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  1. chris says:

    I had to get this one as Wonderstrike is absolutely gorgeous. I liked the bit where they were both in choke holds at the same time during that wide action shot. The female baddie looks quite sexy too.

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    In which Candy Racer levels up and things get darker…

    I want to add my voice to the bravos for this release. Darkwrath has done an excellent write up already but I want to talk about some elements of this that, I think, take it to another level.

    At the beginning (well, almost the beginning), there’s a lovely shot of Candy walking towards the camera down a corridor, she’s lit from behind with natural light from a window. As she closes slowly in on the camera the corridor gets progressively darker until Candy is a silhouette.
    It’s a lovingly crafted shot and it foreshadows what’s to come perfectly. I’m glad NGC takes the time to do shots like this; it’s brilliant story telling.

    I also want to big up the shots of the action from above. Again, taking the time to set these shots up pays off brilliantly (in fact I hope we’ll see more of them).

    Right after this Candy walks into what I’ve come to think of as the ‘killing room’ and she staggers, very slightly.
    At first I wondered if she was dazzled by the bright lighting (there’s a marked contrast between that dark corridor and the brightness of the room) but I wonder if this room is somehow linked to, or if it’s a part of, the 7th Dimension’s realm.

    Let’s talk about Candy Race. I like her; I thought she was superb in ‘Iron Curtain’ and after that I got her other solo adventure ‘The Equaliser’ (highly recommended, by the way, it’s a got a superb gassing scene!).
    In fact after seeing her in this release she’s joined my list of ‘beloved characters’ alongside Bluebird and Celestia. Praise indeed because those two women are, for me, the gold standard for characters.
    In her cute little costume she could be a waitress in a drive-in burger joint but beneath the pink frosting there’s a very tough cookie indeed.
    She also has incredible winter-sky grey blue eyes which give her a nice, serious edge that contrasts beautifully with her sweetie-pop image.

    Anyway, she wades right in on Alaric from the off and she’s got some cool moves; I especially liked her ‘death from above’ flying punch.
    Later on in the fight Alaric catches her with a huge back hand slap to the face which spins her around, he reaches back to deliver a punch but Candy takes him by surprise with a back kick to his abs that doubles him over. That was a cool moment which highlighted her fighting prowess.

    I have to talk about the next move too; Candy grabs Alaric by the arm, spins him around and sends him careering into Sister Fate and they end up in a pile on a sofa. The look Sister Fate gives Alaric is priceless!
    It’s a lovely ‘Batman’ or maybe even ‘Superman II’ type moment and it added a little touch of brevity to what is, one the whole, a pretty dark story.

    Dark? Oh yes indeed. Alaric (who’s starting to remind me a little of Pinhead from Hellraiser) tells Candy that he’s had a long time to get ‘experimental’ with Wonderstrike.
    When he delivered that line all I could think of was the ‘taming fluid’ from the last VTV release.
    It’s no surprise that Wonderstrike is looking a little dishevelled.

    Actually, it would be wrong not to mention Wonderstrike because she is a big part of this release.
    At first it seems that she’s under the control of, if not Alaric perhaps the 7th D, but no; she acquits herself admirably in the fights, even if you get the feeling that she knows the out come is a fore gone conclusion. “I’ve seen them play this game before” she says.

    Now there’s more more thing that I have to talk about (save the best ’til last!).
    Sister Fate is on superb form here. With her dark skin, jet black hair and incurious eyes she reminds me of a big cat like a Jaguar; there’s no mercy in her at all, just a matter-of-fact style cruelty. I feel sorry for anyone who comes up against her.
    She puts a superb move on Candy at the climax of this release. You can see part of it in the still picture of the trailer above but the picture doesn’t show how she takes Candy down.
    She wraps the semi-conscious Candy’s arms around her neck and then, in one motion, pulls her down to the ground into her signature figure of eight leg lock and then proceeds to slowly choke poor Candy with her own arms!
    There’s been some talk of how the transition into wrestling holds can break up the flow of the action. Not so here, the move is done so smoothly I can only describe it as beautiful. Add in Candy’s choking sounds and Sister Fate’s facial expression and you’ve got a serious “re-wind and replay” moment (be honest, you do that too!).

    As you can tell, I’m thrilled with this latest part of the story. And now we’re left with the question; who is left to face the 7th D?
    Spectrum, yes, Deja Vu and Sonica, possibly…Elite Force is running out of warm bodies and, possibly, time.

  3. Darkwrath016 says:

    This was a good video overall that was exciting and fun to watch. Candy and Wonderstrike team up in this short story episode to bring a nice video that I enjoyed a lot, particularly when it came to Candy.

    This one has a little bit of everything going for it. A little bit of story, some girl power, some quality heroine destruction and then a couple of KOs to top it all off. Mix in the stuff that NGC does well such as having a good fight, good lighting and near perfect camerawork and you’ve got yourself a good weekend purchase.

    Action wise there’s a lot to digest for sure but it’s important not to overlook the technical aspects of this film which really come down to lighting and cinematography. And in both aspects NGC was perfect. No out of focus shot. No glare. Very little grain in the video (if any) and nearly every action moment had the right angle to it. This was just a really well produced video all around. Also want to point out that there was a cool cinematography moment right in the beginning of the fight when all four combatants exchanged the first set of blows and the camera is looking down from high above. That was really fun to watch.

    One of the most impressive things in this episode though was Candy’s ass kicking abilities. The actress really knows how to throw a punch as all her strikes were clean and really convincing. Honestly, if this actress is going to fight like this in all her releases then the list of actresses who can sell a fight like her is incredible small. I haven’t come across an actress who fights with as much power, agility and intensity as Candy does and it is quite a site to watch. And then when you combine that with some stellar fight sequences where Candy was kicking ass two villains at a time, then you had yourself one incredible girl power moment. Now, I’m going to always be about peril and having as much of it in a film as reasonable possible. But girl power, especially well executed and well-choreographed girl power, can be just as fun and exciting as watching a heroine be defeated.

    But let there be no question that there was peril to be enjoyed here. It’s interspersed in the first two-thirds of the film when it comes to Candy with the occasional punch and headbut against the heroine. And Wonderstrike herself took quite a pounding as she wasn’t up for much of the fight. But the real treat for me came in the last third of the film. After Candy has her moment in the sun, kicking ass and taking down both Sister Fate and Alaric, the two villains take control of the fight and set about destroying the two heroines with relative ease. They’re choked out at first (more on that later) before each suffers an individual backbreaker. Candy herself is slapped around a bit, picked up off the floor, dragged back down, tossed and turned and virtually woman handled. But what made Candy great during those moments I found was the way in which she sold all the moments between the blows. Just kind of the way that she naturally kept on expressing pain through her facial expression even though nothing more is happening to her than her being re-positioned by her enemies for the next painful move she’s about to suffer. That sort of thing kept everything feeling like one long perilous moment where Candy was at the mercy of her opponents and I loved it. That’s quality acting right there.

    The one thing that maybe (and I cannot stress that word enough) Candy could have done better was be a little bit more expressive in her cry when she received that backbreaker. She had a great facial expression but I couldn’t help but think more could have been done verbally. But maybe that’s just me.

    The best part though was all the choke holds Candy was subjected to it. Pretty sure I can watch Candy being choked out all day if I really wanted to. As I stated many times in the past, choking situations are something I’m extremely picky about but Candy is by far and away the best at it if she’s going to be giving performances like what she did here (and in The Iron Curtain). There were I believe three separate ones she suffered with the first one being more or less a formality. Not so much a perilous moment than Alaric being desperate to break Candy’s offensive streak so it doesn’t last long before Candy breaks free. The second one occurs during the beatdown portion of the film and….well it includes the whole “wrapping the legs thing” that I don’t really like so I have to really pretend I don’t see it. But aside from that Candy sold that really convincingly well with her struggle for breath and great facial expression.

    But the best one is the last one where Sister Fate uses Candy’s own arms to choke the heroine out (see picture 4). First of all, it’s a great move by itself. Nothing shows how helpless a heroine is than having her own arms choke the life of her. Especially the way in which she was dragged down to the floor initially and how Candy couldn’t even move her arms at all to attempt to escape. And that by itself would have been enough to make that a great moment. But then Candy took that move and made it absolutely incredible with her amazing facial expression along with the slightly gasps for air, followed by the shallow breaths and then the whizzing coughing. That right there was worth the $13 alone.

    (I feel the need to point out at this time that NGC has a tendency to make me out to be a liar. I make a statement about how “oh I don’t like choke holds or submission holds” and then a release a month or so down the line has me doing a 180 and praising the very thing I cursed. Smh)

    My only real complaint is that the video felt too short. Just when we were getting to the good stuff towards the end the film, the credits roll. My next issue has to do with the story and the overall plot itself but I’m going to table that for either a later post or wait until next month’s story release and see how that goes.

    Putting those things aside thought, this was a good and entertaining release that has quality fights in it that’s sure to tickle many people’s fancy as it did mine. So much so if you’re a fan of either actress. And with a sticker price as cheap as this, I’m not sure you can do better this week.

    • toshiki says:

      Any of the lift/carry moves ff?

    • Mike says:

      How is Wonderstrike ko’d? You never mentioned that.

      • Mr. Bleh says:

        Mike – If you’re asking how Wonderstrike ended up there in the first place, check the video she did prior to this one.
        Explains it all.
        …and, I couldn’t agree with Darkwraith016 any more. Just watched this video and its one of the better one’s they’ve put out.
        On top of that, I very much enjoyed the accompanying photo set. Best pics of Wonderstrike I’ve yet seen. Stunning actress.

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      I wanted to write something last night, but didn’t have time, and as it turns out Darkwrath says a lot of what I would’ve said anyway. So many things to like here, including the excellent filmmaking on display (starting with the beginning of the video, when the camera “leads” Candy through a tracking shot as she creeps toward the room where she’ll find Wonderstrike), Candy’s absolutely wonderful performance, and the amazing hold pictured above with Sister Fate choking out a totally immobilized Candy. Seriously, in her last few appearances Candy Race has catapulted to near the top of my favorites list.

      I also was really impressed with the way this one was shot. Darkwrath notes the overhead shot that begins the battle in full, and that was just one of several shots that caught my attention.

      I’ve had quibbles with Wonderstrike’s acting skills in the past and she’s not thoroughly convincing in this one either, but acquits herself well enough where it matters. I do like the character, which makes up for a lot. Given the plot, it makes sense for her to be a bit “off”, but before she squares off with Sister Fate, she takes a moment to kick a chair out of the way and you can see the swagger return to her step, as if the old WS is waking from a long sleep.

      Also, as the promo materials show, we get a few moments of WS chained and even gagged (!), elements you don’t see everyday in a NGC video. If you’re at all a fan of WS, you should definitely get the photoset. There are a few pictures of Candy included, and she’s a beautiful woman so they’re well worth it, but Wonderstrike really shines in her pictures and she’s featured much more.

      The price for all this can’t be beat.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        So I’m glad you brought up Wonderstrike’s performance DrMabuse and how you found it not so convincing. I watched it too and thought that Wonderstrike could do better and I had an entire paragraph stating as much. But then I thought maybe I’m just picking on Wonderstrike. That perhaps, much like Miss Freedom, I just don’t like the character. So I decided to re-watch Game of Two Halves. I skipped straight to the part where things went downhill for the heroine and sure enough, twenty seconds in I was loving Wonderstrike’s performance. I was basically shouting “That! She needs to do *that* more often”. Never mind I don’t know what ‘that’ is but the rest of Game of Two Halves showed me that not only am I capable of liking Wonderstrike as a heroine in peril but she has within her the ability to be a great performer. I just wish she did ‘that’ more often.

  4. Mike says:

    Anybody see this yet? Curious how the ko’s are at the end.

  5. Mid2018 says:

    wow we really see Wonderstrike’s panties under these sexy pantyhose…


  6. Mr. Bleh says:

    I’ve been wondering where Wonderstrike and Candy Race have been….it’s like NGC has read my mind!…..hmmm, might have to start wearing that tin foil hat again….

  7. Dr G says:

    Wonderstrike !!! Wonderstrike !!!

  8. ceej says:

    Um, also that members gift? This is going to be one hell of a Friday!

    • Jeff says:

      Man, I can’t believe 3 GREAT members gifts in 3 weeks and I cannot take advantage of any 🙁 🙁 but I hope everyone else has been enjoying them, and MAN there’s 1 preview from this weeks gift I just can’t get enough of. I really hope we will be seeing more of that one like in a photoset in the future.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I’ve always downloaded the main video first and then the members gift a day or so later.

      Yeaaaah…..I’ll be reversing that order this week.

  9. Dr_Mabuse says:

    I wouldn’t go quite as far as AlyAdmirer, but I will say that Wonderstrike’s “costume adjustment” has done wonders (pun intended) for my opinion about her. I’ve also really liked the identity she’s developed (in my mind, at least) over time as a no-nonsense scrappy one-girl wrecking crew. Some of that is probably from her amazing Championship run, but it’s carried over. And the sleeveless costume feeds into that, IMO.

    Very interested to see her as helpless bait in an old-fashioned heroine trap. And extremely glad to see Candy Race back! She’s become one of my favorite performers in the NGC roster lately.

  10. Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

    What I really don’t understand is that why are all the backbreakers being shot from a side angle and not from the front??? Can’t we get a clean view from the front for a better experience???

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Funny because I actually enjoy seeing these side angle shots a lot. I guess it’s all a matter of perceptive but my feeling is that why have a back breaker if you’re not treated to a lovely angle of the heroine’s pained expression as she suffers it.

      • Krishnam Jhunjhunwala says:

        There can always be both the angles in which it is shot, one for the expression and one for the angular posture of the body in pain….

  11. Darkwrath016 says:

    Picture 4 is just so perfect. Heroine completely restrained with a near perfect expression of helplessness and agony on the part of Candy. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  12. Lucas says:


  13. ceej says:

    Oh wow, only a couple of screen caps in and it looks amazing!

  14. Wrecker says:

    Two of my absolute favorites in one video! Plus Alaric there to do what he does best! This is probably my most anticipated release so far this year. Friday can’t come soon enough!

  15. AlyAdmirer says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Alaric’s… alteration… of Wonderstrike’s costume is the single greatest development in NGC history. Perhaps even history as a whole.

  16. Rob_Hinx says:

    I’ve taken one glance at the preview pictures…


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