NGC’s “Bluebird: A Day in the Life” (Members Only)

NGC's Bluebird: A Day in the Life (Members Only)Next Global Crisis will release its first “members-only” video on Friday, September 28. The only way to purchase these videos is to join the Next Global Crisis Discounts List (here). Check out the trailer below and be sure to join the free list to receive tons of free stuff!

Announcement from Next Global Crisis

This Friday we will be releasing the first in a series of members only videos. These are videos that will never appear on the site and only be made available to people who have joined our Discount List. The list is completely free to join if you haven’t already. On Friday, members will receive a link to the first members only video: Bluebird: A Day In The Life. If this email is deleted or ignored, you will not have the opportunity to own this video—it’s a one-shot deal.

Another point of interest about this particular video is that it contains alternate endings, and you can decide which ending you prefer. Will Bluebird be victorious? OR will her efforts end in total defeat?

Even trailers for member videos will be kept to members only in future. It pays to be alert and after Friday you may receive new members only videos at any time, so look out for them to make sure you don’t miss your chance. If you haven’t yet signed up, you’d better do it now: SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE

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