NGC Story: Stolen Victory

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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    Seriously late to the party here but I want to add that I loved this!

    I found it intriguing that Myanna referred to Alaric as her ‘sapiens sidekick’ (much to Alaric’s distaste!)….

  2. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Late comment (life happens): I certainly enjoyed it, for many of the reasons given by other respondents here. Lady V has really improved as an actress, although I think that’s been evident for awhile in her Championship and Action Cosplay appearances. The interplay between Myanna and Alaric was a welcome pleasure. I was wondering how these two, who are both used to running their own shows, would work together, given that they’re now basically running errands for the 7th Dimension. The fact that NGC allowed that dynamic to play out (without distracting from the action) is one of the things that’s great about them.

    Of course, I’m excited at the prospect of Lady Victory entering the NGC continuity! For awhile, I was thinking that if the actress were to continue working with NGC, maybe she could be reintroduced as a new character, but this is perfect. I don’t know how involved she’ll be in the ongoing story, but I’m totally psyched for it. Now, what about Lucy Zillion…?

    I feel ungrateful for finding something to criticize, but I was a bit disappointed that the villains just beat down Lady V (although the cradle carry was divine) and didn’t use some other means to subdue, restrain, or otherwise prepare her for delivery to the Crown Prince. Seems strange to me that professional heroine hunters don’t have any way of capturing their prey other than beating them up and carrying them off. Maybe they should watch the Villain Network. It’s possible, given these two, that they’re both ethically opposed to using drugs or other artificial methods, kind of like the guy in Kandy Crisis 7 who objected to his partner using chloroform on Kix and Vixen, but c’est la vie.

    Anyway, great episode. Can’t wait for what comes next!

    • Mr.Bleh says:

      I got the video and have to agree with all of the above, especially the fact that the villains almost never restrain the vanquished heroines.
      NGC is great and I’ve been a fan since pretty much their inception, but the one fault I can find in the whole collection is the lack of restraints. As Dr. Mabuse mentioned, you’d think these guys would use some means of keeping their vanquished quarry under control once captured (aside from Chloroform). especially the more powerful heroines, like Wonderstrike and Lady Victory.
      …also wouldn’t mind seeing Lucy Zillion worked into this story line.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. We love working with Lady Victory. I just wish we saw her more often. I really liked how this turned out and the dynamic between Alaric and Myanna was a lot of fun too. Thanks to all supporters.

  4. ceej says:

    I didn’t know until now that Alaric/Myanna was the buddy-comedy that I’ve been missing from my life. Their interactions were definitely a highlight of this film. Also Lady Victory.

    I haven’t commented on a video in a couple of months, but you guys have been killing it with these releases, keep up the great work!

  5. Honestfish says:

    This video is great. One of the best from NGC lately, and that’s saying something considering they’ve been hitting it out of the park. The action is pretty even until the halfway point then it’s Lady Victory taking another sweet sweet L. Great acting. Great choreography. I love it

  6. RyonaKing says:

    It has been a long time since I have seen a heroine take strikes so convincingly and so painfully. Lady Victory has REALLY stepped up her acting game. Choreography is also great. Interesting how this time there isn’t an extra ending, which has become a staple of NGC. (So good thing it was the ending that I prefer.)

  7. Bert says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a new vid. From the trailer, it appears that Lady Victory has broken new ground with her vocal performance here, which has a tinge of desperation I haven’t heard before. Plus the two on one, formidable opponent setup is just about the perfect scenario, and Lady Victory’s beauty, acting chops and costume make her one of the all time greats in the genre. Thanks, NGC. This one looks epic!

  8. Just put the trailer up. Very excited to show people this one.

  9. Dr G says:

    Friday is Victory day !!! Woo hoo !!!

  10. pbslater says:

    I just love Lady Victory.

  11. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Yeah, my previous comment dealt with the FSS crossover, and I planned to leave the implications for the ongoing story to a later comment, but I may have inadvertently buried the lede. On top of everything else, we’re learning our first tidbits about a new big boss! A big boss with plans for our Elite Force heroines…

    Confirmation that the 7th Dimension, surviving Dark Superiors, the neo-Darkhearts and Alaric, and Malicia Divine (with new henchwoman Vice) are all working together in some fashion is pretty terrible news for Elite Force. It might not always be a frictionless alliance, but bad nonetheless. Moreover, there’s little sign that Elite Force is preparing to fight back, although we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Elite Force have seen dire straits before, of course. They were nearly destroyed (physically and reputationally) in Season 1, several heroines were captured or at risk in Season 2, Alaric seemed unbeatable up until the end of Season 3, and Myanna appeared on the verge of victory at the end of Season 4. Heck, EF has prevailed a couple of times only because former or current adversaries join with them.

    One thing that might be different this time is that NGC aren’t doing “seasons” as such anymore, so rather than a gathering storm that builds up to a climactic confrontation, we might get a longer simmering threat, or a series of encounters, some more consequential than others. Right now, it seems like EF is in a pot that’s slowly coming to boil, and it’s not clear they know how much danger they’re in.

    That suits me quite well. As much fun as the all-hands-on-deck battles of previous Season finales were, I’m very happy with smaller scale skirmishes focusing on particular heroines/villains and the bigger story unfolding in pieces. If that leaves more room for left-field adventures like “oh, and one of the Fail-Safe Sisters becomes a target of two Elite Force arch-villains” I am all for it.

  12. Mr.Bleh says:

    YES, another Lady Victory video!

  13. Darkwrath016 says:

    I like how casually NGC just drops the introduction of the main antagonist of the current story line. Oh yeah, this “Crown Prince”, who we haven’t heard of anything about up until now, appears to be the mastermind behind the ever enigmatic 7th Dimension. Moving on……

    The hell is that!?

    Anyway, the implications in the story for this episode is downright STAG-ER-ING. First, going solely on the previews so far, this proves what a couple of us suspected back when Wonderstrike got demolished by Alaric. That the Neo Darkhearts are in league with the 7th Dimension.

    Second. This raises the stock of the theory that Wonderstrike is the slave that Sister Fate mentions in her encounter with the Deceptress. I imagine somewhere in the background of all of this, Alaric made a trade with Sister Fate.

    Third. The 7th Dimension has everyone and I mean EVERYONE under their control. We know that Malacia, based on the Corruption episode, has made a deal with the 7th Dimension of some sorts. Now we see that Myanna, and I guess by extension the Dark Superiors, is also in league with them.

    Fourth. The 7th Dimension has our heroines on the ropes. They always seem a step ahead of them and seem to be making strategic alliances with every villain Elite Force has ever encountered. I’m genuinely worried here for them. This feels like if a trap is slowly closing in around them and Elite Force is powerless to stop them.

    There now becomes one burning question though. Why hasn’t the 7th Dimension reached out to Elite Force/Light Superiors and asked for a pledge of fidelity from them. It’s clear to me that unlike the Darkhearts and the Dark Superiors who wanted world domination in one form or the other, the 7th Dimension views themselves as sort of benevolent rulers above the skirmish worldly politics. They haven’t really shown any interest in downright destroying the heroines and they clearly have plans for some of them. Comet girl and Miss Freedom being prime targets.

    • Dr_Mabuse says:

      That’s an interesting question you raise, Darkwrath016. It does seem like the 7th Dimension are playing a different game than Red Mist, the Darkhearts, or even the Dark Superiors. I don’t see them as “benevolent ruler” types, though, as much as market actors. They’re not interested in “ruling” Earth or Elite Force, I think. They’re just interested in “harvesting” EF heroines to the extent they are valuable/useful.

      More info could be coming soon that changes my mind, but it seems to me that 7th Dimension hunters and their underlings (if that’s what the Darkhearts are) lay traps for heroines or seek them out, take the ones they like (Wonderstrike) and throw back the ones they don’t (Deja Vu). In “Progressives” Deceptress appears to move from column A to column B when Sister Fate finds that Erica doesn’t actually have any powers (because Dr. Progress suppressed them) even though she’d been informed that she did.

      It remains to be seen what plans the 7D have for CG and MF, since Malicia said 7D had declared them “off limits.” Miss F has apparently been on the 7D radar for some time. CG? I have my suspicions about that. Regardless, I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen.

  14. Elevete says:

    This has a debooting? 🙂

  15. Dr_Mabuse says:

    As much as I love Next Global Crisis, I’m a Fail-Safe Sisters superfan, which means this is a dream come true. Not only are we returning to the world of Unity City, it’s a *cross-over* between the main NGC continuity and the FSS! Absolutely mindblowing.

    The crossover may be very limited, possibly just this video, if LV beats her would-be abductors and sends them scurrying back from whence they came. On the other hand, if they succeed and spirit her away to the 7th Dimension, there may be more encounters to come…

    It also looks like we’re going to see Lady Victory depicted as powerful and capable again, which is very pleasing. She had a bad run toward the end of the FSS series and has been humiliated in the Championship, tarnishing her reputation. Even if she’s defeated in this video, I’ll be immensely satisfied if she makes a good showing and (as the description suggests) it takes two of the top villains from NGC to bring her down.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I agree that it’s very pleasing to see Lady Victory depicted as powerful again. Only very recently have I begun to realize how important it is for me that my favorite heroines not be pushovers. Of course I’m still very much about the peril and all about witnessing them defeated but that’s what alternative endings are for.