NGC Pure: “Wonderstrike v Iron Drone”

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  1. Dr Mabuse says:

    Well, no time is wasted getting to the action in this one!

    The Iron Drone really puts Wonderstrike through her paces, although she does come out swinging and has several moments of dominance. I like how she’s become the established bruiser of the current Elite Force slate (demolishing Alaric for the first half of their fight, dominating the Championship, hanging with the Tower siblings longer than would be expected) and appreciate that even when she gets beaten, she puts up a good fight.

    I was curious about whether WS’s power burst thing would work against the Iron Drone. It seems to be a wave of power that her body emits, but is it physical force, electric charge, or some kind of bio-energy? I thought it was possible that the burst attack wouldn’t work on the entirely mechanical battery-powered ID, but it seems like it does (although it has a backup power supply, apparently). Also, WS seemed less depleted after using the burst attack this time than she has in the past. Possibly she’s learning to use it without expending all of her energy?

    Regardless, the ID demonstrates good tactics by attacking WS’s biological weaknesses (exploiting her need for oxygen several times, taking advantage of her exhaustion), while it takes WS some time to adjust to the fact that her opponent isn’t flesh-and-blood. The result is that the ID defeats WS twice (one complete pass-out) before the finale. Each time, the ID waits for her to recover, then re-engages, as if it’s trying to wear her down, not simply crush her. In the lose ending, WS is KO’d again (a third defeat) standing up while the ID holds her upright, then he sweeps her into a cradle carry and marches off with her. In her win ending she gets the upper hand and breaks the ID’s “neck” with a scissor hold.

    All in all, a very good, modestly priced video focused on heroine combat.

  2. Richard says:

    Just wondering,does this have a chloroform and or a lots carry?Thanks.

  3. Dr Mabuse says:

    I got the video, members gift, and photo set awhile ago, and while I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the video yet (might not until later in the weekend) I recommend the photo set very highly. Anyone who’s a fan of Miss Freedom (even a bit) should definitely have it. As in a couple of her previous sets, it’s peril-focused. Not much of a story, but makes excellent use of Miss F’s expressive gifts.

    I notice that the photos are tagged with the “Action Cosplay” logo. Are there any plans to feature Miss F in videos with the Supergirl costume?

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it. We are thinking about the possibility of doing that yes, don’t know yet though and won’t be really imminent. If people want to see it let me know.

      • Jeff says:

        MF as SG? Definitely please!! Lol but yes I would really enjoy seeing Ms Freedom donning the costume in an Action cosplay video!

        • Dr Mabuse says:

          Yes, I’d also love to see a video of Miss F in the Supergirl costume. SG has a similar look to Miss Freedom, and it would be cool to see her in something entirely different. Still, SG is a very different character than MF, so it’d be a chance to see a different side.

          I don’t care much, really. Anything that gets her on camera.

  4. Beast says:

    Hello NGC i cant access to the buy/download link from the email.

  5. Dr Mabuse says:

    Last week’s thoroughly excellent Miracle Maiden episode was light on combat, so it stands to reason that NGC would offer a battle-intensive showcase this week. Ordinarily, that would dampen my enthusiasm a bit, but Wonderstrike in the crosshairs of a rampaging Iron Drone sounds good. Her last non-Championship video (against Alaric) was fight-focused as well, and I loved that one.

    Looking forward to the members gift this week as well. Anything from the Fail-Safe Sisters is much appreciated, and that was a fantastic video. Lucy Z is underrated, IMO, and I’d welcome any more appearances she wants to make.

  6. Ultra says:

    It’s gonna be tough to beat how terrific Wonderstrike’s last video was.

  7. Mid2018 says:

    Wonderstrike really shined in the last video with the debooting sequence. Will she be debooted in this one?

  8. Beast says:

    Yeah Stomp! Love this pure battle concept. Its like a new version of the training room which was my favourite section of NGC

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I thought so too about it being like the training room! I remember those episodes well. They were what originally brought me to NGC. Especially the bluebird ones.

  9. Darkwrath016 says:

    Those last few seconds of the trailer have me sold. Nothing quite like the look of a knocked out heroine all rag doll in the clutches of a villain (or drone in this case). That honestly doesn’t occur nearly as much as it should.

  10. F L says:

    A purely physical beating? Sign me in!!
    The last video starring Wonderstrike was great, if this one is of the same caliber she will go up in my personal list for sure