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  1. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Are we talking about this…? I am.

    It’s not the same Celestia! The new “Celestia” confides to Starshot that Heidi Erstweiler did perish, but she’s been replaced! And the new one has a husband! And is pregnant! She does maintain the fiction that she’s the same Heidi as before, “resurrected”, when addressing the villains, however. Or… maybe what she told Starshot is the fiction? Or, both accounts are true, sort of? Impossible to know for sure, but I’m probably overthinking it.

    Man, going into combat with the Iron Drone and Sister Fate while pregnant is *bold*. I cringed through half the fight the first time I watched it. Starshot demonstrated a lot of grit and guts as well, but damn…

    Starshot tells Celestia that she’s the last heroine left, which would mean 7D traders have captured Comet Girl, Candy Race, and Deja Vu off-camera. Uncertain if that means Spectrum as well. I guess we’ll find out.

    Other revelations:
    -Celestia has a plan! And it’s a “Trojan Horse”-type scenario.
    -She also mentions a “multiverse” and that the 7D can cross continuities, speaking of which…
    -Sister Fate seems to be describing the events of “Broken Wings” at one point to Celestia, which would establish which Bluebird is in the hands of the 7D.
    -The good guys get a win! The Iron Drone goes down and is left for trash by Sister Fate. It’s a machine, so it could always come back, but the heroines could use some attrition in their favor.
    -Starshot is referred to as “immune” more than once. Immune to what? Given the context, I think it means she’s immune to the “personality altering” effect that appears to have befallen Miss Freedom and Bluebird. Sounds like Sister Fate is expecting to have to break SS the old fashioned way.

    I’m not sure what the Mayor of Lockdown City was doing synced to the Iron Drone, other than contributing to my enjoyment. If that has any implications, they were lost to me.

    I was thinking earlier last week that the “Bid for Capture” title could’ve referred either to Sister Fate’s effort to capture Starshot, or Celestia and Starshot’s intention to be captured, and it turns out to be the latter. Well, it’s both, but the heroines’ plot to allow themselves to be taken is the twist. Interestingly, I speculated awhile back that Miss Freedom might have a similar plan and handed herself over to the Dominator in order to find the 7D inner sanctum, but it didn’t seem to me like a thing she would do. It does sound like something Celestia would do, though.

    As for the plan itself, it’s a retreat. Celestia says there’s a safe place where the CP can’t reach, but she gets only one chance to transport “as many combatants there as possible”, if I heard correctly. Interesting choice of word. “Combatants” sounds like what Championship participants are called. Does this “Celestia” know what’s going on in the CP’s domain? Is she really who she purports to be? Is she truly an ally? Am I focused way too much on word choice? Probably.

    Things have really turned a corner. Lots of questions remain, though.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Great comments & thoughts Doctor!

      I was thrilled (in a geeky way) when Celestia said ‘multiverse’, with my fan-boy head on I’ve always thought that all the different NGC continuities were part of a ‘bigger picture’; you’ve got the main arc that’s run through all the seasons, the championship, the non canon stories (which I’ve always liked to think came from alternative realities), plus the alternative timeline in ‘Bluebird 2020/Play Dead Broken Wings’.
      Add in the Fail Safe Sisters and there’s a lot of timelines that the 7D can harvest from, which may explain where the Mayor of lock down City fits in.
      Actually, wasn’t Lady Victory captured in the Fail Safe Sisters safe house by Alaric and Mayanna? That suggests that the 7D have already compromised the FSS reality.
      Who knows, maybe we’ll see some characters from Action Cosplay and Kandy Krises make an appearance!

      Like you I thought that Sister Fate was speaking of Bluebird, especially when she said that she’d ‘stamped’ submission into her victim; at the end of Broken Wings 2 that’s exactly what she’s doing to the blue beauty.
      It’s interesting, though, that Celestia said Bluebird “wasn’t herself”, I suppose that could be the literal truth considering that Broken Wings was part of another timeline. Then again Bluebird also wasn’t herself when she went after Miss Freedom and, after that, Alaric.
      Come to think of it, has Bluebird, as Sister Fate says, come to crave submission? It’s been suggested in many releases that Bluebird has a ‘desire’ to be defeated/dominated….sorry, I’m seriously geeking out here!

      I also found it interesting when Sister Fate said her vision was “clouded’. That suggests that there’s a point in the timeline where many things are coming together with no clear path visible (at least that might be the case if her precognition is similar to the power of precognition in the ‘Dune’ novels…& there I go, geeking out again!).

      Well I think I’ve used the word ‘geek’ more than enough here. I’m glad this week’s release is a ‘Pure’ story. I think I need to catch my breath! 🙂

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        Darn, meant to say as well; I don’t think you’re focusing too much on word choice. I think NGC’s scripts are so well written that every word is deliberately chosen.

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    Oh boy, LOTS to talk about here, but perhaps not yet. I agree with Dr_Mabuse that’s best not to talk about the reveals (yes, reveals plural!); spoilers suck.

    The big talking about is of course, Celestia. First off, has the actress discovered the fountain of youth because I swear she looks younger here.
    I like her new costume too. I loved her previous costumes but, and this is in no way a criticism, I always thought they were a bit ‘at odds’ with her character as Celestia is so ‘prim and proper’ it seemed strange that she would run about in high cut leotards.
    Then again she was an Elite Force agent and I dare say she didn’t have much choice in her costumes. “Celestia, our approval ratings go up by 3% when you wear the ‘boob window’ leotard”.
    Anyway the new costume suits her beautifully and, as always, she burns off the screen.

    She’s no slouch when it comes to the rough stuff either, she doesn’t have her staff so she’s relying on her moves and she’s got plenty of them. I especially liked the way she stopped the Iron Drone’s ‘head slam’ move and turned the tables on it.

    Celestia, of course, is only part of the goodness here, Starshot is utterly brilliant in this.
    Previously I’ve wondered about the effectiveness of her power; yes it’s an advantage but, by itself it doesn’t actually do any damage to her opponents (unless she transports them out of a high window) here though she does a great Neo type move buy transporting herself right through the Iron Drone, several times in fact.
    She’s also got some great moves against both the Drone and Sister Fate. There’s a wonderful moment that shows her courage when she has take a blow from Sister Fate, knowing full well that she mustn’t try to avoid it (more than I say-eth not!).

    It’s good to see Sister Fate back in action. I’ve always enjoyed her matter-of-fact style of beat downs. Alaric, The Dominator and Malicia take delight in destroying the heroines. Sister Fate has a professional, detached air about her. Although there’s a line of dialogue that suggests she has more than a share of sadistic/dominatrix tendencies to her…

    She’s also responsible for a very, very dark threat to Celestia. I was wondering if NGC would go there and they did (I swear the temperature dropped a degree or two when it happened).

    Sorry, it’s really hard not to give too much away so I’ll stop right here and just give huge applause to everyone involved.

    Oh, and major props to the Iron Drone for using the word ‘botheration’. I haven’t heard that word for ages, I’m going to use it more in conversation!

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. Remember it was the Mayor’s word. The Iron Drone is merely a violent vassal.

      • Rob_Hinx says:

        -light bulb over the head moment-
        So when the Mayor talked about his ‘connection to this world’ he was referring to the Drone…fascinating (I hope I’ve got that right!)

        And now you’ve raised the bar again with ‘violent vassal’ 🙂

  3. ceej says:

    So, a couple of random thoughts:

    -I got kind of a Skeleton vide from the iron drone/mayor combo (just the way the voice sounded and some of the over-the-topness) and it’s awesome

    -I wasn’t a fan of Sister Fate when she first debuted, but I found her just oozing with menace here. Great job there.

    -I love the whole “take a heroine as a hostage” scenario at the end. My favorite one is still from Starshots debut in season 4.

    -And finally, Celestia’s appearance and subsequent exposition was tremendous and offers so much potential for the future (especially how Celestia mentions she’s pregnant, I’m really hoping for some kind of crazy time jump where her child becomes a character in the NGC world)!

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Ha! Like a crazy soap opera where the child is a baby one week then 17 the next. Glad you liked it.

      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        To me, ceej’s comment about the “crazy time jump” brings to mind 1990s X-Men, when it seemed like half of the characters were the children of other characters time warped back from some dystopian future. It was bonkers.

  4. Beast says:

    I love NGC and i love this realese but is anoying to not see the first punches because the actor is blocking the camera. And is annoying because is so easy to fix!!! Please NGC i know that you have to wrap everything fast because time is money. But try to prep some of this things early. It could improve the videos so much. Just ask yourself ” where is the best angle to see this move?” Maybe some storyboard. I know that maybe you do these things with almost every video because they are so well done but sometimes it hurts when you see a missed oportunity like this one. Also i feel that weird and great back move to starshot could be shot better. Sorry to rant about it ! If you need help let me know. I know a couple of things about it

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Thanks for the advice. I will try to muddle through on my own though. I’m glad you liked the video, even if a couple of punches really destroyed it for you.

      • Beast says:

        Of course i liked it! Celestia, starshot. Are you kidding?? Is just like am a fan of stomach punches. Every time i purchase a video i hope to see a couple of those at least. I dont have problem if it happens or if its not. I know that each fan is looking for something different in the same video. What it hurts is when something like this happens. When you have some belly punches but you dont get to see it. And when it happens with your favourite heroine UGGGHH. But i still can enjoy the rest of it. I will keep buying these videos forerever. I only want the best for this series.

  5. Dr_Mabuse says:

    First things first: The Iron Drone’s red sneakers are a good look.

    My anticipation for this video was high, and I am not disappointed. It’s wall-to-wall combat, with a couple of reversals and peppered with literally world-changing revelations. I don’t want to spill any beans, which makes it impossible to discuss those revelations, but I can discuss the combat part. This one’s very satisfying to anyone who enjoys superheroine action, because in addition to lots of strikes by and against both of our heroines, we also get some cool, imaginative uses of Starshot’s power.

    Each heroine gets more than one knockout (Starshot is put down 3 times! And her pass out against the poll is masterful) and lots of good perilous moments. Something that often goes unmentioned, even by me and I love this stuff, is that each one is also restrained by one of the villains from behind. The “hug around the torso/arms” restraint is underrated, IMO. And Sister Fate holding an unconscious Starshot? Yes, please.

    Both heroines look fantastic, as does Sister Fate. I liked Celestia’s new costume, but to me it seemed like not much of a change from the earlier one. I appreciate the addition of the knot on one side, similar to her initial costume, and the tunic looks great. YMMV.

    As delightful as it is to see Celestia again, Starshot is still the *best*. All the things you could want in a heroine, she’s got it. It’s not just the actress–the character’s concept and power are fantastic and her costume is my favorite in NGC–but yeah, the actress is a big part of it. Again, *Starshot in Everything, 2019*

    The members gift (Catherine Marks) is excellent as well. She was amazing. Also, the clip is a reminder that Ms. Marks carried around her own chloroform. That’s just asking for trouble, IMO, but I’m grateful.

  6. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I try to keep my anticipation and expectations in check for upcoming videos, but that effort has utterly failed this week. I was already excited to see Starshot again, but add in Celestia’s return, plus the Catherine Marks extra, and this is the most I’ve looked forward to something here in quite a while.

    Still, as promising as all that is, I’m probably just as eager for the revelations in the ongoing story! After the last episode, which didn’t seem to advance the story at all IMO, looks like they’re going to make up for that with this episode. I’m hoping at least a few questions are answered, even if they are replaced by even more questions.

  7. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before (although I was already enthused about several things), but the description says that during this battle “colourful commentary” is provided by “the Mayor of Lockdown City”!


    We’ve already watched as Lady Victory was snatched from her Unity City home by agents of the Crown Prince of the 7th Dimension, and now we get another link between the main continuity and the Fail-Safe Sisters! As a FSS superfan, I feel like I dropped the ball by not freaking out about this properly days ago.

    Of course, the FSS series was conceptually similar to the ongoing Championship series (which the CP is behind), so it makes some sense that the Mayor of LC is an ally/advisor/connected somehow to the 7th D. Unfortunately, most of the FSS actresses are no longer working with NGC (apart from LV, the only one we’ve seen in the last year is Lucy Zillion), but other FSS villains could possibly make appearances. KO Queen and Commander Curse have both been in the Championship, perhaps courtesy of the Mayor, but I’d like to see the Sleeper again, and he could be recast easily if the same actor isn’t available.

    Also, let’s take a step back and consider again how screwed Elite Force is by all this. The current alignment of villains taking shape is like an NGC Legion of Doom: Alaric, Myanna, Malicia Divine, the Iron Drone, the Dominator, Sister Fate, Dr. Progress, Violetta, and John Roman have all lined up with the 7th Dimension, and the return of the Mayor of LC hints that more might be waiting in the wings. Heck, we could always see Sebastian Luner come back from wherever he is, or Rex Deacon could suddenly appear, and the Masked Man is still out there, somewhere.

    Damn. Sucks to be Elite Force right now.

  8. Lucas says:

    Starshot and Sister Fate in the same video? You got me sold

  9. Darkwrath016 says:

    So I have a few thoughts:

    1) We know that Filth killed Celestia or at the very least attempted to anyway.

    2) We know that the Dominator played witness to that death and actually had a hand in it.

    3) We know that the masked man and his allies learned of that death and told Miss Freedom

    4) We know that the Light Superiors hunted Filth down and killed him thus actually avenging Celestia’s “murder”

    5) We know that Dominator knows this very fact about Filth’s death

    6) We know that Dominator is claiming that she killed Celestia thus goading Miss Freedom into battle very recently

    Basically what I’m getting at here is that people in the story are lying and I would very much like to know why.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      I wonder if the Dominator (and perhaps other members of the 7th Dimension) know that Celestia is still alive? In the Dominator’s blog it says that she isn’t entirely trusted due to her change of allegiance and given that the 7th D can ‘resurrect’ people (like Alaric and, perhaps, Comet Girl) The Dominator might well have seen Celestia killed and have no reason to think she’s anything other than dead.
      It wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility for Celestia’s appearance to be shock for everyone….

      I’m counting the hours to us finding out! 🙂

  10. Joe says:

    Awesome that Celestia is coming back. She, along with Athena, are the best of the classic roster (and my personal faves). At least 50% of my dreams have come true…

  11. Darkwrath016 says:

    Can we avoid posting personal information about actresses on forums. I know we all love them but we’re only a couple steps removed from borderline stalking and harassment at this point. And given that NGC has already stated that some actresses received unwanted attention which caused some to quite and others to consider it, it would be ashamed if we lost actresses because some of us (not all) are a little too devoted.

    And besides; I personally would like actresses to stay with NGC for decades if at all possible.

    • I think you are ‘pissing in the wind’ but I broadly agree. In the naive days of 2009-2013 we posted the names of our performers. That cannot be undone, but I regret it because literally 2-3 people think it’s cool to try and become ‘friends’ with them on Facebook and post comments after their personal posts. This is bizarre behaviour and has definitely played a large part in some people not coming back.

      Luckily I maintained a good relationship with this actress and she could be convinced to do some more. It is almost always the people who complain that this or that character isn’t coming back who are the one’s posting to their social media, sabotaging their own wishes!

      For most of these actresses it is just a fun occasional job, nothing more. If they want to post about it and open themselves up to contact then that is their business but I won’t be doing it anymore.

  12. don says:

    the goat has returned! 🙂

  13. thms says:

    I’m always sold on Sister Fate <3

  14. carrylad says:

    Nice to see that Celestia is back. Is she carried at any point?

  15. Jeff says:

    Interesting new costume for Celestia! Love it!

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      Whoever decided on the skirt deserves a round of applause (and possibly a large drink or two!) 🙂

      • LordSnot says:

        They deserve a glass of mud! Take that skirt off! Celestia hot and the more that covers her hotness the worse!

      • SHBeater says:

        I think we’ll find it’s more like a tunic. I would have preferred a skirt but I’ll take anything that adds more femininity to the combatants.

        • Dr_Mabuse says:

          I am reserving judgment on the “wrap” or “tunic” or whatever it is, although I’m inclined to like it. First, skirts are nice. Second, I love a little asymmetry in heroines’ costumes, and this one looks to have that.

  16. Rob_Hinx says:

    Starshot, Celestia, Sister Fate, and Iron Drone AND Catherine Marks?
    The sum of the angles of that rectangle is almost too brilliant to contemplate!

  17. Dr_Mabuse says:

    All right! Wow, fantastic… awesome… just… wow!

    This would be a huge deal for me if it was just the first appearance of Starshot in the ongoing story, but featuring Celestia’s return to continuity as well? That’s… that’s… wow!

    And the members gift? Wow! More Catherine Marks! Again, this would be exciting news by itself.

  18. Bert says:

    The return of Celestia is some of the best news to hit the HIP world in the last year. It’s been a while since I’ve had this level of anticipation for a release. Glad you could make this happen, NGC. You guys are the best!


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