NGC Season 4 Episode 3: “Chaos Reigns”

Season 4 Episode 3: “Chaos Reigns” is upon us, and it seems to me that the best place to start is the costumes. If you didn’t think Erica Lynne could look hotter… you were wrong. I get it. There will never be a consensus on any costume, but I’m with the crowd that seems to think this new costume is an upgrade from an already terrific one.

[Beware possible spoilers] As far as the Starshot costume, I honestly didn’t like it when I saw the first still photo. And then I saw the actress in action and that all changed. I don’t know what it was that didn’t catch my eye originally, but once it was in motion, it worked for me. Actually, the same thing happened when I first saw the green and yellow Lucy Zillion costume and now that costume is among my favorites.

Anyway, the action picks up when Erica confronts Harbinger, a decision that on the surface may not have been her wisest. We haven’t seen Harbinger much, but in every appearance she’s dominated her opponents. And that’s how things start. Harbinger controls the fight with stomach punches, kicks, and headbutts.

But surprisingly, Erica holds her own at times landing several shots and rocking Harbinger for the first time that I can remember. However, Harbinger downs Erica and is about to obliterate the heroine with her staff like she did Comet Girl, but backup arrives in the form of Starshot who teleports the staff right out of Harbinger’s hands.

The good girls seem to have Harbinger at a disadvantage, especially when Erica creates her duplicate. However Harbinger gets backup of her own in the form of a new character known as Haywire. Haywire seems to have the ability to make others super powers act eratically. In this case, Starshot’s teleportation abilities and even turning Erica’s own duplicate against Starshot.

What follows is a long and really well done “Crisis Moment.” For those who may not be familiar it is basically a slow motion highlight reel of a fight scene. Harbinger spends much of the “Crisis Moment kicking the crap out of Erica while Starshot takes some shots from Haywire, but basically holds her own in an even battle against the villain.

When the “Crisis Moment” ends, we see that Harbinger can use telekinesis in conjunction with her staff just like Celestia could, and this allows her to really take charge. She telekinetically rams Starshot into a pillar and uses it to torture Erica for a brief few moments and… I’m going to end the review here but know that there are two endings. One good for the heroines, the other… not so much.

I do want to point out that there is a lot of choking/choke holds in this episode, so fans of those kinds of holds should enjoy this episode. But fans of quality made superheroine videos should enjoy this as well. This is four very likable actors playing four likable characters, each with unique power sets and that made for some fun viewing.

It’s too early to tell if this is going to be Erica’s season, but it feels like it, and I’ll be more than happy if it turns out that way. I also got to thinking about Harbinger, particularly her name. The dictionary definition is “a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.” I was just thinking the name could be foreshadowing to a catastrophic event or maybe even the introduction of someone worse than Harbinger. That would be something to see. Time will tell.

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