NGC Story: “Corruption – Part 1”

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  1. Rob Hinx says:

    What with the superb ‘Bluebird Show’ last week and now this I can only say ‘Monsieur NGC, you’re spoiling us’.

    The strength of NGC has always been the depth of their characters (they’re not just pretty girls standing around waiting to be molested) and the emotional power of the stories. Was there a dry eye in the house after ‘Public Destruction’ or ‘The Trial’?
    It’s the same here, a recovered Virtue (perhaps not fully recovered as we soon see) goes after a dark superior who she hopes will lead her to Filth. Virtue wants to bring Filth to justice but there’s no doubt she’s also looking for revenge.

    The dark superior turns out to be the Dominator. Now the contrast between her and Virtue is one of NGC’s trade marks; they’re always found intimidating people to fill villainous roles and the woman who plays Dominator just plain oozes intimidation (is she even acting? I do hope because if not…damn!).

    The fight begins and Virtue starts off strongly, there’s a bit of a mean streak to her; she laughs when she over powers the Dominator and she shows great tactics after she attacks the Dominator’s leg and then capitalises the advantage by going in for a claw attack on the Dominator’s injured thigh.

    She over powers Dominator and then makes the classic mistake; she turns her back on her.

    Not to give too much away but Dominator takes advantage of the what Filth did to Virtue previously and soon puts the virtuous cutie through all sorts of agonies. It’s a tribute to Virtue that, if the Dominator hadn’t played this move the fight might have been a whole lot different.

    I want to lavish some praise on the actresses here, the Dominator in particular.
    With her pale skin and raven locks she reminds me a little of Lilith Silver in 90’s vampire b movie ‘Razor Blade Smile’ (that’s a compliment, by the way!).

    The best thing about her is that you really don’t know what she’s going to do next. She takes a sadistic delight in putting the hurt on Virtue and she does so with some vicious pro style moves. At one point she goes to work on Virtue’s arm and fingers like a sadistic child pulling wings of a butterfly (I actually thought she was going to bite Virtues fingers). She also mocks Virtue’s moans and gasps of pain (which are superb).

    There’s also a particularly cruel back breaker move that’s as good as any I’ve seen. Virtue sells this superbly; she writhes around on the floor, trying to get to her feet but her legs just won’t obey her.The Dominator follows this up with what used to be called a ‘Boston Crab’ that piles agony upon agony on Virtues’s injured spine.

    There’s a lot more to the fight than this but I’ll leave you to find out for yourselves.

    It’s also clear that the Dominator has plans for Virtue that go beyond defeating her in a fight. She mocks the semi conscious heroine for her ‘purity’ and then says ‘We’ll see about that’.

    I’m intrigued to see where this goes from here.

  2. Dr G says:

    When I downloaded the Deceptress v Drone: Part 2 – 54HQ Photo Set, the zip file only had 53 pictures. Image 53 was missing. Am I the only person that has had this problem ?

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      No, that’s what I received as well. The email said 54 pictures, but the zipped file had only 53. The last image was numbered 54, but there was no image 53. It could be that image 53 didn’t come out well and was deleted, but NGC accidentally credited it as a 54 image set since the last image was called 54 or that image 53 is missing by accident.

  3. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Allow me to be the first to urge people to get this video. Anyone who has enjoyed the Dominator’s expert dismantling of opponents in the Championship series will love seeing her take Virtue through a tour of punishing wrestling positions.

    First things first… Dominator and Virtue both look spectacular. I think Dominator looks better here than she ever has before, and her acting (which often gets neglected in favor of her impressive combat skills) remains excellent. Virtue is also looking and acting her best, both when she’s projecting determination and confidence early on and once she’s pleading for mercy later.

    In terms of the ongoing plot, we learn that not only are the Dark Superior ranks decimated, there’s also dissension among those who remain, as Dominator objects strongly to being called a “friend” of Filth. This could mean they’re not as much of a threat (collectively) as they might be otherwise. On the other hand, Virtue appears to have gone on this adventure without informing her teammates (naturally) and offers to let Dominator go in exchange for Filth’s location. Elite Force missions appear to come in two varieties these days: poorly supported and rogue. This one’s both.

    I was surprised to see Virtue put the Dominator down so decisively at first, even though it appears that her “blood-type scan” seemed to be negative. I figure Virtue must have been at her peak following her long period of rest and recuperation. Of course, this doesn’t last long once Dominator introduces a tide-turning element. From that point forward (about 2/3rds of the video) Virtue is little more than a doll for the Dominator to… uh… dominate. I counted at least 5 knockouts of Virtue throughout, with Dominator awakening her each time with a new punishment. In addition to repeatedly falling into the arms of Morpheus, she also spends considerable time writhing in pain and weakness–she genuinely looks wrecked.

    On a personal note, the Dominator removes Virtue’s cape in the midst of breaking her down, using it to strangle her out. I like cape removals, so I wanted to make a note of it. Also, I really like Virtue’s one-sided cape, since it doesn’t seem to get in the way as much as the full capes sported by Miss Freedom and Lady Victory. I also tend to like costumes that have asymmetries, for some reason. No idea why.

  4. Dr Mabuse says:

    Glad to see Virtue return after her lengthy recovery, as well as another appearance by the Dominator. Also *very* intrigued by whatever Dominator might have in store for a defeated Virtue. However, this video promises more complications in the ongoing plot as well. Virtue going after Dark Superiors explicitly brings them back into the story. Since it’s titled “part 1” I assume there’s more to the story than a simple fight scene.

    The Elite Force girls need to think seriously about picking their fights. They’ve already got the resurgent Blackhearts to deal with and, as Comet Girl learned (to her peril), Malicia Divine is on the warpath. Still, Miss Freedom seems intent on clashing with the 7th Dimension (although her Darius 7 confrontation was non-canon) and now Virtue is going after the Dark Superiors. Maybe the Superiors and 7D would be in the mix anyway, but Elite Force can’t seem to stop poking hornets nests. Ladies, seeking revenge is an activity best pursued when you don’t already have multiple active fronts to manage!

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Nice appraisal. Virtue is specifically going after Filth though for personal reasons, rather than Dark Superiors as a whole who are broadly scattered or defeated.

      You make a very good point about unity. Whenever Elite Force is united and rallies behind a cause they do well (Seasons 2 and 4), when there is discord they do badly (Seasons 1 and 3).

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        True, Elite Force tends to prosper when they have each others’ backs (and form alliances) and suffer when they don’t.

        As for this video, it looks like it’ll be a real treat for those who appreciate good wrestling moves. No surprise to anyone who’s seen Dominator work before. Second, if anyone hasn’t picked up the Season 4 episode this serves as a sequel to (episode 4, “Nowhere Safe”) get it! It’s a great showcase of Virtue and the genuinely menacing Filth, plus a lot of intense action. Virtue is totally… debilitated is the word I’m going with. She suffers not only a thorough beating, she’s physically enfeebled by poison, and her costume destroyed in the process. Great stuff you don’t see every day.

  5. LordSnot says:

    More of the gorgeous Virtue? Great!

  6. theee says:

    Getting this just for the Shadowfox content alone! Hope theres a deleted scene where the two thugs unmask shadowfox in outfoxed 🙂

    cant wait for the new shadowfox… but wish NGC had kept that Batgirl cowl tho!

  7. Jeff says:

    Love the look of this one and definitely love the Shadow Fox photo idea!

  8. Besugo says:

    Now this looks interesting.