing her throat. It was great hearing her struggle for breath while gripping Alaric’s forearm with her own hands. But the best part was her just passing out with her hands going limp before being tossed to the ground.

    3) The torture rack submission move where Erica was being stretched across Alaric’s shoulders was great. It wasn’t the move itself that was great. It was Erica’s spectacular facial expression, the way her hair was ruffled across her face, the camera angle and Erica crying out in pain that made that submission move pretty much perfect.

    4) The entire lose ending from start to finish was perfect. Everything in it made what was already a great film, outstanding in my mind. Just two solid minutes of Erica being completely owned and picked apart by Alaric. In that two minutes you had Erica dragged helpless up to her feet by her costume. Repeatedly punched in the faced until she was dazed. A backbreaker to which she was just tossed onto the floor like a discarded piece of meat afterwards. Hammerfist blows to the stomach. A stomach claw that left her crying out in pain. A bearhug where she was kicking her legs up on down until she tired and just about passed out. More strikes to the head and a final knockout that left her draped over the table. Erica’s acting was so remarkable during each one of those sequences that you could honestly pick any two of those moves and the alternative ending would have been great regardless. But what a treat it was that all of that was in the alternative ending.

    But of course, the best part for me would have been when Alaric dragged the poor heroine off the floor by her hair. What an expression of pure helplessness and agony Erica had combined with a couple cries of pain. That alone made the film worth the purchase price. If biases weren’t at play, it would have been the best hair pulling sequence ever. Alas Starshot in the Decider will probably always hold the number one spot and Spectrum when it happened twice in her fight against the cyborg will always hold the number two and three spot. But this one will probably be cemented as number four for a long time. And will be on repeat for a long time.

    (I feel compelled to state that I’m highlighting what I thought were great perilous moments but if I’m honest with myself—and if I felt like writing 5000 words—I’d say the entire time Erica was in peril was a highlight. I’m not joking when I say this is her best performance. For the entire film Erica was practically on point.)

    I’ll close by stating that Erica was wonderful. Truly she was. But let’s give it up for Alaric. Has the guy ever given a bad performance in his long-storied tenure with NGC? I don’t think so. Consummate professional who knows how to play a villain well and who knows how to execute moves. And honestly, some of his lines had be laughing a bit. Without him, it probably would have been a lesser film.

    Goes without saying that I highly recommend this film. Erica is looking as stunning as ever in this one. Hell, I think this is the best she’s looked ever. Dressed in that costume, with that body, with those legs and those curves, she’s the text book definition of sex appeal. Mix in great acting and just an all around great performance in selling peril and this one is definitely a winner.

  5. RyonaKing says:

    Deceptress’s acting has improved by leaps and bounds! Everything that gets thrown at her feels real to me. And a big thing I normally complain about, hair grabbing. Typically when the villian grabs the heroine by the hair, it doesn’t seem to do much to the heroine and we can clearly see it’s just the actresses getting back on her feet to transition to the next shot. Not this time though. When Deceptress gets grabbed by her hair, she yelps in pain and is thus painfully coerced by to her feets (rather than voluntarily getting up herself). Huge improvement!

    On the first bearhug. Also improvement, and I saw that ‘thing’ that I always love to see, nay, need to see in bearhugs: where the heroine in a front to front bearhug throws her arms, legs, and head backwards and arches her back. To me, that shows that the bearhug is bending her spine the wrong way and causes her body to react as such. Love it, but she didn’t do it long enough or often enough for my tastes. She also fought back during the bear hug, and that’s a big plus. The video just started so she should have enough stamia to try and fight back.

    Also, I see what you did there NGC. :] Feels like there’s a homage to the X:Men Apocalypse choking sequence. I loved it. And the choking in general was plentiful and her reactions felt very real.

    Her whole attitude felt so great in the whole vid. Very confident and really ‘into’ the acting. Especially when Deceptress gets up from the ground after losing an exchange, she gets up on her feet and flips her hair. My god, that hair flip is amazing, please make that her trademark gesture or something.

    I liked the music. The sad music that plays while Deceptress is being beaten down and put in a ‘torture rack’ submission really adds to the weight of the situation. (Without inner monologue, which I think always comes off as cheesy because maybe it’s just hard to pull off)

    Seems like Deceptress looks a bit different. Like did she do her makeup or eyebrows differently? I have no idea, something change and I really like it! I hope other Deceptress fans can tell me I’m not crazy and something does indeed look different.

    Personal gripes:
    No debooting, and it felt like you guys teased the debooting. Alaric drags Deceptress by the leg for a bit, and I was so happy that there may be a debooting.

    No lowblow. Such a waste, especially when Deceptress’s acting improved by so much.

    No ending body pan or general camera stuff during the Deceptress bad end. She gets knocked out on top of a counter top. I loved it; seeing her legs hang off an elevated area. Jeez, her thighs. But we don’t get any extra angles of that, the vid ends with the camera centered on the empty space between Deceptress and Alaric leaving out the door. ???? Feels like wasted potential to me.

    strong recommended buy. dan/dan

    • RyonaKing says:

      Also forgot a big obvious thing that needed addressing. The belly claw. It’s not a move used often in NGC so I’m happy it’s incorperated. Deceptress’s reaction to it was splended. The problem I have with it is that it clearly looks too fake. With such a close angle of the move, you can see Alaric is just bending his fingers and placing his hand on top of her belly. In my opinion he should at least dig his fingers a little bit into her belly. In that picture here it looks okay, but the camera swings to the left and then the magic is reduced a bit for me.

  6. Darkwrath016 says:

    The photoset that accompanied this video was great. Haven’t had a chance to watch the video on account of slow internet and all that but it was downright awesome seeing Erica stretched and choked in embarrassing fashion by a rookie heroine. And the look of shock all over Erica’s face made those photos truly amazing. The only thing missing was perhaps seeing the Deceptress passed out or knocked out with the trainee standing over her. That would made the photoset absolutely fantastic. Still a great photoset and worthy of everyone’s money.

    Also, Erica’s got an amazing smile. She’s a true natural in front of the camera.

  7. The trailer has landed! At the top of this page!

  8. Tim says:

    Mmmmm………… this looks yummy.
    My favorite current heroine vs my favorite current henchman.
    Man, I really hope this gets one-sided and Alaric drags out the ending, toying with her before the Coup de grace. I’ll buy this one 2 seconds after it comes out.

  9. LordSnot says:

    Last week Celestia, This week Deceptress. Your too kind NGC!

  10. barry allen says:

    when that video going coming out

  11. Darkwrath016 says:

    My anticipation levels for this release are through the roof right now. Erica looks like she’s about to give the performance of a lifetime with some of these expressions I’m seeing. And I’m especially loving how she’s smiling in some of these pictures.


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