NGC Season 4 Episode 3: “Chaos Reigns”

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  1. Dave Wolk says:

    Any hint as to your next release?

  2. HeroinesMustGoDown says:

    This might just be me I love the quality and the production but NGC but I would to see them make a series with sexual peril included where the heroines not only fight but get sexually humiliated. I’m pretty sure they would do an awesome job because of their great production value.

    • Dr Mabuse says:

      I’m sure you’re not alone, but I have to say that I’m not really interested in that. Personally, I think there’s plenty of that kind of stuff available from other producers already, and I mostly like the level that NGC works at. They’ve toyed with sexual peril a few times in their series, but it’s almost always been at the hint and innuendo level. Also, it seems to be limited to certain villains, which makes sense to me. For instance, sexual peril always seems to hang in the air when the creepy dude in the mask is around.

      There are some more direct examples. Sexual peril (and implied humiliation) is definitely a part of Erica Lyn’s period of captivity by Qaran, for instance, but that might not be what some people are looking for in terms of “sexual humiliation.” The only other thing that comes close I can think of is the alternate ending to Season 3, episode 5 (in which Bluebird dies). Even there, it’s hinted at, rather than made totally explicit. Again, that might be what you’re looking for. There may be other examples I’m not thinking about now.

      Do I think they could do it a bit more? Sure, but everybody’s got their own preference (or range of preferences) about that kind of content, and what NGC does now is mostly where I like it. No intention to denigrate what others prefer, I just like what they do now, don’t see anybody else doing it nearly as well, and would prefer they not become more like other producers who are doing the sexual peril/humiliation thing.

      • Jacques says:

        Agreed, sexual tension is good, the rest is not for me. Nevertheless I don’t begrudge other folk’s tastes. To each his own.

    • bbsucks says:

      I think a lot of people would really enjoy that. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though. I believe there are laws in the U.K. that would make it illegal for them to make something like that.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      I would need an entirely new cast, and crew, and loads of producers are already doing it and I doubt I could improve on their efforts with such an upheaval in who I’m actually working with.

  3. Mr.Bleh says:

    I think we’ve found a winner in Starshot.

  4. Maar13 says:

    I for one loved it, and the cannon ending is a great twist, Like the teaming for both sides, villains and heroines.

    The Deceptress has growth on her role and Haywire is great addition to the team. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  5. lawrence says:

    Wow this episode is action packed .

  6. Darkwrath016 says:

    Here’s my review of Chaos Reigns Season 4 episode 3:

    Clearly, the spotlight for this film is Erica. I’ve always had a tense time with Erica. On one hand, she’s beautiful and if it wasn’t for Virtue, she probably would be the most beautiful actress in NGC. On the other hand, I’ve hated her bodysuit costume and found that it did such a injustice to Erica. That’s all changed thanks to the new costume and boy do I absolutely love it. She went from just beautiful to being beautiful and hot and I hope she keeps this new costume of hers. In terms of acting, Erica gets top marks here. She’s definitely improving in selling peril but aside from just that, the character of Erica is just truly amazing in this one. If you’re an Erica fan, then this is a must get episode for you.
    Starshot, the new heroine in this episode was a hit and miss for me. On one hand, she wasn’t too good at selling peril save for the moment towards the end when she was getting chocked out by Harbinger. That was really well acted out on her part. Otherwise, her selling ability left much to be desired. However, what she was really good at was selling herself as a powerful superheroine who can kick ass. Her expressions when she attacks her opponents are done with such confidence and determination that you really do feel as though Starshot is a kick ass heroine. This is especially the case in the crisis moment (more on that later).
    Harbinger and the woman who plays her is one of the best villains out there. That no nonsense, I’m here to kick ass and take names attitude from Harbinger is something to marvel at. I’ve seen her in action three times now and each time she just gets better and better. I hope to see more of her in future episodes (and maybe on the receiving end of peril too)

    Fight scenes:
    There are essentially three main fights in this episode: Harbinger vs Erica, Harbinger and Haywire vs Erica and Starshot crisis moment, and Harbinger and Haywire vs Erica and Starshot conclusion. The Harbinger vs Erica was a decent fight and if you liked Erica in peril then you’ll appreciate this fight. Its brief, almost too brief but acted well enough to make you forgive the brevity. Now, I’m not a fan of the crisis moment fights. I’ve seen a few of them now and while the jury isn’t out as yet, I think that NGC should just ditch this and show the fights without the slow mo. Sure you’ll have to do a lot more work stringing the moves together to make sense and it’ll add length to the film but it seems like such a waste to make the middle of the film, where all the action and peril should take place, be reduced to some slow motion shots. That being said though, of all the crisis moments I’ve seen, this is probably the best of them so If you liked the slow mo that NGC does, then you’ll probably like this one. The conclusion fight was decent as well. My favorite parts were when Starshot was being chocked out by Harbinger and telling her that she’ll break her pretty little neck. Then Erica comes in, all hot and sexy looking I might add, saying “looking for me”. That was really well done. Overall, the fights were good. Not the best but not the worst and well above average.

    Film execution
    For one reason or the other NGC has consistently lagged behind in term of video quality and cinematography if you compare them to other producers like The Rye and TBFE. It becomes painfully obvious when you realize that all three producers started from the same starting point some six to seven years ago which tells me this is a deliberate act on the part of NGC. Other than that though, their film editing is really good if not the best out there. I generally don’t see any weird cuts in their films and the sound quality is top notch too.

    If you like NGC and you like their films then there’s much in store for you if you buy this episode and given that member got the film for $15.00, to me this film is a steal, especially considering that other films in this genre are approaching the $40.00 range.

    Score: B+

  7. F L says:

    I really like how everybody is aware that Erica is a badass and how the villains fear/respect her. Still not a fan of the slow mo but i really hope this turns out to be Erica’s season!!

  8. ceej says:

    Cool video, I really do like the new characters that were introduced. Here’s hoping Starshot has more luck than some of the other heroines who have donned purple!

  9. Hamakaze says:

    I know this isn’t the consensus here but… I really liked her old costume, it was one of the best costume’s out there. It was right up there with Angel’s original costume (the grey one with the black boots). I am very sad to see the new one and feel it is a step down from the old one and part of a trend with NGC that I’m not happy about. As a fan of full bodysuits I fell like NGC keeps moving away from them. I mean I still like the leotard style (as long as its paired with tights/pantyhose) but its never as appealing as a full bodysuit IMO. I know this puts me in the minority probably but just felt I had to put it out there.

    • Jim says:

      I also preferred her old costume. The new one is good, but nothing can be as good as the original. Great film though, and I love that NGC is using her more this series. All I need now is an appearance or three from Virtue and Comet Girl.

    • F L says:

      I also didn’t like the change, and now i think there are no main heroines with bodysuits (except for Lucy of the fail safe sisters). Erica looked so epic with the long flowing cape also, now it feels too bland/standard heroine outfit, but i guess it’s imposible todo keep everyone happy. The upside is that debooting with bare legs is sexier IMO

  10. Decibel says:

    I know I’m going to get 200 -downvotes for this comment, but I have been sitting on it for the last 2 seasons of NGC, and I feel after watching Chaos Reigns that this is the opportune time to say it, its clearly not going to be the popular opinion but the negative downvotes aren’t going to somehow make me wrong nor make me lose sleep but I’m going to throw my pseudo mini synopsis of the video and then my complaints about NGC in general.

    Possible Spoilers**

    For starters, the video is 14:15 long, it literally doesn’t start until the 1:24 point of the video because of these flashback or previews or whatever you want to call them of previous episodes, once it does, its this 1:15 long section of Harbinger walking, ok that’s fine to set up the story aspect (I guess), once the fighting starts its literally just Harbinger wtflol destroying Erica, Erica literally lands maybe 5 shots on Harbinger the entire video, and it really makes the heroines look like punching bags because of this. The crisis moments are nice, I love the slow motion, some people seem not to like it but I do.

    I’m going to state that I bought this based on ‘Sidekicks’ “review” if you can even call it that, I was intrigued because the way he wrote it he made it seem like Erica was able to go toe to toe with Harbinger when it was exactly the opposite, at no point did it look like Harbinger was “rocked”, never, not once, and it didn’t happen, and neither heroine ever looked in control, they just got slapped around for 13 minutes.

    I loved the outfits, I think all 3 women are beautiful, and I think the outfits make them even more beautiful, the male villain was also a great under used part of the video as well, I would have preferred to see more of him and less of Harbinger as everything I’ve seen from Harbinger is Harbinger just beating the piss out of everyone, not having a weakness, and really comes off as overpowered and pointless if she can’t be legitimately beaten.

    Now I know that was really not a review but it was just as much of a synopsis as what Sidekick stated, all of the punches kicks chokes, they are there.

    Here is my complaint about it and NGC in general.

    For starters, I really loathe this atrocious over use of shaky cam when shots are landed, it doesn’t make it look good, its an eyesore and it makes the shots look like they don’t even have an impact, its completely jarring, and it feels like a cheap trick and I keep hoping its going to stop and it hasn’t. I own 14 NGC Training Room videos, and episodes 2,3,4,5,6,7, and the outtakes video from Season 1, 1-10 episodes in season 2, and 7 Side Missions, and in season 3 where I started noticing the shaky cam and under performance of the Heroines, I own 1 video from the proper season and 3 side missions.

    I can honestly say once the shaky cam thing started these videos have been getting worse and worse, I stopped buying them, but last night I decided to give them another shot, I purchased both this and the NGC championship Harbinger Vs Zillion match. They were both very underwhelming. I can’t preface enough how much I dislike that the Heroines have not once in the last two seasons looked like a match for anyone or anything, even if they do win in a video, they land merely one badly shot shaky cam punch and the villain is down for the count. The thing I take away from this sort of story telling is that the villains are literally there to knock the crap out of the heroines but the second they get hit once they fall over unconscious….

    I don’t put NGC over in the “Heroine Peril” genre, as I think this is more of a short comic book style of video which is very much needed, I think the story telling is always top notch, though sometimes all over the place, but I can’t get behind this even considering said statement because the Heroines since season 3 are just bad, they never look strong, never, I would think with something like Wonder Woman coming to the theaters next year that this would be the best time for dominating female heroines that can not only take a punch but give it back 10 fold.

    I guess what I’m saying is that, or asking rather, when are the Heroines going to get their time to shine in NGC? When are they going to beat the piss out of the villain and it not be 15 seconds of a 15 – 20 minute video? They use to kick arse in seasons 1 and 2, now they just get rag dolled for 15 minutes and because of this, they aren’t super, nor are they heroines.

    Sorry for this poorly written rant, I just think its hard to put down my feelings properly, but I have gone from several years ago thinking NGC was literally the greatest thing to ever happen in this genre to feeling like it has absolutely no direction. I really miss the training room videos, and I very much miss the old factions of Red Mist and Elite Force, now its just random lady 1 and 2 getting their faces kicked in by random villain 1 and 2.

    • Beast says:

      For me the deceptress won the battle in this one. The harbinger is like the most powerfull villain ever so the fact she landed some punches to her was surprinsing to me. I loved how Erica and starshot worked together to defeat a most powerfull adversary. How starshot uses her powers was the highlight for me. Was a very creative fight for that reason. And maybe they didnt beat the harbinger but they stole her staff so it was a victory and now the things will be different. I cant wait to see the next chapters.
      I like the crisis moment effect but i am not big fan of how they use it. Because in this one for example it seems like a collection disjointed moves. The order of the moves are random. Also the music announces that this is the crisis moment so you are going to see a montage. I would love to see the effect more connected to the narrative. Maybe mixed more with the main coreography. But i like the slow mo effect. My only request is to see more close up of the punches landed for example i remembered in the fail safe sisters episode ten when Lady Victory receive like 30 punches in the stomach and we see a close up of the abdomen. We dont see much close ups now and its an incredible tool to use. But the quality of these videos are great, better than most and very creative. There so much talent involved here in front and behind the camera

    • TBob says:

      I agree with most of what Decibel says. Most of the videos that appear on Heroine Movies are just hot girls in costumes, not superheroines. I don’t mind the shaky camera during the punches but I do hate the “crisis mode” or whatever you call the slow-motion fighting montage that goes on. I could do without that for sure.

      But overall NGC is the best of all the producers that post here. Unlike 90% of the other producers here, they actually know how to light the set and they have great audio. When they aren’t doing the crisis fight montage, the fight choreography is actually quite good.

      All the actresses they get are top notch and the directing is great. Good overall story too, especially trying to keep a continuous story over 5 years with actresses coming and going. NGC deserves a medal for that.

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Okay so I will address what I can from this but I will start by saying that everything you say you hate I have another person saying they love it and don’t want us to change anything. This is proved by this very thread where we change a costume and have the extremes of “This new costume is great” to “Why on Earth did you change the costume?” That is the nature of this project and selling videos to any group of people over the internet.

      Now in addressing Erica’s strength compared to Harbingers: “at no point did it look like Harbinger was “rocked”, never, not once, and it didn’t happen” – Completely disagree, maybe your version of ‘rocked’ means pulverised, turned into bloody slush or something, mine is taken down by a hit or not in control due to being hit. “Erica literally lands maybe 5 shots” – Well, ‘literally maybe’ is ambiguous, but I can say certainly that there are more. Please remember **possible spoilers** for a lot of this fight the heroines can’t actually use their powers for fear of what Haywire can do to them, this is a clear disadvantage, before he showed up the 2/3 heroines were about to have Harbinger for breakfast. This takes me to Harbinger’s strength and power which is significantly greater than Erica’s. This is because she is a key villain in the whole season rather than a one-off appearance. Imagine if Thanos, whom Marvel have been building up as a major villain in their film series finally comes to Earth and we find he is about equal strength to Black Widow, so she has an even fight with him and Captain America intervenes and cracks him over the head with his shield and the Avengers win in 3 minutes. What did Iron Man do? Nothing, didn’t need to. Clearly when building a series you must make the main villains at least initially stronger than the heroes. You must, this is basic story-telling. The heroism doesn’t come from decking someone weaker than you, it comes from overcoming great odds, carrying on despite adversity, picking yourself up from the floor.

      **Possible spoilers still** I’ve explained that major villains need to be stronger than the heroines in a series. To defeat such a villain or have a hope to, you must break them down over time, that is exactly what happens here. The heroines are on the back foot at the start of this season as evidenced by episode 1, but they are fighting back. They will have further set backs but again it is how you cope with the struggle that makes you heroic, not simply having even fights. If Erica had beaten up Harbinger fair and square in this episode how can I then convince anyone about how dangerous Harbinger is in future? “Oh that Harbinger girl is being annoying, better send Erica to go and deck her.” She would be dead as a threat and therefore pointless as a villain. This is not the case with heroes. Heroes can get better, heroes can work harder, why do they do it? Because others are relying on them to.

      Some of your comments are fair enough, you don’t like shaky cam, okay but we do it for a reason, maybe we can try and tone it down. I will also try and give the heroines more licks where it is appropriate to do so but I think the reasons I’ve given above are very strong as to why it isn’t a relentless march to victory for Elite Force. I find it very hard for someone who admits to buying very little since the end of season 2 to have such strong opinions about season 3 and other videos you haven’t seen. Saying videos you haven’t seen have ‘no direction’ is like my saying I hate the colour of your car which I’ve never seen. I can’t legislate for what one person wants to see, you like crisis moments, TBob says he hates them. What am I meant to do then? Do half of one? I’m afraid on this forum I am only open to good ideas I haven’t heard or thought of before, trying to please everyone is impossible. I know because I tried for a long time.

      • Decibel says:

        I want to start off by saying I wasn’t trying to insult you or any of your fans, so I apologize if any of it comes off as that because it is not my intention, I fully understand the actresses come and go, many we wont ever see again, etc, etc, etc, but I want to properly clarify my original comment now that I’m fully awake, had my coffee, and just want to explain what I meant and my reasons behind why I have become uninterested in NGC.

        I don’t want to turn this into another ‘The People VS Logan Cross’ series, it was constructive criticism, and I never once used the word “hate”, the only thing I stressed on was the overuse of shaky cam, its jarring. To answer the analogy in your last paragraph, I have a few other videos from season 3, and enough of them to legitimately say that the shortcomings are noticeable. I don’t think I should have to own the entire season in order to be allowed an opinion, that’s not how it works. I didn’t want to include things like NGC Championship and Fail-Safe Sisters, but I will since my opinion obviously doesn’t count unless I do.

        I went through all of my hard drives because I actually own way more than I listed but they haven’t been sorted in a long time.

        This is the entire NGC and NGC related video catalog I have purchased from you, or whomever you have partnered with, includes NGC, Kandy Crisis, and Action Cosplay. (I’m not sure if you are a part of action cosplay, but they have a direct link to NGC’s website and uses the same sound effects and actresses), and NGC Championship. A few I listed previously might not have been numbered correctly, but I have re checked all of them to confirm the actual episode numbers, I had some in the wrong folders, this post actually helped me finally properly sort my NGC folder lol.

        Season 1:

        Training Room – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18.
        Episodes: – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. (+ Plus the Season 1 outtakes excellent video I might add)

        Season 2:

        Fail-Safe Sisters – 1, 8, 9, 11, 15.
        Deadly Sins – 1, 2.
        Bluebird 2020 – 4.
        Side Mission – 1, 8, 10, 11, 12
        Episodes – 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

        Season 3:

        Special Release – 7, 13, 14.
        Side Missions – 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 13.
        Episodes – 3, 4, 5, 9. (Episode 9 was a masterpiece).

        Season 4:

        Episodes – 3.

        Kandy Crisis:

        Episodes – 2, 8.

        NGC Championship:

        Fights – Zillion VS Harbinger, Miss Suppression VS Virtue, Comet Girl vs Eliza.

        Action Cosplay:

        Episodes – Miracle Maiden & The Monster, 3, 4.

        *******Spoilers are possibly in here from this point on until the end so tread carefully********
        *******You have been warned*********

        So that’s my entire library, I hope I own enough to be allowed an opinion. I can honestly say in season 3 with the exception of Episode 9 that everything else was meh in my opinion, Episode 9 was the best episode I have seen since season 1. I have had buyers remorse for everything else including season 4, why do I keep coming back? To be honest, because Sidekicks misleading “reviews”, and from what I read in the comments. I read things that make the episode sound amazing, and it’s a bunch of producer back patting, I don’t pander to anyone, however I also appreciate the fact that you still continue to make these videos even though they no longer appeal to me. I probably wouldn’t have even made my original comment had I not been so disappointed with Lucy Vs Harbinger and Season 4 Episode 3 which I purchased one after the other.

        To address my “definition of rocked”, no, it has nothing to do with being beaten to a bloody pulp, that’s not what I even hinted at by a long shot, but I have been involved in mixed martial arts since I was 13, now at 35 I can safely say that I am qualified enough to diagnose what “rocked” implies when referring to fighting, I have been “rocked” many times, so when a person says a fighter has been rocked, it means stunned, caught, their body stiffens up, they become completely unable to return effective fire, and it can happen with merely one punch, a slap, a headbutt, a knee, an elbow, or really any body part or weapon that cant inflict blunt force trauma. Harbinger was not “rocked”, she was shaky cam hit, backed into a pole, she didn’t even look like she felt the effect, she literally went straight back to dominating, so we may have different definitions of rocked, but Harbinger wasn’t, sorry.

        Regardless, that is all neither here nor there, the point of my original post which I ended with it being hard to put your feelings down properly in text is that, the video was just not fun to me, I get what you’re saying about the villain not looking weak, but there was two heroines? In a battle of good vs evil why would the heroines knowing members of their heroine sisterhood have been eliminated before go into a fight knowing the enemy wants to destroy them have a chat instead of taking the initiative and advantage? They knew Harbinger could beat them both alone, why did Erica after getting slapped around not charge in and strike first? It doesn’t even make logical sense, I get that you were trying to introduce yet another new villain, build a story, but a story can be told after the fact, not before, however once again the new villain is the exact counter for the heroine.

        In season 2 Eliza Rose use to get pummeled until she found a way to win, and now she literally is a professional ass kicker, currently the villains are so powerful that they’re never in danger of losing, a villain always shows up depending on the heroine, and its a heroine that’s weak to the villains power 100% of the time, the same scenario just different actress over and over, same move set, kicks, punches, power usage NOPE counter, then it goes back to kicks and punches. In the training room videos I really enjoyed how they go into scenarios and slowly learn how to win, like the mind control, or Power Star’s power exhaustion not being a match for Bluebirds second wind, even a weak jobber like Magenta finally learned how to use her powers effectively.

        A villain doesn’t look weak by losing the initial fight, that’s why they’re villains, they’re sneaky, they cheat to win, they can sometimes be incredibly powerful, and others they can run away, find an advantage, come back and wreck house, if they’re ALL incredibly powerful why would they even let the heroines run away at the end? There’s also a thing called adapting, both the heroine and villain should have to adapt to win, so if Harbinger goes in stronger than both, and at no point the heroines adapt, how is there a way to win? Harbinger is a character I have been interested in since her first appearance, I love the confidence, the cockyness, and I’m hoping with the loss of her stave that she will finally become vulnerable. I am all for the villains winning, but I mean there’s literally a NGC championship match where Harbinger does not get hit but ONE time, yes I watched the entire thing twice, she gets hit ONE time and that’s at the end of the video during the alternate ending, the way it was made out to look was Lucy finally found a way to win, and the only thing that happened was Harbinger charged hit a ring post and got hot with an upwards double axe handle by Lucy and got knocked unconscious, with just one punch, it was….Unsatisfying to say the least.

        So I’m going to end this right here.

        NGC, I don’t expect you to appeal to my tastes, I understand how the genre works, you’re the creative master behind the scenes who’s trying to hit everyone’s tastes with the best of your ability, I’m just saying as you can clearly tell by my list of videos that after season 2 that I have put NGC behind me for the most part, I know many still love your work so more power to them, I’m not saying I’m right and or they’re wrong, I’m of the mind that anyone can enjoy anything they want, just that I personally have gone from being a day one buyer of NGC videos, to a wait until next year where there’s a sale on the previous season and maybe I can get a great deal on a video I may or may not enjoy but didn’t have to spend a pretty penny to find out.

        Keep doing what you’re doing because obviously there’s plenty of people out there buying your work that could care less about the things I don’t enjoy with NGC that they absolutely love.

        Thanks, and I once again apologize if you feel I’m personally attacking you because I’m not.

        • Decibel says:

          I noticed a few spelling errors on my comment that I wanted to correct, I didn’t properly proof read until I posted it.

          Its suppose to be “can inflict blunt force trauma” not can’t.

          Thanks – Decibel

        • Swampy170 says:

          Don’t worry Decibel, I think a fair few commenters have subscribed to the notion NGC cannot take criticism at all – even when well founded and reasoned, either that or blinkered by the fanboys.

          Having watched everything they’ve ever produced – can agree your criticism holds some merit.

          It’s not even a stylistic decision by the looks of it, well the ones I reviewed anyway. Looks more for convenience, fair play though – with contact choreography you have to sell forceful hits somehow.

          Of course, you could do what most filmmakers do and just use standard choreography which would sell the same punch a million times better.

          I forget NGC is above using standard industry-proved techniques however.

          • Bert says:

            @Swampy This discussion was going along fine without you chiming in. Everyone knows You have a hate-on for NGC because they opted not to hire your brilliant self a while back. Pathetic sour grapes piling on adds nothing to the conversation, other than once again outing you as a self-aggrandizing whiner.

        • Next Global Crisis says:

          Yes you can have an opinion, then it is my choice how heavily I take it into consideration. We disagree about the number of times one person hit another, which could be counted, and we seem to disagree on someone else’s definition of ‘rocked’ which is truly wasted energy.

          The complaints about the heroines not landing enough shots are duly noted, but sadly I also have to pay attention to my sales figures and guys like you aren’t there often enough when I do deliver what you want. I definitely want to make stuff where heroines show more skills, but the goodies are in a difficult spot right now in the story.

          As for remorse about buying the Lucy Zillion video… Well it states pretty clearly in the mail shot and on the site that Harbinger has to score 10 KOs before Lucy gets 1 to win. This strongly suggests that it is extremely one sided. If you explicitly dislike that kind of thing I am surprised you bought it. I’ve been over the heroine struggle in this one due to Haywire causing havoc with their powers.

          We fundamentally disagree on how to build an arch villain or a story, and even a scene. You complain about the 2 heroines having a chat with Harbinger when they have the upper hand… That it is not logical, well, no. I mean if you want me to make a realistic scene there would be no talking at all. All of that kind of thing is in keeping with altercations in this genre, it is a large part of the fun, so I don’t really understand the point when I’m making a low budget series about comic book super heroines influenced by decades old TV shows in that genre. You say that Episode 9 of season 3 was a masterpiece and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. If it is good at all it is precisely because the threat of the villains which had been built over the entire season was significant. If they had lost a few times already at that point it wouldn’t have been. Plus there is a fair bit of exposition and chat in the second scene which would also not be logical were it happening in real life.

          To be clear I’m not upset by your comments, but if you take the time to state that we have growing shortcomings and that this must be expressed publicly and I don’t think we do then I will defend the point. I’m sorry that you feel we aren’t making what you want at the moment, perhaps that will change, I’m sympathetic to the point about the heroines doing better in the fights even if it ends in defeat ultimately. Also, when we do make one sided walk overs I won’t be shy about saying so in the write up so people shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I wanted to take this time to provide a counter view to what Decibel and a couple others below him wrote. For me, my interest and liking in NGC is completely the opposite direction to that of Decibel going from love, to hate and then back to love. I remember when NGC was just starting which I believe was almost six years ago or something close. I remember buying my first video from NGC which was training room 4 and almost immediately falling in love with Bluebird. At the time I was a poor college student so I couldn’t buy as much video as I liked but I brought two other bluebird training videos and the last two episodes of season 1. What I found was that NGC always seem to be lacking for me. The action was too back and forth for my taste, the heroines too powerful at times in besting their enemies. The worst sin was the fact that the heroines didn’t lose at all. For me, I like my heroines in peril. The more the better. Of course there hasn’t to be some variety and you can’t just slap on moves and call it good but generally speaking, heroines getting demolished was my thing. NGC never truly provided that for me and things got to such a breaking point that I completely wrote NGC off, swearing to never buy from them again after being disappointed far too many times (this happened in the beginning of season 2). But then, a few years later NGC starting doing something. They started including win lose endings. Despite not buying from NGC, I kept my eye open on their website in case something really caught my eye but for the most part nothing did. However, the alternative endings peaked my interest. I brought the lose endings because for me, if the heroine doesn’t lose, if she’s not down on the floor knocked out, then the entire video is suspect and lessens the appeal regardless of how good the other 90% of the video was. When I started buying the lose endings, I found myself buying more and more NGC video. At the same time, many of their videos featured their heroines in almost constant peril as oppose to the back and forth of the first two seasons. This turned me around into buying more and more NGC videos and right now, they’re my top three producer in the genre and that’s all because they provided more peril for their heroines. Now NGC is not without fault. For one, they’ve only got a handful of good actresses who are good at selling peril: Bluebird, Celestia, Comet Girl and Virtue with Erica coming up the curve. Everyone else I’ve seen is either at par or below par. I could also do without the pantyhose as well. I mean seriously. Can there be just one, ONE heroine in NGC that doesn’t wear pantyhose. Another complaint is the story of NGC. Don’t get me wrong. The story is the one defining aspect of NGC that separates it from other producers but I for one am only dimly aware of the story. I know I skip over it most of the time and I’ve always found that the story was more of a shackle that NGC willingly chained themselves to in order to be different. That’s why when NGC said last year that they probably won’t be a season 4 (yes NGC. I remember that), I was even more excited for the future. But alas, season 4 came out though i must say that episodes 1 and 3 were SUPERB.

      In summary: NGC, I like what you’ve done and I like the vision that you have. Keep up the good work

  11. Mike J says:

    I thought it was pretty good. Like the new actress and love the new Deceptress costume. I love the villain Harbinger, probably my new favorite villain.

    Only drawback, I’m just not a fan of crisis moment. I much rather see fewer moves all the way through in full speed rather than a bunch of slow mow snippetts. But overall I thought it was a good video as always from NCG.

    • F L says:

      I agree, i would rather have a shorter vid At normal speed because i feel The slow mo kills all the momentum, i asked NGC in the last season video when Erica escapes captivity if it had to do with showing more moves disconnected from one another instead of a huge choreography, and it was the case that time. Here it just feels that it was applied to make the vid a little longer.

  12. dbud says:

    Very much liked this ep. Love the new Deceptress costume. Thought the initial fight was particularly brutal and very well done. Don’t think I have ever seen someone hit with a bowler hat (is it lined with metal?) Liked the new actress character. Don’t agree on her acting though; seemed like it was more attitude and cheeky than anything else. But liked her overall. On the alternate ending, I was hoping for a double neck snap (they both grab the others’ chin and head and twist and a do a double kill.)

    • dbud says:

      Probably bad form to reply to my own comment but what ya gonna do? I just read Sidekick’s review and I wanted to add that I agree that I hope there is more of Deceptress this season and she takes a leading role.I rank her higher than even Bluebird on my list.

  13. Zero says:

    You may or may not like the content or the plot, but you can never fault NGC for their slick and professional productions and this film is no exception. There is a lot of fighting in this one and hats off once again to Joe Golby for very impressive choreography, it is very artistic and looks effective. I would go so far as to say realistic, were it not for the fact that the characters can take punishment that would hospitalize mere mortals and suffer not so much as a scratch. But then they are all superhuman. I think it was a tie between Harbinger and Starshot for the acting honors, but all four characters give good performances. I am probably way off target here but I took Haywire’s “bowler hat punch” as a nod to the legendary John Steed! (A name nobody needed to Google in the days before Google!)

  14. Next Global Crisis says:

    Thanks to Sidekick for the review. The trailer is up now as well as opposed to the teaser you had been looking at. This was good fun to make, though quite taxing on the brain!

  15. Beast says:

    Loved everything about this episode. Every second of it. Loved it. The three girls amazing. The people who works in the costumes are awesome. I loved the three girls costume. The guy was cool too lol

  16. rob says:

    No spoilers but this episode made me smile especially that win ending. I gotta say though that harbinger is my favorite villainess so far.

  17. Pepe says:

    What is the blond actress?

  18. F L says:

    I love the new boots for Erica but i bet i’m a minority when i say i wll really miss her old costume, her ass looked amazing with it!! Still she is definitely in my top 3, probably maybe even my top one of your girls so i’m really looking forward to this one

  19. Darkwrath016 says:

    I’m absolutely loving the new costume on Erica. She’s gotten 10x as hot now and this episode will be a must buy as soon as it comes out.

  20. Anon says:

    Sad to see Erica’s long flowing cape go. Too many producers opt for those small “flap capes” these days. I get why they do it. Guys want to see the butthole, and a big cape is really troublesome in general. So sad! =(
    As someone who was a big Superman and Batman fan growing up(and still is). I’ve always liked the flowy swooshy capes on superheroes/heroines. This niche could use more of those, not less!

    • Markko says:

      I think the main reason is that the cape gets in the way during the fights, moves a lot and gives in general a lot of troubles.

      • Anon says:

        Yeah that’s what I said. Troublesome in general. My butthole comment has been confirmed by another producer who said “customers wants to see more of the girls”. Which I totally get.

      • dbud says:

        Better fights and more butt holes = Win Win!

  21. Next Global Crisis says:

    Always a gamble when we change a costume, but I think this new one works well. Remember too that sometimes the old costumes can actually get a bit tired and threadbare, so often it is necessity. I hope you enjoy Starshot as well, she is a real natural.

  22. LordSnot says:

    Loving the new suit for Erica! This new girl looks great as well. So far liking the new season!

  23. bigphill says:

    This looks awesome, can’t wait! Anything with Harbinger is an instant buy for me, she’s great!
    As dbud said, TAKE MY MONEY!!

  24. Beast says:

    Cant wait for this. The new suit of Erica is awesome, the new girl is awesome and the Harbinger is awesome. This season 4 is great with the new heroines and the harbinger is the best villain for me by far

  25. dbud says:

    How did you make the Deceptress sexier? You truly are a magician!!! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!