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UPDATED! “Prizefighter” from Next Global Crisis

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisHarriet Moran, Madison Bell, and Terry Nelson star in Prizefighter, the third episode of NGC’s third season, and from the earliest preview pictures I had the feeling this was going to be one of those special NGC episodes. And in my opinion, I was right.

Season 3, Episode 3 – Prizefighter

[Beware spoilers] I think a special episode deserves a special review, so let’s break down this one into individual elements.

The Story – Miss Freedom may be a great superheroine, but she may not be the best leader. When Elite Force went independent she didn’t figure that there would be some major financial issues in keeping her organization afloat. So, she has been doing some side jobs and the most dangerous among them is fighting against opponents in a ring for the amusement of billionaires who want to see the worlds greatest heroine tested.

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global Crisis

The New Costume – A big thumbs up in my eyes. A window, the sides cut out. Just a completely different look than ever before. Probably my favorite Miss Freedom costume, although I will always have a big affinity for the second one.

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global Crisis

First Fight/First Pinfall – MF squares off against Qaran Casus, an imposing and powerful figure in a best of three win by pinfall fight. Qaran starts fast, chokes MF, throws her into a corner, and rams his shoulder in her gut several times. MF throws him into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline, a blow that he totally ignores. He rams her head into the turnbuckle, grinds his knee into her back, and hits her with some chops to the upper chest. He then squeezes her in a frontal bearhug, hits several hard stomach punches, and then knocks her out with a punch and pins her for the three count.

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global Crisis

Second Pinfall – Miss Freedom takes control quickly with some powerful kicks and punches. She then gets behind Qaran and slaps on a choke hold. She follows that with some powerful punches and kicks that knock Qaran out and she gets the pin.

Third Pinfall – Qaran drives some punches in MF’s back and puts her in a chin lock. She’s able to get behind him and lock in a full nelson and knock him down with a blow to the head and gets the pin. Which bring us to her next opponent.

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global Crisis

Virtue – Wow!

Virtue v MF – Virtue enters the ring and de-boots herself. She then places her hands in the air and does something, although it’s not exactly clear what her power is. Maybe she sucked some of MF’s power for herself? I actually don’t think it’s meant to be clear what Virtue’s power is at this point. Whatever the case, MF gets her in a choke hold, but to the surprise of the heroine, Virtue is able to power out. Virtue then pounds on MF hitting repeated stomach and face punches. MF is shocked by the beating and Virtue continues to hammer away with knee lifts to the gut. Virtue then locks in a scissor hold and a reverse bearhug which takes us close to the end of the episode so no more spoilers from me except…

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global Crisis

Three Endings – You read that right. Three different versions in this film. In one version, Virtue is never needed because Qaran defeats MF. In another, MF collects herself and uses her “Blitz” like powers to take Virtue down. And in the third, both ladies end up in a two woman dog pile.

Season 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global CrisisSeason 3, Episode 3: "Prizefighter" from Next Global Crisis

This was another one of those great weekends where two of our major UK producers really nailed it. Prizefighter was new territory for NGC and they really pulled it off. Some great new characters were introduced and an intriguing storyline that I think has a lot of legs to it was introduced. Are we going to see someone like Celestia in that ring fighting to keep Elite Force financially stable? Let’s hope so.

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Celestia: Future War

A few years in the future and it seems that ‘The Collective’ are sending out their own agents to put down a faction Celestia is attached to. The Collective agent finds a secret file, but within seconds Celestia finds him. He’s going to use the file to ruin her, and she doesn’t want to let him. A vicious fight ensues as both parties land brutal moves on one another. The agent choking and stretching the beautiful Celestia while she has plenty of axe-kicks for him. After using a secret weapon the agent gains the upper hand and fits Celestia with a mind control collar, just like the one Suki once struggled against. Will Celestia really be tamed and led away by the collar? Or will she find a way to win and put the agent down for good?
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96 Responses

  1. Bill says:

    How’s about a Bluebird v Elisa Rose wrestling match with the suspension of super powers just to make it even? Bluebird would try to take out Eliza’s legs with figure 4’s, kicks to the knee and stomps to the hamstrings but Eliza would try to weaken Bluebird’s core with abdominal stretches, knees to the ribs, bow & arrow, and the such. The idea being each would single out a particular part of her opponent to go after. Bluebird would be fighting to gain her release from Eliza’s imprisonment. Eliza would be motivated by her desire to punish Bluebird.

  2. Mark says:

    Late to the party on this one, but for my response to the question of dream one on one match – up would be Bluebird vs Qaran Casus, in that ring, in a total one sided squash match! Honourable mention in the ‘cross – over’ category goes to Lucy Zillion vs Rex Deacon!

  3. dkm says:

    @Next Global Crisis

    I want to echo what’s been said so far: Hero vs. Hero the fight should be close. But Hero vs. Villain? I want to see the villain just totally wipe the floor with the heroine.

  4. GManLovesJobbers says:

    @ Next Global Crisis – The KO Queen would work perfectly fine & due toa mis click , Shadowstar popped up & she would be nice also , Athena though is my favorite

  5. Cool, I generally would have Heroine v Heroine fights quite close with the odd exception. Heroine v Villain matches might be one-sided, particularly if cheating is involved. Variety is the spice of life though, and as you can plainly see from the last 30 messages here, different people like different things.

    @OldBear – I wouldn’t rule out a comeback for either of them. The FSS Series was designed to run alongside the main NGC series just to take the heat off every film needing to be canon in the main story. We’ve solved this in other ways to an extent and the loss of Lady Victory (Dominika) was a big blow to that series. I’d still like to do more with it but I’ve got a lot of non-NGC work right now and need to make my life easier in some respects. Plus I love the regular NGC girls and would happily work them all into the ground before they leave.

    @GMan – LOVE Mother Russia and that whole deal. I’d like to cast another big, strong girl and we still have 1 or 2 anyway. Also mentioned has been the KO Queen. I’m very keen to work with her again, though not as big as other villainesses mentioned we’ve not even scratched the surface of her abilities, and she’s a legit villain, she get’s really pissed off with me if in any part of a fight she’s losing. She wants to smash heroines. Maybe the most gifted fighter we have on our books too, male or female.

  6. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Although I commented earlier on wanting multiple heroines , I also don’t want the cost to be high due to multiple heroines , but to be honest with you , this episode was the first NGC vid I bought & as long as wrestling episodes are put out , I will get more , will get Lucy Zillion eventually but if I had to chose a heroine I would want to see SLAUGHTERED in the ring , it would 110% be ATHENA , maybe an Iron Match , race t0 10 falls where she faces maybe someone like Delilah Crunch , if she is still around , has the name for it or as previously stated , maybe the debut of a new villaness , muscle woman brute like Mother Russia from Kick Ass 2 , but she of course loses every fall & if it is a monster heel , maybe the heel could win each fall via a 10 count pin & for the record I 150% agree with Old Bear , ROLL UP pins of ANY variety are the LAMEST way to end a match EVER

  7. OldBear says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a villainess, like KO Queen, completely squash a heroine. The heroine gets KO’d repeatedly and ragdolled all over the place. Wouldn’t mind that at all, lol.

    However, if it’s a heroine vs heroine match, I could go either way. Whether it’s a squash match where one heroine gets dominated or more of a back and forth match. I think both can work well. However, even if it is back and forth, I would prefer if one heroine eventually takes over the match and really takes it to her opponent, dominating the latter half of the fight. Then you can have an alt ending where the other heroine pulls off the surprise win…as long as it’s not a rollup pin, lol.

    But yeah, Erica Lynn has to be in one of these wrestling type vids, just so she can tag in one of her clones.

    One question, though slightly off topic. Will Dynamite Doll or Carmen Black III ever be making a comeback, or have the actresses moved on? Thanks.

  8. TBob says:

    definitely an even back-and-forth competitive match up would be ideal

  9. Jerkstore says:

    Would love a heroine v heroine fight, and would love it even more to be a squash.

  10. C says:

    Close matches are more fun for me. It’s kind of hard to believe in the “super”-ness of the heroines if they can’t make decent representation of themselves in a fight.

  11. Ok some more there I can work with. What about this…

    If it’s heroine v heroine do you like a close match or a one sided squash?

    The same question for heroine v Villain…

  12. dkm says:

    I love @Gmanlovesjobbers idea a lot and would like to see that.

    Also: Powerstar coming back and getting her ass kicked in the ring.

  13. Steve says:

    Carmen Black vs Sleeper (I liked the KO Queen idea too)

    Erica Lynn vs KO Queen

    Also Lucy Zillion vs Alaric

  14. Are you talking about Miss Suppression? If so, I will have something for you in a month. I think you’ll like it.

    It’s clear that most of the heroines have their fans. I have an idea of a scenario. If people favour heroine v heroine then I find that interesting. Of course I would look to strike a balance. I like villain involvement too.

  15. rayman says:

    A ring match would not be complete without the stunning black clad powehouse blonde vilaness who faces Bluebird a few times I can’t remember her name but she is such a beautiful powerhouse she woul dbe awesome in the ring.
    Just my wish, she can face anyone LOL! Or even better any two!

  16. GManLovesJobbers says:

    How about an event where multiple heroines are destroyed & pinned for rich folks pleasure by large ” super powered ” men or a new female heel , a freakish muscled one like the Mother Russia character from Kick Ass 2

  17. SG FAN says:

    Ms. Freedom vs Bluebird

  18. LostAtSea says:

    Angel vs Virtue

  19. TBob says:

    Lucy Zillion vs The Iceslinger
    Carmen Black vs The KO Queen

    Bullettt vs Rex Deacon, jk

  20. @C – Yes it’s certainly interesting.

    I’m just looking into what might be possible I have a few shoots coming up but then we’ll have a break. So I’m seeing if I can fit one of these in. We don’t appear to have a consensus though…

  21. C says:

    Miss Freedom vs. Comet Girl, so that you could maybe tie it in with the story.

    In the canon ending, Comet Girl would use her speed to do okay until Ms. Freedom activates her power and provokes Comet Girl into attacking, whereby Ms. Freedom wins easily.

    In the alternate ending Comet Girl keeps her head and uses her speed to avoid Miss Freedom (maybe even provoking *her* into completely overdoing it and leaving herself completely wasted) until her power runs out, and then winning the match with a super-speed attack flurry.

    I think this is a fantastic idea 😀

  22. kaptureme says:

    Miss Freedom vs Angel

  23. CJR says:

    My vote goes to Celestia vs Virtue

  24. Bert says:

    Erica Lynn vs. Alaric, leader of The Darkhearts.

  25. Tony Adams says:

    Athena vs. one of Bluebird, Angel, Catherine Marks or Shadowstar

  26. OldBear says:

    Dynamite Doll vs Erica Lynn

    Erica Lynn…she can make the match a handicap match, lol. And Dynamite Doll can utilize foreign objects. Plus we don’t get to see those two too often.

  27. billbo says:

    Angel vs the drone (again)
    Ding ding. Or should that be ding dong lol

  28. Beast says:

    Well i like to see a Virtue video. So a Virtue vs miss suppression or sebastian luner has my vote also

  29. Ahh but I said ‘ANY’ characters. You can pick villains too if you want, it doesn’t have to be heroine v heroine. Unless that is what you want.

  30. Markko says:

    I see way too many requests for ‘crossover’ 😀

    Guys, sorry but Lucy is in another ‘universe’ 🙂

    So yes I would like Shadowstar vs Virtue. Coherency ah !

  31. Jim says:

    How about Virtue vs Comet Girl?

  32. Beast says:

    Virtue!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see virtue again!!!!!!
    Virtue – Athena is my vote.

  33. thevoice says:

    why do I get the impression that Celestia is somewhat of a crowd favourite. XD

  34. Jim says:

    Celestia vs Lucy Zillion,

  35. thevoice says:

    Bluebird V Lucy Zillion, or Bluebird V Celestia.

  36. Raiderman says:

    Miss Freedom vs Celesta, with Celestia winning

  37. Jerkstore says:

    Athena vs. Celestia. You’ll sell a million copies.

  38. URGENT QUESTION: If you could pick a one v one ring fight between any two of our characters, who would they be?

  39. Ethan says:

    I’m with rayman on this one. Ms. Freedom is probably my favorite, and I love NGC’s stuff almost to a fault, but the cut of the costume going above the skirt does look a bit goofy, IMHO. Just one guy’s thoughts, though.

  40. Oh yes Virtue did a fine job in my opinion. I can confirm that we have already shot something else with her in which she’s at least as prominent. We’ve a few films to put out first but we definitely have her in mind for more use as well.

  41. LostAtSea says:

    Had to stop lurking because I feel not enough people are going on about Virtue. She is absolutely gorgeous, instantly my favorite by a long shot. Any future plans for videos with this actress?

  42. rayman says:

    @Kaptureme you are way off understanding what I said..
    I simply stated that THE skirt was not good wit such a hot and high cut unitard.
    I did not compare it to any other skirt to me it is just a skirt, it looked sily having bare high cut thighs showing above A skirt.

    I have been buying from NGC since Powerstar debuted and I keep buying because their work is good quality and often ecels where other fail but I do find NGC fanatics ae very touchy about any non plussed comments.

    I shall not bother to stir the hornts nest LOL!
    Like I said I like Miss Freedom and I am a fan of NGC.

  43. Kaptureme says:

    Couldn’t disagree with rayman any more. The skirt is much better than her season 2 look!! Great costume update!

  44. PRIZEFIGHTER NOW ON GENERAL RELEASE: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/releases/season-3-episode-3/

    Anybody can get it now if they want it.

    Thanks Bert, we were pleased with this one too. She always nails that punch first time, great worker.

  45. Bert says:

    NGC decides to shoot an episode inside the squared circle, and predictably sets a new standard for ring vids! Bravo! I’ve loved Miss Freedom from the start. Her performance in Season 1 episodes 8 and 9 was so spot on, I feel like those Season One ending eps never got the recognition they deserved. Again at the end of Season 2, she and Aisling were absolutely perfect in their roles. In my opinion, that episode is the best heroine peril vid ever made.

    Hopefully without starting starting another “hose/no hose” type debate, I am partial to skirts for some costumes and I love Miss F’s new look.

    And nobody has ever sold a superman punch as well as Harriet!

  46. rayman says:

    I have grown to like Miss Freedom more and more as she continues to give great performances, this would of been epic if it was not for that damnned stupid skirt covering what was a incredibly hot new cossie, the lovely legs and high cut thighs were just covered by a skirt that clearly looked wrong on such a gorgeous lady in a stunning outfit.

  47. @Mr. Freedom – Please give me some examples of finishing moves and I will see if I can work them in. I don’t think the level of criticism about the repetition of moves is entirely fair. There are 86 moves in this film, 16 are face punches. I don’t think that is wildly over the top.

    @SG FAN – Great, really pleased you liked it. Athena will be back in September, but someone else comes first.

    @TM – Very pleased you enjoyed it. Her kicking is immense, I’ll try to show it off more.

    @Mark – Thank God! I thought that we were all washed up! 🙂 Delighted that you thought this one was good.

  48. Mr. Freedom says:

    Harriet is excellent in this one, but I have to say that I found the episode somewhat unimaginative. It seems that NGC saves the most interesting KO’s and peril for Bluebird. Can some of that amazing intense peril and punishment be spread around to the other great actresses? Face punch after face punch after face punch, with the odd belly blow and a few rather tame stretches mixed in (however well-sold by Harriet), is becoming old. What super heroine is KO’d by a right cross? Can we lighten up on the tedious and repetitious face punches? I’m a fan of NGC, and especially of Miss Freedom, but I felt underwhelmed by this episode. Sorry.

  49. Mark says:

    LOVED it! Sure, there was a few more moves / holds I’d have loved to have seen, based upon the heavily padded ring setting, but a top quality piece of work none the less! Love the heavy hitting action, loved the new actress, loved the whole set – up; the best piece of work since Bluebird 2020 first parts dare I say?

  50. TM says:

    Wow! One of my all time favorites, this one. Miss Freedom is fantastic. Her background as a dancer is evident. And though I never been one to go on about cleavage, that costume.. Wow!

  51. SG FAN says:

    NGC, liked this one a lot.

    Probably my favorite bit was Miss Freedom against Virtue. I love that she had very much a superheroine costume rather than a straight up villain look. Miss Freedom was awesome as always and loved seeing her in action again. While her first season classic costume is my fav, I did like this one as well.

    Only thing I might say I’d wanted to see differently is the Virtue Alternate Ending and her defeating Miss Freedom all by herself. But still its a minor point.

    I’m exictied for the next release where I hope my other favorite heroine is coming back (Athena please…..)

    Keep up the fine work NGC 🙂

  52. It’s available on the site tomorrow (Monday). Keep checking back at the site. New photo every day!

  53. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Wondering when this will be out for non members & for the recore , interested in 2 endings nly , Miss Freedom losing & Miss Freedom & Virtue being dogpiled ( both defeated at the same time ? )

  54. Tony Adams says:

    I really liked this one, and I hope NGC will go further into the prize fighting universe.

  55. OldBear says:

    So I can see why everyone seems to have enjoyed this one. There was a lot of combat and Miss Freedom took quite a beating. You gave us some nice views of all the KOs throughout the vid, which I appreciate.

    Personally, though, I wasn’t too big a fan of this one. Not going to go off on a tangent, though. Just two small things I want to mention.

    1. I kind of bought the movie thinking I was going to get a Virtue defeating MF ending. That was actually the main reason I bought it….so imagine my disappointment at Alt #2, lol. I really can only blame myself, though…should have asked NGC or some of you guys what the different endings were.

    2. The other thing is actually a concern I have about Season 3 in general. Steel Sister, Comet Girl, Celestia, Virtue and now Miss Freedom all seem to have some sort of cloth wrapping around their boots. Not really digging that. I am hoping the other heroines don’t get similar treatments if their costumes get remade.

    The other updates to the Celestia and MF costumes look fine, though. But yeah, definitely not feeling those cloth wrappings. I think I may be the only one, though. Everyone else seems to love the new outfits, lol.

    Ok, going to stop here. Don’t want to sound like a hater. Assuming Athena or Erica Lynn is next….looking forward to it. Take care.

  56. Thanks. Very nice comments indeed. I really liked how this one turned out. Miss Freedom’s kicks and general flexibility is insane. We’ve not always showcased it so well but she can basically kick in any direction with ease. I don’t know if she has human hip joints!

    Regarding bare legs I must point out that other productions have absolutely zero bearing upon our choices. Nothing, nada, zilch. If my actresses want to wear tights so that they can be comfortable performing the way we want them to they’ll get no arguments from me.

    After this we have the return of a character not seen for a year. If you bought last weeks photo set you will know.

  57. George says:

    so British lol! They seem to have bare legs in other productions with even skimper attire. Was great video anyway.

  58. Beast says:

    I really liked the episode. Miss freedom was great in it as always and the new girl is fantastic. I like how she acts. She has a great and tough attitude but she looks like an angel. Her appearance is deceiving. I want to see more of her as soon as possible. The first alternative ending was top notch. My only nitpick is that the place is huge and it seems difficult to photograph. It looks good but the lightning isnt as perfect as the other episodes . But you have to be a hollywood studio to pull it off. You guys did a great job with this one and i love when they are trying new stuff!!!! The premise of the episode was fun to watch!. Please some hint about who is coming next!

  59. TBob says:

    Awesome fricken video! Miss Freedom has never looked better. Love her acting! Her facial expressions and whimpers are the best. Love the new outfit. Really enjoyed the wrestling ring actions much like when Lucy Zillion got her ass handed to her way back when. That was another favorite of mine. Love Harriet’s legs, they are so cute. I didn’t realize she was so flexible. Everything about this video was awesome. Loved the first alternate ending. Loved that knockout and then the back breaker. I think Miss Freedom has just moved up two a tie with Shadowstar as my favorite NGC heroine. Man, Harriet can act, and she looks like a decent wrestler too, lol.
    Next time you do a wrestling type scenario, make sure you add in the matchbook pin. I think that would be great. Kind of like Col. Ninotchka did back in the old GLOW days. I loved the two alternate ending ideas…
    One thing though, I wish in the second one Miss Freedom’s female opponent, I think her name was Virtue? I wish she could have beaten her with out the outside interference if you know what I mean. But hey I can’t complain, this is probably in my top 2 or 3 all time NGC videos. Keep doing more of the same and I will be a happy man.

    P.S. Almost thought that was the Lockdown City Mayor at first talking to Miss Freedom, lol.

  60. Yes, two lose endings, I think we’re spoiling you here.

    Considering some of the moves in this video… bare legs would have resulted in bare everything. Not something our actresses would entertain I think.

    Virtue is gorgeousness beyond belief. Has to be seen to be believed,

  61. JJ says:

    This looks all kinds of exciting. I especially like the look for the new girl; not only is she drop-dead gorgeous but the outfit is really working for me. The leggings in particular are a nice touch, really highlights her fit legs while still looking like part of a superhero costume.

  62. Ric says:

    This was great. Hope to see this concept played out more than once! Only criticism with NGC is the use of tights, be nice to see bare legs. Also great to see internal dialogue at the beginning, but was hoping for more during the battle. Loved seeing two alternate endings, great surprise!

  63. I’m excited about this one, I only got it a handful of hours ago and it’s A LOT of fun. Multiple Alternate endings too.

    We didn’t get any billionaires to surround the ring. Mainly because it’s yet more people I have to ask to be quiet. I actually imagined it to be a bit like the auction scene in the film ‘Taken’ if you’ve seen that. They certainly have Miss Freedom’s pride well and truly between their finger and thumb.

  64. Bert says:

    I’m guessing no self-respecting billionaire would sully the soles of his shoes in such a place. They’ll be watching on close-circuit TVs from their custom grottoes, as they fly from one yacht to another.

  65. Tony Adams says:

    Pictures look great. Looks like real back-and-forth battles, which is nice in my opinion. Still, I desperately hope that Miss Freedom loses in the end. With billionaires paying for the fights to happen, I’d guess they’re at ringside as well. It’ll be interesting to see what role, if any, they have during the fight. Perhaps a cheap shot, if she’s thrown outside the ring. Or maybe even a real bearing. Just thinking aloud here.

  66. Loads more previews on the blog: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/

    Yes, it’s a fun premise. Miss Freedom needs money, rich men want her to fight for it, she does, it’s hard. Will she win? You will see.

    Not to mention Virtue…

  67. dbud says:

    Love the idea of the heroines being broke and having to fight and perform for rich guys to make money.

  68. dkm says:

    I think I might buy episode 3, I LOVE that concept from a storytelling perspective, and if Ms. Freedom loses, it’s even hotter.

  69. kaptureme says:

    Glad to see Ms Freedom’s new costume has her back in a skirt. Awesome look, can’t wait to see the video.

  70. This is now on General Release: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/releases/celestia-future-war/

    Lot’s of interesting Episode 3 related pictures coming onto the blog this week as well.

    @AlyAdmirer – I’m glad we won you over somewhat.

  71. AlyAdmirer says:

    Speaking as a somewhat repentant critic of the Celestia costume change… 🙂

    I will admit it’s worked a lot better for me in the released videos than I initially thought it would. I still think, as nice as the “cleavage window” is, it’s missing something without the full Celestia emblem somewhere on the torso–the gold squigglies on the sides aren’t distinctive/individualized enough, IMHO.

    The original was an extremely hard act to follow, but this one succeeds about as well as could be hoped for. 🙂

  72. @James – Thanks, it’s nice when people get it. The new costumes broadly seem to have gone over well. Always a bit difficult as most people get attached to things and aren’t keen on change. In Celestia’s case it was kind of necessity because the old one was falling apart.

    @Tony Adams – Yes I’ve noticed that too, I plead innocence on the basis that I wrote the synopsis for Episode 3 in March and shot it before I found out everyone was doing the same thing. Not that it really matters, I’d probably make what I felt like making anyway. Yeah, hopefully there’ll be more Athena soon.

  73. Tony Adams says:

    I love the look of Episode 3. Seems a lot of producers are getting more into wrestling style action, and for me that is just the best thing that could happen. For this one, I only wish Miss Freedom had brought Athena as a tag team partner, including billionaire adjustments to her custome as well. Maybe next time. Still cannot wait for this one.

  74. James says:

    Also part of the Celestia fan club. “I suspect even your mother is reticent about that” – brilliant ! I also loved the look she gave the bad guy on “It’s game over for you and your friends.” – worth a thousand words.

    I wasn’t sure about the new costume in Episode 2, but it looks a lot better under brighter lights – does this mean Celestia is going to get more, well, celestial ?

    Similar thoughts about the new Miss Freedom costume – I thought the season 2 costume was a big improvement on Season 1. On the other hand, the trailer looks intense !

  75. That is a new character called ‘Virtue’. There will be more pictures coming this week but if you go here: https://nextglobalcrisis.com/blog you can find a photo on the 2nd of August Photo Of The Day of her.

  76. Kyndle says:

    Question: who was the Superheroine who put Miss Freedom in the sisscors lock at the end?

  77. @Zero – Probably my favourite character to write for.

    @AlyAmirer – She’s really worked hard and the fighting in this one is really good. I think she got quite a lot of stunt work this summer and she’s really come on.

    @Lord Snot – You are fed.

    @Beast – Yes eventually she’ll solo I’m sure, obviously if she’s wildly popular then it will happen sooner.

    @TM – I actually meant that I only get to see the full film 12-18 hours before it’s released. So not as soon as that but not long. I want to give this release a chance to breathe first.

    @TBob – Yes indeed.

  78. TBob says:

    OMG, Hellz yeah to the new Miss Freedom costume!!

  79. TM says:

    Whoa! EP 3 just jumped to the top of my must-buy list!
    12-18 hours, eh? So less than a day until release?

  80. Beast says:

    Celestia looked better than ever in this clip for me. Cant wait for the new girl!!! Hope she gets her own video eventually too.
    The new episode of season 3 looks fantastic!!!!

  81. LordSnot says:

    Yes. Celestia video! Feed me the goodness that is she!

  82. AlyAdmirer says:

    I can’t believe I ever had doubts about Celestia’s ability to work as something other than the foil in a double-act…

    Now I want a four-part CELESTIA 2025 miniseries. 🙂

  83. Mike A says:

    For those who have purchased it: does this Celestia film end in a KO for the lose ending? Was hovering around purchasing but from the trailer it seems like there isnt a knockout.

  84. Zero says:

    I so love Celestia!
    Villain: “You’re too late, I have enough evidence to end the war, and end you with it!!” Celestia: “On the contrary, my punctuality is breathtaking.”
    Tarantino style or what!

  85. Thereabouts… The FM section in the teaser is heavy because that’s the part that has been edited so far, and I only get to see it about 12-18 hours before members do. I just know what happens because I wrote and directed the filming.

  86. JadeOwl says:

    @NextGlobalCrisis: Episode 3 looks interesting, but if it isn’t too much of a spoiler… what’s the approximate ratio of FM to FF? 50/50? 😉

  87. orcaman007 says:

    Prize fighting oh how the mighty have fallen lol. . .is this going to turnout to be a whole new catagory for NGC, could be interesting 🙂
    I will be looking forward to this reason

  88. The new costume is addressed in that film. Imagine you are a billionaire who is bored and looking for ways to blow his cash against other billionaires… you could buy a football team, many do, but how about prize-fighting? Pitting your own gladiators against Earth’s formerly most powerful Superheroine? She’s strapped for cash. Hell you could probably get her to wear something a bit sexier than usual just to rub in your financial dominance over her. That is the plot of Episode 3.

  89. SG FAN says:

    Oh man Episode 3 looks awesome. At first I was bit on the fence about the new Miss Freedom costume but seeing it action I must give it a thumbs up. Looking forward to seeing her take on a new superheroine 🙂

  90. nerveexplosion says:

    So glad they’ve changed Ms. Freedom’s outfit again. I’ve always thought the actress was gorgeous and one of the better actresses but I was not a fan of the season 2 outfit. Season 1 was nice and this one looks very good as well.

  91. Markko says:

    Ok now I’m really curious to see the ‘new girl’ in action… =)

  92. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I’m gonna have to echo Bert. This release looks good and I’ll definitely be picking it up the first chance I get, but episode 3 looks awesome. Miss Freedom is easily my favorite character, and the actress always does an amazing job. I’m really looking forward to this one.

  93. Celestia is pretty ace in this one. Looking good with some great moves and it’s a really hard fight.

    @Bert – This is probably my favourite teaser and at this stage only shows half the story. It’s turning out just as I wanted. Not a long wait.

  94. Da Jinx says:

    This looks really cool. I plan to check this out too.

  95. Jerkstore says:

    Celestia/Aisling is about as good looking as they come.

  96. Bert says:

    I adore Celestia and will buy this week’s release instantly when I get home from work today … but my God man, that teaser for ep.3 has more beautifully shot moves and perilous adventure than I normally see in half a dozen movies! Please tell us we don’t have to wait a full two weeks for it.