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  1. Dr_Mabuse says:

    This is a Villain Network entry and a continuation of the ongoing story, following directly on “Two Prisons”, so I feel like I could evaluate it in more than one way. Regardless of how I look at it, though, I’d rate this video as “pretty good” at best.

    First, the pros:
    -Erica does indeed look amazing. And she gets substantial time in both of her costumes, so any fan of hers should be happy.

    -Even though we’re watching Erica’s doom unfold, and it never seemed in doubt, she still gets some powerful strikes in against Violetta in the interest of demonstrating what she’s capable of.

    -In her “natural” mental state, Erica swears fatal vengeance against whoever dares to lay claim to her, which is about the best acting she’s done in awhile. Those of us who remember that she killed the first guy who made her a slave knows that she’s serious, too.

    -Erica’s mindless servant act is pretty good, too.

    -Her boots come off for a bit, if that’s your thing, and she’s choked out with her cape, which is my thing and it’s very well-done, so I enjoyed that.

    The cons (for me):
    -Erica goes up for auction, just as we were told she would, and she’s ultimately purchased by… exactly who I thought. The promo text led me to believe there might be a surprise buyer (my left-field guess was Devon Crank from Erica’s previous “Tough Justice” entry), but no, it’s just who I expected. Since this is a story installment, I was hoping something unexpected would happen. However, at episode end the story was exactly where I anticipated. In fact, I kinda thought this result was revealed in Miss Freedom’s last chapter.

    -As a Villain Network entry, it didn’t have anything unique. We see how a heroine can be controlled, her mind altered, and she’s put through paces, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

    -The tone of the Villain Network tends to be comic/lighthearted, while the ongoing story is in a really dark place, and they don’t mesh well here, IMO. Making a heroine do pushups and burpees to illustrate her worth to a collection of purportedly interplanetary buyers could be played to humorous effect, but it doesn’t land under these circumstances.

    -Erica’s bimbo act fell flat to me. Maybe I don’t “get” the bimbofication (?) thing, but that moment just seemed awkward and out of place. Again, I probably just don’t get it, but I had a similar feel about Erica’s performance in “Punch Drunk”.

    -As noted above, the outcome (that she’d be sold into slavery) was never in doubt, so the combat scenes were purely for show. Thus, there wasn’t any tension in the fight scenes.

    If you were looking for more humiliation of the Deceptress following her defeat in “Two Prisons”, this is what you were looking for. Also, Erica looks fantastic (the overhead lighting does wonders) and both outfits are showcased, so if you’re an Erica superfan, this was probably a great buy. But, it’s not a very imaginative VTV entry and the ongoing story doesn’t move forward, unless I missed something (which is entirely possible).

    Again, I thought this was still pretty good for the reasons given above, and I expect some folks will enjoy this a lot more than I did, but in all honesty, I was a bit disappointed.

  2. Rob_Hinx says:

    Oh Deceptress, you have got yourself into a pickle here.
    We find Deceptress pretty much where we left her at the end of ‘Two Prisons’; sprawled out (beautifully!) on the floor. The only difference is she’s wearing a collar. There’s some great ambient music in this scene, and all the way through the video that really added to the atmosphere.
    Violetta enters down the stairs and does a kind of ‘games show hostess’ flourish before she addresses the VTV audience.
    Deceptress is to be auctioned but, of course, people go for the sizzle before the steak so Deceptress is going to show off her talents. Or rather, Violetta is going to make Deceptress show off her talents, including her ability to clone herself.
    The duplication scene is very brief but it’s very well done, I loved the expressions on the clone’s faces.

    We saw a control collar in ‘Bluebird Auction’ last year. In that release, Bluebird was trying like crazy not to obey the commands but couldn’t resist. Here, Deceptress doesn’t seem to resist at all. So she’s either not as strong willed as Bluebird or, more likely, this is a more powerful collar.
    She may not put up a fight but her facial expressions when she’s being made to exercise are priceless. She looks around, helplessly, in a panicked fashion and also manages to look completely embarrassed. (She’s got a good squat technique too, for those interested in such things).

    I loved the demonstration of the collars ‘personality’ setting. The ‘Bimbo’ setting had me chuckling (compliments to Deceptress here, she sold being a bimbo brilliantly). The ‘Natural’ setting was good too. It was great to see some Deceptress fury (and fury it was!) When she’s normally so calm.

    I’m jumping around a bit here (no pun intended) but Deceptress’s expression when she’s de-booted is beautiful. She looks at Violetta with a mix of suspicion and disgust as if she’s wondering just what Violetta has in mind for her exposed legs.

    Talking of expressions there’s a wonderful moment when Deceptress tries to scupper Violetta’s sales pitch. Violetta gives Deceptress a huge slap around the face before she addresses the audience again; she tone of voice and facial expression are perfect-you can almost hear her thinking about all the things she’d do to Deceptress for interrupting her.

    There’s some pretty good combat too, I loved the head butts that Violetta and Deceptress put on each other.
    Deceptress puts up a good fight and at one point has Violetta seemingly helpless on the floor. Foolishly though she doesn’t try to get the control for her collar and Violetta uses the choke function to over power Deceptress once more.

    The surprise bidder wasn’t who I thought it would be.My money was on Dr Progress jumping in at the last second and usurping the other bidders. That didn’t happen but the winner does make sense in terms of the longer continuity.

    So we have Miss Freedom enjoying the tender ministrations of The Dominator, Deceptress being beamed to her new owner….
    Can anyone make a stand against the 7th Dimension?

  3. RyonaKing says:

    I enjoyed it, but the thing I must mention is that this features possibly the best choking scene I have ever seen. It checks a lot of the boxes of realism that I am looking for in a choke. Erika get’s strangled by her own cape in such a realistic way. It’s a bit difficult to describe the small details of “realism” that I look for. Erika’s mouth kinda hangs open while she is being choked, and kinda of re-opens slightly again and again as if gasping for air. She also doesn’t make any pain sounds, I mean how could you if you were truly being choked? Instead Erika makes the appropriate noises as if her windpipe was being closed off. Also Violette really seems to be pulling hard on Erika’s cape and what makes it even more believable is that after Erika’s hands drop to her side as she falls unconscious, her body is still being supported by the cape around her neck! 10/10 for Erika’s acting in my book.

    The only thing missing from being actually choked is that her face isn’t changing color or you don’t see veins swelling around her face and neck; can’t really ask that of actresses doing heroine films though. This isn’t Inglorious Bastards.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      There’s a superb choking scene in an earlier NGC release; Series 2 side mission 6;’ Preferred Enemy’. In fact it’s not just a choking scene; it’s a full on strangulation that the victim is lucky to escape.

  4. Mid2018 says:

    Wow I love these bare feet of Deceptress! So sexy

  5. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Wow, Erica looks *amazing* in these previews. And more mind control? I’m all in. I think TheVoice has a point–Erica does a great “vacant stare”.

    Also excited for the members gift. If I had my way, every frame Infinity Girl ever shot with NGC would be available.

  6. F L says:

    Man…after the Starshot video i thought that was the best start for a year…but to put Erica in a new january video…and her silver casuit in it too? Damn i could not ask for more. Looking forward to the video (this multi costume videos are really nice twists too)

    • F L says:

      *even though i’m not at all a fan of mind control, i would love her being auctioned and fighting múltiple bigger and stronger opponents. But this seems to mix fighting too so i’ll definitively buy it

  7. TheVoice says:

    The Deceptress (and other characters played by erica) seems extremely susceptible to mind control. I wonder if its because she’s got an awesome empty glare.

  8. Goon4hire says:

    More Violetta? Yes please! And who could the buyer be? Malicia? Sister fate?

    Also, does “Will the Deceptress ever be heroic again?” mean that the Deceptress might be turned evil at the end of this one?

    Can’t wait to find out on Friday!

  9. Chris says:

    There is a god.

  10. Elevete says:

    The best producer. The only who cares about costumes, lighting and filming in a professional way. THANKS FOR THAT.

  11. Rob_Hinx says:

    So Deceptress is in her catsuit AND her leotard?!


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