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“Night Clash” from UltraHeroix

"Night Clash" from UltraHeroixHere’s a new video from UltraHeroix called Night Clash, which features a Batgirl-like character fighting an enormous, powerful female villain. The costumes look good, and Night Clash seems to offer a couple of steps up in production quality as well. Check out more information below!

"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix

"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix

"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix

"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix

"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix"Night Clash" from UltraHeroix

Night Clash from UltraHeroix

Night Fox is on the prowl again, looking to finish what she started. When she finds herself face to face with a new villainess is she crazy or crazy like a fox?!

Purchase Night Clash at UltraHeroix

8 Responses

  1. Raiderman says:

    @ Da Jinx, I seen on twitter you have a new release coming out called Final Clash. Who is the heroine in it? I hope its American Amazon she if by far my favorite heroine on your site.

  2. Da Jinx says:

    Hi Jerry,
    No groping or overtly sexual like that in this video.

  3. Jerry says:

    Looks good, just wondering is there any groping or anything like that?

  4. Da Jinx says:

    Thanks for feedback Redmountain and Oldbear. I appreciate the critiques and will work to improve on those areas. We will work in the sound quality in the upcoming videos. I understand the feedback on the bear hugs and dragging to make them more believable and focus more on the actors faces and their sounds to sell the peril more. I do like the suggestion on the eye rolls and other ways to make it a bit more dramatic.

  5. OldBear says:

    Agree that Night Fox looks great in the outfit. Especially like the boots she has on. Actually, both outfits are pretty cool.

    So a few things I just wanted to comment on regarding the vid. I thought Night Fox sold the throat lift pretty well through her audio reaction. Both actresses play KO’d really well as far as being limp on the ground. Also, you gave us some decent camera views of them while they were KO’d.

    Probably could have done without some of that speeding up stuff, though. Also probably would have preferred no music during the bearhug. Would rather hear the actresses rather than some random music.

    During any sort of prolonged KO move, like the bearhug or throatlift, I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of close up of the victim’s face so that she can act out slowly losing consciousnesses through eyerolls or whatever.

    The only other thing that was a little disappointing was the ending. I love things like ragdolling or dragging, so I love the idea of dragging the KO’d heroine off screen to finish the vid. However, I didn’t understand why Night Fox had her left leg up in the air the way she did. It should have been limp to show that she was KO’d. Would have been a great ending, but that kind of ruined it.

    Ok, I think that is enough nitpicking from me. Hope to see Night Fox in some more F/F vids in the future. Take care.

  6. Redmountain says:

    Overall this one was ok, but for me it was a bit of a step down from the recent Swiftgirl and American Amazon vids. Night Fox looks awesome, as she did in the last video, and the villainess is big and intimidating, but the sound quality was pretty poor. Half the lines the villainess speaks she’s looking away from the camera and you can hardly hear what she is saying. The bear hug also looked kind of goofy and awkward. For the price you can’t complain much, but again I was a bit letdown by this one.

  7. Da Jinx says:

    Hi DKM,
    Thanks for your interest in the video. I usually don’t like to reveal too much for spoilers because I think that is part of the fun in watching. But i do understand how important it is for a lot of viewers in regards to buying. If anyone needs to know specific info like how a video ends before you buy, then feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to let you know.
    Folks that needs to know can know without revealing too much for those that doesn’t want to spoil the story.
    In this case, I’ll say that she doesn’t die…but if she wins or loses, I’ll stay quiet on that but for anyone who needs to know, feel free to email me.
    Da Jinx

  8. dkm says:

    I saw this and was interested in buying it, but I want to ask, does she die at the end?

    (Speaking of which, over at TheSuperheroines, they now tell you who wins and how if you click on the tab for that, I hope other producers start copying this.)